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Fred gets in on the act

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 29, 2008

Last week I shared with you how Adam had a desire to be my Master, he made a half hearted attempt at it but has a lot to learn. This evening a former lover, Fred came online for a chat. There is quite a bit of history between us and when we stopped being lovers just over a year ago it was very traumatic for me, I had not had a bust up with anyone in quite the way we did it. But suprisingly we managed to remain friends and every now and again we chat. For months it was about anything but sex, bit recently we turned a corner and can now talk about sex again.

Tonight after we had been chatting for a while the subject of sex came up and during the course of our conversation I began talking about Adam which led to me telling Fred about Adam trying to be my Master. To my suprise the conversation took a direction I would never have anticipated. 

hes trying to be masterful and make me his sub
hes  not very good at it though


gave in to me far too quickly

he told me I couldn’t cum until he next talks to me
perhaps you should go in for being a dom and making your fortune
I just said please and he caved
I quite like being told what to do but I also like being bratish and not doing as im told
but what about doing the tellling
when im in the mood
i think im what they call a switch
too willfull to be a proper sub
but I guess no one has trully tried to dominate me
well there you go lo
mind you I think you would be good at it in a passive agressive way
thank you sweet lady
you do things the way you want to do it no arguments but you do it in such a passive subtle way it might not be noticed that you are doing it
i bet you have never been told that before

perhaps you are not even aware you do it
prob not lol
I noticed it a couple of times
only a couple lol
lol I only saw you a few times
that is waht i meant lol
that doesn’t leave much scope for more does it
oh sure it does
are you arguing with me ?
oh yessssss
gloves on or off?
on?? but no pants
ok go take em off then
how do you know they are on
i needed to know yours were off to make it fair
oh I see being masterful are we?
well for being naugty you are not allowed any underwear
now I was told earlier that I mustn’t wear any when I went to the cinema with my mum but I must have on some red silky ones by midnight
as my tits are uncovered dont see why yours shouldnt be
you have tits now do you?
well now you have a dilema please me or someone else
no but hey i have nipples
mine are sheathed in pnk satin
not allowed
 I know you do…..very nice for playing with
exactly just like yours are
so now are we even can we continue
yes sir
good better
yes sirsee there is scope for more
you are all compliant i hope not going to fight any more
throws water balloon at Fred

you think
dont forget the child in me loves to play
absolutely but no playing tonight way too late
bend over
oh yes I forgot you like my arse



or is that four

keeping you in suspense while you are bent over while i decide

I hope you are not going to procrastinate for long

finger nail running down the back of your thigh
hmmm not sure about that
then the other leg all the way to your foot
i think it will tickle
and make me trickle
you will will bloody well take it you naughty woman
yes sir
now the nails trace your spine
and down over your arse
but dont you dare move
no sir
not even a wiggle?
am i glowing red yet
but you are dribbling
hey do you want a reminder
what a naughty wench
who says you coauld ask a quesion like that
slap slap slap slap

from last summer
i will have a look at you to check so yes
and while i look i will flick your nipple
and i want no moaning or groans 
is your nipple tingling yet
its not the only part of me
so now i start on the right one
now both
got to make them tingle and erect
they are sir
i am not so sure are you lying to me
no sir
have you ever known me to lie to you?
i think they should be harder let me squeeze them
shut up
hmmmm my poor sensitive nipples
who gave you permission to speak
mmmm they are hard enough
sorry sir :-#
you are wet excited are you
you know i am behind you now
hands along your back
round to cup your breats
no do not move
penis sliding in between your arse cheeks
do you feel me between your cheeks
your arse arapped around my legth
yes sir
very hard

do you like it there
yes sir
do you likeyour tits being played with
dont you remember sir?
i asked a question
answer it
yes sir
I do sir
do you want my shaft to be exploring rather than sitting between your cheeks
yes sir
well do you know i do not think you have been good enough today
i do not think you deserve it
what do you say to that
please sir
you know you want to sir
that is very presumptious and just the sort of thing i was talking about
when i said you have not been good enough
sorry sir
so just for that my cock is being removed
i hands are taken away
no sir please don’t yu know how I love your cock
slap slap slap slap to each cheek
and i am leaving you in this possition for minutes to contemplate what your behavour has let slip
thank you sir
that should have 10 minutes
yes sir
this has not been aplease but a chore do you understand that
pleasure even lol
yes sir
thank you sir
so when ten mins are up you can straighten up touch yourself and bring yourself to orgasm
yes sir thank you sir
but no vibrator, dildo or any other mechanical help just your finger
yes sir
i hope you have learnt your lesson
yes sir
i am off to bed now but you have to stay standing until i ahve been asleep for an hour
yes sir
then you may lie down but no touching
good night
no sir
good night sir

Now I don’t know about you but I feel that this was a much better effort than adam last week, even had me half convinced I should get together with Fred again even though I have vowed never to see him again.

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Dark Master’s suprise

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 27, 2008

She knocks and the door opens, she sees him standing there as she had expected in his leather trousers and waistcoat. He steps aside to allow her to pass. She can’t help a little gasp as his parting words from last night come flooding back.

‘I have a suprise for you tomorrow night, one you won’t be expecting but I hope it will please you.’

It’s a suprise alright, as she passes him she comes face to face with a woman also dressed in leather trousers, leather waistcoat with ample breasts spilling over the top, thigh high leather boots with what must be 4″ heels, she is very tall towering above him in her boots. She sees that the woman has something leather hanging from her right hand, what ever it is there is metal too as the light glints off it. The girl looks nervously at her Dark Master he nods and tells her

‘this is your Mistress for the night, please stand still while she fastens your collar around your neck, I am pleased to see that you have followed orders and worn your black mini skirt and leather boots, but that top is wrong, it doesn’t show enough of your boobs, please remove it and place it on the table in the corner.’

Mistress moves close to the girl while she quickly slides her low cut vest top over her head and places it on the table. Once this is done she feels a hand on her shoulder as Mistress places the studded collar around her neck, handing the lead to Dark Master. The girl tries to look around the room but her lead is jerked pulling her towards Dark Master. Up to this point the girl has not said a word, neither has her Mistress who now tells

‘Greet your Master in a fit and proper way.’

The girl shyly begins to say hello but the lead is jerked and Mistress tells her

‘This is no way to greet him. Where are your manners Dark Master has been patient waiting all these weeks and months to taste your mouth….you must kiss him.’

The girl nods and steps towards her master knowing she has not had a good start to this evening. She reaches up to her master to kiss his lips. Before she can take a breathe his hand grabs a handful of her hair holding her in place as he rams his tongue down her throat, searching and sliding around every crevice of her mouth. She struggles to breathe then relaxes into his kiss which becomes slightly softer allowing her to breathe more easily. Just as suddenly as the kiss began it ends.

Dark Master’s voice slices through the silence

‘It’s time to end the niceties of introduction, now we will get down to business. Please state in a clear voice why you think you are here.’

‘I am here because my Master wishes to teach me how to behave and if I am a good girl he will fuck me, making me his to do with as he pleases.’

‘very good now tell us why you are to become mine.’

‘I am to become slave to my Dark master because I have done wrong and my Dark Master has kindly agreed to save me from my sins.’

Finally the girl manages to glance around the room, she sees a stark metal bedstead with manacles attached, crisp white sheets and pillows very basic, no comforts. On either side of the bed are dimly lit lamps but at the foot of the bed there is a straight backed chair close to which is the low table where she had placed her top, beside this there is an array of paddles, riding crops, whips, canes and other things the girl cannot easily identify. The full implications of this evening are suddenly starting to hit home. She stifles a sob as she realises this is not a game, these two people mean business. As she strains to look further into the room she sees a spot light trained on the chair and in the far corner there is a video camera set up on a tripod also trained on the chair.

Dark Master indicates the chair with a nod of his head and Mistress sits down. Both Mistress and Master are now looking purposefully at the girl. She feels a quiver run through her body, she wants to pee she is so nervous but stops herself. Those pelvic floor excercises have come in useful. Master shoves the girl in the direction of the chair and instructs her to stand perfectly still in front of Mistress. She is not to move a muscle no matter what unless she is told to. Any deviation will lead to greater punishment. Mistress takes hold of the hem of her skirt lifting this until she is peering between the girls shaking thighs. Mistress re-emerges from under the skirt, shakes her head and tells Master that the girl has not been good there is a definite dampness. Master wishes to see what the girl has seen fit to adorn her sinful pussy with. Mistress pulls the skirt down letting it drop to the floor she nudges the girls legs indicating that she must step out of the crumpled heap on the floor. Leaving the girl standing in her black leather ankle boots,matching black lace bra and panties and of course this collar which holds her head up it is so wide. Dark Master passes the lead to Mistress as he moves over to the video camera there is a click and a whir as the camera kicks into action.

The girl tries to stop herself trembling as her Dark Master stands behind her with his hands clasped over her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples. With one hand he unfastens the clasp of her bra, Mistress leans into the girl and with her teeth tugs on the fragile lace pulling it away from the girls amazing orbs. She tugs again at the bra as it slides down the girls arms to fall at her feet. Mistress looks lavisciously up at Dark Master who feeds the girl’s right nipple into Mistress’s mouth. The girl feels a jolt through her body as Mistress flicks her nipple with a very practiced tongue. The girl had not expected this, she thought the Mistress was here merely to help with her punishment. Master reaches round the girl to caress Mistress’s hand he tells her to find out if the girl has become aroused. Mistress does not need telling twice, her hand moves to the fabric that covers the girl’s mons. Yes this has become wet now.

‘No, No, No’

The girl silently shouts within her head

‘I am not, I will not allow myself to be aroused by this woman’s touch.’

But she knows it is too late, her arousal has already begun. Dark Master instructs the girl to remove her panties and hold then in a ball upto her nose, she is to smell her own arousal. She feels Dark Master move away slightly and then a strange ripping sound. His hand comes up to her mouth pushing the panties through her open lips a strip of wide tape is placed across her mouth holding the panties there. She struggles to breathe through her nose. she catches a glimpse of her body naked now apart from her boots and collar with a slash of black tape across her face.

Mistress moves back now releasing her nipple which throbs from being squeezed by that woman’s teeth. Mistress turns the girl around to face sideways on as Master comes to stand in front of the girl she is forced down onto her knees. She must unfasten Dark Master’s trousers and release his manhood which immediately springs free and stands proud. A yank on the lead brings the girl back to her feet. Mistress pulls her back so that she is stood next to mistress’s lap now. Four hands push at the girl until she is bent double and forced across Mistress’s lap facing Dark Master who stands so close to her face he whacks her on each cheek with his hard cock. He rubs her face with his cock smearing pre-cum across her cheek. He is teasing her with his cock demanding that she admits she wants this hard member in her mouth, she nods he asks her again if she wants to taste his cock the girl nods vigorously but is brought up suddenly in shock as she feels a shot of fire across her ass. what was that? then again another crack across her exposed cheek. she tries to twist her neck to see what it was but master pulls on the lead bringing her head back to his cock. Another crack and her whole body jolts with the force. Her hands automatically reach round to protect her smarting cheeks.


Her head whips round with the force of his smack. She will be given one further chance to keep still while Mistress delivers her punishment. If she cannot keep her hands down her wrists will be bound together. she swallows a sob as she tries to keep still. Dark Master resumes rubbing his cock on her face as she waits for the next crack as it hits her flesh but there is nothing. Hey now what is going on, there are fingers caressing her breasts as they hang beside Mistress’s lap, it can’t be Master as his hands are busy with holding her face against his cock. the realisation sinks in that it is this woman who is fondling her again. she feels the excitement begin to build inside her again as she realises that she has not two but four hands and two mouths wanting to use her body as their plaything. She is feeling the warmth of this thought course through her when it happens again, again she has been taken by suprise. A yelp tries to force its way past her lips but the tape forces her silence.

When she had agreed to become Dark Master’s slave she had agreed to take any punishment he felt was fit, but she had not expected the force with which it would be delivered. Nor that it would be anyone other than the Master himself who would deliver these whacks across her arse. She wanted to cry it hurt so much but to cry would be a sign of weakness. She must be strong and not show how much it hurt. How many strokes has she received she must count, she must concentrate. She knew from their conversations that she would have to count, she must know how many strikes she has received. It is three no its four so far, this hurts so much how can she take much more. five there was another one must concentrate but omg this cock in her face is so inviting. How can she concentrate with this in her face.

She reaches up to hold the cock in her hand. Mistress hisses in her ear…..thats a good girl wank your Master, bring him to a head so he can show you his pleasure by covering your face with his own special cream. crack thats six.

so many sensations its hard to concentrate. her ass is on fire as the welts begin to show up red, her nipples tingle with the attention they are receiving and then there is still this cock in her face that she cant taste because of the tape which makes it hard to breathe even, then there is the pain in her head as her hair is pulled keeping her head up. again thats six isn’t it, no already had six it must be seven, please let this end soon. as though her prayers have been answered the lead is yanked and the hands on her breasts are pushing her upwards. The girl finds herself standing again, she feels so much relief that the strikes have ceased, tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

to be continued………………………..

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Pussies galore

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 25, 2008

ok people, anyone who loves pussies must go visit Jackie Adshead’s blog here . This is something you just have to see. Jackie is an artist who has painted a celebration of women.  A year ago Jackie asked women blogger volunteers to send her a photo of their pussies. I will reveal only that I was asked, I won’t at this point say whether I obliged or if my pussy features among the ones on show. You can’t even cheat and ask Jackie as she knows me by another name.

So I am now asking you why re you still here get over to Jackie’s blog and see for yourselves what a talented and inspirational woman she is, then come back here and tell me what you think.

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To be Mastered or not is the question

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 23, 2008

Looking through some note books I came across the transcripts of some text sessions I had with a couple of guys who were interested in being ‘My Master’. At the time I was toying with the idea I was also thinking about writing a book. I would write down all sorts of things snippets of conversations, either mine or over heard. Text messages anything that I thought could be of use at a later date. Perhaps one day I shall write a book but for now these are just collecions of notes. I also have note books of characters and their background as it builds up in my mind. Places, objects, feelings, for a while I always had at least one note book with me.

Tonight I was re-reading some of the text messages, mostly to me rather than from me. These are some from ‘My dark Master’ at the time when we had been chatting for several months on and off but had reached a time when we were agreeing to meet, he would be my master, I would be his slut. I was never 100% sure if I did want to do this or if I did then did I want it to be with him. At that time there were 4 men in total who were talking to me in the ‘Master/slave’ fashion. Here is his side of our communication I will let you fill in the blanks in your own minds as to what my replies might have been. But feel free to ask any questions and I shall try to answer truthfully as the good little girl that I am 😉


Just play along and enjoy yourself, Im no nutter hun just like dirty kinky sex. When you have decided master will return………..or not lol x

U will meet me at the car park of …………. at precisely 12.30p tomorrow. from there I will instruct you as to where to go.

U are to wear stockings NO knickers and No bra. cover by using a mac or similar x

Good morning Masters slut. How pleasurable it is hearing your orgasm. I will reward u with a thorough fucking when we finally meet xx

It was perfect for I too was playing with my engorged cock. Shame slut wasn’t here to receive my cream in some kinky maner x

Master would like to hear of any more encounters that slut has had in the last few weeks x

I have rewarded you with a gift x

my gift from My dark Master

my gift from My dark Master

Slut will be presented with it on our first meeting. Each time we meet they shall be worn once we are alone x

Mmmm what a nice way for Dark master to wake, hearing his horny slut come. Does she like her gift x

Any nearer completing your task x    

What a beautiful day slut is it not perfect for outdoor B and D

Master is in an airconditioned store on his own, shorts not top no boxers x

Good evening slut, Masters mind has been wandering through the kinky sex he has in mind for our mutual desire. Master needs to administer sluts first spanking. This should happen tomorrow eve if it is possible x

Master is waiting for an answer. Don’t forget u are summoned for a session of spanking and if you are compliant,  may be rewarded with a drink of my cum or anal sex depending on Masters mood. If not today then it must be this week, afternoon or nite x

Shame you were not here earlier Master came in a torrent x

Theres plenty for you but u will be working harder to be allowed it . The date day or nite x

Does slut fantasize about being the centre of a group fuck x

Why dont u organise it x

If you are invited to another, Master would be honoured to escort u x

So when will aster get his chance to play with slut x

Good its time for your punishment to be dealt x

You are horny slut, looking forward to fucking u x x

Delicious slut, Master wants to hear slut spank her pussy during her next play x

Send him my picture and tell him he can collect it from me x

You will thank Master properly when we meet, bending over and spreading the cheeks of your ass for him to take you as he sees fit.

Master has been invited out tonight, would slut like to hear about his exploits tomorrow x

Very well u will be spanked & fucked on friday x

Ah yes I am in search of a room with a full dress mirror. That is how I will tie you and administer your first spanking.

This and more will be done x

What toys if any do you possess x

Time to go shopping, toys will feature in my plans for slut.

I will shop for a gift, I dont mind because I will have as much enjoyment.


There is more but I feel that for the moment this enough to whet your appetite, am I right or am I right lol. 

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Adam’s Desire

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 21, 2008

I have noticed over recent months that during our conversations Adam is turning more and more to wanting to be my Dom. I don’t think he has given this a whole lot of thought but it has started coming out in our conversations. I quite like being submissive even if I am a bit bratty at times. So this feeds a desire in both of us. It is a subject I have discussed with my sweetheart and whilst we both like the idea of him being Dom to my sub we are not prepared to take it as far as a 24/7 life style. From my reading I know that even in a long distance relationship it is possible to do this 24/7.  Both Adam and my sweetheart think of it more as a game to play as part of our sex games.
After my chat with Adam this evening where he suddenly went into Dom mode with no warning and when I asked him if he wanted to do that he said yes, I feel that he could do with some guidance. He was only half hearted in his Dominating me and when I challenged him he gave in to my request at the first time of asking. Adam does not read blogs although he does read the stories I send him from time to time. So if anyone can point me in the right direction for me to find some reading material for Adam it will be interestng to see if he follows it up and does become more Dominant.
So here is the transcript of our conversation once he changed into Dom mode.
you on all fours






what with?
a horse crop


spanking your bare bottom


in between fingering you


then i want you suck me


kneel on the floorwith you red heels and black seamed hold upstake my stiff cock in your mouthand suck it hardare you sucking ityes sirnow kneel on the bed on all fours
or i’ll spank you more








get your vibrator out
i want you to use it on me
slow or fast
slow to start on my balls and then inside me


where are you if I am on all fours on the bed

in front of you

standing up on the floor

yes sir

fuck me with it before i fuck you with it

yes sir

then i want to fuck you in each hole

i want you to beg me to

yes sir I want you to fuck me in each hole

with my cock or vib

yes please sir

are you wet

yes sir

i need to go and cum now

please can I cum too sir?

no not until i mail you in the week again

you are not to cum

please sir

on one condition

yes sir

you promise me when we meet again you’ll wear black seamed hold up

yes sir

go then and make yourself cum



as if I didnt guess



i’ll have to spank you then




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Thanks for texting

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 20, 2008

Since my reawakening I have found that I adore sex, at times my appetite is insatiable. My first new lover(Don) after I emerged from the coma that my life had become, told me once that he would wake, look at me and think ‘oh no she wants more’.

Since the demise of Don, my life has been full of men, men I have met online, men I have met through text lines, men I have met on the phone. I adore chatting, flirting with men it doesn’t matter what medium we use. Some it is all three, some I do get to meet in person and with some there has been some very hot sex, one or two some not so great sex but for the sake of this blog those can be forgotten. What I have in mind at this moment is text sex.  Over the past couple of years I have indulged in some incredible text sex. But at this time I am thinking about one man in particular. A fellow blogger, we had begun by commenting on each other’s blogs then progressed to email, IM and text (with a few long late night telephone calls thrown in for good measure).

I can particularly remember one night when we were texting each other, these text messages were arriving thick and fast, but with occasional breaks. (this hot blogger is also a married blogger) so each time his wife was hovering the text messages would stop for a while. We both have our phones on silent/vibrate. Although I am nolonger married I do not live alone.  Often when I have no pocket I slip my phone into my cleavage. Nice and safe clasped between my generous breasts my phone is going no where. I soon forget that it is there until I am reminded by the vibrations that send my breasts all of a quiver thus sending spasms of delight down to my pussy.

On this particular night this blogger had instructed me to put my phone inside my thong (for those of you who are not British read that as g-string not shoes). As you can imagine this had several side effects. The first being that with each text recieved (and there were very very many) the vibrations were directly against my pussy. Obviously this made me feel aroused which in turn made me wet. It wasn’t long before my phone was covered in my juices, I was afraid this could cause a few problems with my phone. I don’t now remember how I overcame this, I do remember the aroma that came from my phone each time I put it near my face for the next few days. ( a new definition of phone sex perhaps).  I have met this married blogger, but I am not going to tell you whether we put our text sex into practice for real that dear reader if for me and him to know. Suffice to say he is still a part of the fabric that makes up my life as a sex blogger.

Just in case you are beginning to wonder, it wasn’t only the vibrations that were coming from my phone that were causing my pussy to over heat, the words were pretty damn hot too. In between reading messages and replying there was no way I could resist playing with myself, rubbing, flicking, finger fucking myself into some deliciously hot orgasms all because of these words that kept appearing on my screen. The tiny fact that this man was having to be careful in case his wife caught him in the throes of hot sex with me (albiet that we were miles apart connected only by this small piece of technology) only heightened my excitement.

I do find married/attached men very sexy and very exhilarating, the idea that even though they have a significant other they still desire me is such a turn on for me.  But the biggest turn on is being desired by a married/attached man who has never been unfaithful until he found me.

Have you ever had text sex?

If yes has this led to real sex?

or was it with someone you were already having sex with?

If married/attached have you had text sex with someone other than your SO?

Have you had text sex with someone who is married/attached?

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I feel like a woman

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 18, 2008

I have been doing a spot of blog surfing which has led me to feeling horny when I read a post about a woman whose husband brought a friend home for dinner. After dinner the friend watched as the couple fucked, however the wife was forbidden to cum until the friend had cum first. The friend was naked and masturbating. The husband instructed the friend to join the couple on the bed where the wife proceeded under her husband’s instruction to lick and fondle the friend to an explosive orgasm over her face. Only once the friend had cum was the wife permitted to cum, with her husband cumming inside her at the same time.

I rather surprised myself at how much this turned me on.

Could this have been the voyeur in me that had me reaching inside my panties?

Could it have been the Dom/sub element that had my pulse racing?

or Could it have been the thought of one woman relishing being licked and pleasured by another woman that had me licking my fingers?

would this tale have had the sae affect on me had the friend been male? 

did I mention that the friend was female?

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Three in a bed

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 15, 2008

I was just reading Tiffany’s blog and her disappointment that the threesome she was looking forward to didn’t work out as they had hoped.

I gather that both men were a bit of a stallion and found it difficult to perform with another man in the room.

This took me back to the time I had a spit roast, now I adore to have a nice hard cock in my mouth, I am not sure which I prefer a mouth full of cock or a pussy full of cock so what better than to have both at once.

Now strictly speaking this was not a three some. I was taking part in a foursome where both men were bi as was the other woman, which left me the only straight one there although I describe myself as curious. I could tell you about the whole evening but I shall leave that for another time.

For now I want to remember what it was like for me that evening when I had the attention of two very horny and willing men.  Bruce began by playing with my feet, massaging, licking and sucking my stockinged toes before making his way up my legs. He was very attentive, all this time I had hold of his erection in my hand. I was sat on the edge of the bed while Bruce stood between my thighs his cock now in my hungry mouth. licking and flicking his penis with my tongue I could hear the moans confirming that Bruce was enjoying the way I played my tongue over and around his purple head, as I licked away all trace of his precum.

Next it was my turn as he gave my wet pussy lots of attention with his fingers and tongue, before he told me to get on all fours on the bed as he wanted to fuck my pussy from behind. He was pumping into me from behind when Colin my partner knelt on the bed in front of me offering me his hard cock to suck. Having both my mouth and my pussy filled with hard cocks was a thrill indeed. Both of them pumping into me mmmmm I am getting wet now just thinking about how good that felt. It wasn’t long before I was gushing all over Bruce’s cock just as Colin came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his hot cum just allowing a little to dribble from the corner of my mouth for Debs to lick from my face. 

Now as I said this was just part of the evening but boy I did enjoy that and given the opportunity to repeat it I would. (not with colin as he is nolonger in my life). I have not been in contact with Bruce and his wife for a while but we did for a while and they both wanted to see me again either on my own or with a partner. Maybe I should give them a call.

Have you ever had MMF, FFM or more?

 did you enjoy it and would you do it again?

what was the best part?

what was the worst?

do you think it helps if the people involved are bisexual?

have you ever engaged in sex with a member of the same sex?

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If I said

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 13, 2008

If I said I want you, would you come to me?

If I said I need you, do you need me too?

If I said I am hungry for you, would you satisfy me?

If I wanted to see you would you stand naked before me?

If I wanted to feel you, would you place my hands on you?

If I wanted to smell you, would you kneel before me so I could drink in the scent of you?

If I wanted to taste you would you feed me your hard cock?

If I asked would you to fuck me please, would you make me beg?

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ooops where did my halo go?

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 12, 2008

For months he tempted and cajoled me. For months I procrastinated. Finally I made up my mind. I am going to be a good girl, not playing around, no giving in to temptation. I told him that I would never see him again. After all apart from that one drink so long ago, he was just a name on my screen or on my phone. There is no emotional tie, no physical person to give up, just words.

He accepted my decision but asked to meet for dinner (nothing else) just to say goodbye. He told me not to be dressed like the sexy woman he knows me to be. He didn’t want me to tempt him.

I knew as I was driving to the hotel that we would not keep our hands off each other but still we kept up the pretense. He ordered our drinks and we found a quiet table in the corner to sit and chat. Once we had finished our drinks he invited me back to his room for tea. As we walked side by side across the carpark, through reception and up the stairs, still chatting about unimportant things, I knew. I was ready for him, I had been anticipating this moment for so long, I could feel the scrap of material between my thighs getting damper by the minute.

Once we were through the door of his room he led me by the hand to the sofa. Sitting together thighs touching, he kissed me for the first time. I was willing his kisses to be good but not as good as my sweetheart. his hand holding my head to him as his kisses became more urgent. Shifting my weight so that I could throw my leg across his lap. The invitation he couldn’t ignore, my throbbing pussy screaming at him to accept the invite. Slowly he slides his hand up my leg enjoying the feel of the nylon I had worn especially for him.

Taunting me he deliberately takes his time getting to his goal, he wants to savour this moment, but I can’t take this any more, I need to get to the reason I am here. grabbing his wrist I direct his hand inside my skirt pushing his fingers towards the wet fabric, pressing it against my pussy. His kisses more urgent for just a moment longer before he pulls away to remove my clothes. My discarded top is quickly followed by the unclasping of my bra. Allowing the twin pendulums to be touched, kissed, licked and sucked. He has waned these babies for so long. But he only gives them a couple of minutes attention before he pulls me to my feet, tugging on my skirt until it pools around my feet. He moves to sit on the edge of the bed bringing me with him. He is pleased that I wore tights under my skirt. His fantasy involves tights more than stockings. I had considered not wearing anything under my tights but that would make it look like I had come prepared to have sex with him.

He is sitting naked apart from his black boxers as I stand before him, his fingers playing with each part of my body at his will. I am completely compliant to his will, whatever he wants I will do, he is my master for the time we are together. He is soon ready to pull me down beside him on the bed, he crawls between my legs playing with the damp nylon that covers my modesty. He looks at me with a question in his eye and grins like the cat that got the cream when I nod my agreement. He wastes no time ripping open the crotch of my  tights. This is what he has wanted to do to me for a year or more, his fingers find their way through the ripped threads, pushing aside my lace panties he has his fingers inside me at last.

Since that first time he told me he wanted to do this my pussy has ached for him. My resistance has kept us from fulfilling this fantasy for 12 months at least but here he is pressing, pulling, playing with my pussy as though it was an instruent and he the accomplished musician. That first touch of his naked skin on my hot pulsating lips brought the first trickle of juice flowing out of me. For soetime he played me, teasing trickle after trickle from my willing body. As each orgasm had me arching my back in breathless pleasure. One hand gripping the bedding by the handful the other firmly gripping his cock as he lay on his side, feet on the pillows and head by my thighs. He brings me off time and time again, such sweet release after all this wanting and resisting. When I have no more to give him he moves back to my side kissing and caressing me until hunger gets the better of both of us, quickly dressing we go off in search of the restaurant.

We have no plans to see each other again but you never know.

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