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Adam’s Desire

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 21, 2008

I have noticed over recent months that during our conversations Adam is turning more and more to wanting to be my Dom. I don’t think he has given this a whole lot of thought but it has started coming out in our conversations. I quite like being submissive even if I am a bit bratty at times. So this feeds a desire in both of us. It is a subject I have discussed with my sweetheart and whilst we both like the idea of him being Dom to my sub we are not prepared to take it as far as a 24/7 life style. From my reading I know that even in a long distance relationship it is possible to do this 24/7.  Both Adam and my sweetheart think of it more as a game to play as part of our sex games.
After my chat with Adam this evening where he suddenly went into Dom mode with no warning and when I asked him if he wanted to do that he said yes, I feel that he could do with some guidance. He was only half hearted in his Dominating me and when I challenged him he gave in to my request at the first time of asking. Adam does not read blogs although he does read the stories I send him from time to time. So if anyone can point me in the right direction for me to find some reading material for Adam it will be interestng to see if he follows it up and does become more Dominant.
So here is the transcript of our conversation once he changed into Dom mode.
you on all fours






what with?
a horse crop


spanking your bare bottom


in between fingering you


then i want you suck me


kneel on the floorwith you red heels and black seamed hold upstake my stiff cock in your mouthand suck it hardare you sucking ityes sirnow kneel on the bed on all fours
or i’ll spank you more








get your vibrator out
i want you to use it on me
slow or fast
slow to start on my balls and then inside me


where are you if I am on all fours on the bed

in front of you

standing up on the floor

yes sir

fuck me with it before i fuck you with it

yes sir

then i want to fuck you in each hole

i want you to beg me to

yes sir I want you to fuck me in each hole

with my cock or vib

yes please sir

are you wet

yes sir

i need to go and cum now

please can I cum too sir?

no not until i mail you in the week again

you are not to cum

please sir

on one condition

yes sir

you promise me when we meet again you’ll wear black seamed hold up

yes sir

go then and make yourself cum



as if I didnt guess



i’ll have to spank you then




6 Responses to “Adam’s Desire”

  1. You Know Who said

    at least he made it conditional

  2. secretlynaughty said

    true he did do that but I still think he could have made it harder

  3. Tiffany said

    Enjoyed this post.. I like to be a little submissive myself.. And a spanking can be such a turn on if i get into the zone! Lovely.. Love Tiff

  4. Wow. Hot blog alert here. Making me hard already. Slipping my boxers down and jacking off hard. Thanks for your comments on my cock pics on my blog. Wanna tell me why you like it so much and what you would do with it given the chance??? hmboy.

  5. secretlynaughty said

    Tiffany I am glad you liked this and yes a spanking can be a turn on 😉

  6. secretlynaughty said

    Hmb thanks for the compliment. I would be interested to know if any new photos were the result of rading my blog.

    As for what I would do given the chance I couldn’t possible do justice t that subject right now but when I have the time I shall tell you in detail.


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