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Playing with girls

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 11, 2008

My curiousity took me and my partner to a hotel room with another couple where I had my very first girl on girl action.

When she asked me if I am bi, I told her that I am curious which is why I was there now naked on the bed with them. She leaned over and played with my nipple for a moment, when I didn’t object she began playing with my nipple in her mouth as she sucked and flicked at it. I allowed my hand to reach up and play with her breasts while they were hanging over me, this  suprisingly felt a natural thing to do. She then kissed me to which I responded, not passionately but it was nice all the same, I am not sure what I expected but being kissed by a woman felt no different to being kissed by a man and I have kissed a fair few of them. Encouraged by how easy all this was I sucked on her nipple while she leaned over and licked my pussy for a moment or two.

At the start of the evening I was prepared to have my pussy played with and or licked by her but I wasn’t sure that I was yet ready to lick or even feel another woman’s pussy so I kept my attention on her mouth and breasts. After we had fucked each other’s partner we joined forces to lick my man’s cock that had just been inside her. Not only were we both licking her juice from his cock but we allowed our tongues to tangle over him and enjoyed some sensuous kisses while her husband watched eagerly.


A week later in another room with other playmates.

 I engineer it so that I am also kissing her while we take turns to suck and lick this hard cock before us. I am not sure how she feels about me kissing her but she doesn’t pull away. However he thinks it is absolutely fantastic. Two women kissing over and around his cock. I tell her that if I do or say anything she is not comfortable with she only has to say. My memory of exactly how and in what order everything happens is a little hazy. I find myself now lying next to her while he is between our legs. He wants to see some female on female action. We are both very shy and inexperienced but I decide to take the bull by the horns and kiss her again, she responds slightly allowing our tongues to flick around each other, this encourages me to begin to massage her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Immediately her nipple becomes swollen and erect. However although her body is saying that she is aroused I sense that she is not entirely comfortable. I pull back and ask her if she has had enough, she has.

Another night another place and many more playmates.

Kneeling on the floor I massaged her stomach and legs gradually getting more adventurous and rubbing her boobs as well occasionally allowing my hand to wonder as far as her pubic hair. I am not brave enough to touch her pussy probably because I have never done this before and I am aware that there are four sets of eyes on the scene watching my hands moving constantly over and around her boobs, stomach and legs. Maybe if it had been just the two of us or if everyone else was busy playing not taking any notice I may have been braver. When I eventually sat back she said I had wonderfully gentle hands.

My man lifted up my right boob for her. She fondled it at first then as he lifted it higher she lowered her head to lick then suck my nipple. At first I felt nothing but gradually I could feel her sucking harder and harder. I began to feel the familiar thread that goes from my nipples directly to my damp sex. The tugging that begins slowly at first then spreads down through me to my thighs which tingle and drip as I become wetter and wetter. So there I was on my knees, her sucking my right nipple while her husband has my left boob in his hand and my man has his hand rubbing my swollen clit. I have my hands on her shoulders gently caressing her shoulders and back all the time concentrating on what is happening to my boobs. I let my hands slide downwards and play with her boobs again. Her husband is fucking her from behind and holding me to her.

Going back over these few minor experiences with other women has made me feel a need to explore this side of my sexuality some more, now I wonder do I still have the first couple’s phone number, they were both keen to play with me again with or without my partner.

6 Responses to “Playing with girls”

  1. ronjazz said

    Okay…why have I not seen this side before? You are as hot and imaginative as any blogger I’ve read since I started myself. Talk to me.

  2. secretlynaughty said

    welcome ron I am so pleased to see you here. such sompliments from the master

  3. Steve said

    It’s a good start! I can’t wait to hear what is like the first time you take a wet pussy in your mouth. Nothing is better than kissing a womans clit..


  4. secretlynaughty said

    steve for the moment I shall take your word for that until I find myself in a situation to find out for myself 😉

  5. Riff Dog said

    Wow! There is something about girl/girl that I can never get enough of. FWIW, I happen to find bi-curious hotter than bi. I think because there’s more “innocence” to it.

  6. secretlynaughty said

    Hi Riff thanks for taking the time to visit. I am enjoying your blog btw.

    I think I get what you mean about the innocence of bi curious as opposed to bi.

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