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Ice Cream

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 29, 2008

I just noticed that among the random posts that could possibly be related to my previous post ‘Unexpected’ was one entitled Ice Cream. I have not yet clicked on it to see what the connection could be. But it did get me thinking about the time when I was chatting online whilst eating an ice cream cone. I forget now which one of my admirers I was chatting to but I do remember that I became quite aroused, stripping off my top and bra so that I could rub some of the creamy coldness on my nipples.

Because I was enjoying the cold sensations on my sensitive nipples I told the man I was chatting to just what I was doing. This of course led to him encouraging me to do more. He wanted to see pictures but as I didn’t have the webcam installed and my camera was not working properly I came up with a plan. I have to admit it was very sneaky of me and I am not proud of what I did to get the relevant photos. But I really had enjoyed my session of sexy chat accompanied by the tingle of very cold ice cream on my nipples followed by the cool dribbles of melted goo as it slid down onto my warm belly. Much of it I was able to rescue as I held my voluptous breasts up to my face allowing my tongue to flick and lick at the creamy mess, before finally sucking the residue from my now erect stiff nipples.

So onto the sneaky bit. At the time I was still seeing Don although we were by now at the end of our on off relationship (he wasn’t yet aware that I was going to finish with him for good in the next few weeks). He later came online and I told him that I had been playing with some ice cream on my nipples. Now Don just like most men is sex mad (he has a lot of porn and his ‘favourite’ bookmarks on his computer are all extreme fetish,) but when it comes to real sex he is a novice and not interested in trying anything more than missionary or 69. He has a thing about eroic photography and has a good digital camera. He was always asking me to take photos for him. In the beginning I did do this for him and found that I enjoyed doing so but after a while I became bored. There are only so many different pictures you can take of yourself unless you have a very good camera with a timer and a tripod. So I would tell him that if he wanted more he would have to take them himself.

Now I had got his interest when I told him what I had been upto (obviously I didn’t mention the sexy chat I had been having at the time). So when he asked for photos I told him he would have to take them himself next time I saw him. He agreed so the next time he came over to stay I took an ice cream cone with me when I went to bed. Unfortunately Don took so long following me to bed that I had almost finished with my playing but he did manage to take a few photos. When he crawled into bed with me he sucked my nipples clean before we both fell asleep (what a waste …….well it would have been if I was with a different lover……I had already become bored of him by then). In the morning I managed to copy the photos onto my computer before he had even woken up. (just in case I had trouble getting the photos from him). I don’t think I have them any more though so maybe I shall have to have a replay and take some more what do you think? would you like to see my nipples covered in ice cream?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 28, 2008

She stands in the corner nose to the wall, it seems hours since he spoke. She hears a light tap on the door, rustle then whispering, more rustling.

His hand firmly on her shoulder as a blindfold is placed over her eyes, she is turned, some kind of tape is placed across her mouth. From across the room she hears the whirring as the camera is switched on. A hand pulls her backwards step by tentative step, she counts 11 steps before the hand grabs her arm and turns her to face the way she has come. The hand on her arm slips down to just above her wrist then yanks her downwards. She finds herself landing across his lap, he is sitting on something. Probably the chair that was by the desk in the corner of the hotel room. His hands pull her about manouvering her so that her hands are flat on the floor and her toes just touch the floor on the otherside of him. her arse pointing towards the ceiling. The hem of her skirt falls just below her buttocks barely covering her black silk thong.

His hand smooths her skirt over her arse. Then whack he slaps her right cheek, her whole body jolts with the shock even though she had known it would come. four more slaps then he smooths her skirt again. One more slap, she holds her breath as she waits for more but in stead he raises her skirt and rubs her cheeks, this is nice. But suddenly he slaps her again but this time without the covering of her skirt the sound stings her ears as much as the feel of his hand stings her flesh. She endures the growing sting in her ass, he has pulled her thong down to the top of her thighs limiting her leg movements exposing her glowing buttocks for the camera which she has forgotten.

He speaks telling her to nod or shake her head if she has learnt her lesson yet, will she mend her wanton ways. slowly she shakes her head.
He speaks again but startled she realises his words are not for her.

Ok leave the video camera now and take your place, rip the tape from her and fuck her mouth while I give her a dozen with the paddle then we swap right !!

Now this was not what she had expected when he had told her she was to be punished. Suddenly she was no longer damp. This new development had her wet with anticipation.

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Torn between two lovers twice

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 26, 2008

It seems to be my lot these days to be torn between two lovers, the one who is there for me and the one who sets me on fire with desire. First there was Andy, quiet dependable Andy who lives alone with his two dogs and his guitar. Andy who will chat online then using our secret code word ask me to visit him. I enjoy the thrill of my late night drives to his home where I will let myself in and find him pouring me a drink as we kiss.

Then there is Fred. Fred who lives just as far away in the other direction, fred who makes me wet just by thinking about him. Fred who always came to visit me in the day when he could escape from the office for a few hours. Fred who would have me swooning just by looking at me.

Then there was the night I had been exchanging text with Fred on and off through out the day, dropping hints that I would love to have some company, male company, sexy male company. But he went quiet on me until just after I had reluctantly accepted the invite from Andy.

on the way there were text messages

sometimes you make me want to scream!!

screaming I hope x

in my head but once in the car with my radio up loud i shall scream

lucky u x

at least someone wants to be with me

touche turtle x x

not lucky me but lucky him

must be u too or no reason to x

maybe you dont think he is lucky, he will make me feel wanted, then I wont need to scream

it was u said u not lucky and screaming is good for u
this only made me want to scream even more, why cant he see that it is him I want to be with
it is good to be with Andy as he holds me and kisses and bites me
he fills my aching body
he gives me back me confidence
the confidence Fred has been breaking down
the confidence that attracted him in the first place
but Andy does not make my heart lurch at the sight of him
he does not make me melt in his embrace
his kisses dont make my heart sing

But that was then, before the decision to stop seeing Andy which ultimately led to the end of seeing Fred too. Later came these others first my Sweetheart, the one I love so dearly, the one who gets right inside my head my heart my soul and my body. But my sweetheart cannot often be here with me. But on the sidelines there is Adam. Adam who has been in the background even before Andy was on the scene. Adam who wants me but doesn’t want me. He wants what I can give him that he can’t have with his life partner. Adam who begs me to meet him. Adam who will go to many lengths for a few hours holding me in his arms. Adam who is a sweet, sexy friend but he is not my sweetheart.

Adam began turning up the heat by writing a two part fantasy for me. Here are some excerpts from part one.

He felt the hot water run over his body as he massaged the soapy lather into his tanned skin. People always remarked on how brown his skin was given his industrial Caucasian roots. He noticed that he was still aroused and looked down at his………………….

Both he and she had wrestled with the moral issues and both had gave way to their respective thoughts in favour of a meeting.

She changed, as instructed, into a new pair of black 10 denier tights………………..

He led her by the hand and turned her so he was standing behind her and began to kiss her neck and…………………..

He sat on the bed and pulled her playfully across his knee and began to slap her arse – she seemed to enjoy it…………

She slid on her black seamed stockings and then sat astride him gently…………

He sat proud on the bed as she duly obliged and rolled the gossamer sheath over his erection

During an online chat he told me

i’m working hard to turn you on SN
i want you SN

i want my correspondence to turn you on, make you feel the need to play with yourself and think about my story as you do

Now with him turning the heat on like this it was becoming impossible to resist him, but however sexy he is and however much he knows how to turn me on I love my sweetheart and would never do anything that would hurt him. But boy has it been hard to keep from giving into such temptation.  

Sometimes a long distance relationship can be really hard to cope with especially when there is temptation close to home.

In my place would you give in to temptation or stay loyal to the one who holds my heart but isn’t here ?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 22, 2008

I can imagine it now as I lie here feeling so horny, the damp patch on my sheet, the wet fabric as it barely covers my wet cunt.

I can picture it in my minds eye, both Tony and Terry, curiously prodding and poking at the package, squeezing it as they try to figure out what it is. The padded envelope marked personal in big black letters that has arrived amongst the business post addressed to the boss.

These thoughts arousing me again I plunge my fingers into my pussy, taking the gusset of my deep red thong with them. My fingers quickly becoming soaked in my own juice as I cum once again. My thoughts drifting from my desire to do this and the effects I know it will have on any who discover what I have been up to on this quiet Saturday morning.

The soft cushion of my lips as my fingers slide between them slick with my wetness. The muscles that clamp onto my fingers as they delve deeper as I writhe in ecstasy, my breathing getting slower and deeper as I cum yet again.

I imagine your face as the package is placed into your hands, both Tony and Terry curious to see what it is but you walk as quickly as you can to get to the privacy off your office where you rip open the envelope, pulling the contents out to hold against your face breathing in my scent. But I wonder where you will keep your prize where your staff won’t find it.

I imagine you holding this gift to your face as you stroke your erection. I can imagine the flurry of text messages that will follow or the saucy phonecall whilst I am at work knowing that I won’t be able to say much in reply to your sexy chat as I am not alone in my office.the-special-gift-001

I hope you enjoy this gift sent to a very sexy man.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 21, 2008

your warm breath is on my neck as you nuzzle close, I feel your tender kiss upon my lips. my nipples are hard and tingling as you pinch them between your thumb and fore finger. They ache for you to swirl your tongue across the taut crinkley skin to squeeze and suck until I yell for you stop and get down to business.

I feel your fingers trace a soft gentle line across my flesh. the heat of your fingers burning into my skin. I feel the cool breeze from the open window, I see the stars through the open curtains, they watch us now just as they watched us dance. I feel you shift your weight moving down my body.

I hear your breathing getting deeper. I know what will happen next. I feel the excitement grow within the pit of my abdomen. The anticipation the knowledge that soon I shall feel the flicking of your tongue as you reach between my thighs as you bury your face, sucking and licking. Oh how your tongue will fill me with such sensations that I float to heaven on the waves of pleasure that you and only you know how to bring to me your lover.

My hands are on your back tracing the lines of well toned muscles as I wonder how I came to have this wonderful man not only in my life but in my bed. I clutch your body to me closer closer to make us as one.

There is a noise it awakens me, you are not here, I am alone, it is my own fingers that trace my skin as you would do,it is a pillow I am clutching to me in your place. You are not here, you are far away following that path you chose long before our paths crossed for the first time.

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Tell me

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 18, 2008

I gather you enjoy anal is that true?


This was how the evening began as Martin leaned in for his first kiss since he had arrived 2 minutes earlier. Dinner was in the slow cooker, the wine was in the fridge cooling and we were just beginning to heat up. As we stood side by side arranging the beautiful flowers he had just given me, I could feel Martin’s breath on my neck and his hands on my hips. Turning slowly in his arms I returned his kiss as his hands deftly untied my comfy old toweling robe. The luxurious red now faded with age, watching his face as he slid the warm robe off my shoulders to reveal the black and gold basque with matching thong and seamed stockings. Martin’s eyes lighting up.

mmmmm baby I see you are ready for some fun tonight.

I’m not sure how we got there in the heat of our passionate kisses and mutual fondling, but we made our way to my bed with its fresh ivory satin sheets. Collapsing in a heap as our hungry hands and mouths tore at each other until I was stopped by the sudden sting as Martin’s hand made contact with my almost bare bum as he landed the first slap. That was it the challenge had been made. We fought like a pair of cats wrestling and sliding on the slippery surface as we grappled with any body parts we could get hold of. Pulling on his tie I held his face to mine as I kissed him so very deeply while my free hand fumbled with his belt. But his superior strength soon had the better of me and I was on my back panting and helpless under his weight.

Tell me

Tell me what you want bitch

what did you call me?

Bitch, you are my bitch and you know it or do you prefer me to call you my dirty slut.

Biting my ear my neck he continues to hiss

You are my bitch on heat and you want me to fuck you, tell me how I am going to fuck you.

Holding both my wrists above my head in one of his large hands, his right hand between my thighs, tugging my thong to one side as he plunges two fingers into my wet aching cunt.

Just fuck me you bastard, thats why you’re here isn’t it?

You want me to fuck you then you can beg for it bitch

But he knows I am too stubborn, he knows I won’t beg. Instead I clamp my mouth and my legs shut. No amount of persuasion is going to make me beg not whilst I am feeling this wild passion. Begging is reserved for our other game when I am submissive to him. But tonight is not one of those nights. I knew that when I got his text earlier.

Be prepared to be arse fucked

So I knew it was only going to be a matter of time. Martin was not like other guys who had wanted to force their cock into my tense bumhole as I knelt on my hands and knees. The searing pain as though I was on fire, unbearable, unwelcome. Why did they all feel the need to try this, as far as I knew none of the women I knew ever managed to have anal. All those porn stars that did it in the films and photos in mens magazines they were not natural. It wasn’t right. But my Martin he was different, he showed me another way.   

He flips me over onto my belly as though I’m as light as a feather. Breathing into the pillow to relax I feel Martin shift his weight as he reaches for the bottle of tingle lube. The sudden coldness as he spreads its cool wetness around my bumhole. Breathing deeply legs still closed but relaxed as I lay flat on my belly Martin eases himself into my bum as his fingers search under me for my wet clit. The electric shot shots through me as my clit pulses. The exsquisite pain in my arse becomes pleasure as slowly Martin eases his length in and out of me. Ah now this is the pleasure I have been dreaming about all day as I waited for my husband to return from the office. Pushing my pelvis as deep into the matress as I canforcing his fingers into my cunt as he pumps my arse what better aniversary present could a girl wish for. I can just see the expression of lust mixed with satisfaction on my husbands face as I squint up at the mirror behind the headboard. The look of agony and pleasure as I cum over his balls as he releases his sperm into my aching arse.

Collapsing together in contentment I am glad dinner won’t be ready for a while yet.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 16, 2008


Whilst browsing a new blog I came across a link for a BDSM quiz. As you can see I had a go at the quiz just to see if it agreed with my feeling that I have strong submissive tendencies but am not totally submissive, there are times when I like to be the one in control. I have previously said on here that I am more inclined to be a switch.


You Scored as Switch
(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover



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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 15, 2008

Just for me

Just for me

thanks to you know who

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I am a sex slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 14, 2008

I am a sex slave, I am a sex slave hmmm now there’s a thought. As I checked my stats it showed that someone had found me by typing in these words ‘I am a sex slave’. Words that I have never said, however they are words that I have considered the possibility of being a future truth for me.

Each time I checked my ever growing stats for the day, my eye kept stopping on these words. ‘I am a sex slave’.

I wonder will these words be my mantra at some time in the future? Or are they just a variation on the words, I am a slave to sex. Now if I think about it, these words are more familiar to me. I may never have said these words either but they have been my truth during recent years and perhaps eve as I sit here now.

After years in a sexual desert I found myself on the verge of a sexual oasis. Some may say its a mid life crisis, isn’t that the traditional name for those of us who hit our 40’s and suddenly wake up to our sexual side. For me it was an awakening, my sexual urges that had been buried for so many years bursting out, craving fulfilment. . My first lover who turned the key and opened the flood gates called me a nympho. He couldn’t keep up with my appetite for all things sexual. Joining AFF was a god send for me, all those lovely men wanting to have sex with me. Boy was this a veritable feast for one so hungry yet naive as I was.  There were those I met once, some I met a few times and then there were those who were more special.

My diary full, my address book crammed with names, I could pick and choose who, when, where and how often. I learnt to worship men for their cocks, I learnt that sex can be so much more that a quick seeion of fucking in the missionary position. I began to push my boundaries. The more sex I had the more I wanted even needed. Sex began to rule my life, I was nothing unless I was enjying a good sexual life. I became a slave to my sexual urges.

But a couple of years down the line I have calmed down. Not only can I go a few days or even weeks without sex I am now going months without. But Sex is still a huge part of my day to day life. I am still, thinking about it, still writing about it and still reading about it. I even talk about it with one or two very priviledge men who may be out of reach logistically, but they are very much there as I indulge myself and them in my sexual play. 

I hope that I shall continue to be a slave to sex for many more years, maybe one day I shall take that step and become a sex slave. I have discussed sexual dominance with my sweetheart but I don’t feel that he would be comfortable with having a sex slave, neither do I feel that I could ever be his sex slave. One of my former sexual partners suggested that perhaps I should have a sex slave of my own rather than being a sex slave myself. That same man suggested months later that I join up with another woman and both become his sex slaves. He even got as far as fashioning collars for both of us. We did come very close to turning this fantasy into a reality but before we could all get together, I became involved with my sweetheart.

In recent months I have given much thought to the possibility of becoming a sub, of finding a Dom to take me under his wing. Will I ever become a sex slave, I doubt it although I never say never. Will I ever become a sub, I really do not know. Will I go back to finding myself a friend with benefits, possibly. Even as I type these words I feel myself becoming aroused. I adore my sweetheart, I feel a strong need to be faithful to my sweetheart (even though he is away for prolonged periods), yet my need to have sex can at times become so urgent that I just want to find a man to give me mind blowing sex, or perhaps even just sex. I want to be able to just call up a man and tell him that I am on my way. I need to feel a hard cock in my hand, in my mouth in my pussy. I need to feel hands on my body, in my body, I need to feel lips on my lips, a tongue forging its way between my lips. Sometimes I think I should have been a man, women are not meant to think about sex as much as I do.

Perhaps Chris was right perhaps I need to have a sex slave. Any volunteers?

I am seriously considering going back onto AFF or joining Ashley Madison (do they have that here?) or perhaps I should be bold and join Collar me.

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To the dogs

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2008

An exchange of emails with one of my readers who questions the depths of my depravity has led to my thoughts mulling over the situation I found myself in with Andy who was my lover for 6 months last year.

Andy lives in a coastal resort to the east of where I am. We had exchanged a number of messages on AFF before chatting on MSN. Photos had been exchanged, only clean ones at this stage, I am not as a rule impressed by men who send me unsolicited photos of their erections before I have had the pleasure of becoming aquainted with that particular member in person. Unlike my primary friend with benefits Andy is single and slightly older than me. we arranged to meet for a drink, with this being our first meeting it would be half way between his town and mine. As I know the area better than Andy I selected the venue and duly gave him directions to this very popular location. I parked at the rear of the pub where the views were of rolling countryside still light at this time on a sunday in early spring.

Leaving my car I text Andy to alert him of my arrival and he met me at the door. Shyly I found a table whilst he stood at the bar to buy our drinks. By the second drink I had moved my chair closer to his whilst he was away from the table, when he returned it was so easy to let my leg touch his, allowing my arm to drape over the side of my chair so that my hand rested on his thigh. I could tell that he liked me but he was being a bit slow, not taking the initiative at all. Upping the tease I let my finger tips trace semi circles on his thigh. Before I had drunk half of my orange juice he was suggesting that we make our way outside to his vehicle.

stiffling a giggle I joined him in the back of his camper van. It had grown dark now and Andy set about closing the curtains to shut out the world around us. That first kiss was nothing special but nice all the same. It didn’t take very long for Andy to start catching up with my wandering hands. But it was difficult to concentrate on each other.

It was nearing closing time and we could hear other vehicles departing, there were lots of voices and footsteps to keep us twitching. Some of the cars moved not off down the lane but closer to the van where we were, headlights on full pointing straight at the van’s side windows. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. Andy sat on the back seat naked from the waist down as I was on my knees giving him a blow job, all the time wondering if anyone was trying to see inside. I was scared that someone would be peering in trying to see us, we tried very hard not to make any noise or move in such a way as to make the van rock. But at the same time a small part of me was hoping they were.

You see I have this perverted idea that I might like it if someone should watch me having sex, without my knowledge. I am not into having people watch me openly but the idea that someone could stumble upon us and view us furtively from a distance does thrill me. But and this is a big but, the place where we were parked is a well known lane for the practice of ‘dogging’. I had known this for some time but had neglected to alert Andy of this. I have never participated in dogging neither do I know of anyone who has. But I am aware that it goes on and this is a prime spot for it, perhaps not exactly where we were but slightly further up the lane away from the glare of the pub lights. So here we were trying to have a bit of privacy as we became intimately aquainted, with cars on either side of us, we could hear the chatter of the people outside.

I don’t think anyone did try to peer inside for which I am grateful, but i they did then I am unaware so I am happy with that. Although it was thrilling to think it was possible we could be found, we were both relieved that it seems those outside believed the van to be unoccupied and eventually departed leaving us to take our leave of each other and drive back to our respective homes. From then on our nights together were at his home in the comfort of his double bed.

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