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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 29, 2008

Some of you have become aware that I added a gallery page a while ago. I also added a sub page called lingerie but was not able to make the link work. However KK left me a comment pointing out the error in my link. I have now corrected this and added a third image to the two that were already there. I shall of course be adding more and as I get better at linking pages may even add more pages for different photo shoots.

I have now added a couple of new pages but unfortunately one of them has nothing on it yet as the batteries on my camera ran out at the crucial moment.


Ok so now that I have got into the swing of adding photos I shall be doing so regularly but I warn you now that I won’t be announcing each addition. I shall just add as and when I want to. So if you want to catch each new set of pictures it will be up to you to check for yourself to see any new additions.

Never let it be said that I don’t know how to make it hard for you.

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Strawberry and cream

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 26, 2008

            ‘Don’t forget to wear your sexiest heels’

With Dean’s words still ringing in her ears Melanie hurried towards the hotel stopping briefly to collect the punnet of fresh strawberries and pot of double cream. MMmmm licking her lips in anticipation she clipped across the cobbled street, she had been waiting all week for this moment.

It was when he was telling her that he wanted to take her across the desk that they had decided to spend this one night together. They had been talking on the phone for a year. It had been strictly business for the first few months, he was a customer, she worked for one of his suppliers. They had just clicked and he found himself making excuses to phone up. She had learnt to recognise his phone number so she made sure she was first to answer whenever possible.

Before long they had swapped email address and mobile numbers, that was when the fun had begun. The naughty texts and phone calls, erotic photos, turning each other on. He loved to phone her at work and talk dirty knowing that she couldn’t do a damn thing about it. They giggled like a pair of teenagers each and every time.

But now they were finally going to meet, as Mel strolled into the reception area carrying her overnight case she heard his voice.

    ‘hello trouble’

Before she could reply he was beside her kissing her, his hand sliding across her arse pulling her to him. Breaking free she whispered that she had brought the food.

     ‘good, I have a couple of bottles of lafitte chilling in the room’.

Giggling they had made their way up to their room on the third floor. Holding hands and giggling as the other couple in the lift pretended not to be watching them. Once in the room Dean took the bag from Mel’s hand placing it on the floor as he pushed her against the wall kissing her roughly.  He had already warned her that he likes to be in charge. Breathlessly Mel breaks free and whispers.

‘hello Dean its good to meet you at last’

To be continued

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Orgy update

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 26, 2008

just for anyone interested in how things are going over at roger’s orgy. I am currently in a foursome with Nymph, benn and baggers. All four of us have had a taste of each other and I have been well and trully fucked by both benn and baggers.


I have now moved on and have begun enjoying a foursome with Kevin, Baggers and the delightful Jess. Why don’t you come on over and if you don’t want to join in with the fun you can watch the goings on from the comfort of the well stocked free bar.

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Merry Christmas

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 25, 2008

I am afraid I have not been online much in the last few days. But I do intend to make up for it with a new photo shoot over the christmas period featuring some of the new lingerie I now have.

Whatever you are doing for Christmas where ever you are and who ever you are with I hope you all have the Christmas you hope for. It has been a strange day for me a mix of shopping and sleeping. Remembering that on christmas eve last year I was being very naughty having a secret rendevous with a local married man who was eager to discover the delights I was willing t share with him.

This year I am being a good girl and only playing with men who are available. You never know this next 10 days of leisure time might see one or two new sexual adventures to tell.

In the meantime I would like to share one of my favourite songs with you.

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A naughty man

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 20, 2008

I have a new story in the making which you will be able to read soon, but first I need to do a little xmas shopping before I get back to writing. This new story as with a couple of others has been inspired by my virtual fling who continues to bombard me with calls and text messages.

As I have said before he is a very naughty man but I am enjoying our communications even if there are times as I sit at my desk in the open plan office surrounded by colleagues my face is so flushed that I tell him it must be the colour of the gift I sent him. So you see he really is very naughty and I must be naughty too otherwise I would not have sent him the gift or teased him about sending it to his clean living brother who works with him in the family business.

I have let him in on the orgy going on at Roger’s place but not told him my identity so that he can enjoy reading the raunchy goings on (which he did do saying that it was making him very hard) without it bringing him here.  Btw the last time I looked I have orgasmed twice during this orgy. Thanks roger for giving me this opportunity.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 18, 2008

Forever ago I created a profile on a dating site. I didn’t keep up the membership so can’t read messages or do anything much on the site so I have never really bothered about it. every now and then I get a message to say that I have been winked at or have a new message. My profile (which includes a dreadful photo and a lot of drivel about myself, ok the drivel is true but it’s still drivel). I have also said on my profile that I can’t read messages on the site but gave very heavy clues about my email address.

Yesterday I received an email from a man who had read my profile.  I replied and asked him to tell me about himself. (I get a lot of messages from guys who are either far too young/old or are too far away or both). It turns out that this guy lives in my town and is 2 yrs older than me. We have exchanged a few emails and seem to have things in common. From something he said in his last email  I know exactly who he is. I don’t think I have ever spoken to him but have seen him plenty of times. I have done a search on the site and found his profile and photo.

I can’t say that I fancy him but he is not unpleasant. So I shall continue to  email him for now and see where it leads.

My dilema is that I am very much in love with my sweetheart. However my sweetheart is not only not local but spends the majority of his time out of the country making it very difficult for us to have a proper relationship. I don’t want anyone but my sweetheart but I don’t know how much longer I can stay in a relationship that doesn’t give me what I need.

I don’t know if this other man would be able to give me what I need or if I could ever feel for him anything like what I feel for my sweetheart but he is local. so do I tell this man about my sweetheart or do I keep quiet. Do I tell my sweetheart about this man or do I keep quiet.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 14, 2008

Sorry I can’t stop to chat I’m in a bit of a rush. I had read the invitation a few weeks ago but hadn’t paid attention to the date so I have missed the start of the action.

I just have time to slip into my black seamed stockings, red lace gypsy skirt and matching basque and red heels, a dab of prada on the inside of my elbows and behind my ears and I am ready.

Just have to slip the ‘out to lunch’ sign on the door before heading off to join in with the orgy over at dirtyboy’s place.

I have already taken a sneaky peak at the action on the cctv ( I have heard through the grapevine that any participant can ask for a copy of the film when it’s all over). It is looking very hot and steamy over there with all the girl on girl action out numbering the girl on boy action.

Now if you don’t mind I will be on my way………………….don’t miss me too much whilst I am gone and if you do miss me then perhaps you might like to come on over and join the fun.



just to give you an idea of what is going on I am currently kissing Beth whilst Rivaine circles my clit with her thumb as she feels the vibrator I am using slide in and out of my pussy as I watch Rivaine finger fuck Beth.  Near by roger is fucking Penny while she finger fucks Stephanie. In another group Rori is sucking  Tboy as he plays with Amber. There are other groups around the room but I figure this will give you a taste of what you will find if you follow me over to Roger’s place 

Further Update

Riviane and I have now been joined by benn while beth lays back watching. I have forced riviane to suck benn’s cock while he fucks her mouth, while this was happening he had me positioned over his face so that he could  deliciously eat  my pussy. But since then we have moved around so that I am now sat on his cock  riding him like there is no tomorrow and he is eating riviane’s pussy while she and I are kissing deeply. All three of us have just cum.

I don’t know what you are all waiting for why don’t you come over to Roger’s place and join in the fun.

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Photo shoot

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 13, 2008

The ice cream had been in the freezer waiting for the right time. Days turned into a week, one week stretched into two. Finally I was ready, digging into my bag I found my digital camera. Batteries low, will have to be quick.

Armed with ideas on how I wanted to do this, I set up the first picture.

A still life ………………

or perhaps  it was the before picture.

The first image stored onto the memory card and a forced pause follows as my photographic session is interrupted by a person of the under age variety.

Several more interruptions in quick succession follow …………each by the same under age person gggggrrrrrrrr

Eventually peace is found but damn those batteries are getting low

digging into depths of handbag a packet of spare batteries is retrieved only to discover there is only one left and two are required. Never mind the extra energy helps to breathe a little more life into the camera.

Batteries lasting long enough ………………………just

for the next stage of the session to be captured


If I am quick I will get a few more done.

Juggling cold ice cream and camera with dying batteries is no mean feat

Satisfied that stage two has been completed as the now rapidly melting ice cream begs to be consumed.

Stage three of the photo shoot proves to be very short lived as the cold sticky substance slides across hot flesh refusing to remain in situ whilst being camptured digitally

Batteries cease to function making further images impossible until another day.

In the mean time there is ice cream dribbling from my breasts needing to be licked clean

If you wish to see the results of this photo shoot you will need to check out the tab at the top of the page marked Gallery.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2008

The gift has been received.

How did I know it had arrived?

First I tracked the delivery it had been packed into. The information told me it had arrived yesterday morning. Second I received a text.

Thank You for my prezzie x

I phoned him with the excuse of updating our contact records . He was on the phone so I had a conversation with Terry. I now know that Terry is Al’s brother. I should have known ………………. they both giggle so much I am convinced they have laughing gas in their store.

Later I text him

was it what you wanted?

Yes indeed x

Did anyone ask what the package was?

No I get knickers everyday lol x

I bet you do x

Its a good thing I didn’t address it to Mr **** as I learnt today that there are 3 of you lmao x

My goodness yes x

very interesting chat with your brother lmao x

yep hes the really nice one x

So he wouldn’t have wanted the package then lol

No hes squeaky clean, sum girls like that I guess x


Hmmmm do I smell a challenge here I wonder.  Whilst this was going on I was emailing him the photo that you have already seen here.



Bloody ell damp or wot x

now you know how I spent my saturday morning 2 weeks ago when I said I had been doing something for your benefit x

Time well spent x

I’m glad it was appreciated


I think he approves 😉

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Come for me

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 11, 2008

It hit me like a thud

right in my belly and my chest all at once

I had been ignoring you

the effect you have on me

even when I think about you

I have not been honest

until now

I have allowed myself to dive

deep into my love

my memories

hearing your song my heart

misses a beat

even though I had played the song myself

now you are playing your own

tune upon my awareness

the intake of breath

as you find that

secret place within

now all I can do


wait for you to come for me

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