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Come for me

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 11, 2008

It hit me like a thud

right in my belly and my chest all at once

I had been ignoring you

the effect you have on me

even when I think about you

I have not been honest

until now

I have allowed myself to dive

deep into my love

my memories

hearing your song my heart

misses a beat

even though I had played the song myself

now you are playing your own

tune upon my awareness

the intake of breath

as you find that

secret place within

now all I can do


wait for you to come for me

4 Responses to “Come for me”

  1. You Know Who said

    Very good and thought provoking but I’m searching in vain for the cocks and pussies in there.

  2. Steve said

    SN: Have you been reading my mind?

  3. secretlynaughty said


    You would have to see inside my mind to find those but believe me they were there 😉


  4. secretlynaughty said


    perhaps I am getting to know the way your mind works



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