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Posted by secretlynaughty on January 31, 2009

It’s 3am and I’m awake……..have been for a while now
It’s no good I can’t help it
My mind keeps going over it
The feel of your touch
The taste of your kisses
The look in your eyes

I lay on my back and I want you there above me pressing me into the mattress.
Kissing me holding me
I turn on to my front……..I never lie like this
I remember you under me as I lay over you
As we held each other in our embrace
Our eyes locked together

I remember how your fingers worked inside me
Making me wet and then wetter still
I remember how you used your tongue to send me to heaven
How you licked and sucked until I felt I could take no more
I remember how I wanted you
I remember not wanting to let go

The feel of your cock in my hand
The sensations in my fingers as I stroked
I remember the taste
As I used my tongue
As I took you within my mouth
As you spilled your seed for me

It’s 3am and I am alone here
My bed feels empty even though
There has only been one time
You were here with me
I yearn for your touch
I long for your taste

It’s 11am now and I am driving
My mind returns
To those hours
In the deepest of the night
When I was, wanting you
How I want you still now


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Sex mad

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 29, 2009

When I decided to end my marriage I got involved with Don. He was my first new lover for almost 20yrs. I was very nervous about it the first time but was soon back in the saddle. I rediscovered my love of sex after all those years of very little (inadequate) sex.  Don was sex mad it was virtually all he thought about. His computer was stuffed full of sex sites and his drawer full of porn dvds. His favourites on his browser was virtually only sex sites with the exception of ebay. There were many fetish sites, and leather/pvc outlets, bdsm allsorts. Much of which was completely new to me.

Great  I had met and thought I loved this new man in my life and sex was going to be wonderful or was it. There was a time for a few months when neither of us were working. This meant we had lots of opportunities for exploring sex together. But I discovered that as much as he was sex mad it was more of the virtual kind than real sex. He was always asking me to take sexy photos of myself. I found this hard at first but soon began to enjoy taking pictures to send him when he wasn’t around. But with my limited options I was getting bored with the pictures I was taking and would tell him that if he wanted new pictures he would have to take them himself, after all apart from anything else not only could he take different shots but he had a better camera and was talking about getting a tripod.

Armed with sexy lingerie I would go to his place expecting some hot photo sessions followed by hot sex. The reality was hours of him messing about with his computer, a quick drink in the pub across the road before heading back for a quick session in the missionary position then sleep. If I was lucky we might have a shot at 69 but that wouldn’t last long before he was pounding away in the good old missionary position.

I tried sending him pictures of positions from the Karma Sutra. Nothing interested him that could possibly be more complicated than what he was used to. Over the course of a year we broke up several times until January 2007 the last time we got back together. 

I thought we were having a break through, during the time we had been apart I had been indulging in sex with other men and had learnt a lot. I tried to interest Don in more positions, props, the idea of 3somes. Nothing would budge him from his position. Until one night he had bought me a pink feather boa. It was wonderfully soft to the touch and trailing it across my naked skin was so erotic, he took a couple of photos of me with the boa (one of which has been added to my gallery). Baby oil came into use, we even tried a couple of new positions (I can’t remember what they were now). I clearly remember thinking or sex life was about to improve.   Apart from the night he took a few photos of me with ice cream nothing had changed that night with the feather boa was merely a one off. It was only a matter of weeks before I broke up with him for the very last time.

What I don’t understand is how or why someone as mad about sex as he is won’t try to learn to get more out of sex. What is he afraid of? He used to wake up look at me and say to himself  ‘oh no, she wants sex again!’ He would call me a nympho. Now how many men in their early 40’s wouldn’t want to have a nympho in thier bed?

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A Married Lover’s Plans

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 26, 2009

It had been a couple of months since I last saw his name appear on my screen. He always seems to know just when to appear, bringing my spirits back up to where they should be. We chatted for a while catching up on life. We declared our love for each other, he being the only man I can openly declare my love for and he will reply in kind we both mean it, we do love each other but this is a special love between two lovers who have been apart for an eternity. It was probably two years ago that we were last in each other’s arms ( a sunday in late January 2007) but the memories are still so vivid for us both.

There have been other plans to be together, but we have never again been so lucky. His work, my work his wife, my family, travelling time have all conspired against us. He is the most beautiful man I have ever known, not that he realises how beautiful he is. I adore him, his devine body, his depraved mind and his obvious innocence.

Today talk moved to what adventures if any he has had recently.

None he declares but sheepishly admits that there is a man of his own age who wants to suck his cock. He isn’t so sure about this. He told me of the time he was fucking a woman and she popped her husband’s dick into his mouth. Since I have known him my lover has talked of having oral with another man. So here is what we talked about next.

I think you should but only if I can watch and then have you myself.

would that excite you?

I want to hold your naked body against me as he kneels before you with your magnificent cock in his mouth as I fondle your balls from behind

I am so hard right now thinking about it, you make me so horny.

But just when you are fit to burst I will push him away, spin you around and take you in my mouth as you spill your spunk just for me. When you are done we will kiss passionately as we share your hot love juice jast as we did before.

My darling I do adore you so much, I will ask him.

I would adore to have an MMF with you my darling, but it would have to be about you and me, he would be our sex toy unless the two of you intend to use me as your sex toy.

Darling I have told him about you and its made him horny but he wants to break the ice with just me to begin with. I want to take you from behind as you suck his cock. I want to watch you being fucked by another man but I get to lick your pussy afterwards.

we need to do this, let me know when and where.

By the time we have finished our conversation we are both in agreement that we must see each other again, we must taste each other again and if we can include some fun with this other man then so much the better.

The sad thing is that at the end of the day we both know it is unlikely to happen. It was different when I wasn’t working and he had more freedom in his own work. But it does no harm to make plans with my married lover.

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New Law in England and Wales w.e.f. 26 Jan 2009

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 25, 2009

Ok so now that I have got my gallery up and running and very popular it seems to be, especially with one eagle eyed man who always spots each new addition very quickly. There is a new Law  here which comes into effect tomorrow which outlaws the possesion of pornographic images. See here for more information.

Now I really don’t want to delete my gallery or its associated pages and all the images on them, but neither do I wish to fall foul of the law. I am sure you can see my predicament here.

Any suggestions?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on January 24, 2009

‘Do come in Rachel’

Greg stepped aside allowing me into the room, it is the private sitting room Greg shares with his wife Gina on the first floor of their country Hotel. I am here with a group of friends for a girlie weekend of pampering and generally enjoying ourselves away from our families.  I have been to the hotel a few times and recommended it to the girls.

We arrived half an hour ago. In my room that I am sharing with Lizzie there was a complimentary bottle of Brut and a note asking me to join Greg and Gina for afternoon tea.

Gazing around the simply decorated room I notice that Gina is not here but there is a well dressed man on the window seat, he turns his deep brown eyes away from the window and smiles at me.

‘Rachel I would like you to meet Robert a friend of ours he has just arrived from 2 years travelling and suprised us with a visit today. Gina and I thought it would be nice to get to know you better and thank you for your continued patronage of our Hotel which is why we invited you here now. I hope you don’t mind if Robert stays too as it would be rude of us to send him away after all this time.’

In the blink of an eye Robert has crossed the room and is shaking my hand, mmm nice firm grip, his warm brown eyes sparkle as he smiles at me.

‘No no not at all, I mean of course I don’t mind. It is very nice of you to invite me in any case.’ 

I feel the heat rise in my face as I am overtaken by nerves I have not felt for sometime. Timidly I perch on the edge of the chair Greg indicates. Trying not to stare at Robert but unable to look away for long I feel like a shy teenager again. The two men stand together by a table as Robert shows Greg some of the things he has brought with him from his travells.

I long to have a look and ask questions about the places he has been to and why. But to my consternation I feel an over whelming desire to melt into the furniture and hope that I will be forgotten so that I can observe them unnoticed.

I am startled as the door flies open and Gina rushes in, obviously cross, ranting about the second chef when she stops mid sentence.

‘Um oh hello Rachel I am so sorry I didn’t realise you were here, I must be running late or are you early please tell me you were early, I so wanted to be here to greet you……OMG Robert when did you get here’

It was fascinating watching the changes in her as Gina had rushed into the room in a temper to her sudden stop and instant calmness as she greeted me before turning in a whirlwind as she throws herself at Robert flinging her bare arms around his neck.

Greg takes his wife by the elbow gently pulling her off his friend.

‘Excuse us for a few moments while I calm my wife down and sort out the problem in the kitchen. You two can entertain each other for a short time without us can’t you? oh and Robert feel free to treat our home as your home.’

Once our hosts have bustled out of the room Robert comes to my side I can’t help looking at the floor or more precisely his feet, I feel too embarrassed to look him in the eye. To my relief he moves away and across the room where I hear a few clicks and a rustling.

‘Come and help me he calls softly, help me to choose from this huge collection of albums. Isn’t it grand to find these adorable people still have a working record player and wide choice of records still in good condition.’

Joining him beside the music centre I perch on a sturdy table as I watch him searching for just the right one. Finally he makes his choice, then turns to face me he lifts his hand to stroke my face. At first I flinch away from his hand but I can see from the smile in his eyes he means me no harm so I relax. He continues to stroke my cheek then the back of my neck. I can feel myself melting against his hand. He moves to stand between my knees, his left hand snakes around my back pulling me toward him as my skirt slides forward so easily on the highly polished wood. Involuntarily my legs part allowing him to stand between my thighs.

I know I should protest, I should move back to the chair, I am too shy to do or say anything. I am frozen in my position not knowing what to do, but melting in all the places he touches me. My face is burning as is my neck, there is a warm place on my lower back where his hand had guided me to him. He leans in and brushes my lips with his, I am undone. As he pulls back and looks me in the face he knows, he can see the pleading in my eyes, I try to close my eyes so he won’t see the lust that hides there.     

Too late he has seen it, he kisses me now warm soft lips stuck to mine, his tongue flicks along the edge of my top lip. I can’t help it I want his tongue in my mouth, my lips part drawing his tongue inside as I greedily devour his breath. so intent am I on his deep kissing that I hardly notice the feel of his hand on my thigh. I can feel it but it is far away someone else somewhere else.  

Suddenly I feel a shock run through me as it dawns on my clouded mind that he has his hand inside my skirt gently stroking my thigh, creeping ever higher. But more shocking is that I am not shocked or disgusted I am impatient! He is taking his time letting his finger tips trace soft circles on my skin. This is torture, I know I am already wet, (that happened the instant I saw him). Still stroking, caressing he seems to be in no hurry, so I take things into my own hands. Or at least I grab his belt, fumbling with the buckle, a nice heavy metal one, an owl I think from the shape. Pulling at the fastening of his trousers at last I feel the snap as the clip comes apart my fingers reach for his zip. But his hand grasps my wrist moving my hand away.


Confused I look pleadingly into his eyes, he just laughs at me as he kisses me again. My disappointed pout soon gone as his mouth covers mine again. He has stopped stroking my thigh momentarily then he begins again only this time it feels different, realisation hits me that this is not his fingers, he is stroking my thigh with his cock.  My confidence grows as I make a grab for his manhood but his arm bars my way.  Again that word.


Before I can argue he has pushed me away from him as he fixed his trousers and walks away back to the window. 

Pouting again I retun to my earlier position perched on the chair. He turns towards the window, I can barely hear him whisper

‘not yet’

Just then the door opens and Gina and Greg return, looking at the clock I realise they had been gone for 20 minutes yet it felt like no more than 5. A waiter comes in placing everything we need for afternoon tea on the low table before us.  There is plenty to chat about as Robert tells tales of his travels, our hosts tell us stories of things that have gone on in the Hotel, some of the fascinating people who have stayed here. They ask me about the group of friends I am here with and why we chose this Hotel. Gina tells me some of the places we should visit while we are here.

Soon it is time for them to return to their work and I must return to my room and change for dinner. As I say my thank yous Robert whispers in my ear, see you again later.

In the room I share with Lizzie I select my sexiest outfit to wear for dinner, I want to make it clear to Robert what he has missed out on and make sure he really wants a piece of me. But to my consternation all through dinner and believe me I make sure it lasts as long as possible, there is no sign of him, not in the restaurant or the bar either.

Next day I look out for him but again there is no sign of him at all during the day or evening.  Sunday is the same, Babs bless her notices that there is something wrong but I can’t tell her what it is, just wave it off saying I must have had a little too much wine with our dinner. By now I am resigned that Robert must have departed as suddenly as he had arrived. I will never see him again.

Monday morning as we are preparing to leave, my bags are packed waiting, we will be leaving after breakfast. As we enter the restaurant for the last time on this stay the waiter tells me that I am requested to go immediately to room 301.

When I get there the door is slightly adjar.

‘hello ………….hello anyone there?’

No answer, I step inside. The door shuts behind me a hand grabs my arm. Twisting around I am faced with Robert looking goreous in jeans and a plain yellow t-shirt.  My nerves forgotten I push him against the door, kissing him passionately, one hand grasping his thick brown hair holding his face to mine as my other hand deftly releases the buttons on his jeans,  good hes commando, pushing his jeans down his legs I pull his hands down to my arse as I stand on my tiptoes rubbing myself against his hardness. My loose skirt around my waist I guide myself onto him.  He gets the idea lifting me onto him as he walks across the room my legs wrapped around his waist. He falls back onto his bed with me still clamped to him. My knees now on the bed either side of him I can gyrate against him. Funny how I don’t feel shy or embarrassed today. I have waited all weekend for this moment and I mean to fuck this man.

He swats my bare arse with his hand, this spurs me on more and to his suprise I slap his face, not a gentle slap, a real I meant it slap. He laughs in my face.

‘What was that for?’

‘Making me wait, for making me think you had left, gone without saying goodbye let alone giving me the fuck I wanted, when all the time you were in the next room.’

I could see from his face that he thought I was funny. That deserved another slap. Gone the timid person I was a few days ago, its pay back time, I intend to get the fuck I want and he is going to give it to me.

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When its all in the Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 22, 2009

he is into sub/dom…..we have chatted about it a few times in recent weeks. tonight I have a real need to do this. I feel so very horny as I think about it. I have been getting quite wet and fidgety. I have refused to bring myself off I want to meet him and for him to know how turned on I am by the thought of him dominating me. He wants to be dominated but is happy to dominate me first to teach me the ways of sub/dom. He will restrain me and slap me he will fuck me when I have no control then I will restrain him and he will have no control while I do what ever I like to him.

I know you are not expecting this. but if you are not busy tonight would you like to meet for a drink then you can tell me in more detail……..

will you teach me?

feeling very horny and needing instructions

thats a no then is it?

we both know u want to……… you know I need to be punished………You want to show me how to behave you want to restrain me

you want to fuck me you want me to fuck you when you cant do anything

OMG I am so horny and I want you to know how wet I am getting are you hard? are you hiding at work playing with yourself when you could be playing with me.

forget the drink I need a FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I need tonight and it has to be you. Are you going to pass up this chance to do what ever you want with me? I am so wet waiting to hear what you want. Do I have to beg you to take your pleasure from me.

phone …….no answer

have been texting him for a few hours………not a single answer.   Maybe it has something to do with me using a phone he does not have the number for. I am lying face down across my bed now pressing my pussy into the bed, my legs moving slowly making the crotch of my jeans rub against my soaking swollen clit. Still I get no answer. Its no good I cant wait any longer. I roll onto my back and shove my hand inside my jeans pushing aside the fabric of my thong and start to rub furiously it is very quick I was already so close to the edge, now I cum in a great gush and my legs tremble as the spasm runs through me.

It turns out that he was on holiday with his g/f when my texts began to come through. As much as he wanted this there was nothing he could do.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on January 18, 2009

It occurred to me earlier today that it was missing. I hadn’t really missed it but I did know that something was missing. I just hadn’t given it any thought. I have not visited Roger’s Orgy so have no idea if I am missed. I suspect that if no one else has noticed Roger will have noticed my absence.

I would have written part three of Strawberry and cream but didn’t feel inclined to do so.  I have considered writing a new fantasy in response to a comment on Naughty Man Returns. But just can’t get the inspiration going.

I don’t remember the last time I played. There has been no whirring sounds coming from my bed, no gushing as I cum all over my fingers as I think of you or him or them. No watching adult videos, very little reading of erotica.

It has just gone, vanished, missing, AWOL.


Has anyone seen my libido cos I can’t find it anywhere.

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New Revelations

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 16, 2009

Just to tease you a little more, a few new revelations can be found among the Gallery pages.

Some times it is useful to have a fuck buddy who has a camera.

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His Office

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 13, 2009

When he invited me to his office I had visions of hot sex across his desk or straddling him on his swivelling office chair.

But here I was panting, trying to regain my breath. But the sex hadn’t even begun yet. Three flights f narrow winding stairs led to his office above his showroom. But he waited until we were in his office before he told me that the toilet was on the ground floor. My need was great after a two hour drive to get here. so after climbing those three flights of stairs twice in 5 minutes I was a little breathless.

Looking around his office I notice the huge expance of his desk with his computer at one end. Wonderful!! But on closer inspection maybe not. It doesn’t appear to have the strength to hold two writhing bodies. Glancing at his black leather high backed computer chair with its comfortable arm rests I realise that is not going to make for easy riding either.

Before I can cast my eye over anything else in the narrow room he has me in a tight clinch, his tongue probing, fishing around in my mouth.  Urgently he pulls at my clothes, helping me out of my skirt and my top, revealing my heavy breasts as they spill over their black and red lace cups. Fumbling with the clasp he releases his treasure as I pull on his belt anxious to relieve him of his suit trousers. 

He lays me down, kissing and pulling, playing on my nipples. Rolling me on top of him he urges me to ride him cowgirl style, his favourite position for us. But it is not so easy for me with my head just grazing the edge of his desk as he lays in the narrow space between desk and wall. After a few minutes I climb off him and slide down to take him into my mouth. He adores the feel of my tongue and lips on and around his rigid cock.

From that very first night in his BMW he has been telling me how good I am at sucking him off he has never known anyone give a better blowjob. He is urging me on wanting me to bring him to orgasm quickly. I do what he wishes and then we stand to dress. He has to go, he can’t linger his girlfriend is waiting for him.

Back in my car I make my decision. There will be no more. I see him walk to his car making sure the cameras have not caught us both on film together. Two hours driving to meet him in his ‘office’ for 30 minutes of fumbling on the floor, before he scurries off to meet the woman he will soon be living with.  Not my idea of a good time besides, his is the first cock that I have not really taken too. 

Funny even now I still get messages from people wanting to meet us as a couple. Sadly for him he never did get to swing with me.

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Lost Discoveries

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 13, 2009

Having teased you with my discovery of revealing photos, last night I thought I would start sorting through them for possible options. What I found was ………….. nothing. I checked through all my picture files. I checked through all my documents.  I checked all the files I could find. But couldn’t find them anywhere.


So if any of you techy guys have any ideas on how I can find them again please tell me it would be to your own benefit. When I found them before I was trying to make a new file to put all my 2008 albums  into but I am not sure what it was I did that brought up the old photos.


The good news is that by checking every document file I finally found the missing files that were buried deep inside a file, inside another file inside another inside a completely un expected file. So well hidden that even I forgot where I had hidden them. Just to whet your appetite I am going to add one of these pictures to one of the pages of the gallery. Tell me which picture on which page and I will reveal more. 😉

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