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His Office

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 13, 2009

When he invited me to his office I had visions of hot sex across his desk or straddling him on his swivelling office chair.

But here I was panting, trying to regain my breath. But the sex hadn’t even begun yet. Three flights f narrow winding stairs led to his office above his showroom. But he waited until we were in his office before he told me that the toilet was on the ground floor. My need was great after a two hour drive to get here. so after climbing those three flights of stairs twice in 5 minutes I was a little breathless.

Looking around his office I notice the huge expance of his desk with his computer at one end. Wonderful!! But on closer inspection maybe not. It doesn’t appear to have the strength to hold two writhing bodies. Glancing at his black leather high backed computer chair with its comfortable arm rests I realise that is not going to make for easy riding either.

Before I can cast my eye over anything else in the narrow room he has me in a tight clinch, his tongue probing, fishing around in my mouth.  Urgently he pulls at my clothes, helping me out of my skirt and my top, revealing my heavy breasts as they spill over their black and red lace cups. Fumbling with the clasp he releases his treasure as I pull on his belt anxious to relieve him of his suit trousers. 

He lays me down, kissing and pulling, playing on my nipples. Rolling me on top of him he urges me to ride him cowgirl style, his favourite position for us. But it is not so easy for me with my head just grazing the edge of his desk as he lays in the narrow space between desk and wall. After a few minutes I climb off him and slide down to take him into my mouth. He adores the feel of my tongue and lips on and around his rigid cock.

From that very first night in his BMW he has been telling me how good I am at sucking him off he has never known anyone give a better blowjob. He is urging me on wanting me to bring him to orgasm quickly. I do what he wishes and then we stand to dress. He has to go, he can’t linger his girlfriend is waiting for him.

Back in my car I make my decision. There will be no more. I see him walk to his car making sure the cameras have not caught us both on film together. Two hours driving to meet him in his ‘office’ for 30 minutes of fumbling on the floor, before he scurries off to meet the woman he will soon be living with.  Not my idea of a good time besides, his is the first cock that I have not really taken too. 

Funny even now I still get messages from people wanting to meet us as a couple. Sadly for him he never did get to swing with me.

5 Responses to “His Office”

  1. Steve said

    I can see why you would be a little put off.
    A happy ending is one that has you in a uncontrolled orgasm..

  2. Suze said

    His loss! I’m very much in to office sex and power dressing but if he didn’t float your boat then there is always someone else out there.

  3. You Know Who said

    This got me thinking…remembering…

    Should I reminisce?

  4. secretlynaughty said

    Suze I am positive that with anyone else in a different office it would have been a better experience.

    No he didn’t float my boat I really don’t know why I met him three times always to be rushed as he had to run off in a hurry except he didn’t leave off bugging me in a hurry…………..took months to get rid of him.

  5. secretlynaughty said


    reminiscing!!! my first thought was ………..does this mean some juicy tales to tell in that case please do reminice.

    But of course since then I discovered that you have indeed 😉

    who could have guessed it eh


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