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When you go down to the woods today

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 21, 2009

He saw them walking down the gravel path towards the duck ponds, she is short with wavy dark hair wearing a loose white top over a lurid pink mini skirt and flip flops that make that flipping sound as she walks. The man is much taller with short brown hair, jeans and black t-shirt. They are laughing and holding hands. They stop by the railings gazing down at the stagnant water where a fallen tree trunk is preventing the water from flowing over the stepping stones down to the next level and the next pond. They chat pointing at things they see then he takes her in his arms and kisses her. She reaches up and kisses him back with her arms around his neck. They kiss for an age before moving off along the path still chatting nineteen to the dozen. They stop again and kiss some more then they head off the main path along a smaller trail leading into the trees. He follows keeping his distance. They stop again the man bends his head down to hers kissing her bright pink lips. Their passions are rising and a trail of moisture is trickling down the inside of her leg. From his hiding place he can just see where the sun is shining on her moisture as it slowly creeps down from under the hem of her skirt. She is standing with her legs apart pulling him down to her. She clings to him as she softly moans into his chest as another trickle of moisture appears on her leg. They giggle as his hand finds the hem of her skirt and disappears. The man finds her wet panties and she giggles again. Before setting off again, arm in arm back to their cars. She has to collect her child from school. He kisses her goodbye and they go their separate ways.

The next afternoon he sees her arrive at the same place. But wait she is with a different man this one is shorter, in jeans and a blue t-shirt. Today she is wearing her black mini skirt with an orange top. She likes her bright colours, likes to be noticed. They chat as they walk. The man helps her across the stepping stones, before they continue along the path settling for a bench in the sun where they sit watching the ducks as they chat. He can’t hear what they are saying, this couple he watches but he sees them smile and turn to each other their faces just inches apart. This is where they will kiss, but they don’t, she turns away and they continue to chat. He sees her answer her phone, this isn’t it. They chat again. A few more minutes of chatting and she picks up her phone flips it open, quickly shuts it then opens it again. This is what he has been waiting for, her signal. He leaves his hiding place and makes his way to the path a little way from them. He begins to run, runs towards them, the couple look up startled at the footsteps, she screams, he is puzzled.

It’s my husband she screeches, run before he gets here. The man runs off just in time to hear the angry voices.

‘I knew I would find you here you dirty whore, you can’t stop yourself can you?’

‘ What do you expect you are never home ‘

Once the man is out of view she grabs his hand and they run off into the trees. He leads her to his hiding place where he has made a nest for her. He lays her down on his coat and strips her black lace panties from her thighs. Already he can see the glistening dampness between her legs. He turns her over onto her knees tying her wrists to a nearby tree trunk he had earlier dragged into position. He lifts her skirt and slaps her arse. He stops to admire the red print of his fingers on her skin. Leaning over her shoulder he tells her, how much she is adored this slut of his. He had promised her that today she would not return from her walk in the woods frustrated. Today she would feel the fingers of her man in her cunt as he probed and rubbed in just the way she loves. As he feels her release her juice he lowers his head so that he can lick her, lapping up her wetness. Today she would know what it feels like to be fucked from behind as she is tied to the tree. He balls up her silk scarf he had been carrying in his pocket, slipping it between her lips to help her stay silent. He couldn’t let her go home frustrated again. It was a good idea of hers to pretend he was her husband. If he was her husband he wouldn’t let her out to meet all these other men. He wonders how she would feel if she knew the plans he had for her at his house. Her collar and lead, the whip with its red leather handle. Matching wrist and ankle straps ready for her to try out. How would she react to the clover leaf nipple clamps. This was a start anyway, she had allowed him to tie her wrists so readily. He had seen the spurt of moisture when she had realised what he was doing. He licked his lips hungrily at last he could taste her!

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Posted by secretlynaughty on February 19, 2009

Within each of us burns a fire. For some of us that fire burns brightly for others there is a small ember glowing in the dark. Even these small embers can be whipped up into a blazing fire but it needs a lot of encouragement to do so. For most of you who read this blog your fire burns in a healthy manner. For a fair few of you I know that your desire burns more brightly than your life allows you to show.

My own fire within is tempered by the lack of my man being at my side as I would wish him to be. But I make up for that by writing this blog and reading others. With the help of a select few bloggers I am able to allow the flames of my desire to reach a desired intensity from time to time as I struggle to keep my embers from going out. 

Those of you who help my fires to burn know who you are, those of you who may wish to help me keep my fire alight, but have not done so yet, need only reach out and touch my flame to increase the intensity of its warmth and brightness. I promise that I won’t burn you.

One of those who does fan the flames of my desire has recently been in a place where fires are not so welcome. He is an avid reader of my blogs but very rarely comments in public. In recent days he has written the following eloquent open letter which I would like to share with you. He has graciously given me his permission.


Dear All

On Saturday the 7th of February, now named ‘Black Saturday’. We experienced one of our worst days ever here in Victoria [Australia]. We had been warned by the weather bureau the week leading up to this fateful day, that the weather was going to be extreme. [As it turned out it was Melbournes hottest day ever recorded 47C] The Premier of this state John Brumby had warned us to stay indoors, not to do unnecessary things, take it easy and if you lived in a fire prone area to have your ‘Fire Plan’ ready.

The events that unfolded over that day and night would turn on it’s head all previous norms and accepted wisdom regarding fighting fire. The first hand accounts of the intensity of the fire are harrowing to say the least. Some people have been totally consumed by the fire, no remains to be found. The temperatures reached were such that they melted large farm machinery completely, cars, caravans, sheds, houses, water tanks. and the list goes on. The speed with which the fire consumed the bush took everyone by surprise, even the most experienced of the fire fighters. Miraculously no fire fighters died on that day. One woman spoke of driving at a 120 KMHs and could only just out run the fire front. Other hid in underground drains, old chimneys, bunkers, dug outs, and not all survived in their make shift refuges.

People showed their bravery and comradeship. Stories of people driving through horrendous fire fronts to save friends and family. The human toll continues to mount and the hospitals here in Melbourne are treating burns victims, and will do so for months to come. They will need blood on an ongoing basis.

Statistics are hard to fathom, some 200 people have died, 1800 homes lost. Whole towns like Kinglake raised to the ground. A royal commission will look into cause and affect and hopefully we will be able to minimise future loss. But I don’t think any amount of planning can plan for what happened on ‘Black Saturday’ the 7th of February 2009. It will be etched in the minds, souls, hearts of all who live here in Victoria.
The Red Cross are accepting donations for the victims of these bush fires. And we are all amazed just how generous people have been.


I am sure that you have all been touched by this as have I. Many of us even if we don’t live in that part of the world ourselves have family or friends who have been affected by these dreadful fires.

If anyone would like to know more about how to donate to this fund please check out this link Australian Bush Fires Appeal.

Long may the fires in your heart burn healthily while the fires in Australia and indeed other places who suffer this dreadful phenomenon on an annual basis, remain little more than embers.

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When a man doesn’t cum

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 14, 2009

For the last 18 months I have been acting as sexual agony aunt to a young man I came across through blogging a long time ago. He hasn’t written a blog for most of that time. He is young enough to be my son. He asks my advice about his love life.

During all this time he has been a prolific wanker/tosser whatever you might call it.  But hasn’t had much luck with women, hes very shy. I have seen his picture and hes a good looking young man. He had a girlfriend he was crazy about but due to an earlier experience was not reeady for sex. The parted company a few months ago when she moved abroad.

He has now met a young girl who has been driving him crazy. The have now had sex and he says it was a disaster. He was so turned on he was rock hard but couldn’t cum. she is distraught thinking its her fault. He wants to see her again but she is too upset to talk to him because she thinks she isn’t good enough.

I have tried to reassure him about this and get him to talk to her. Have any of you guys git any advice. He wants to know how normal it is for this to happen.

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Men in stockings

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 11, 2009

What is it that makes some men want to wear stockings?

A male friend revealed to me that he was wearing stockings under his jeans. He didn’t tell me this he took off his jeans to show me.

Men in stockings does not arouse me in any way but I was ok with it. He obviously wasn’t. I didn’t see or hear from him again.

It was as though he had dropped off the face of the earth that was until he re entered my life 13 months later.

what do you think ?

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His kisses

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 8, 2009

Sitting across the table she had placed herself with her back against the wall where she could watch people as they came and went. Only she didn’t, as they talked and ate she couldn’t take her eyes off his face. All evening she was willing him to reach out and touch her. He didn’t.

Driving back home their chatter continued, being with him was so easy yet so hard. It was so easy to be in his company but she wanted more. Much more. She wanted him to take her in his arms and kiss her, slip his hands inside her coat and touch her. He didn’t.

He pulled his car into the layby behind hers. Unclipped his seat belt as he turned to say goodnight.

‘we must do this again’  was all he said

So thats it then she’s thinking, so we are to be friends then, thats as good as it gets.

Whilst she is unfastening her seatbelt he leans across and kisses her very softly.  Mmmmm this is nice. He says something but in her mind she is still in their kiss. He kisses her again this time longer, she kisses him back revelling in the feel of his lips on hers. She wants more but she knows she can’t push this. As she climbs out of his car he compliments her on what she is wearing.

As she totters along the footpath towards her home she savours the feel and taste of his kisses, wondering will there be more, will there be a next time?

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More of whats in a Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 5, 2009

Following my one sided Text sex we had lots more chats online. We talked often about my desire to be tied up, spanked and fucked.  We met for a walk in the woods one sunny spring morning. He was very sweet and shy, we chatted easily but it was only as we parted that he plucked up courage to kiss me.

More months passed, more chatting and more flirting until one day we agreed that I should take a day off work and he would come to my house. I needed some work done and he was in the right profession so came around to measure up for the work. The measuring only took a few minutes. Then we chatted for a couple of hours. Before he confessed that there was something he wanted me to see. He began taking off his jeans…………. To my suprise once he had removed his jeans it became obvious what it was he wanted to show me. He was very shy and rather embarrassed as he had never shown this to a woman before. To be honest this was the first time I had seen it although I am not so naive that I had never heard of it. Besides he had told me about it months ago.

My friend had revealed that he liked to wear stockings. So there he stood in my bedroom wearing skin tone stockings. We talked about it and also the virginal white stockings I had bought from ebay months earlier but never had an opportunity to wear. He persuaded me to put on my white stockings which were oh so soft, much softer than the ones I wear every day. (unless I am wearing trousers or jeans).

Soon he had me lying on my bed as he fingered me and I wanked him. It was very nice but neither of us were in a mood to take it furtther, if anything I was amazed he did what he did. (I did tell you in my earlier post that he is really more of a sub). That was in early December 2007 (not 2008 but 2007). I had expected to hear from him either later in the day or perhaps over the next few days but nothing. No email, IM, text, telephone (he loved to hear me cum). December was gone a new year had begun but still I didn’t hear from him. As the months faded away I just figured that his g/f must have found out and he had deleted me from his contacts.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this now. 14 months after the event.

Tonight when I came in from work I found a request from him to be added as a contact. Obviously I was curious, so I accepted and there he was online same picture same as before, as though he had never been AWOL.

I very rarely make the first contact on IM as I prefer to wait and see if the other person wants to chat, besides I am usually doing something else ie emails or blogging. But I made an exception……………hello stranger

We chatted as though he had always been there. It was embarrassment that had kept him away.   I asked him about his mistress (he had met her once and was planning a second visit the last I had heard). He proudly tells me he now has 3 Mistresses.

Do you get spanked ?

Not often enough

He likes to be tied up, spanked and fucked

He knows that I want to be tied up, spanked and fucked at least once. He tells me he can help me with that. He tells me that he has become a slut especially recently.

Maybe one night when he least exects it I shall send him a few text messages. Something along the lines of ……………


Spank me

You know you want to

You know I want you to

Tie me up and do what ever you will with me

make me your toy

Show me what it is like to be a slut

Life could be about to become a little more interesting

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