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Being an adult friend second time around

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 28, 2009

This second time on adult friend finder I am more aware of what I am looking for and what I don’t want. I am more choosy than the first time. The site is different but that doesn’t matter I believe it has weeded out some of the less desirable types if not I am lucky not to have come across them. I have now been on the site for a few weeks, I had numerous emails in the first week or so, but I have noticed that most of my mail goes straight to my filtered folder as mostly my mail comes from people outside my preferences, that could mean anything from being in the wrong age range to living outside the 25 mile zone to being a smoker or even a couple. I don’t recall any from solo women!

The couples are interested because I ticked the box for bi-curious, I am definitely not bi but I am curious. I don’t think I would want an experience that was purely girl on girl but perhaps mixed in with some hetro sex would be good. I have been approached by a few couples who are not too far away so maybe I will have some fun with one or two of them but as yet we have not gone passed the exchange of emails on the site so we will have to see how that goes.

As for the men, I am in the midst of some text exchanges with one saucy man from the town I lived in before I moved here some 20 years ago. It would mean a journey of at least 1 1/2 hours for one of us if we were to meet. We have chatted on the phone once and since then he has suggested that we meet for dinner and a fuck. He accepts that I don’t ever promise anything before meeting anyone. But he has asked that I dress up ie short skirt stockings and heels (you know the kind of thing).

That is not a problem for me as I rarely go on a date without wearing a skirt and heels although depending on the time of year I might miss out the stockings. I have told him though that he would have to wait and see. He though has told me that his dominant side insists that I do as he wishes. I have not replied yet (keeping him waiting) but I shall tell him that the switch in me hasn’t yet decided whether I wish to be submissive to his desires.

Last time I was on the site I started out insisting that I only wanted to meet single men, although that soon changed when I found out that the hot sailor boy I was about to meet up with was married. (we met up for some very hot and I mean hot sex a couple of times before he was almost caught out and had to behave himself).  After that I met several married men but after a while I decided that I only wanted to meet single men as the risks of meeting married men was too high. This time though I decided that I quite like the thrill of meeting married men, it is a much greater adrenalin rush of doing something elicit than meeting a single man where there is no risk.

For this reason I have met one married man. He was very pleasant in manner and very smart in both his appearance and his mental abilities. But we both agreed after meeting that it just wasn’t going to work as he could only ever meet up in the day time which I can’t do due to my work. Because he doesn’t live or work near where I live or work it would be a logistical nightmare. So there are no married men in my little black book at the moment but that doesn’t mean that won’t change.

At the moment I am seeing two very different men but as I am not selfish and I do like to share I am still keeping my options open. So if anyone else catches my attention who knows where it will lead. I am also hoping that a certain man from my past adventures see here can find the time and place for us to get to grips with each other as although it has been two years since we were last together we are both still very much in lust.

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Spanking good time

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2009

 I am dressed in low cut red top and long flowing red skirt, the receptionist comments how nice I look. I grin and tell her I have a date later. I exchange text with him counting down the hours, I tell him I can’t eat my lunch. He replies that he has no problems. He demands that I tell him what I am counting the hours for. I must tell him the reason. I tell him it is 2.5 hrs until I shall feel his hand on my arse. He says good girl.

Finally it is time to leave the office, I am almost running to my car. 30 minutes later I arrive at the hotel, confidently striding through reception towards the room he has text to say he is in. I knock several times, no answer, He phones demanding to know why I am late. My confidence a facade, my outward confidence slips as I realise I’m on the wrong floor!!

I find the right room and knock with as much confidence as I can muster. The door opens and he ushers me in , greeting me with a friendly kiss. I am hot and flustered. He tells me to go have a shower and change then we will begin. I change into a black mini skirt and stockings my red stilletos with steel heels red strappy top. He showed me the canes he has with him then leads me to the corner where I have to put my hands on my head.

I couldn’t help giggling I feel so ridiculous. Next he leads me over to the bed where he sits with a pillow over his lap guiding me across his lap so that my face was resting on the bed with my eyes just inches away from where he had placed the canes. I don’t quite remember but I think he spanked my arse with my skirt still in place for a minute or two, before  raising my skirt tucking the hem into the waistband. He then spanked my bare arse alternating from one cheek then the other for a while then concentrating on first one then the other cheek. I was stood in the corner again as photos where taken.

I was stumbling a little as I walked across the room. Once more across his lap I recieved more slaps with his hand then he changed to the paddle. This I did glimpse very briefly, it was quite small and made with leather, I think it had prominent stitching quite close to the edge but I am not certain of this. But I am sure that the first few strikes with the paddle I could feel the stitching or maybe that was my imagination. He was making sure that every cm of my arse was spanked. he checked if I was ok and I told him that it didn’t hurt too much, then realised the stupidity of that remark. If I thought that his hand spanking had gradually got harder and harder so did these slaps with the paddle and some really stung.
I am sure that I swore at him a few times, it really did hurt yet I wasn’t ready to stop I knew I could take much more. Part of me wanted to stop but a bigger part of me wanted to carry on. I was amazed how much pain I could withstand just because it was something I wanted to do. I forget now if it was during the hand spanking or the paddle that my nickers were pulled down to midway down my thighs.

He digitally checked to see if I was wet. Yes I was, this was turning me on but to my dismay not as much as reading about it had done. I remember pushing back onto his fingers as he checked me. More standing in the corner I almost fell over as I tried to stand and make my way to the corner. More photos were taken. This time when I returned to the bed one of the large cushions that form the back of the sofa was placed on the bed and I was instructed to lie across this with my ass in the air. I think I receieved more strikes with the paddle before I received the cane, We agreed on 6 strikes to begin with. I don’t know which he used first but it was thin and whippy, I received two strikes with this before he changed to a thicker one which made more of a thud. I remember counting 3 and 4 then came 5 my mind was struggling to count was it 5 or 6 the two numbers merged into one in my head I had lost the ability to count. I knew then that although I could physically take more my brain had given up. Just as my mind was formulating this message he said he thought I had had enough. We had both sensed it at the same time.

More standing in the corner for photos then I was laid on my back across the bed as he licked me out. I must have been very aroused as his face was very wet when he emerged. We lay on the bed chatting for a while then it was almost time for him to go, he was very sleepy by then so I made him a coffee. When he was ready to leave we had a friendly kiss then I remembered that I hadn’t repayed him. I said I didn’t mind if he wanted me to give him a bj which I then did before sending him away tired but satisfied.

I have begun to post the accompanying photos onto a new page on The Gallery in my usual fashion of one at a time.

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Oh fuck !! that doesn’t work

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 19, 2009

After the session in the car park we agreed that nex time we needed more space, a whole bed would be good.

When I arrived I was a little earlier than expected, I rang to make sure I had found the right house. He was still in the bath. This led to him ticking of another box for me. I was greeted at the door by a man in a towel.

In the kitchen he pours us both a glass of red wine and leads the way to sit on the sofa in his livingroom, me still fully dressed and him in his towel. We chatted while we sipped our wine. I could feel myself getting aroused, by the time I got u I had left a wet patch.

He led me to his bedroom he soon had me undressed but now I was more naked than him as he still had his towel.  A few minutes of carousing on the bed and I decided that the towel was surplus to requirements, it had to go.

We continued where we had left off a few nights earlier, kissing, sucking, caressing, fingering. Before long it all became too much for him and it was time to get down to the serious business of fucking.

Missionary, deep missionary, doggy, flat on my stomach feet on floor, we tried them all. But not one position worked even with a generous amount of lubrication. He was just too big for my underused tight pussy.

He wanted to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me.  But it seems my fuck is broken . Being fucked all night was not going to fucking happen.

But we made sure we had a fucking good time anyway.

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Car Parks

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 14, 2009

It has been pointed out to me that I seem to have a thing for car parks.

Perhaps this is because the person who pointed it out to me knows that over the last couple of years I have driven 2 to meet a man who lived 180 miles away. We decided to meet half wayish. When I arrived at the alloted service station he climbed into my car, we moved to a part of the car park furthes from the majority of other cars and began chatting. It wasn’t long before this turned into kissing and heavy petting, culminating in me climbing onto him so we could attempt to fuck on the passenger seat of my car. By the time I arrived home at 2am (with work the following day) I was exhausted from the 200 mile round trip.

It is also possible that this person knows about the time a man I had been chatting to drove for 2 1/2 hrs to meet me for dinner. After we had enjoyed our meal and (wow he was very handsome) we sat chatting in his car for a few minutes before he climbed onto me and shagged me in the only way you can in a small space.

Perhaps he knows about the time I had met a new FB at the same pub then gone with him to his camper van and proceeded to have oral sex with him in his van (curtains shut whilst others stood around outside chatting beside their cars with the lights directed on our van).

He does know about the married man I met oh yes in the same car park again!! last year on New Years eve. The same married man who after a year of silence has started chatting again and telling me he has had no sex in the last year. 

Maybe he knows about the time my lover and I started off in that same car park before driving through my town to a local beach resort to park in another car park away from all other vehicles, where we climbed into the back seat for some goodbye canoodling (he had found out that day he was being posted abroad in 3 days time ~ our affair was in its 5th week). We hadn’t been in eachother’s arms and although our clothes were in disarray we hadn’t got upto much when we were interupted by two cars parking on either side of us lights full on with the young male occupants peering in at us.  We got back into the front and drove off in search of a more private space, followed by one of the cars. We drove along the coast to another car park, one that was busy with couples out walking along the beach or people with dogs. We parked among the empty cars and watched the other car drive off. It was too crowded for us so we drove back out through my town and into the countryside until we ended up in our favourite forest carpark with just the wild life for company. Now we could get down to the serious business of saying goodbye.

He probably doesn’t know about my second date with Don way back at the start of my first new liason in 20 years. He had travelled by train to visit me and was staying in a bed and breakfast in a village the other side of town. we had been for a drink and  upon our return to my car he became amorous which I didn’t feel was a good idea in a busy town car park (parked under a street light) with the town police station looming along one side of the car park. So we drove out to the town’s football stadium and settled in a small side car park for some canoodling. It was not very comfortable with the handbrake digging into my ribs. He sucked and chewed so hard on my nipples that were not used to any attention that I bled. My nipples were sore for several days.

He may not know about the time another man had visited by train, after a few drinks we returned to my car and drove to another car park just a short walk away from the town centre mostly used by people working in town during the day. He didn’t take long to get my jeans around my knees as he finger fucked me, soaking the seat. But time was short for us that sunday evening as the last train back to his city was about 11pm.

However I believe what he really wants to know is what happened in the car park this last Monday and why am I now meeting this same guy again in two days time to spend a night with him in his former home whilst he is house sitting for his ex wife!!

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new adventures

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 13, 2009

It has been almost a week now since I created my new profile on AFF. So I thought I would give you a brief progress report.

The site has had a number of changes since I was on there before. Apart from anything else there don’t appear to be so many people on the site. Oh there are more than enough men to keep me occupied for a while. I have even come across a few profiles of men I have met in the past.  

In the first 24 hours back on the site  I did a few searches, mostly just seeing who was online within my area and age group. I winked at a few men, I checked out the profiles of all the men who had checked out mine. I have accepted a few ‘friends’ into my ‘network’. Messages have gone back and forth. I even had to bite the bullet and pay for a month’s subscription. I only paid for one month for two reasons.

 a) I didn’t want to pay anything, but had to if I wanted to send more than 5 messages and see profiles.

 b) there is no point in paying for 6 months or longer. By the time you have done a few searches you get to see most of the profiles, you sort out the wheat from the chaff. You don’t get enough new profiles over the next few months to warrant paying the extra.

On AFF you have to exchange several messages before you can swap contact details. But I have been chatting to several men in the last few days………why is it that they all want to chat at the same time?

I have met one and have three dates lined up. (one is a second date) another has promised to let me drive his car ( the type I aspire to own one day).

There does seem to be a slightly better class of man on the site now.

You won’t have long to wait before you get to read about my new adventures

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OMG how did that happen

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 8, 2009

As I was having fun with AFF I was considering going for a drive to my favourite view. Thinking about the view I started to let my mind wander to a previous visit to a certain car park on New Years Eve 2007.  He was a shy innocent married man. We had struck up an online friendship (not through a sex or even a dating site). After a while we met for a coffee after work on the last day before xmas. We met again for a chat at my favourite view point on Xmas Eve. Then again on New Year’s Eve only on that occasion the windows got a bit steamed up as I gave him head in the front of my car. We both got rather turned on and I became very wet much to his delight.

He did his best to bring me off with his fingures but the poor man obviously was either very nervous about playing with a woman other than his wife or he really didn’t have much clue how to play a woman. But he was blown away with the blow job I gave him.

It was a nice encounter but I began to feel guilty about leading an innocent man astray. I gradually stoped chatting to him. I don’t think we have been in contact since January 2008.

I guess it was about half an hour after I was thinking about that day on the hill that I got a text from an unknown number.  

Hi SN, I’ve lost all your contact details from my pc. Just found your mobile number. How are you? well I hope. Cliff

Now I could think of two Cliff’s it could be (both bloggers that I have not spoken to for months). I didn’t want to ask which one it was.

Hi how are you?

I’m good thanks

How is life and love?

Lol. Same as ever. What about you?

Life is fine

How is your love life?

Almost non existing

then he asked about chatting on IM so I gave him the new one I had just set up for the guys on AFF I had just been chatting to. As soon as I saw his email address I knew who it was. It wasn’t either of the two bloggers I had thought it was. It had just not occurred to me that it could be the innocent married man.

Poor fellow has not been having any luck with his wife. He hasn’t been brave enough to chat let alone see any other women. He was asking me if I remember the last time we met, he remembers how wet I was. Thinking about it made him feel horney. I have a feeling he will ask to see me again soon…………….Oh and I have a date for tomorrow night from a guy on AFF

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The fun begins

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 7, 2009

The profile has been created, a new photo selected, particulars given except where I have preferred not to say. My introduction has been written although this could be amended as time progresses.

The first search of profiles has been undertaken, so have several others. A few winks, wanves and even a kiss sent.

My profile has been approved and now the profile views have begun. There have been winks sent my way. I have been hotlisted.

I am already chatting to several guys

A new IM account has been created with this as the profile picture (thanks again YKW)

Let the fun begin

getting so excited already that I am almost constantly wet with anticipation.

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finding an adult friend

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 6, 2009

Since I began this blog there has been a man in my life (firstly ‘my sweetheart’ and now JC) but there has still been a lack of actual sex in my life. This can be a problem for someone who enjoys sex as much as I do.

In the most part I have kept my frustrations under control by reading and writing about sex. Having virtual sex, or just not thinking about it.

But recently I have begun to consider the option of taking things back into my control and finding myself a new fuck buddy. I have thought about the men who I have fucked in the recent few years who would be knocking my door down if I invited them over for more sex.  For various reasons I have rejected each of them (not necessarily because I wouldn’t want them back in my bed) but circumstances have changed and so have I.

So now I am battling with my conscience, I know technically I am single and can do what ever I like. But I don’t want to spoil the potential relationship I am building with JC on the other hand he isn’t doing much to alleviate my frustrations so perhaps it will do me good to go back onto adult friend finder and find me another adult friend. Perhaps even one who can help to increase my portfolio of photographs.

I need some real sex very soon

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Some of the men I have known

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 4, 2009

Over the last few days I have been thinking about some of the men I have got to know since I joined Adult Friend finder a couple of years ago.

Fred is a man I began chatting to early on. We became good friends although originally we came to be in contact because I was part of a ‘couple’ looking to have fun with other couples. But by the time we began chatting Fred and his partner had gone their seperate ways. It was also around the time that I began blogging. He read my first blog then my second. He would have catch up sessions to see what I had been upto then we would chat. We talked about the men in my life, we talked about my adventures (both solo and as a couple). After six or seven months we met, he was doing me a favour which meant that we had to meet. I found him rather sexy, we got on well, we met again the next day which resulted in some open air play. Oh yes I nearly forgot I told you about that. The first man in ‘When you go down to the woods today’. Our relationship changed from the friendship of six months to a sexual one. To me Fred is very sexy and knows how to make a woman feel very good. However this was not to be a lasting sexual relationship. The sex whilst being good had come between us as friends. I missed my friend. So 4 months after it began our sexual relationship ended. It took a while but gradually we managed to regain our friendship. He no longer reads my blog (well it isn’t very sexual these days anyway and he doesn’t know about this one). But we do still chat on IM from time to time as you can see from Fred gets in on the act.

Another man I have been thinking about recently is Regis. I met him shortly before I first met Fred. He became my fuck buddy. we had a code word that we could insert into any conversation which in theory would lead to me hoping into my car to drive the 45 minutes to his house where we would have rampant sex before falling asleep together, then waking in the morning to fresh tea and toast as we cuddle and chat with his dogs vieing for our attention. The reality was that I was often too tired to make the drive by the time he asked and whenever I asked he was to busy. But those nights we did spend together were very satisfying. when I decided to call an end to our arrangement (because I was ready to find a serious relationship ) he resisted. He told me he would be there waiting when my heart was broken. For several months he tried to persuade me to continue our previous arrangement. He finally gave up about a year ago. But the reason I have been thinking about him is that there is a new film out ‘The Young Victoria’ part of which was filmed not far from where Regis lives, he got a part as an extra on the film. I have some photos of him in his costume.

The third man I want to talk about now is one I chatted to for a few weeks in late 2006.  One very wet cold night at the end of November we were chatting online when Charlie persuaded me to visit him in his flat. It took me about half an hour to get there at around midnight. A quick drink and we fell into bed together. The sex was good but not memorable, I knew this was not going to be an experience I was in a hurry to repeat. In the morning I knew I couldn’t stay too long as I had family comitments.  So after a quick mug of tea I was dressed and ready to head out into the sunday morning rain. For me this had been something I had needed but wasn’t anything special. But for him it had been an awakening. He had enjoyed sleeping with me so much and more importantly waking up with me that he realised he wanted a serious relationship. Within a very short time he had found himself a girlfriend, within months they were living together along with her son and last year they married in the carribean. Every four or five months he suddenly appears on my screen for a brief chat. He seems to be happy in his new life but he always says it was because he slept with me that he realised how nice it is to wake up with someone warm and cuddly. Last night was one of those brief chats.

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It started with a joke……….

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 2, 2009

It started innocently enough.

A text from JC, we text each other on and off every day,  sometimes jokes sometimes more personal. This was just a joke.

Father and son in supermarket.  “Dad. what are these?” “Thats a 3 pack of condoms son for secondary school lads. 1 for Friday, 1 for Saturday and 1 for Sunday night”. “What about the 6 pack dad?” “Those are for University lads. 2 for friday, 2 for saturday and 2 for sunday night.”  “Well dad, what about the 12 pack then?” “Married men son,1 for january, 1 for february, 1 for march………” xx

What about divorced men what size pack do they need? xx

After I had sent my reply I was thinking about this wondering how often he uses condoms. Will there be a time in the neear future when we get to use any condoms together. Thats when it happened, bang,……… like the flick of a switch.

I was turned on big style, I needed to do something about it and quick.

Cripes didn’t expect your joke to have that effect on me!! Ta very much grrrr now I need to do something about it!! xx

It was no good I had to reach inside my pyjamas, something I hadn’t done in a while except perhaps with the encouragement of a certain blogger. As my finger gently probed my already wet lips finding the passage to my joy. Rubbing and pressing inflaming the passion I was feeling, in my mind I was calling out to JC. Needing him wanting him to be here between my thighs, using his fingers and tongue on my swollen clit. How I desired him here in my bed with me.

My fingers moving faster as my juice flowed from me as I became more and more aroused. My free hand grasping a handful of sheet as my orgasm grew within me building until it exploded in a gush. I wanted to call out to him tell him to fuck me now, tell him how much I desire him, how much I need him touching me, kissing me, holding me, devouring me as I want to devour him.

“I bet you are doing your ironing and don’t care that you made me fel horny when I am alone! That is so not fair……… punishment I have 2 send you my first fantasy to see how you cope with being turned on!!”

I have emailed him the first fantasy I ever wrote with instructions that he is to report back to me how reading it made him feel.

“I plead innocent…!! I have done nothing to incriminate myself ……but it sounds all very mischievious SN…!” xx

Today he read the fantasy……….

“…I know what I was feeling but it is difficult to concentrate on 2 things at once..!
Very exciting, very provocative, very explicit, very arousing…! Where’s those tissues..?
OK, OK I’m sorry for sending you a condom joke…! Xx”

what could I do?  so I sent him a text…………

2 old ladies outside nursing home, it starts raining. One lady takes out a condom, cuts off the end and pulls it over her cigarette continues smoking.

Lady 1: whats that?

Lady 2:  a condom, it keeps my cigarette dry

Lady 1: where did you get it?

Lady 2: The drugstore

Next day at the drugstore Lady 1 asks for a box of condoms. The man asks, what brand?

Lady 1 says it doesn’t matter as long as it fits a camel


Instantly he replied………..

“Not only did it excite you, you got the ‘hump’ as well……! xx

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