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Spanking good time

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2009

 I am dressed in low cut red top and long flowing red skirt, the receptionist comments how nice I look. I grin and tell her I have a date later. I exchange text with him counting down the hours, I tell him I can’t eat my lunch. He replies that he has no problems. He demands that I tell him what I am counting the hours for. I must tell him the reason. I tell him it is 2.5 hrs until I shall feel his hand on my arse. He says good girl.

Finally it is time to leave the office, I am almost running to my car. 30 minutes later I arrive at the hotel, confidently striding through reception towards the room he has text to say he is in. I knock several times, no answer, He phones demanding to know why I am late. My confidence a facade, my outward confidence slips as I realise I’m on the wrong floor!!

I find the right room and knock with as much confidence as I can muster. The door opens and he ushers me in , greeting me with a friendly kiss. I am hot and flustered. He tells me to go have a shower and change then we will begin. I change into a black mini skirt and stockings my red stilletos with steel heels red strappy top. He showed me the canes he has with him then leads me to the corner where I have to put my hands on my head.

I couldn’t help giggling I feel so ridiculous. Next he leads me over to the bed where he sits with a pillow over his lap guiding me across his lap so that my face was resting on the bed with my eyes just inches away from where he had placed the canes. I don’t quite remember but I think he spanked my arse with my skirt still in place for a minute or two, before  raising my skirt tucking the hem into the waistband. He then spanked my bare arse alternating from one cheek then the other for a while then concentrating on first one then the other cheek. I was stood in the corner again as photos where taken.

I was stumbling a little as I walked across the room. Once more across his lap I recieved more slaps with his hand then he changed to the paddle. This I did glimpse very briefly, it was quite small and made with leather, I think it had prominent stitching quite close to the edge but I am not certain of this. But I am sure that the first few strikes with the paddle I could feel the stitching or maybe that was my imagination. He was making sure that every cm of my arse was spanked. he checked if I was ok and I told him that it didn’t hurt too much, then realised the stupidity of that remark. If I thought that his hand spanking had gradually got harder and harder so did these slaps with the paddle and some really stung.
I am sure that I swore at him a few times, it really did hurt yet I wasn’t ready to stop I knew I could take much more. Part of me wanted to stop but a bigger part of me wanted to carry on. I was amazed how much pain I could withstand just because it was something I wanted to do. I forget now if it was during the hand spanking or the paddle that my nickers were pulled down to midway down my thighs.

He digitally checked to see if I was wet. Yes I was, this was turning me on but to my dismay not as much as reading about it had done. I remember pushing back onto his fingers as he checked me. More standing in the corner I almost fell over as I tried to stand and make my way to the corner. More photos were taken. This time when I returned to the bed one of the large cushions that form the back of the sofa was placed on the bed and I was instructed to lie across this with my ass in the air. I think I receieved more strikes with the paddle before I received the cane, We agreed on 6 strikes to begin with. I don’t know which he used first but it was thin and whippy, I received two strikes with this before he changed to a thicker one which made more of a thud. I remember counting 3 and 4 then came 5 my mind was struggling to count was it 5 or 6 the two numbers merged into one in my head I had lost the ability to count. I knew then that although I could physically take more my brain had given up. Just as my mind was formulating this message he said he thought I had had enough. We had both sensed it at the same time.

More standing in the corner for photos then I was laid on my back across the bed as he licked me out. I must have been very aroused as his face was very wet when he emerged. We lay on the bed chatting for a while then it was almost time for him to go, he was very sleepy by then so I made him a coffee. When he was ready to leave we had a friendly kiss then I remembered that I hadn’t repayed him. I said I didn’t mind if he wanted me to give him a bj which I then did before sending him away tired but satisfied.

I have begun to post the accompanying photos onto a new page on The Gallery in my usual fashion of one at a time.

5 Responses to “Spanking good time”

  1. Riff Dog said

    Oh yes! Love the first picture! I trust you won’t stop there . . .

  2. secretlynaughty said


    I am glad you approve ………..there will be more

  3. nitebyrd said

    The first picture is a tease! Right? 😉

    I’m always interested to know how it feels to experience something that you’ve never really tried before but had thought about. My own quest continues, as well!

  4. secretlynaughty said

    Nitebyrd it took about 3 months of planning and research to make sure it was what I really wanted to do. It wasn’t something I did as a whim.

    I am really glad I did it although I think the experience would have been better if it had been shared with one of my lovers rather than a friend.

  5. […] true do you know i often think of that eve you had been spanked and had a very red […]

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