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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 28, 2009

I’m sat in the traffic watching the rain gusting in the the glow from the street lights. I wonder if it will be raining in the morning? I begin to fidget in my seat, the more I think about it the more I fidget with excitement. I have never done anything like this before he says he hasn’t either. A week to ten days ago if anyone said I would be doing this I would have said no way……that’s not my thing.

We are meeting at the same place as the last time, then hes taking me off to the place we have chosen for my punishment. We are both very excited. I am bringing the silk scarf to bind my hands  I didn’t tell him that the place we have chosen is popular with dog walkers but maybe the rain will keep them away. I’m not sure if I want us to be found or not but the very idea adds to the excitement. I can hardly contain myself. Will I be able to keep quiet throughout my ordeal, I wonder if I shall be able to stop myself from giggling. He doesn’t know that I giggle when I am nervous but then again I giggle a lot anyway. If I giggle I am sure that will mean I shall have to be punished again. Oh sweet pleasure I cannot wait…..yet I must, I have another 16 hours until our appointed meeting time.

I have given much thought to my attire for my master’s pleasure I think it will have to be short skirt stockings and high heeled ankle boots teamed with a white lacy brassiere topped by a loose white low cut sleeveless blouse. I remember that white becomes transparent when wet, this only adds to my pleasure at the thought of his reaction. Oh I do hope it will still be raining, does that make me a masochist I wonder?

Next morning the rain was heavy, as I drove along country lanes towards our rendezvous, rivers of rainwater rushing along. I was elated to get my wish for rain. But by the time we met the rain had subsided, before we arrived in the forest the rain had stopped completely. The car park was already heaving with walkers and their dogs as they bunched up in groups chatting. We abandoned our search for a suitable spot among the trees. Our planned adventure would have to wait for another time, a time when we could be better prepared, a better spot found.

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3 or 4?

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 26, 2009

I am getting a little bored, so I have gone back onto my AFF profile to see whats going on as I have been neglecting it for weeks. While I was there I decided to poke around on Karl’s profile as I noticed that he has upgraded to gold recently. On his profile (which I had forgotten) I found that he has several ‘couples’ among his network of friends. He also has a few testimonials mostly from couples. So I delved  deeper to see what was going on with these couples and even decided to ‘wink’ at two of them. I am not entirely sure what my intention is here. I am in two minds. Should I contact these couples with a view to being the single woman for them to play with or should I get Karl involved and play as a couple.

One of the couples I had been in contact with earlier has emailed me today suggesting we get together soon. I have replied that I can’t make up my mind whether to join them on my own or bring Karl with me. As I have not talked to him about this yet I don’t know how he would feel. Obviously he is into 3 somes but he might not want to share his own woman. He isn’t over keen on the idea  that I have others not just him even though the whole purpose is to have no strings attached fun. He doesn’t know who else I see just that he is not the only one.


I could go and get myself some fun just me and another womn and her man, both wanting to play with me as well as each other. Having two bodies to explore and be explored by, now I have been in this situation before but on the last occasion the other woman had even less experience than me of being with another woman. These women in these coulples have more experience than I do which I am sure would mean more experience = more passion more play.

On the other hand I could persuade Karl to come with me or maybe he could host the party at his place. Then it would be three bodies to play with, and two of them have cocks and you must know by now that I do like a cock or two. There is a lot of fun to be had when there are two cocks, four heaving bosoms and two hot wet pussies all ready and willing to play not to mention four mouths and 8 hands. Hmm I think I will have to go for the second option and broach the subject with Karl. Of course if he doesn’t feel he can share me in this way there is always Fred. Now we did discuss playing together as a couple two years ago. In fact when we first made contact we were both part of a couple but first his partner gave up then mine found a younger model t play with.

So hopefully I will soon have some new tales to tell of more spit roasts or girl on girl action.


So what I need to know from you is do I go solo or as a couple and if you think I should go as a couple should I invite Karl or Fred?

Or perhaps the answer is to have my own party with both Karl and Fred and maybe find another woman to join us. I think I know a woman who might be interested.

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Its only sex right?

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 23, 2009

It has been a while now since I rejoined Adult Friend Finder, I don’t feel the need to visit the site anymore as I have as many men in my life now as I have time for.  I have my married man Cliff who likes to have impromtu meetings at our favourite view point so we can ‘catch up’ in my car. He had his first blowjob for years in my car. He is learning more about sex from me than he ever did with his wife. I wish I could say he is good at sex but it is more the thrill of corrupting him that has me agreeing to each meeting.

Then there is Matt, he is the professional man who brings out the worst in me. It took several conversations after our first meeting for him to see my softer side. Where he is concerned I am definitely the ‘soft mint type’  crisp and hard on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. He is like a brazil nut with his hard shell, but oh how I crave him, I must have him. We have been out on one date which was very formal until those hot goodnight kisses that left me wanting more. We have talked many times since. He tells me that he has usually got bored long before this, it is unusual for him to chat with any woman for as long as he has done with me. Matt is confident that when we do get the chance to see each other again we will have sex and it will be good for each of us. There is no way that it would be any other way with us.

Next there is Karl who I have been seeing quite a lot of  in both senses of the word. That first date that ended with is in his car in the pub car park. The seats pushed back in the reclining position as my need for sex took me over. Starting with his kisses until I was almost laying on top of him as I made it clear that I was feeling very horny.  Sucking him off before he put his head between my legs with my skirt rucked up around my waist, fingering and sucking me off.  He came very close to trying to fck me but managed to resist which I was very grateful for as I would not have been able to resist him if he had tried.  Since then we have spent a couple of sexy nights together in his former home whilst he was house/cat sitting. at first it bothered me that we were in his ex wife’s home until I relaxed. After all it wasn’t the first time I had had sex in another woman’s house. This time it was strange because although he no longer lives with her it is still his home.

Karl is looking forward to the time when he will be staying there for two weeks very soon, he wants me to stay there with him for those two weeks. In the meantime we make do with kissing and groping in his car or work van. Like the night we were sat by the sea listening to the ships passing by as we got down to some heavy petting. Playing with each other’s nipples, mine finding their way into his mouth to be teased and nibbled while that invisible thread between my niples and my clit felt as though it was being tugged. letting my fingers play on his bare skin as I teased him moving ever lower then moving back up to his niples before venturing further south again until finally I could contain myself no more and too his shaft in my hand. Softly stroking and carressing . He knelt on his seat which was just too good an opportunity to miss.

I do enjoy sucking cock very much. This was when the seed of thought began to sprout. He could have been any man it didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that I need sex. But this isn’t how women behave, women have to engage emotionally with their sexual partner. But this was why I was gettig to ever more difficult positions in an effort to give him access to my pussy with his fingers. I wanted needed his fingers deep inside me. Shifting on my seat pushing my pelvis up towards him, I needed this sexual encounter. It was enough to get me very aroused but not enough to satisfy my need for sex.  I was suprised to learn that  he thinks my intense behaviour means that I have grown very close to him. Yes I have become fond of him but it was my need for sex that made me behave as I did.

Finally there is Fred who has been suggesting that even though we have history and had a big bust up it is now time for us to get back to having a sexual relationship again. Before when we were fuck buddies I became emotionally involved but this time I believe we can have enjoyable exciting and satisfactory sex without being emotionally involved. He says he needs to find a time to excite and satisfy me. I told him I am awaiting instructions. I am looking forward to taking our Dom/sub game to another level. I know it won’t take much prompting to get him playing along. Just as we know each other’s bodies and what works for us. I know that sex with him will be good. If we get to spend more than two hours together then it will be even better. I can’t wait to trail my fingers across his naked flesh or feel his fingers deep inside me bringing me off as I dig my teeth into his shoulder as my orgasms build to crescendo.

So I guess now it will be interesting to see which of these four men will be next to give me the pleasure I so deserve.

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Naked Riff

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 16, 2009

I have just been reading one of Riff Dog’s filler posts the majority of which was about that pain in the bum ……word verification. He also made it quite clear that he could be bribed to add various blogs to his blog roll or even be persuaded to plead on behalf of his female readers for a small price. That price is naked photos not just published on blogs but sent directly to his mail box.

Some lovely ladies have already offered to pay his price. But this got me to thinking. Quite a few of us ladies share photos (some semi naked others fully naked) on our blogs for the enjoyment of all our readers.

Now I am willing to share some of my most intimate photos, some of which can be found here on this blog…….it might take a little time to find all of them if you don’t follow all the links from page to page. I might even be persuaded to send some direct to Riff’s email address or perhaps someone else’s email.

But I have noticed that there is a distinct lack of photos of that self named dog Riff. Not a leg or even an arm can be found, not a nicely toned ass can be seen or a shot of chest.

I think it is time that us ladies and even some of you men if you are so inclined should petition the very saucy Riff dog to give us some photos to oggle on those nights other than Monday or wednesday when he is not getting us hot and bothered by his saucy tales of naughty deeds. So come on girls what do you think should we petition Riff to show us some of his own naked pictures. Or should I just quietly ask him to send them to my email?

Just so that you get an idea of the kind of thing I would like to see here are a few examples that I found on the net.

what woman wouldn’t like to see thisnaked-chest

or this mmmmm


maybe even this naked-computing

but most especially this mmmmmmmmmmmmm



Those of us who wanted to see naked/semi naked pics of Riff Dog are




Rebecca Lynn

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He wants to fuck me

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 12, 2009

Out of the blue he text me, it had been over a year since I had head from him, about 15 months since our afternoon rendevouz in the car park. The time I had given this shy married man his first exerience of having his cock sucked. I think it was my sense of guilt that had allowed our communication to lapse. But now here he was back in contact. A few chats on IM a few exchanged text messages nothing much then the unexected text one early afternoon telling me that he was there in our car park taking in the view. He wondered if I wanted to join him to catch up. I was working s couldn’t even if I had wanted to.

A few days later another text mid afternoon as I am driving.

Just going out, fancy catching up

Ok half hour

I am in car park

As I park my car next to the vehicle I think is his he comes around to my passenger door and slides into the seat beside me. We sit chatting making small talk for about 45 minutes before we go our seperate ways. He kisses my cheek before  he gets out of my car. Back home later he is online thanking me. Later still he is there again, thanking me again. Suddenly after a very long pause (I thought he had fallen asleep)

would you like another catch up soon?

I take it you want to

I asked you

I gathered……the clue was the question mark


I don’t think you would have asked if you didn’t want to


no maybe about it


are you going to admit it

it would be good to catch up

so you enjoyed the view today

yes lovely

Somehow I don’t think he wants to just chat next time, I know he won’t admit it yet but he is keen to pick up where we left of last year. I do feel guilty about playing with a married man who had never strayed before he met me but the thrill is too great to resist. I know I can teach him so much, he knows it too. He wants what he isn’t getting at home. He wants me to show him that there are women who enjoy sex, he wants me to show him all te things he has never tried. For me it is the thrill of knowing that I can make this man, who has always been faithful, want me. I want him to want me for my personality but also for my body. what makes it even better is that I don’t even have to try to seduce him he does it all himself.

But there is a man I want to seduce. We have been out for a drink and frequently chat on IM. I don’t find him the slightest bit attractive, if anything he is verging on ugly. He is not the slightest bit romantic and willingly admits it. He likes to be contrary, he brings out the worst in me. Yet I love chatting to him, but more than that I find myself getting aroused when we chat even when the topic being discussed is not sexual. I find myself wanting to stick my fingers inside my cunt while we talk. I am disappointed when he isn’t online, but happy when he is. There are times that I think he will tell me to get in my car and drive to him. I want him to tell me he wants to fuck me.

This man knows what he wants and when he wants it. He is used to getting what he wants, he is used to things being done his way. He is not a Dom, he is not into submission. He doesn’t want a woman who is a pushover. He tells me that I am very priviledged as he doesn’t normally chat so long …………he gets bored. He tells me a perfect date would consist of

a few drinks….back to somewhere private and then get down to some serious action

I want some of that and soon but he says I have to wait. It will happen because he wants to fuck me too. I don’t know what it is about this man who makes me go weak at the knees just thinking about being taken by him.

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What to do about Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 10, 2009

I am not sure what I should do.

I was chatting to Fred. It has been weeks since the last time we chatted. I admitted that I am back on Adult Friend Finder having some fun. This may have been an innocent mistake or perhaps sub consciously I wanted the reaction I got. I told him I have seen The Married Man again. (He knows all about him). Again perhaps it was my sub conscience goading him on I am not sure. If I was fishing he took the bait.

I mentioned one of the men I had met (a married man in the same profession as Fred) this was the start of the slippery slope. He began by telling me how good men in his profession are as lovers. I let this continue for a while before I asked if he was talking generally. Fred assured me that he was talking generally but using himself  as a guide to what his fellow professionals are like.

He assured me that men such as himself could make me melt. He asked if I wanted to melt. Was he propositioning me? He asks if I want to be propositioned. He then says

If you want to be melted it could easily be  a proposition………….you are a sexy and enjoyable lady………… are still young……….still good looking and sexy …………….still able and willing

it would be good to excite you again  xx

When I was seeing Fred before (almost two years ago) he definitely made me melt. He knows his way around my body, he is very sexy, tall, slim with the most sexy blue eyes that I can just drown in. He knows my history both sexual and otherwise. We were good friends (he was my confidante) before we became lovers. The fireworks came when I told him I wanted to become a one man woman. He told me I must do what was best for me. But when I told him that I wanted him to be the one man in my life he rejected me. The verbal fist fight began, even spilling onto my blog. He hurt me very badly. Some of the things he said were like a slap in the face others were more like a fist in the stomach.

Amazingly we came through it and within weeks were able to chat briefly on IM. gradually we were able to piece back our original friendship. Although it did take many months before we were comfortable enough to talk about sex (as in the general topic not sex between us). We even managed to talk about a Dom/sub situation as you may remember here.

It would be so easy to fall back into his arms, but it could also be a total mistake. Perhaps I could make a sexual relationship with him work this time knowing that neither of us are expecting this to develope into anything else. I know now that he is not the man for me, but he is very sexy. He was also the inspiration behind A glorious morning. Now I have to decide whether to listen to my head which tells me not to follow this route if I don’t want to risk getting hurt again. Or my body that is trying to over rule my head by telling me it would be different this time. If I can have fun with others without letting my heart get involved then why not with him.

Perhaps I should just see him once more to make sure, just to check out if he is still as sexy as he used to be. After all I don’t have to go back again do I. Maybe one more time for old times sake would be ok what do you think should I let him make me melt again or should I give him the sexual cold shoulder?

I just remembered that there were one or two things we never got around to trying before our sexual relationship came to such an abrupt end.

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A glorious morning

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 7, 2009

Something wakes me, I get up and go to the bathroom, when I come back my phone is beeping to alert me that I have a text waiting to be read. I check the time 5.45am I open my phone I am excited.

6.30am ok?

I will be there Quickly back to the bathroom for a quick wash no time for shower yet. Put on the brown skirt and top I had laid out last night just in case. With cream lace bra and panties underneath. Creep out of the house trying not to awaken the kids. Lock the door behind me and run to my car as quietly as I can in my haste. I don’t want to waste a single moment. Soon I am on the motorway with the sun in my mirror as I speed along. I have checked my map over and over to make sure I know where I am going. I pull off the motorway onto the smaller road, I know these roads most of the way, soon I find the turning it isn’t long before I find the car park. There is a car already parked I pull up next to it; the driver grins and gets out he comes round to my door.

Before I can get out of my seat he is crouching beside me, he pulls my face towards him and plants a gentle kiss upon my hungry lips. He smells of soap and toothpaste, mmmm I love these scents that smack of cleanliness.

Good morning baby

Mmm it is isn’t it and I’m sure it’s about to get better

Whatever makes you think that?

He helps me from my car; once I have locked the door he takes my hand leading me through the trees to a group of holly bushes about 60 or 70 meters from the path. We circle the bushes to where there is a gap wide enough for us to pass without getting caught up on the prickles. To my astonishment there is a space about 10′ across and laid upon the ground is a thick blanket and some cushions there is a bag next to the blanket. I turn to my companion he has a great big grin on his face.

I thought you would be pleased

Pleased! I’m just happy to be here with you I reach up to put my arms around his neck drawing him to me for a big kiss. We sink to our knees still kissing; his hands are inside my top, drawing it up over my head exposing my lightly tanned breasts as they spill out of my lace bra. Before I can think about it he has flicked the clasp releasing my breasts from their fragile cups. Stooping he takes both breasts in his hands bringing his lips to first one nipple then the other as I lean back giving him maximum access to his prize. I feel the dampness I had experienced during my drive of anticipation of this moment increasing. I know with certainty that when his fingers begin to explore my panties he will find them already wet. I don’t have long to wait, he starts to explore inside my skirt pulling my panties to one side dipping a finger into my wetness he withdraws offering his finger to my lips. As I lick his finger he kisses me with his wet finger between our lips as we share my juice.

My hands are now exploring his body as I pull at his t-shirt then his belt. He shifts his position to allow me to undo his belt then his jeans. On this occasion he has dared to go commando. He draws me back onto my feet as he slips out of his jeans and helps me out of my skirt and panties. We are both naked with just the breeze and the sun upon our flesh. This feels incredible and my excitement mounts. He pushes me to the ground placing a cushion under my buttocks raising my hips towards his advancing face. He buries his face between my thighs, I feel a finger inside me as his tongue begins to work on my clit, first licking then sucking. I just love the way he does this. I get carried away on waves of pleasure as I grab hold of his free hand.

Mmmm aaahhh ooooohhhh mmm

bbbaaaabbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ohhhh yesssss

My other hand holding onto the thick woollen blanket bunching the material in my fist. I can’t help myself I am moaning with pleasure. Somewhere at the edge of my mind I am aware of rustling in the bushes and birdsong in the trees. An eternity of pleasure and he emerges from my thighs, its his turn now I push him onto his back as I crawl between his legs taking hold of his hard cock, I begin to lick his balls then move up to his shaft licking the entire length several times, taking my time when I reach his swollen head lapping up every trace of precum. When I am sure he has had as much teasing as he can take for the moment I take his head into my mouth, just a little way at first then deeper until I almost gag he is so deep inside my throat. I enjoy this so much I lose all track of time. I have no idea how long I devote my attention to this beautiful and tasty cock before he pulls me off him

Ohh god that’s sooo intense……no more pleeeze

I crawl back up his body as he fumbles in his bag for a condom. Once this is in place I climb on top of him impaling my body on his shaft. Leaning back as far as I can I ride him as he inserts his thumb into my labia. He rubs my clit making me moan loudly as I cum washing his balls with copious amounts of my juice. Now we are both moaning as we lock eyes gazing at each other, watching our expressions change as we ride out our journey to heaven together. I cannot hold this position for too long my legs are not strong enough for me to keep going. I collapse on my lover as he rolls me over onto my back pulling my legs up into the air so that he has one foot on either side of his head.

He pumps inside me I am lost in oblivion with just the sounds of his balls slapping against my buttocks, my moans and his panting. Oh god help me I want to burst, this is what it has all been about, this pleasure, this man who knows me so well. Don’t stop let this be how it will be for us. I want these feelings to go on for ever, yet I don’t think I can take much more. Do I want him to stop or keep going, my body doesn’t know, my mind doesn’t know. My body is screaming ’

stop now, don’t stop, keep going, no I can’t take it, I don’t want this to end’

My mind is just so confused it goes blank letting the pleasure wash over me. Then he has stopped he is pulling away from me. I am alert now, why has he stopped I need him inside me again please!!! But he has other ideas. The condom is discarded as he climbs over me he places his cock over my face as he buries his face back between my thighs. Wow Its been ages since I did this, I pull his cock down into my throat as I feel him lapping up my juice I explore him with my tongue trying to swallow him as deep as I can I love the feel of his cock jerking in my mouth as I fondle his balls. Then he gives a couple of hard jerks

Yes baby yes

I feel the first spurt as he cums in my mouth. This is followed by several more spurts of hot liquid as he fills my mouth. Some I swallow the rest I savour waiting until he has climbed off me offering his lips for a kiss Do you want some? Ok This is the first time he has done this, I can see by his face that he loves it. We collapse into each other’s arms.

Oh baby that was good

You were not bad either………can we do this again soon please

After a short rest he reaches into his bag for some wipes so we can clean up then he pulls out his clean clothes. Silently we both dress, me in the brown skirt and top which I can see he admires. He in his black trousers, blue shirt and tie. I run my brush through my hair. We are both ready to start our day. He in his office me back in my place of domesticity. We kiss passionately before making our way back to our cars. There are other cars here now and there are dogs barking in the distance. A man passing us gives us a knowing wink. One final embrace as we reach the cars then off to our separate lives. Both with a secret smile on our lips and a twinkle in our eyes. We will talk later, but its good bye for now.

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getting fixed

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 2, 2009

It took us 2 years and 2 months to find the time to see each other again. It wasn’t for the lack of trying though. I had long ago given up all hope of seeing him again, after all the times we had planned to meet only for circumstances to get in the way.

When I decided to rejoin AFF I let him know that I was available to play and if there was any chance of seeing him then lets do it. So after all this time and missed opportunites imagine my suprise when I got his email could I manage to meet him in two days time for an early evening. As luck would have it I had a prior engagement for the evening which I couldn’t not attend.

But not wishing to let this chance go I suggested that we could meet briefly if I left work early as my appointment was not until 7.30.   I still didn’t dare to believe it would happen.

So when I found myself enjoying a fresh mug of tea in a bright sunny room overlooking a stream running through woodland, I needed to pinch myself to make sure I was awake. He showed me how much his hands were shaking with nerves.

Retiring to the living room away from any prying eyes we continued to waste time with small talk until I crossed my legs giving him a view of the lacy top of my stockings. That was it the ice breaker.

Soon we were kissing and stripping each others clothes off. We had waited 2 1/2 years for this moment. I adore this man and his lovely cock. I could have sucked and licked his cock for hours, but he was fingering my cunt so expertly that I was squirting almost constantly. I was cumming so much that I couldn’t take any more. We kissed and cuddled until he laid me on my back with the cold wood floor under my warm naked skin. He climbed onto me and we tried to fuck. He was having trouble entering me (oh no not again, not with him!!) I could see he was worrying, he had already told me he has noticed he is beginning to lose some of his virility. More kissing and holding, stroking and reassuring (non verbally) he now lay down on the floor where I had been so that I could impale myself on his manhood.

Yes I managed it !! very slowly at first but soon we found our rhythm, this did help to loosen me up and soon we were fucking. So now I know I am not broken, he has fixed me . It did feel wonderful to have a hard cock inside me but better still it was his cock. This cock that had been a mere memory for so long. This cock I had wanted inside me for all this time was now finally giving me such pleasure.

All too soon it was time for me to leave but as he stood naked before my kneeling form I couldn’t resist taking him back into my hungry mouth.  I was overjoyed when I could feel him tense up as he began to spurt his delightful  cum into my throat. Greedily I sucked on him until he was spent. Quickly we dressed so that he could see me out to my car and on my way to my appointment. I adore this man and just know that we will find the time to see each other again, but next time we will need more time.

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Only in Worthing

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 1, 2009

Sporadic text messages over the course of two weeks led to the inevitable chat on IM. He had already suggested that we should meet for dinner and a fuck.

From the start of the conversation he was showing Dominant tendencies. For my part I was willing to play along but wasn’t ready to submit to his will unless he showed me that he could Dominate me. He was putting on a good show of knowing what he was about, but didn’t quite have me on my knees yet.

Wells decreed that not only would I wear a short black skirt, seamed stockings and high heels (I was to dress as a slut) he wanted other men to be looking at me but I was to be knickerless. Wells required that he should have unobstructed access to my cunt at any time during our time together. Wells would also choose and order my food and drink for me. I could only visit the Ladies room with his permission. He wanted complete control over everything I did, ate and wore. It was for this reason it was decided that we would meet at a location where neither of us are known.

Failure to comply with any of his wishes would result in a spanking and no fuck. I did dare to suggest that perhaps if he didn’t fuck me he would perhaps be cutting off his nose to spite his face. But to my suprise he felt that in the intersts of my submission to his dominance he was prepared to forgo his much desired fuck.  

The sub in me was quite excited about having this opportunity to experience being Dominated for real and in public too. Whilst the Brat in me wanted to make him work for my submission to his will.

This experience was scheduled to take place the following evening at 7.30 in the seaside town of Worthing, close enough to home but far enough away to be annonymous.

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