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Playing Around

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 30, 2009

I have spent the last couple of days playing around.

Now don’t get too excited I don’t mean playing around as in having sex with others. I mean playing around as in playing with my blog. I have changed the page that was dedicated to my Anna and Jack Stories to become a place where you can now find any of the fantasies I have posted on this blog. I may have missed one or two in which case I will add them as I remember just as any new ones will be listed here. The fantasies on here are only a percentage of the ones I have written I will gradually rework some of my other fantasies and post them here in due course.

Wanting to make life easier for you I have added a new page where, once completed you will be able to read up on where each of the people (mostly men) who have featured on this blog fit into my life past and present. I shall gradually add more but to begin with I give you Karl and Fred (my two most recent fucks) and Adam who I wrote about in my first real sex post on this blog. 

I have also been playing around in that I have been getting to know a few more men from illicit encounters. Some of them may become players you will get to read about in the future who knows. But I would like to say welcome to my blog to Vitamin who I chatted to on the phone on Wednesday lunch time. We have now become friends on IM, current circumstances mean that it is unlikely we will get to play together with any frequency but there may be the occasional tussle among the sheets. I took the risk of giving him the link to this blog which he tells me was an eye opener. He has in turn pointed me in the direction of a couple of blogs he reads, checking them out I discovered that both bloggers read one or two of the same blogs as me, I also recognise a few commenters.  So who apart from Vitamin have I been making progress with.

I had a long chat as I sat in the sun during my short lunch break on Friday with Writer. That seems very promising, not only does he indulge in a little subtle domination but he also dabbles in writing erotica. We talked about the possibilities of visits to a fetish club. He lives about half an hour from me so that makes the chances of meeting regularly more reasonable as it is close enough to make frequent trips and yet far enough away to be reasonably safe from prying eyes.

There are also others I have exchanged emails with, two of them (Cutter and  Banker) live not far from the University my son is going to in september so nobody will think it strange if I spend time in the area which is about an hour away from me.  Then there is the very handsome Diplomat who lives by the sea mmm.

If there is anyone in particular that you would like me to add to the who is who sooner rather than later let me know.

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Double standard

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 26, 2009

Last night I discovered a new blog (new to me at least) I had seen The Lazy Philosopher commenting on other blogs including some that I read under my other alias. But until last night when he left a comment on my post  text sex across the pond I hadn’t visited his blog. On my first visit I found a recent post about sexul jokes. I hope he won’t mind if I use one of these jokes in this post.

Bloke necks a quadruple whiskey in one. Barman says wot’s up. Bloke says “Came home early from work and caught my wife shaggin’ my best friend.” What did you do asks the barman. Bloke sez “I told her to pack her things and fuck off.” What about your best friend? “I looked him straight in the eye and said… BAD DOG!”

Reading this reminded me of when I was much younger and much more innocent. I was 17 and in my first serious relationship.  Craig was 20 and lived in a nearby town, his best friend Pedro  lived in a village near the town where I lived. Most weeks a whole group of us would go out clubbing together at least once over the weekend.

I was still at school in the 6th form at the time so didn’t have much personal money. One weekend Craig took me to Bromley (which we considered much more sophisticated than our small towns) . He wanted me to have a pair of satin trousers (all the rage at the time). After traipsing around various stores and boutiques he bought me a pair of skin tight black trousers.

That night we were going clubbing with our friends (if I remember right Martines in East Grinstead). I wore my new satin trousers with a skimpy black top. At the time I was an impressional young woman still seeing the world through rose coloured glasses.  Here I was dancing with my hansome boyfriend who I totally adored. I had not long ago lost my virginity to this young man. I had eyes for him alone but he was jealous of the looks I was getting from elsewhere.

Driving home later he decided he was tired and didn’t want to drive me home which would add another 20+ miles round trip to his journey. He asked his friend to take his car and drive himself home dropping me off on the way. 

Next day he was on the phone (remember this was long before the advent of mobile/cell phone) wanting to know what time I got home. He was making sure that it hadn’t taken longer than it should have done to drop me home. He also brought the subject up the next time I saw him. Apparently he was worried that something would happen between me and Pedro on the way back if he wasn’t there.

He told me that if it had, he would have finished with me, but when I asked him about Pedro, he would have been cross but he would have forgiven him becasue he knew that Pedro liked me and he could understand that it would have been hard for him to resist me. But being his girlfriend I was expected to be loyal to him.

As it turned out nothing had happened and he believed me but he finished with me some months later when I mentioned that his (note that it was his not mine) friends had been asking me when we would be getting engaged. His reason………’We are getting too serious and we are too young’.  6 months later he was hanging around again but didn’t quite get around to asking me out again, while I was waiting (I still adored him) I began going out with Mike.  I really wanted to go back out with Craig but he was being too slow in coming forward. I later found myself getting engaged to Mike which wasn’t what I had wanted.

Since then I have heard of a lot of scenarios where a wife/girlfriend and a mate are involved and the husband forgives the mate before the wife.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

How did it affect  the various relationships between you all?

Interestingly I just asked my 21 yr old son the hypothetical question if he had been seeing a girl for a while and she and his mate got off together behind his back which one of them would he forgive?

Neither as neither are inanimate objects.

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text sex across the pond

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2009

Right I am relying on you lot to give me the answer.

I assume that you have realised that I am in UK. Among my blogger friends are many people in USA (yes I know I have some in Australia too). Now you may or may not know that there are times when I enjoy text sex. Not as often now as in the past unfortuntely.  But recently I have  been invited to share text sex with another blogger who happens to be in USA. We have exchanged numbers but unlike here it isn’t as easy as that.

I know  that I can text abroad because I used to exchange text messages with my sweetheart when he was in other parts of the world including  Malaysia and Scandinvia as well as Europe (both Eastern and Western). I have also exchanged messages with a former lover who moved to Germany. My former lover has a German sim which he gave me the number of before he went out there so there was no problem with texting although there was sometimes a bit of a time delay but that can happen here too. My sweetheart uses a UK number so I know that works.

Now this is where you come in, do any of you know how I can text a US number and how can he text a UK number? Do we need to add a prefix to the number like phoning a landline needs an international code is it the same for mobile/cell phones. If so what codes are needed?

You never know if you help us out here you might even get to read about some of the resulting text sex that occurrs between us. It might also open the door to more texting with more of you.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 24, 2009

He could see her but he knew she hadn’t seen him

This was good it gave him the chance to watch her

She looked so relaxed so unaffected as she stood in the cold winter sunshine

He shivered as he realised how thin her soft yellow sweater must be

From his position he could just make out the pattern of lace

As is showed through the thin covering of lemon cotton

The breeze ruffled and played with the hem of her skirt

Lifting the brown material to swirl around her legs

He is lucky, luckier than even he could have hoped

As the wind lifted her skirt he had seen

It was nothing more than a glimpse but even so

There it was a flash of lace topped by creamy flesh

She moves, delicately stepping across the yard

The clicking of her heels tapping on the concrete

Reverberate in his ears

He listens as she speaks in a very soft sexy tone

His heart involuntarily misses a beat

What a voice, what a woman

He catches a whiff of her perfume

She has a scent of fresh linen and flowers

He longs to move closer

He knows it would be so easy

To stand and move near to this vision

But this would disturb her serenity

All of a sudden there is a clattering

Legs clad in orange overalls get in his way

The sound of pneumatic tools

The strong stench of rubber and grease

The other mechanic finishes his task

 Away she goes with her newly fitted tyre

Away from the yard and away from his day

But in his mind he could still see her

He imagined what it would be like

To run his hand over her stockings

To touch the flesh of her thigh

In his mind he wouldn’t stop there

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 22, 2009

Kissing Fred

Standing there in just my thong as we continued kissing I slid the scrap of fabric down to the floor and stepped out of it. 

‘I didn’t want to do that yet’ 

I hadn’t expected that. He led me over to the bed where he sat me down, pushing me backwards standing beside the bed one hand  caressing my already wet lips the other kneading my breasts. His mouth finding my nipples. I could feel the moisture spreading beneath me on the fur as he explored my body again after so long. My hands grabbing onto his head between taking handfulls of bedding as I felt the first rush of orgasm coursing through me.

Other than those few words before we reached the bed neither of us had spoken. He took me by suprise when he got off the bed to crouch between my thighs.  I wasn’t prepared for the electric shock like sensation that shot through my body at the first touch of his tongue on my clitoris. My god that felt so very good, it had been far too long since I had such a welcome tongue giving me such pleasure where I needed it most. I can’t begin to describe what he was doing to me I was lost in this wonderful array of sensations. I didn’t want him to stop ever yet at the same time I couldn’t bear it, he was taking me to the edge over and over until my legs were caught in spasm after spasm.

Desperately scrabbling, wanting him there yet trying to push him away, not knowing which I wanted the most. To my relief he stood up but to my alarm he was pressing his cock against the entrance to my cunt. He is bigger than I remember and after recent difficulties I was concerned that this would not work.  Yes there was pain as Fred began to push against my unrelenting muscles. After a few difficult thrusts I was convinced that my neglected vagina had shut up shop due to lack of use. My body was once again betraying me, preventing the pleasure I so craved.

‘relax….relax….relax…relax woman’

My mind was working overtime in its efforts to  persuade my vagina to accept Fred’s much wanted cock. Lifting my ankles upto his shoulders Fred knelt on the edge of the bed thrusting again and again, to my relief he was forging his way deeper inside me. The deeper he became, the longer he was inside me the easier it became. Releasing my legs Fred leaned over my body to kiss me some more, I like that he takes every opportunity to kiss. I remember muttering against his mouth that he was deeper inside me now.

‘Very deep’

came his muffled reply.

He continued to fuck me in this way for an eternity, I began to relax and really enjoy the feel of a hard cock so deep in me, something I hadn’t thought would ever happen again. The best I had hoped for was a partial penetration but this was oh so good. The look of intense concentration on Fred’s face made me giggle. He rolled off me demanding to know what was so funny. Oooops, for my punishment he rolled onto his back adjusting his position from being across the bed to lying down the bed with his head nestled among the blue pillows.

Taking his erection in my hand I crawled between his legs my tongue reaching out for my goal.  licking him clean of my own juice, long slow strokes up and down his shaft alternating with quick flicks of my tongue occassionally stopping to nibble along the length of his manhood. Taking his swollen head between my hungry lips sucking softly before going for the deep suction as though I could suck the very life out of him. Licking his balls not minding the pubic hair I had forgotten would be there.My turn to be on top so straddled his erection sitting upright as I gently moved my hips. Gradually becoming more confident my movements becoming stronger.

I have never had the strength in my thighs to keep upright for very long and as in the past after a while, I leaned down to kiss him as I continued to grind my clit against him feeling every bit of his hardness inside me. I didn’t want this to stop.  Getting the giggles I told him.

‘I was just thinking about the last time I saw you’

‘yes you had a very sore bum’

‘I loved it when you kissed my bum better’

‘mmmm I did too’

There was nothing in the room  as far as I could see that was showing the time but eventually Fred tired and we decided to bring our evening to an end. More kissing ensued before he retrieved his watch. We had been at it for nearly three hours!! I still had the long drive home to get some sleep before getting up for work in 6 hrs .

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Down in Sussex

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 19, 2009

Only in that place could this be.

are you in to spanking because you are going the right way about it

it has been known

do you work?


take a sickie and come see me in the morning

I can’t

can you talk on the phone?



I think I need to get some sleep very soon

I think you need to say good night to me


you should really do as you are told

yes I should

you will have to more and more in next few weeks

does that mean you would like me to submit to you?

it is what I expect of you

where is there?

are you a quick driver?

as much as possible

head towards **** when you reach speed humps I will be waiting

is that your home?

it is but my wife works

isn’t that dangerous?

are you dangerous?

when you are married any woman is dangerous

are you dangerous?

I could be

but are you? answer the question


my number is ************ call me to say good night



where are you?

sitting on my bed

put your hand inside your panties, rub your finger across your clit


now put your finger inside, now another


take your hand out and put your fingers in your mouth


what does it taste like?

sweet and ……….. salty

good you are doing well

in the morning you will drive here, but you will wear a dress with a bra under and heels but no panties do you understand

yes sir

when you arrive you will find I have just got out of the bath

with or without towel?

with to begin with, we will go into the livingroom, we will stand next to each other then you will kneel before me

you will take my towel off me and use your mouth to pleasure me

when I am ready you will get onto my black leather sofa on your hands and knees.

You will look back at me and beg me to fuck you


would you like me to fuck you?

do you like to be fucked from behind with your arms behind your back?

don’t keep me waiting too long!

then in the morning

You should be here

how was your bath?

I am sat here in a towel

on your leather sofa?

any hint of sarcasm means more for you to do to make amends

no sarcasm merely an enquiry

You need to be thinking about when you will be coming over to play


all this from joining a site I didn’t know existed until last week when it was mentioned on a couple of the new blogs I have found. This is just one of the men I have begun chatting to. Although I seem to have this need to be submissive I still won’t give my submission easily it needs to be taken from me,  I might be comppliant but I will challenge him until he has earnt my submission.

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Kissing Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 17, 2009

Meeting up with Fred again

It was the first time I had visited Fred at his home, when I was seeing him 2 years ago I wasn’t working and he would get away from work for a few hours to visit me at home while my kids were at school.

We were stood in his kitchen for that first kiss. I had half expected a moment of awkwardness, perhaps a shy peck on the cheek or if I was lucky on my lips. But he went straight for a passionate kiss complete with tongues as if it was 2 weeks not nearly 2 years since he last saw me. Although I was used to seeing him looking smart in a suit it wasn’t the first time I had seen him dressed casually. Heck the last time I saw him he was dressed in a creased T-shirt and ripped jeans (I hadn’t been impressed at his lack of effort). this time he was wearing a sage green T-shirt and 3/4 length slacks.

After taking my phone from me (I had been trying to turn off the bluetooth without success, he managed it after a couple minutes), then he made us both a mug of tea. He led me into his lounge, he took my jacket from me and slung it on the floor beside him. With his arm around me he began kissing me again, long slow kisses, exploring each other’s mouths, me nibbling his lip. His left hand found its way into my hair occassionally gripping extra hard (which just made me kiss him harder).

With my right leg crossed over my left one my mini skirt had risen leaving an expanse of bare thigh exposed above the lace top of my stocking. It wasn’t long before his right hand still holding me in his embrace had found its way inside my waistband investigating my smooth flesh. We kissed for an age hardly coming up for air. I was still playing it cool, I did find his left nipple through his shirt and pinched/ rubbed that a bit but I avoided letting my hand stray to his lap. Pulling away from him I sat up saying

‘where’s that tea then, better drink it as you made it’ 

We glanced at the tv (it was showing Devil wears Prada) between general chat about his son and mine of the same age as I slowly sipped my warm tea. Once I had replaced my cup on the small coffee table we returned to our kissing. Each time his hand tightened its grip on my hair my kisses became more passionate as I tried to convey my desire for him to take control of me. After all we had talked about him being my Dominant male (even if that was months ago before we decided to see each other again). Our kissing went on and on I was beginning to wonder if  our whole evening was going to be kissing on the sofa.

Suddenly he pulled away

‘time we got rid of our clothes’

he stood up and led me out of the room up the stairs to his bedroom (twice the size of mine) in the centre of the room his double bed with its brown fur coverlet. It got a bit confusing as we stood together kissing again but now both of us trying to pull the other’s top over our heads. In the end I undressed him first which was easy as he was commando, before he removed my top then my skirt before he tackled my bra leaving me standing in just my thong…….

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Kiss me quick or kiss me slow but make sure you kiss me

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 16, 2009

I have been thinking about kissing.

If anyone asks me what do I like I have to say kissing. Kissing is right up there at the top of my list.

It doesn’t matter how long I have chatted online, text, phone etc it all boils down to kissing. If a guy can get through a whole date without kissing me then he isn’t going to get far.

I might like a man very much but if when he kisses me it is not enjoyable then that is the end of that.

But if I enjoy his kisses its like turning on the green light for go girl go.

A couple of years ago I met a guy from the neighbouring town. We had a drink then went back to his place. We had sex on his sofa bed but he didn’t even once attempt to kiss me until I was going out the door on my way home. The funny thing about this was that during the evening I got a text from another guy (George Clooney look alike) who was warning me that when we meet up he likes to kiss ….a  lot!

I felt dirty that night, having sex with a man who couldn’t bring himself to kiss me. I immediately edited my AFF profile stating that kissing is a must for me. Next time I spoke to the non kissing guy he said he wanted to see me again. I told him not unless he was happy to kiss me  he agreed. I did see him again and he did kiss me but still not enough (I didn’t see him again).

How important is kissing to you?

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Meeting up with Fred again

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 15, 2009

I could leave you waiting to find out how my evening with Fred went. I could do what I often do and wait a few days before posting my sexploits. Or I could leave it a week or so like I and some other bloggers are want to do. I could even do a Riff Dog and wait months but I am feeling generous and want to share my evening with you while it is still fresh in my mind.

I have written plenty of historical posts about others including Fred, but I do like variety and as they say variety is the spice of life so in order to keep things interesting I am treating you to a current affair.

As you could see from my previous post, Fred was texting me as I got ready to see him. He had in fact been texting me on and off throughout the day. He had mentioned having a headache throughout a 3 hour meeting, the nearer our meeting got I was concerned that his headache was still there.  

‘A little better but whatever it felt like it would not stop the plan x x’ (the plan being the time and place )

I have been playing it cool this time around, we have been chatting (mostly on IM) on and off since our bust up in Aug 07. As a general rule it is Fred who starts our conversations. But recently we have gone back to texting, again he instigates each text session. Sometimes I have not replied for hours or not at all. 

I was undecided what to wear, I know I don’t need to dress in any particular way to impress him as he has seen me both dressed up and dressed slutty oh and of course not dressed at all. But I do like to make an impression whatever I wear. Eventually I settled on a deep purple top with a deeply scooped neck, tan hold up stockings (I couldn’t find a pair of black stockings or my new black suspender belt) a nice black balcony bra with pink roses and matching thong and my black beaded shoes (they are becoming a little tired looking now but he wasn’t going to be looking at my shoes). I settled on my calf length floaty tiered black skirt and my pink jacket for warmth. But just as I was leaving I had a change of mind and swapped my skirt for a plain black mini skirt (not worn for two years).

I had a 34 mile drive to get to his place and stopped to get fuel before hitting the motorway. The garage forecourt was somewhat busy, so I was very conscious of what I was wearing as I filled up with fuel then trotted off to pay. I didn’t look but I know the couple in the car opposite mine must have got an eyeful of stocking top as I got back into my car. Grinning to myself I drove off feeling just a twinge of excitement.

I really didn’t know how I would feel once I saw him again. I had vowed that although we had got our friendship back on track I would never see him again. I had been afraid that seeing him would be difficult after all I had been besotted with him. I had wanted to give up other men to be a one man woman. I had had strong feelings for him that were not reciprocated. When he had suggested about a month ago that we could start seeing each other for sex I only had to think it over for a couple of days. I felt that sufficient time had elapsed and I had changed enough, gained enough personal confidence to be able to see him without getting emotionally involved this time.

It was a very grey dismal evening as I sped along the motorway then slowly made my way along the suburban road looking for his house. If the sun had been out it would have been just going down as I crossed the road to Fred’s house.

I was greeted with a warm kiss as I looked up into his blue eyes as he held my hand in his.

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14 hrs and counting

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 14, 2009

It has been nearly two years since I last saw the sexiest man I have ever had sex with.

Tonight that is going to change.

Tonight I am going to him

In the past he came to me in my home

In the past I was too needy

Now it is he who wants me

Now he is taking me in his own home

Now I am pondering what to wear

Do I go in mini skirt heels and stockings with low cut top

Or suprise him with a more sedate outfit

I am undecided but have only hours to decide

13 hrs 50 mins and counting

I guess he has been counting too……….

‘See you in a little over an hour and a half x x Mmm…..’

‘Anyone would think you were looking forward to seeing me x x’

‘Excited x what about you’

While we were making out on his sofa he stopped to complain that I hadn’t replied earlier


‘When I said I was excited’ 

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