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Among Dogs

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 30, 2009

Unfortunately the beacon turned out to be more a case of false hope. It seems that this saviour was nothing more than a weasel in sheep’s clothing. Ok so I have mixed metaphors but I could hardly call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That would have given a false impression of this spineless pathetic excuse of a man.

I feel quite relieved to have escaped that situation.

But within days I met a genuine guy (Flame) who lit up my face with smiles. We didn’t meet through the internet but through real life. This was not a date as such. Our paths crossed occasionally through work, he had wanted to meet me for sometime and would be in the area next day so we met for lunch. He walked me back to my car after lunch and to my suprise kissed me. I hadn’t expected it , I was taken off guard, eventually I managed to tear myself away. returning to the office one of the girls quizzed me about the big grin on my face. It was difficult to concentrate for the rest of the day.

Next day he had to phone me at work, we arranged a brief meeting on Friday afternoon to solve a slight problem that had occurred. Later in the day he text me that he was slightly worse for wear, he was at a prestigious sporting event that he had paid a lot of money to attend and was enjoying the bar.

Not long after I arrived home form the office he phoned asking if he could see me that evening. I was confused as he had already told me that the event would go on quite late into the evening. But he apparently couldn’t get me out of his mind and wanted to see me so he was getting a taxi home now.

How I managed to have a bath, iron my jeans, feed my family and get there in under an hour I don’t know, I arrived at the agreed place exactly on time (I was impressed). He had been drinking so I drove, we ended up finding a pub near to where I work. From the moment he got into my car he kissed me and was stroking my arm and leg while I drove. Once seated in the pub garden we kissed a lot, but although I wanted to be closer to him I delayed, taking my time over my drink, asking him questions about himself. But neither of us could resist for long.

We decided to find a quiet place where we could kiss and cuddle in private. He gave me directions as we drove, ending up in what we thought would be a quiet waterside carpark. It was dark by now but the moon was very bright, there were other cars there before us but I thought they were night fishermen or else courting couples. I parked in the middle of the carpark under a tree away from the other cars.

We climbed into the back of my car and began kissing in earnest. He soon had my black top raised so that he could get to my breasts. I couldn’t help laughing at his fumbled attempts to release me from my bra, twisting my arm behind me I did it for him. (I can be obliging like that now and again).

We were engrossed in our kissing, now and again breaking off for him to pay homage to my ‘fantastic tits’. It was at one such moment that I noticed the man circling around my car. He was far enough away that he wouldn’t have seen much. But in the bright moonlight I could see him quite clearly looking towards my car. Keeping a watch on him to make sure he didn’t come any closer we continued kissing. Other cars came and went, some parked up along the northern edge of the car park would flash their headlights from time to time.

I became very concious of the contrast of my pale skin with my black top so that every time I was exposed by flame,I was sure the man could see. He had moved back to his own car now a short distance behind my back. Another car joined him and I noticed the two men chatting beside their vehicles.

Flame was becoming agitated at their presence, I told him to ignore them. By now I had realised that we were among doggers, but provided they kept their distance I was ok. Flame was astounded that doggers actually exist, he thought it was just a few perverts, didn’t realise how common it actually is especially so close to home.

We had been indulging in another passinate kiss when I sat up after breaking for breath to see a face peering in through the window just inches behind my head.  My  reflex was to smack the window with the back of my hand just where the face was. It was funny to see him scuttle off back to his car. Both men retreating to the safety of their cars, they talked for a while before one drove off leaving his mate behind. Now I was getting a bit jittery, although we continued our kissing the moment had been lost.

Flame would have liked me to give him a blow job but I had become so unsettled by now that I just couldn’t. Besides I had promised myself that there would be no real sex. If we were going to have sex it would be done properly not in the back of a car in a public place. I did however give in to his gentle persuasion to wank him off. I am not sure if I did this as compensation for not giving him head or if it was just pride in my ability, I wanted to give him an idea of what he could have in a different situation. Taking his semi hard cock in my hand I wanked him off whilst trying not to let it be obvious to those looking, just what was going on. I wanked him slowly at first before making my movements harder and faster. It wasn’t long before he came it was then that we realised there was nothing to clean him off with.

I could have cleaned him up with my tongue but I had already made up my mind that was not going to happen so I didn’t offer instead I found a tissue in my bag, he had to make do with that. He sorted his jeans out and we both got back into the front seats and we set off for the city where I dropped him off and took myself home.


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