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When a stranger enters

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 29, 2010

Hi ….I am really sorry but I won’t be able to meet you for lunch tomorrow. I had forgotten that I had agreed ages ago that I would help out with a school trip in the morning. I don’t think we will be back until after lunch as we have been advised to take a picnic with us.

Ok babe I understand…….when will you be free to see me, I have waited so long to see you.

(tongue in cheek) well I am free right now

Ok I can do that if can we meet in Whatsit as it’s about half way. I would have to be back at my office by 5pm. It’s just after 1pm now I can be there in about 25 minutes.

That will be fine but it does mean that I shall be dressed as I am now in my jeans, no sexy clothes.

I don’t mind that as long as I get to see you…….I can’t wait. Ok I will see you in about 25 minutes.

25 minutes later I was outside the hotel we had chosen waiting for Stuart’s car to arrive. Within minutes I saw his smiling face as he strode towards me. He stooped to kiss me hello. This was the first time we had met but we had spoken often and seen each other on web cam so we recognised each other immediately. Stuart took my hand leading me through the glass doors towards the hotel bar. As it was early on a sunny Monday afternoon there were only two other people in the bar apart from the bar tender who indicated that if we found somewhere to sit he would soon be over to take our orders. Stuart ordered our drinks, both soft drinks as we were both driving. We sat chatting and touching, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Stuart went to book us a room so we could be more private. But the hotel had no spare rooms. We decided to go to another hotel a few hundred meters along the road, again there was no room at the Inn but they did tell us that there were rooms at their hotel on the other side of the town. We drove in convoy to our third hotel. We stood in reception holding hands and occasionally kissing while we chatted. The receptionist was busy with a couple of business men. Finally the were finished and Stuart booked our room. Room 210 she said pointing us in the direction of the lift. We got to the second floor went through the first door and found room 210. No need to use the key as the door was ajar. It wasn’t long before we were reclining on the bed with half our clothes disgarded on the floor as we explored each other.

I had not long been on the dating site and had not met many men but OH Stuart was lovely, a really sexy man, tall dark, handsome, a real gentlman. Not the least bit pushy, quite happy to take things at my pace. But the more we explored each other the more I wanted him. I wanted him touching me, kissing me holding me to him, It wasn’t long before I was having my first orgasm as his fingers found my already wet pussy. He had me worked up to a frenzy when he slid down my body, kissing my skin as he went until his mouth was over my mons. Gently at first then with more passion his tongue was circling and flicking at my clit. Omg another shuddering orgasm as my body twitched involuntarily as his tongue went inside my lips showing me what a man can do with his tongue, this was fairly new to me at this time. I tightened my grip on his long and thick cock. I am sure it was the biggest I had come across until then. I was so desperate to feel it inside me but Stuart had other ideas as he crossed the room to find the condoms he had with him.

It was only a short space of time before he had rejoined me on the bed with his cock now sheathed in his mint flavoured condom. He found his way inside me, beginning to pump my pussy as it hadn’t been pumped for a while. Before he climaxed he withdrew, taking off his condom for me to take him in my mouth. Mmmm the taste of mint was lovely, and the feel of his cock in my hungry mouth was delightful. As we lay together kissing and caressing as we caught our breath we heard someone at the door trying to get in. We fell silent, whoever it was went away, but a few short moments later the room telephone rang. Stuart answered. It was reception, it seems we were in the wrong room we should have been in room 212, looking more closely at the room key Stuart confirmed that it did indeed say room 212. But we were in room 210, we both clearly remembered the receptionist telling us room 210 and as the door had been open we hadn’t needed to use the key. The receptionist decided to leave us where we were but give the other guest room 212.

I was on all fours as Stuart was trying to enter my ass for the first time when we were disturbed by more noise. The door opened and a tall blonde man in his 30s entered the room. He still had the key to this room although he had now been allocated room 212.
He apologised for disturbing us but he needed to swap keys with us. Stuart motioned to the table where the key was lying close to the phone. The stranger entered further into the room to pick up the key but instead of leaving again he stood mesmerised by the sight before him.
(to be continued)

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Dancing in his arms

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 27, 2010

Rupert had booked a double room at a hotel in his city. By the time I text to say I was on my way he had already checked in but not been up to our room. when we got there it was a single room, we went down to reception but it seems it was the last room they had, Rupert had paid for a double. The receptionist waived the fee for the room. We went back upstairs where we began to dance while we kissed. It wasn’t long before he had my bra undone and my shirt off. He sat me on the bed and we continued kissing whilst divesting each other of our upper clothes. We lay back on the bed and his hand found its way inside my trousers, pushing aside the flimsy fabric of my thong. As his fingures entered my already wet pussy I almost fainted with pleasure.

We had waited for so long for this moment, it was hard to believe that we were finally together in each others arms bare skin against bare skin. I am getting wet now just remembering how it felt to finally be there, in that room with Rupert. Earlier he had made me promise that I would not stop kissing him the whole time. He is certainly a great kisser. He loved my breasts, holding, kissing , sucking just burying his face in them. I loved his hands and lips on my neck, face and body. The heat was turning up when I decided it was time to change the pace. Sitting up and sliding down the length of his body taking his cock in my hand and gently caressing him. Before adding my tongue and lips to the base of his cock. slowly twirling and licking from base to tip, fondling his balls. He closed his eyes and lay back enjoying what I was doing.

Eventually Rupert asked me to turn around, he lifted my leg over him so that he could position me over his face. I continued to play with his cock teasing and pulling on it with my mouth while he inserted his tongue into my already soaked pussy. The feel of his tongue darting about inside me sent me into spasms of delight and I could feel myself gushing all over his face until I could take no more. At this point I swung myself around planting my mouth hungrily upon his, lapping up my juice from his face. Devouring his tongue as it plunged deep inside my mouth. I have no idea how many times we changed position without breaking our hold on each other. We soon began to fuck first in the missionary then with him taking me from behind, it wasn’t long before he shot his load. I didn’t mind as it was his first time in years with a woman other than his wife. I assured him that next time will be better but it was good even if short and sweet. His phone beeped and he told me he had to go, but he didn’t rush straight off. First he lay with me cuddling and kissing. After we had both dressed again we had another dance before leaving the room. I text him when I got home to let him know I had arrived saftely. I text him again this morning saying that I had just had the best night’s sleep I’d had for months.

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a stolen night with Nigel

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 24, 2010

I want to share with you a stolen night of passion I had with Nigel. It was some time ago but is still clearly etch on my mind, not just because of the passion we shared but because it followed a very memorable event in my life. It had been a while since I had had the pleasure of Nigel. My circumstances had changed which made it almost impossible for us to meet.

As he steps through the door the first thing I notice is that his designer stubble has become more like bristles but I take that to be down to the fact he has just finished working a night shift and I am more used to seeing him in the late morning when he has just got up for the day. He takes me in his arms and the 5months feel more like 5 days. It doesn’t take him long to have me on my back while he devours my very wet pussy. Once he has had me writhing in unadulterated pleasure he strips off his own clothes and makes hot passionate love to me. I am not going to describe what we have simply as sex as it is so much more than that. We connect on more levels than purely physical. he fucks me long and hard the way he knows I like, my legs bent back with my feet around his waist before he moves bringing my legs up with him so that my feet are pointing into the space above him as my ankles rest on his shoulders he thrusts into me in the deep missionary he so loves. Mmmm I had forgotten the intensity of this position. He rolls me onto my side entering me from behind. we chat as we rest before he has me lying on my front so he can access my ass. He comments on the marks asking if I had been having fun and got carried away. I tell him I will explain later, right now I am getting breathless as he trusts deep inside my tight arse. He is very vocal about his pleasure as he fucks me. Unlike my cunt he can thrust his whole shaft into my ass.

Again we rest and chat catching up on our news of the missing months. He tells me he has been offered a job in another part of the country, the money is good but he won’t be taking it. what a relief, how could I lose him so soon after finally getting him here now. We both know it is highly unlikely we will see each other again until september as it is ( which I remind him is now only next month.) Oh god how I enjoy teasing him with my tongue and fingers as I take his already hard again cock into my hungry mouth. I have forgotten my lack of sleep as I tease and lick his cock from head to base taking my time licking, sucking and fondling his balls. He does so love his balls played with. as much as we are both enjoying this we don’t want to waste this rock hard cock he gets me onto my side again as he enters from behind then reverting to the deep missionary again, he senses that I am tiring I am rolled onto my front again as he slides upto the hilt into my by now slippery ass. By this time daylight creeps through the gap in the curtains. He checks the time he must go before he gets caught out. But he just cant resist banging into my cunt one more time before he drags himself away back home to his wife.

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Fred’s idea

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 23, 2010

I am chatting to Fred about my latest visit to my consultant who basically told me to ‘use it or lose it’.

he wants to help me with my problem

he suggests that perhap if there were two men they could take over from each other keeping me stretched.

Hmmm I wonder if he has anyone in mind.

then he tells me that this thought has progressed………….

well you could take a day out and be tied to the bed and have a constant stream of men helping you out keeping you stretched so to speak

I am now laughing so hard I might fall out of bed.

with condoms of course

of course

and do you have a stream of men in mind?

no lol

so you think it a good idea then


and were you planning on supervising this

had not developed it that far lol

ok so its just a partial fantasy at the moment then

no a practical suggestion details only ever need to be worked out afterwards

he has now come up with the idea that we could even charge he thinks we should put me up on a site and see how many offers we get lol.

how would this work? ……………….

bbw needs stretching any offers ?


sexy bbw wants lots of men one after the other

Come and get me?

now I am not sure if any of this would be a good idea but then again it is one of those fantasies that many people have and how many get the opportunity to carry out their fantasies

Should I tell him to go ahead and organise it ?

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mystery visitor

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 22, 2010

He arrived by train, as soon as I received his text saying he had arrived I set off to fetch him. As he walked towards my car I was amazed at how smart he looked in his black suit. He greeted me with a kiss and I drove him to my very much lived in home. We spent several minutes standing in the middle of my living room kissing before we moved to the sofa for more kissing. This was when his hand started to slide up my leg and under my skirt not that I was going to complain. After a few minutes of kissing and mutual fondling we decided we would be more comortable upstairs.

Once in my bedroom I removed his tie which was a lovely shade of mauve (suprisingly to most my favourite colour). We both then stripped off except he kept on his cotton boxers and I kept on my black lacy skirt and black lacy thong with red flower detail. A little more kissing was followed by him going down to suck my toes with their deep chocolate brown painted nails. Very exciting! I have never had my toes sucked before. Whilst he was sucking my toes his right hand found its way to my thong which was soon pushed out of the way giving him access to my pussy. I was thoughly enjoying this attention and began to massage his cock through his boxers until I decided they really did need to come off.

Around this time I also removed my soaking wet thong. By now my mystery visitor was giving me some very enjoyable action with his tongue and fingers while I was playing with his cock. I dont know how long we played like this until I couldn’t take any more. My body was going into involuntary spasms where he was getting just the right spot so often and I had to give up wanking him as I just couldn’t concentrate any longer. to give my quivering pussy a rest I climbed between his legs and began to give Mystery Visitor a taste of my version of sucking cock. I am pretty sure he was enjoying this as he kept saying ‘you really are lovely’ followed by other words of appreciation. next I retreived my packet of condoms that he knew I had. I ripped open the packet and handed him a bright green fruit flavoured condom which he expertly had in place in the blink of an eye. With Mystery Visitor laying flat on his back on my cream duvet his head dissapearing among my many cream and one red pillow I climbed on top of him impaling myself on his green condom sheathed hard cock. Alternately leaning forward for more kisses and leaning back allowing him room to rub my clit with his thumb whilst I was riding him. this I enjoyed immensly but wanting to try other positions I rolled us over onto our sides and pulling him onto me.

We fucked in the missiory position with my legs wrapped around his back. I wasn’t counting but I came so much that I knew my bed was soaking wet! By this time he hadn’t come so I suggested that I would finish him off. He liked this idea. having removed the condom I resumed my position between his legs so I could again gain access to not only his cock but his balls too. Mystery Visitor asked me if I would suck him dry commenting that when he comes there is alot of it. I had great pleasure sucking, licking and generaly playing with his cock and from time to time his balls until he shot his load into my mouth for me to swallow. I had already ascertained that he didn’t care to be snowballed. we lay spent in each other’s arms chatting before dressing and returning to the living room for a cup of tea and more chatting. mostly about computers and the course I am doing and the course he is doing. Before long it was time to get him back to the station. Time cetainly flies when you are having fun.

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an afternoon with chief

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 21, 2010

Oh wow

I have been chatting with chief for a few weeks now he is a good few years younger than me. We have not chatted very much as we never seem to be online at the same time for very long. But this afternoon he started chatting and the chat got quite sexy. We were both getting turned on so we agreed to meet up. I was about 10 minutes late arriving at our agreed meeting place, I had been so hot and bothered from chatting to him that I had just had to have a play with myself to relieve the tension before I set off. My mobile was ringing as I came around the corner to the car park. I drove to the end of the car park looking for his car couldn’t see it but then saw in my rear view mirror that he was behind me. We both pulled into spaces by the hedge which skirts the edge of the car park. Chief came and got into the passenger seat of my car. We sat chatting for about ten minutes. I can’t believe how girly and giggly I was. He said I wasn’t at all. He smelt devine, he has a lovely face much better in person than on web cam. He thought it was a real turn on that I had been playing before I came out. He admitted that he had too.

He asked me to demonstrate how I had played with myself but as there was not much room in the driver’s seat with the steering wheel in the way, we transferred to his car. Once in his car, chief leant over slid his hand inside my skirt found my thong, pulled it to one side inserting his finger into my clit rubbing quite hard, I had to tell him to be a little softer. Then I took over playing with my clit while he played with my nipples, he is also the most delicious kisser. Soon I was coming to a climax as I felt his fingers squeezing my nipples and I imagined that it was his tongue inside me. My juice gushed over my fingers as I lay back in the seat. I kissed him then brought my fingers up to his lips for him to taste. He told me how much he wanted to fuck me now but he had been called into the workshop where he works in his spare time. I agreed to go with him as he wouldn’t be long. When we got there the place was locked up. We were alone, he pulled his car into the garage and closed the big double doors. Chief came around to my side of the car and helped me out. We stood by the car kissing then he moved me around so that I could sit upon the bonnet of his car. Hitching up my skirt so he could bury his face between my thighs where I was still wet from a few minutes earlier. Mmmm his fingers and tongue were as magic as I knew they would be. I reached forward and unfastened the brown leather belt around his tight blue jeans. Pulling down the zipper his penis sprang out, he was commando. Hmmm better than I could have hoped for. I took hold of his shaft and began to stroke him but this was an almost impossible angle for me. I had to get my back at almost right angle to reach his cock with my right hand while my left had grabbed onto his dark blue t-shirt. It was only his body which was keeping me from sliding off the bonnet.

Chief murmured that my hand on his cock felt good but now he wanted to see how it felt to be inside my wet pussy. He stood up and slid his circumsized manhood inside me. I couldn’t help giggling at first, at the thought of someone coming into the garage. The first thing they would see was his bare ass in the air as he pumped me as I slid across the bonnet holding onto him for dear life. It has been a long time since I had such a good laugh and a good seeing to at the same time. Mmmmmm that was a really good feeling and another different experience I had told him while we chatted that I wanted to experience sex in different situations. Chief is game for that he says he will do anything I want. Mmmmm even better a fit (very fit), good looking willing young man who knows what he is doing. Why hadn’t I met up with him earlier. I can tell we are going to have some fun. We both now have each other’s mobile numbers. We both want to meet up again for more fun. I shall look forward to that. He slipped his jeans back over his bare ass as he wandered in to the office space at the rear of the workshop. A few minutes later he was back and we settled into his car. This time it was me who leaned across to his still undone jeans. I took him in my mouth mmmm the taste of me still on him. I pleasured his cock teasing it with my tongue in the only way I know how to do. The same way I was describing last night on msn to the married couple from my 6some the other weekend. They had had a 3some on saturday with CY the other man who had told them about the awesome blowjob I had given him. When I had taken him to completion and he had was breathing normally again he drove me back to my car with the promise to meet up again soon. Now I know that I should have taken more notice of these fit younger men who have hit on me in recent months. Especially,if they were anything like Chief. MMMMM if you are reading this hun yes please more, more, more and yes you will do & Yes you are certainly good enough. You should have pushed me harder for a date before this.

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a brief liason

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 20, 2010

I hadn’t given much thought to Flame recently, after all, what we had had wasn’t even a quick fling more a fumble in the back of my car. We had spoken a couple of times since then, always politely friendly. He still insists that he will only deal with me when he calls our office. Lol he has found a sure fire way of making sure of this. He doesn’t phone the office number any more, he calls my personal mobile instead.

One such call was yesterday. He needed an urgent delivery but would be out on the road all week but not near our place. He asked me to meet him on my way home from work tonight. We travel in opposite directions on the same stretch of motorway, to hand over his goods. We have done this in the past meeting in a car park for 5 minutes before continuing on our journeys.

Flame rang me today to ask if we could meet at a pub nearer to where I work. When I pulled into the car park he called me suggesting that I follow him further up the road………we must have moved all of 50 meters. Our cars parked next to each other parallel to the road I got out to help him transfer the boxes etc from my car to his. I had no sooner stood up than I found myself being kissed. I hadn’t expected this as I am very aware that he is attached and after our little adventure among the dogs, he had felt very guilty. This was a nice suprise , I returned his kisses for a moment before breaking away to get on with the business in hand.

Once the transfer had been made, Flame asked if we could sit in my car for a moment. (there was quite a chilly wind). No sooner were we sat in my car (not in the back this time). His kisses resumed, his hand found my right breast through my clothes. Unexpected as all this was it was not unpleasant at all except that my back was very uncomfortable. Rubbing my back to help ease the discomfort Flame moved my hand onto his thigh telling me that he has thought about me a lot in recent months. Whenever we speak which is approximately on a monthly basis he finds himself becoming highly aroused.  Who would have believed that talking about the mundane tools of his trade could cause such a reaction. Apparently talking to me is like being caressed!

Between kisses he told me that he really wanted me to suck his cock. I assured him that I wouldn’t. I like Flame and enjoyed being kissed and touched by him. He asked me if I had thought about him much in the last four months, had I thought about getting together again.

‘Not really………I know you are not available and I am worth more than a quick fumble in a car.’

He was emphatic in his agreement that I am worth more. But he went on to ask me to wank him.  I know I should have said no but old habits die hard. Soon my hand was clasping his hot solid cock, moving up and down. His breath became slower, the sighs escaping his lips along with mutterings of how good it was, sure indications that he was enjoying my grasp of him. It didn’t take too much of my tugging and caressing to bring him to the point of eruption which he did enthusiastically onto my hand. This time he was better prepared and produced a roll of tissue to clean us both up.

We chatted and kissed for a few minutes longer before he unfolded his  6′ frame from my car as we parted company for another month. I have a sneaky feeling that he may nolonger be satisfied with merely handing over his goods.

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I need a snog

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 18, 2010

I really need a snog but as I am at a kids soccer party have settled for a cuppa and my book x x

I press the send button knowing that my text won’t be read until tomorrow night. I read my book resisting the temptation to check my phone, I know it will stay silent.

Later, much later I am online, I have just finished a post on my blog. I see him sign onto msn but before I can think of saying ‘hi’ he has gone again. I’m feeling low. I check my stats on my blog see someone has linked to me from an unknown blog, click on this to take a peek at who it is. Wow this is a very hardcore site much more so than mine. I begin to feel flushed. While I am checking out this site and others linked to it I see one of my admirers keeps signing in. We have not chatted for weeks. I ask him if he is playing yoyo. We chat for a while, he is getting turned on so am I. I run upstairs and throw off my jeans and t-shirt returning downstairs in my mauve satin chemise. We continue to chat as I begin to play with myself as he is wanking at his end of the line. He says he wishes he could see me but I decline to install the webcam. He says that ok we both agree that imagination can be just as good if not better. I am getting quite wet.

Damn the doorbell who the fuck is that at 11.55pm….. must be  son who is meant to be sleeping over at a party, coming home early and finding the door locked. I straighten my chemise don’t want teenage son seeing more than he should. I get to the door the security light shows me that the figure outside is too tall to be my son as lanky as he is. The bell rings again while I am deciding what to do. Who could it be at this time of night? Cautiously I open the door a crack to see who it is and what they want. Before I can take in who it is I am grabbed and pulled into an embrace. His mouth on mine before I can protest. He uses his superior height and strength to push me back into the hallway as he steps through the door which he closes behind him. I am still in his arms with his mouth glued to mine as I feel him guiding me into the living room and onto my sofa where we sink into the soft folds of gold material.

After an age he disengages and tells me

You wanted a snog! Was that good enough for you?

He slips out of his leather jacket and takes me in his arms again only this time his hand is already inside my chemise finding me wet. Behind my shoulder I can hear my pc going crazy with nudges. But I don’t care. I am more than happy, now I know who my visitor is. But I leave his side to re-lock the front door. Two of my boys are out for the night, the other two went to bed at about 10pm and I have heard nothing from them since. I return to the sofa and my lover. I have missed him so much and it is so good to have him here.

If I was wet before he arrived I am dripping now. My lover has this effect on me. He told me weeks ago that if our first encounter in private was anything to go by if I happened to be sat on him his balls would certainly get a wash as he makes me cum. I adore this sexy man who I have only recently allowed into my real life. His glasses are placed in a safe place away from arms and legs. His t-shirt and jeans soon discarded as is my chemise. My stepper placed by the door to prevent sleepy boys from intruding. Quickly I tell my admirer that I am suddenly sleepy and going to bed. I close down the pc for the night.

Mmmm now to carry on where we left off. I am so turned on by my lover but more so that he has arrived at my door like this. There is no time for chat we cant keep our hands off each other. Our mouths too are busy kissing, licking and sucking. Wow he does things with my nipples I could only dream about before. I am so hungry for this man who is beside me, on me, in me, I don’t think my appetite for him can ever be sated. I just want to devour him so completely. His hands are in my hair, now on my breasts, stroking my inner thigh, feeling inside me. Please don’t stop I want this so much I want to yell out

YES YES YES and Yes, just in case you were not sure YESSSSSSSSSSS

But of course I don’t, there are boys asleep in the room above. Instead I nibble his ear whispering how much I want him. OMG I want him so much, I want him as my friend, my lover, my rock. But more than anything I want him inside me. But he makes me wait.

He uses his fingers and tongue to take me to heights that I didn’t know I could reach.

I play with his rock hard manhood, Using my hands, my tongue I play with him I taste him, mmmm his cock is so lovely.

I want to straddle him, impaling myself on him.

But he won’t allow this. He wants us to get as much pleasure as we can before he slips inside me. He wants me, he wants me to want him more than anything.

I do yes I do, please let us do this now.

But no I must wait, again and again he brings me to incredible orgasm using his tongue and fingers.

I suck his cock bringing him to completion as I swallow every drop.

We relax into each other’s arms, stroking, smiling, I am so happy I feel I could burst.

This time he won’t get away from me before I get to feel his lovely cock inside me.

We kiss and cuddle, his hands wandering over my naked skin just as mine are on his.

As he pulls me closer to him I feel his fingers probing, they are wet from my juice, he finds my ass and gently inserts a finger, ecstasy, I love this, my hand slips down into his lap to begin stroking, teasing, I love it when I feel his length jerk involuntarily as I tease him.

He grows harder and I climb into his lap encouraging him to continue teasing my ass with his finger I slip onto his hard rod.

I am now impaled in the most delicious way.

The more his finger probes the more I ride his cock, my actions getting wilder as his finger slips deeper and deeper inside me.

I clamp my mouth to his to keep me from screaming my pleasure for all to hear.

Besides I need to have his tongue deep inside my mouth as my tongue runs around the inside of his mouth feeling his teeth his tongue as it tangles with mine.

Deeper I draw him into me now. I must make us so close together that we become one.

I need him inside me his hard cock inside my cunt rubbing against my swollen clit as his finger still probes inside my ass rubbing against his cock and his tongue gets sucked deep inside my mouth.

I cum all over him time and time again, I feel as though all conscious thought is slipping from me, all I know is that I am in heaven and I don’t want it to stop any time soon.

Then I feel it for the first time as he shoots his load deep inside me, he shudders and his face creases into that startled look men sometimes have at the moment of release.

I collapse in his lap as we hug, when I am sure the last shuddering is done I ease myself off him as gently as I can.

Wrapping my arms around him kissing him oh so softly. I feel a sudden need for sleep, he covers my face with gentle kisses, my forehead, the tip of my nose my eyelids, everywhere finally planting a lingering kiss on my lips.

He moves away slipping my chemise back over my head and shoulders he pulls on his own clothes and bids me good night. He must go before my children find us. He must also get back home as his own family will be arriving early

Good night my darling please come again xxxx

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It all started in the garage

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 17, 2010

I have decided to sort out my garage….only I need someone strong to help me move the heavier things!!

Ok I take the hint I will help you.

I had only met him once and that was for a cuppa in town but we had exchanged some hot text since.

Monday morning he phones ‘where are you ? I am at your door theres no answer’

I’m already in the garage ( in a block behind the row of terraced houses). I go and find him and bring him to see what he has let himself in for. I had hoped that after our first meeting we would be able to get a bit more intimate….but to my horror my son had come home on friday beaming from ear to ear as they had a day off from school on monday. We worked hard emptying the garage then repacking it in a bit more order….yipee I can now get in there!!! he thinks I’m crazy as I take a picture to prove that we had got it done! We go into my kitchen for a cuppa he stands behind me I feel his hands on my shoulders then my breasts I turn my head and we kiss…..softly at first then more passionately. I turn in his arms he worries that the neighbours might see us through the window…but I know we are safe and if anyone did see I’m in my own home and single, I can do as I like in my own home. We take our mugs of tea into the sittingroom. My son is upstairs….I go to make sure he is ok…hes playing a computer game and not interested in anyone else…I make him some lunch ( actually allowing him to eat in his room).

I go back to my hero we sit very close together kissing ardently, hands going everywhere, after a while I climb into his lap and sit straddling him whilst our lips are still meshed together with tongues flicking and twisting. I am getting not just damp but very very wet, he slides his hand inside my jeans and I return the favour. By now my jeans are soaked and I am making his damp too. I slide out of my jeans and impale myself on his rock hard manhood. We writhe together in complete unison neither of us completly believing that we are doing this with a 10 yr old in the house,our passion for each other overrinding our concerns. When we are done I twist around so that I am now sat on the sofa and he slides to his knees between my slippery thighs and lowers his head the anticipation gets too much for me and I am soon gushing again. His mouth finds my wetness and his tongue is soon working with silky smoothness caressing, probing licking me until I have cum so hard I can take no more. Regretfullywe have to bring things to an end which neither of us want…..he has to get ready for work and I need a change of clothes before my other sons arrive home from school. I can’t wait for tomorrow when he will be back and we can get down to some serious lovemaking……he has wetted my appetite now and I want more …….much more. This was the start of a beautiful series of liasons with my passionate Lover (Nigel).

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only have eyes for you

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 13, 2010

I see you I am smiling I can’t keep the grin off my face

I see your eyes smiling back at me I see your lips

In my mind I can taste your mouth

My body remembers the feel of you

My skin remembers the touch of you

My senses are straining for you

Our eyes meet A smile on both our faces

My feet are taking me closer

Soon we are within touching distance

My arms long to hold you to me

All too soon I have walked passed you

I don’t look back I know you don’t either

I can no longer see you

But you are here in my heart

The image of you etched deep in my memory

A smile engraved on my lips

A song in my heart

Later words are exchanged

You were surprised to see me

I had known it would happen one day

Now I am left with this image of you pushing a trolley

I know she was with you but all I could see was you

I didn’t take any notice of her just

You my precious lover

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