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The parcel

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 29, 2010

Normally receiving such a parcel in the post would have had me all excited. As I ripped open the plastic package to reveal the pink paper carrier bag inside I was curious to see exactly was inside. I had received an email from Ann Summers a few days earlier telling me that the parcel had been sent.

I sat on my bed opening the four packages inside, but all I could do was look at them. It feels like such a waste that I have not been able to play with my new toys.

Even if I had an adequate supply of the required batteries I still wouldn’t be able to play.

The reason I wasn’t at work when the parcel arrived was that I had inadvertantly given myself a dose of food poisoning.

5 days later I am still not well enough to do anything let alone play with my toys although both Karl and Dave have generously offered to help me play with them once I am well enough. When I am well enough to start playing with my toys I will obviously post some pictures and tell you my thoughts on each one.

In the meantime if you wish to see what was in my parcel I have posted pictures on the page My Toys

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I knew this would happen

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 27, 2010

So I had my date with Dave and very good it was too. We made an agreement. On Fab you need to get verified as genuine so when you have met someone in person they write something to show that you are real. We agreed that we would do this espcially as he was the first person I had met. We made a pact that it would be something discreet just saying that we had met not like some who detail what they did.

The day after we had met Dave left my verification for me

Meeting in person:
Lovely, friendly warm person. Definitely someone to keep meeting again as soon as possible

I thought that was quite sweet really and it doesn’t say that we did anything.

Within hours I had Karl messaging me………….who is this man you have met

I merely told him that he was nice and wasn’t going to say anymore

He wasn’t impressed said he needed to know what competition he has. He also popped round to see me for 15 mins. The funniest thing was when he said…………..

I could write lots of verifications if I wanted to.

That kind of goes against his declaration that hes not had any meets with anyone since he first met me (over a year now) which I obviously know is not true. During a conversation recently I mentioned that I know he would be jealous if I was to meet anyone else, which he refuted saying that we are not committed to each other we can both see who we like. I still think he is jealous of anyone else that I see which is why I have never told him.

I think in his mind HE can still see anyone else but I am his.

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Floating his boat

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 25, 2010

Laying in the bath letting the warm soapy water lap around my aching body I could feel each muscle. My right arm aches from being strung up (my right leg hanging from the rope tied to the same hook) half way down the side of the bed but several feet up. My left arm tied to the post across the other side of the bed stretched to its limit. My left leg tied to another post. Unable to protect myself from his hands and tongue. I can remember the feel of blood pulsing at my right wrist where the rope bit into me.

I am aware of my bruised bum cheeks especially the one on the right. His hand had come crashing down onto my soft skin time and time again. Those slaps had hurt like mad bringing a definite heat to my flesh. But they were nothing compared to the slaps of the rope that alternated between soft taps and stinging slaps. Feeling relieved that my hand was now free to protect my arse when the pain got too much. Running my fingertips along the ridges of raised skin knowing without seeing that they would be glowing red. Being commanded onto my knees so that he could enter me from behind, his cock pushed into my aleady sore cunt, a finger in my arse whilst his free hand rained down more smacks on my cheeks. My body on fire and dripping hot cum as yet another orgasm hit my trembling body.

Being soothed by the warm bath water my mind travels back to where it had all begun. Sitting outside in the sun enjoying the cool breeze on my bare arm watching the boats bobbing about in the marina. Dave has taken a call on his ancient phone. I couldn’t help laughing as he winked his soft grey eyes repeatedly whilst licking his upper lip suggestively, his spare hand reaching across the space between us to caress my breasts through the sheer fabric of my top.  After a while I became aware that the people at the table behind him were turning around to look at us. His call finished his latte downed I drained the last of my tea Dave asked if I wanted to see his yacht. No pressure! I could just go home if I would rather.

By now this gentle but naughty man had got my interest. We had agreed earlier in the day that it would not be practical for me to wear heels or a skirt. There would be time enough for that another day. So flat shoes (I generally only wear them for driving) and trousers were the order of the day. Holding my hand in his gentle grip he led me to his car which smelt of polish. A few minutes later we walked from his car to where his 8 berth yacht was moored. Immediately I could see why a skirt would have been no good. It was quite a climb up onto the deck from the floating jetty.

Two plastic glasses of  Californian Cabernet Sauvingnon poured and placed into the holders we climbed onto the double berth already laid out with sleeping bags and cushions. The kissing began in earnest but it wasn’t long before I had been pushed face down into the cushions his hands inside my top pushing until I was naked above the waist. Next I was aware of my trousers being pulled down and my buttocks carressed. It was about then that I first felt his fingers inside me. Trousers still around my knees I’m on my back now with my tender nipple clamped firmly between his teeth. The pain just about all I can think about other than the heat I can feel pouring from my pussy.  This is when I learn that the one thing I can trust about Dave is that I can’t trust him. If he says I only have to tell him to stop he will……it isn’t strictly true. In future I will have to aquaint him with my safe word.

Even though I can’t trust him to stop when asked he does if it is clear I am at my limit. I feel safe with him. I know that everything he does to me is to push my limits. He isn’t going to cause me harm. I have not been counting but he tells me at one point that my orgasms will soon reach double figures. I think that by the time we finished his boat was as wet inside as out. By then I must have come somewhere between 15 and 20 times. He even had me masturbating before his gaze, before he added his tongue to my fngers in my sopping pussy. Dave was fascinated seeing me squirt.

Throughout our afternoon he made it clear that this was all about me. Each time my hand began to wander towards his cock it was batted away. Only once (towards the end of our afternoon) was I allowed to grab him sucking him into me greedy mouth savouring his cum. Apart from the sex there were lots of kisses and cuddles and chatting just enjoying being together. He is one of tose lovely men who don’t think its right to have sex and leave. Sex is so much more than just the acts themselves. I think this one will be worth at least another visit 😉

Why is it that as we were laying peacefully in the afterglow of good sex he had to spoil it. When he said that he had to say somethig that could put me of him my mind was working overtime trying to figure out what awful thing he was going to say about me. Had I commited some faux pas without realising it. After all he had already complimented my cute bum, told me that I taste good all over and he thinks I am a lovely person. So what could this awful thing be? I was stunned when he told me that he is ‘married but about to seperate’. I wanted to ask ‘does she know that you are seperating?’ but managed to hold my tongue. I wasn’t so stunned because he had confessed to being married although his profile says ‘single’. I was stunned because he had been saying that next time I should go to his house. He also told me that he was soon going to be holding a party which I could go to if I wanted.

This man is full of suprises

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Become a sex slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 24, 2010

Perusing the search terms used to find this place I discovered that someone had written ………become a sex slave

This got me thinking about the topic of sex slaves and submissives. I had never been totally sure what the difference was. But having checked I see that a submissive is a volunteer whereas a slave is not. Does this mean that I could not choose to be a sex slave. Being a sex slave has never really been on my agenda although it could be incorporated into some role play. I have however had an itching to be a submissive.

I am not sure if I would be any good at being a submissive, although I do have a tendency to let my partner lead. I do sometimes get the urge to take over control. The idea of being submissive does turn me on and the more I read from subs the more I want to give it a go even if I don’t know if I could be a good girl.

I keep finding myself drawn to blogs by subs although I also read some by Dom’s. I don’t find myself reading any blogs by Dominatrix although I sometimes enjoy a little fantasy of  being the Dominant one. There have been times and I have said this on here that I think I am really a switch. But having given the matter much thought in the last couple of years I think I have more submissive tendencies than Dominant ones so I am probably more of a sub than anything else.

Over the last few years I have toyed with the idea of being a sub and had several discussions about it with some of the men I have known. Some are better at being Dominant than others. I know that if I was to do this then I would need to trust my Dom implicitly. I have thought about going online in search of a Dom. I am not sure if this would be a good idea. I don’t think I want to have a long distance relationship but one where we are local enough to have some real time together. Do I want to be a sub 24/7 or just as part of sex play when we are together. I have dabbled with being given instructions by text once or twice over the last 4 years and found it a big turn on. Having to follow my instructions and prove that I have done it.

I enjoy playing at calling my man Sir and obeying his every wish but it has only ever been a bit of short term role play. Would I be able to sustain this on a more long term setting I don’t know as I don’t know how I would manage this whilst working full time and running my household. I know I am single which would make this easier than for those subs who are married to someone other than their Dom but I do have teenagers.

Somewhere in my thoughts about the possibilities of being a sub are also mixed in thoughts of  my being bi-curious. I have enjoyed kissing and fondling a couple of women a few years ago but not experimented with oral. Part of me wants to experience oral with another woman but I also feel reluctant to do this very intimate act. This is where my thoughts on being submissive take over. It turns me on so much to think of being made to do this even if I am reluctant. Is it perverse to want to be forced to eat pussy when I am not bisexual. I think being forced to do so would be far more exciting than doing it because I want to. I also want to be made to lick my Master’s cock clean after he has fucked another woman. This again is something that I would normally find difficult. I can’t imagine wanting to watch my man fuck another woman. Yet I have these fantasies about being in a threesome where I have to witness them fucking then  have to clean them both up with my tongue. I do also fantasise about her having to do the licking too.

A couple of years ago I was talking to a man not too far away who I had to call my Dark Master. He showed me a collar he had bought for me and would give me tasks to do. I especially liked having to phone him so that he could hear me when I made myself cum. He also talked about a female friend of his who was going to be my Mistress, I would have to serve both of them. It didn’t come about but sometimes I wish it had. Maybe in that scenario I would have been his sub but her sex slave.

It will be interesting to see if any of this ever comes about. It would also be good if you have any advice for me.

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cunnilingus…………lets get this licked

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 23, 2010

Following this post about fellatio I thought it should be the turn of us girls.  During my post about fellatio I mentioned that my ex husband sometimes performed cunnilingus on me. This was the only sexual act that worked on me during the last 18 years of the 19 we were together. I also mentioned that although this turned me on I didn’t want him to do it. Our sex life was not a source of pleasure for me. Sex was something to be avoided at all costs. This included staying downstairs for hours after he went to bed to ensure that he was asleep. Or alternatively if he had been out drinking going to sleep or pretending to be asleep hoping not to be molested by him when he came to bed.

As I said before I would often be woken by him grabbing my hand forcing me to wank him. But 2 or 3 times a year wanking  was not enough. He would crawl between my legs running his tongue along the lips of my pussy. He was not particularly good at it but  the touch of a tongue on my most sensitive parts would cause a stirring that I would rather do without. I didn’t want him to bring me to orgasm, I didn’t want what followed. I didn’t want him climbing on top of me as he would try to fuck me. I would silently beg him to get it over with quickly so that I could go to sleep. I think that apart from finding him repulsive I also shied away from letting him give me orgasms because I sometimes got cramp in  the sole of my foot when I came.

Since I have been single again I have discovered that the majority of men claim to not only love cunnilingus  but are also experts at it. So many men proclaim to love licking pussy for a long time. What I have found is that some men are as good as they say they are at licking pussy. I do love to have my pussy licked but sometimes like the other night with Karl I would get so turned on that not only my labia but my whole body would become over sensitive. Causing my whole body to shudder at the slightest touch until I am begging not to be touched for a few minutes.

Some of the men I have met have not made any attempt to go down on me at all. I tend to go with the flow and follow their lead unless I get the urge to take over control. I did wonder if it was something to do with me that they didn’t follow-up their promises of cunnilingus. Was it my body that put them off, or did I smell without realising it. But deep down I knew it wasn’t me it was them. The me who have licked my pussy have been very enthusiastic and complimentary.

I am very conscience about not eating too much tuna if I know I am going to be indulging. I worry that my pussy will smell of fish or worse still taste fishy. But I have been told many times that my pussy is very sweet, delicious even. I don’t recall ever having my pussy eaten badly, just disappointed when the promise of cunnilingus has not been fulfilled. Maybe I should learn to demand it.

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Its Fab

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2010

Did I tell you that I joined a new website…….yes of course I did that was how I found out that Karl has been telling me porkies. So now I am on adult friend finder (aff) and on Fabswingers (fab). I hadn’t been on aff for about 9 months but I checked out my profile a few weeks ago and found that Karl was nolonger one of my friends ‘well I don’t need to talk to you on there now do I?’ was his response a few weeks ago. This week he told me

you have deleted your profile on aff

no I haven’t

but I can’t see you on my friends

because You deleted Me!

He now knows that I am also on fab because he has seen my profile and says he recognised my profile photo (he should it was taken with him on his bed). I was deliberately checking out his profile regularly and using that photo to make him realise that I was on fab and that if I have checked out his profile I would possibly have seen what his friends had said about him. I was giving him a chance to tell me that he had met them and played.  I am not his wife or even his girl friend so it isn’t going to be a problem that he is seeing other people. He just shouldn’t tell me he isn’t when I can see for myself that he is.

Anyway since I have been on the site I have been chatting to other guys. I might even be meeting one after work tomorrow. Which reminds me I have to text him to see if our meet is still on. I have chatted to Spencer a few times over the past two weeks. We seem to get on really well but he is about an hour away from me although willing to drive here. We have arranged to meet for a drink at the pub near to my work where I met Cutter a few times last summer. If our meet does go ahead and we get on really well there is a hotel next to the pub. I am planning to wear a black skirt suit see through top and stockings for this date if it happens.

Last sunday evening I had a very hot chat with Andrew.  He lives not too far from me and is single with his own place so there are possibilities for fun and games there. During our conversation he told me what would happen when he opened the door of his place if I went there. I used his words as the base for my last story ‘Master‘ which I shall continue soon. Having talked to him for hours I am looking forward to more especially as there is potential for him to become my Master for real. I am not going to rush into anything with him but he did excite me and I think if I were to go down the Master/slut road I could do worse than do it with him. We have both agreed that we are not looking for 24/7 . The more I read about D/s relationships the more I think I would like to give it a try. I can’t wait to talk to him again.

Today I have been chatting to two other men one of them from a few roads away from me (my profile says I live in a nearby city). As yet my conversations with Woody have not been of a sexual nature but he has made it clear that he wants to be up front and make sure I know that he is married. Hence he has had to vanish from my screen  twice today. OMG I have just realised who he is………..when he chats to me on Yahoo I can see his surname …..his boys were at junior school with mine…….his wife is really really pretty. Hmmm might not be such a good idea, but on the other hand could add to the thrill.

This evening I have been talking to Owl who is single and lives in a nearby city. He seems quite nice and says I sound like fun, but had to cut short our chat as he was late meeting a friend for a drink. I have not yet chatted to him but have exchanged emails with Dave who wants to take me sailing on his yacht with or without fun mmmmhe looks and sound rather nice too.

Whilst I was chatting to Woody in the early afternoon I had a visit from Karl. He had bought me a web cam. He thinks  need one! I have not used a web cam for a couple of years, which is deliberate. I got fed up with not being able to chat to any man without him asking me to lift my top or to take it off……then it would be ‘stick youe hand inside your pants’.  On occasions I quite enjoy playing on webcam for one of my lovers. But it got so that I could never have a normal conversation without these demands……I didn’t always feel like it or didn’t didn’t have the privacy as my computer was in the livingroom. I found it easier to just say I didn’t have one. I have now installed this new one but as yet not tried it.

It could come in useful but as I am using yahoo not msn for chatting with my new friends from Fab I can’t use it anyway if they are on msn. But It does mean there is potential for some cyber fun…….watch this space.

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Fellatio ………do all women?

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 20, 2010

I have just noticed that someone found my blog by writing …………….does every woman perform fellatio

The quick answer is Nooooooooo

Obviously I cannot answer for all women. I have talked to a lot of men whose experience is that not all women do.

As for myself if you asked my former husband he would also say no.  During 19 years we were together I probably performed fellatio on him 2 or maybe 3 times and then only under extreme pressure from him to do so. The very thought of it repulsed me.  The thought of his cock anywhere near my mouth made me feel ill. I certainly didn’t want to lick it especially if there was any pre-cum. There was no way I would put it into my mouth. As for tasting myself ewww definitely not.

Even though I found that he could turn me on by licking my pussy I didn’t want him to do it. I didn’t enjoy sex so I didn’t want him to turn me on. My body betrayed me every time he did that. But even though he was able to turn me on by giving me oral I couldn’t return the favour. Neither could I let him kiss me afterwards. I didn’t like his kisses anyway (there is a reason ie denture fixative yukky goo). But although I would maybe put up with a kiss before he went down on me there was a limit.  Once he had the taste of my cum on his mouth he was not to come near my mouth. Neither was I going to taste myself on his cock………no way!!

Almost as bad but a preferred act was wanking him off. I would often be woken by him pulling my hand towards his erection. I hated wanking him off but if it satisfied him enough to leave me alone as far as any other sex went then I would reluctantly do so. However I would do my utmost to make him come quickly (wanking him made my  upper arms ache) I would avoid touching his head especially if there was any wet sticky pre cum. Once he started to cum I would remove my hand as fast as I could to avoid getting any on my hand. I did however allow him to cum on my belly or my tits but he had to clean me up as I wouldn’t touch it.

So now you know what sex was like for me and my husband for 18 of the 19 years we were together. For the first year sex was good but I still didn’t perform fellatio on him. But suprisingly during previous relationships I actually enjoyed performing fellatio even if I didn’t swallow or even spit. After what you have just read you will probably be amazed that in the relationship prior to my husband I was seeing a young Irish man (we were both in our early 20s he was slightly younger than me). He had never had fellatio and was not interested in trying it. But I convinced him to let me give him a demonstration. He was converted from that night on and couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t believe that he had never wanted to even try it until I persuaded him. Are there many men who either don’t like it or have never tried it. I had a message on an adult site last week from a man in his 40’s asking if I suck cock as he has never had his cock sucked.

I honestly don’t remember which of my relationships prior to these two was the one where I learnt to suck cock. I don’t think it was my first relationship with an older boy (he was 20 I was 17) my first love when I lost my virginity. We didn’t have many opportunities to have sex even though after that first time I wanted sex as much as possible. It may have been the next relationship when I was engaged on and off for about 4 years to a man who treated me like his mistress rather than his fiance because I didn’t get on with his domineering mother. Or it could have been the much older (he was 43 I was 21) Army Staff Sgt. During our 6 month relationship he raped me twice the second time being when I tried to finish with him. It’s funny how although I remember having sex doggy style with both my fiance and the older man I don’t remember sucking either of their cocks.

Perhaps it was the married coach driver who not only took me to Austria for my first solo holiday (I was 22) he also took my heart as he was the one who cured me of the terror that the older man had left me with. I remember the relief when he was on top of me and for the first time I didn’t see the older man’s face as had happened when I had been back with my fiance for a short time. I remember that sex with the married man (I didn’t know at the time that he was married) was fun. I discovered that I got wet during sex with him but I don’t remember having oral sex with him.

It must however have been one or all of these guys who practiced oral sex with me as how would I have known that I liked it enough to persuade the Irish guy to try it? Anyway I do know that I enjoyed fellatio during several relationships prior to meeting my husband. He of course would fall of his chair if anyone told him how much I have enjoyed fellatio   with all the men I have slept with since I divorced him. Not only do I enjoy licking and sucking my lover’s cock and balls but I also lick my own juice from his shaft. Pre-cum is no longer a no go for me I will play with it with my fingers or lick it greedily with the tip of my tongue. I am no longer shy when my man wants to shoot his cum, I don’t pull away to avoid it . I suck harder on his cock to make sure I get every last drop. ‘Wow’ has been the response more than once. Fred finds it awesome every time. Although Karl loves me sucking his cock and we can indulge in it for what seems like hours but I have never experienced him cumming (either in my mouth or elsewhere).

No longer will I refuse to lick a cock or a mouth that is covered in my own juice. These days I revel in the taste of myself as well as the taste of my man. I enjoy not only these acts in themselves and the wonderful tastes that I experience now, but also the look on my man’s face whilst I am pleasuring him with my mouth. I love that men adore my tits and legs but once they have experience one of my blow jobs they are in ecstasy.

I have not met a man yet who doesn’t like being on the receiving end of a good cock sucking. But I wonder how many in reality get a good sucking with any kind of regularity. Have many been on the recieving end of a bad sucking. What constitutes a bad experience. Personally I have never had any complaints except perhaps one or two who couldn’t cope with the experience of having their over sensitive balls sucked enthusiastically.  But the over all experience was great. I have found that a lot of the men I have enjoyed sex with have had their cock sucked but never had their cum swallowed. This seems to be the ultimate experience for many men. Only one man (Sebatian) has shared a snowball with me although Fred says he would. A lot of men have said no they would not like it. Most have never heard of it (a snowball for those who don’t know is the sharing of spunk by way of a kiss after felatio has been performed to completion, allowing some of the spunk to go into the man’s mouth from his lover’s mouth during a kiss).  It is such a delightfully naughty thing to do but I only ever do it if the man has agreed before hand.

On this poll you can tick as many of the options as apply to you

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Posted by secretlynaughty on March 19, 2010

Anna knocked on her Master’s door at precisely 8pm as he had instructed. She hoped that he wouldn’t keep her waiting out in the cold for long. The cold wind was reaching inside her coat wrapping itself around her stocking clad legs. The feel of it against the bare skin at the top of her thighs simultaeously sending icy shivers through her whilst her pussy burned with the heat of excitement. When she had agreed to wear only stockings and heels under her coat anna hadn’t expected the weather to be so cold.

Anna had stood there for an eternity that was in reality only about 2 minutes when the door opened and there towering over her stood her Master. Gripping her wrist he pulled her into the hallway of his home. Closing the door behind her with click of the lock anna knew there was no going back now. Master still had hold of her wrist keeping her rigid where she stood. anna braced herself for what would come next. Her Master didn’t let her down he grabs anna by the back of her neck and pulls her close.

Kissing her hard on the mouth, his tongue fighting with hers as his other hand reaches for her boob. Easing it out of her bra he drops his mouth, taking her nipple between his teeth. He gently bites and flicks her nipple with his tongue. Dropping to his knees in front of anna. Kissing all the way down he gently pushes her against the wall and spreads her beautiful thighs. Breathing in her musky scent he reach forwards and eases her knickers to one side and gently tastes her with the tip of his tongue. Inserting a finger inside anna, he licks up till he finds her clit. Taking it between his teeth he rolls it with his tongue as he fingers her hard and fast,making her cum. Remaining silent apart from her deep breathing anna stays stands still the trickle from her pussy giving away her arousal.

Once her orgasm has subsided anna’s Master got to his feet ordering her to go into his livingroom.

‘Take off your coat, place it on the back of the chair then sit, spread your legs and masturbate for me.’

anna began to step towards the open door of the brightly lit room. But she was brought to a halt when her Master hissed in her ear.

‘where are you going? what have you to say for yourself slut’.


‘nothing!! do you not think you should thank your Master for being so generous to you?’
‘thank you Master. May I go now please Master?’

‘very well you may enter the room but in future remember your manners. You are My slave, My cunt now and I demand that you remember your manners at all times. Is that understood slut?’

‘yes Master, I am your slut and will remember my manners, thank you Master’

Silently anna places her purple coat on the chair and takes her seat. Keeping her eyes lowered to the floor she places her right hand onto the soft flesh of her pussy, slowly inserting her finger into her wetness. anna has never masturbated in front of anyone before and feels shy in doing so now. But she knows that in accepting him as her Master anna had given herself to him and must now obey his every command. He crouches before her one hand on her knee the other cupping her chin, lifting her face until she has no choice but to look him in the eye. His look daring her not to look away. The hand on her knee now moves along her inner thigh caressing in gentle circles creeping nearer to her pussy and the hand that she is furiously rubbing it with. anna can’t help herself, as she gushes over her hand.

Suddeny without warning the hand cupping her chin slaps her lightly across the cheek.

‘slut, did I give you permission to cum? You will learn that you only cum when I command it. since you are still learning I shall be lenient. you will now lick your hand clean removing all trace of your scent, when you are finished you will offer me your hand for me to check that you have been thorough.’

‘thank you Master’

Shyly at first then greedily anna licks her fingers clean of her own juice. Offering her hand to her Master, he slaps it away.

‘I can still smell you on your palm.’

anna licks her palm until her tongue is dry from all the licking, again she offers her hand to her Master. One by one he licks her fingers then her palm. smiling he stands.

‘You do well, now you shall have your reward. Unzip my trousers and remove my penis. You may suck him for 5 minutes. But make sure you suck him well. Master demands that his slut gives him her best at all times.’

To be continued

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Losing it

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 18, 2010

I had spent all evening chatting to a new guy, Andrew who I met through the new site I had recently joined. Among other things we had discussed D/s. He has some Dom experience and our chat took on a Dom/sub slant. Towards the end of the chat he instructed me to play with my toys. Upon my asking him which toys he decreed that I should use vibrator on my pussy and my bullet on my arse.

We carried on our chat with him telling me what to do. I had a couple of orgasms on demand before the conversation ended. Later I had put away my vibrator but forgotten about my bullet. When I did remember it I realised that I could still feel a light buzzing. I thought I was probably sitting on my bullet. A sweep of my hand across my bed under my bum resulted in nothing. Another sweep of my hand revealed nothing. Standing  I checked the bedding and the towel had earlier placed under me still nothing. Placing my palm against my lower back I could feel a buzzing near to my lower spine. Carefully I slid a finger into my arse nothing, just warm wet flesh bit no vibrating bullet.

I was beginning to panic now as the realisation hit home that my bullet was inside me out of reach and still vibrating. I had visions of having to take myself to the acident and emergency unit at our local hospital. I thought about how I would manage if I did nothing just left it where it was buzzing away inside me. How long would it continue vibrating for after all it is new and so is the battery. I thought about natures way and figured that anything that had gone up there would eventually have to come down. I didn’t fancy waiting until my bowels decided to work.

Squatting over my towel I pulled my cheeks apart and pushed down as though I was on the lavatory. I felt a movement and when checking discovered that I could now feel my bullet although I couldn’t get hold of it. One more push and I laid my bullet. (good thing it wasn’t my new egg). Boy was I pleased to see my toy laying there.

You can be sure I won’t be trying that again in a hurry.

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The shopping trip

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 17, 2010

I had been counting down the days then the hours and now we were almost there. I had been feeling excited for days but now I was a little nervous. We had talked about it online on and off for days, we had worked out where we were going to go. There were two choices, we chose the one with longer opening hours. He collected me from my home and we set off on our adventure. We found the road we were looking for and as we crawled along in traffic I noticed a discreet door set back between two shops. Over the door the sign Hidden Desire slightly different to what we were looking for but close enough.

Walking back down the road towards that door trying to look nonchalant, nerves a jumble, hoping that nobody would notice us disappearing through the door. Yet attempting to convince myself that I didn’t care maybe even wanted to be noticed. even though I had looked at pictures of the shop on the net I was still suprised. metallic flooring, bright lights and plastic toys. Not all the toys were plastic but ar too many appeared to be either plastic or unrealistically huge or even both. The only other person in there was the shop assistant (is that what he should be called) who was busy with his laptop.

Browsing the variety of toys on show had us giggling quietly together.  But even so I couldn’t help but feel a little restrained. Had I been with someone more aware of the extent of my sexual interests I could have taken more time to examine the small range of floggers, paddles and restraints. Just as I would have taken more interest in the anal toys. Instead I gave all these a cursory glance before giving my attention to the dildos and vibrators. I hadn’t mentioned anything but he wasn’t suprised when I chose a remote control egg. I know he had told me that I could have whatever I wanted upto a predetemined amount and my egg was not even half that amount but there was nothing else there that I really wanted. We had been in the shop for about half an hour, so that was my first experience of visiting a sex shop. I left feeling a little disappointed.

Perhaps a different shop with a different companion would have been a more fulfilling experience but at least I now have my remote control egg and he enjoys playing with the remote whilst I am wearing my egg.

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