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Become a sex slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 24, 2010

Perusing the search terms used to find this place I discovered that someone had written ………become a sex slave

This got me thinking about the topic of sex slaves and submissives. I had never been totally sure what the difference was. But having checked I see that a submissive is a volunteer whereas a slave is not. Does this mean that I could not choose to be a sex slave. Being a sex slave has never really been on my agenda although it could be incorporated into some role play. I have however had an itching to be a submissive.

I am not sure if I would be any good at being a submissive, although I do have a tendency to let my partner lead. I do sometimes get the urge to take over control. The idea of being submissive does turn me on and the more I read from subs the more I want to give it a go even if I don’t know if I could be a good girl.

I keep finding myself drawn to blogs by subs although I also read some by Dom’s. I don’t find myself reading any blogs by Dominatrix although I sometimes enjoy a little fantasy of  being the Dominant one. There have been times and I have said this on here that I think I am really a switch. But having given the matter much thought in the last couple of years I think I have more submissive tendencies than Dominant ones so I am probably more of a sub than anything else.

Over the last few years I have toyed with the idea of being a sub and had several discussions about it with some of the men I have known. Some are better at being Dominant than others. I know that if I was to do this then I would need to trust my Dom implicitly. I have thought about going online in search of a Dom. I am not sure if this would be a good idea. I don’t think I want to have a long distance relationship but one where we are local enough to have some real time together. Do I want to be a sub 24/7 or just as part of sex play when we are together. I have dabbled with being given instructions by text once or twice over the last 4 years and found it a big turn on. Having to follow my instructions and prove that I have done it.

I enjoy playing at calling my man Sir and obeying his every wish but it has only ever been a bit of short term role play. Would I be able to sustain this on a more long term setting I don’t know as I don’t know how I would manage this whilst working full time and running my household. I know I am single which would make this easier than for those subs who are married to someone other than their Dom but I do have teenagers.

Somewhere in my thoughts about the possibilities of being a sub are also mixed in thoughts of  my being bi-curious. I have enjoyed kissing and fondling a couple of women a few years ago but not experimented with oral. Part of me wants to experience oral with another woman but I also feel reluctant to do this very intimate act. This is where my thoughts on being submissive take over. It turns me on so much to think of being made to do this even if I am reluctant. Is it perverse to want to be forced to eat pussy when I am not bisexual. I think being forced to do so would be far more exciting than doing it because I want to. I also want to be made to lick my Master’s cock clean after he has fucked another woman. This again is something that I would normally find difficult. I can’t imagine wanting to watch my man fuck another woman. Yet I have these fantasies about being in a threesome where I have to witness them fucking then  have to clean them both up with my tongue. I do also fantasise about her having to do the licking too.

A couple of years ago I was talking to a man not too far away who I had to call my Dark Master. He showed me a collar he had bought for me and would give me tasks to do. I especially liked having to phone him so that he could hear me when I made myself cum. He also talked about a female friend of his who was going to be my Mistress, I would have to serve both of them. It didn’t come about but sometimes I wish it had. Maybe in that scenario I would have been his sub but her sex slave.

It will be interesting to see if any of this ever comes about. It would also be good if you have any advice for me.

4 Responses to “Become a sex slave”

  1. ronjazz said

    Here’s a suggested difference between the two, honey. A submissive offers his/her body to a Dom for his own agenda. A slave offers his/her soul for a master’s own pleasure.

  2. bdsmpenguin said

    I will be your master penguin. OBEY, slave!

  3. pat said

    how do you become my master

  4. Master_Radnor said

    Gorean Master seeks his slaves (female) online relationships will train mold her mind body soul and hope in time to capture her heart..she must
    have the slaves fire please Me in all ways to learn and grow together..only real subs/slaves need apply..dont waste My time will train
    the gorean style…be ready..its themed..type roleplaying but its a real relationship

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