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Dungeon and jacuzzi

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 10, 2010

Now although I accidentally put on my shy head I did enjoy my evening at the swinger’s party. It didn’t quite live up to expectation but then, what ever does when you are excited about something. There were less people there than expected and quite a few young thin people. There was more than the ‘normal’ amount of young single men. For the first few hours everyone was just talking in their groups.

We (Dave and I) decided to visit the dungeon, after a closer inspection of some of the equipment dave pulled my knickers down and stuffed them in my shoulder bag (where they still are). I climbed onto one of the spanking benches

leaning forward I could see myself in the mirror with Dave behind me, my skirt pushed up onto my back.  First he pushed his fingers inside me making me very wet, I’m sure my juice was dripping onto the floor between my spread legs.  But soon he was pushing his cock into my pussy and spanking my arse at the same time. Some people came to the door but left again when they saw us but after a while a man came in and sat down to watch. After my reticence about being watched the night before I somehow found this more of a turn on. I have for sometime liked the idea of the pssibility of being watched without knowing it, but not with it being obvious. However this time it was a turn on to know that this guy was enjoying watching me being fucked.  Dave withdrew and came round to my head presenting me with his erection which I was greadily enjoying when I was taken by suprise when Dave’s hand smacked down hard on my bum cheek. After several more smacks on my now stinging bum he was back between my thighs bringing me back to orgasm again as my body convulsed through it.

Later we found ourselves in a room that was all red with erotic artwork on the walls, no door and several peep holes in the wall there were also two sex swings as well as two double beds. At first we stood inside the door kissing with his hand inside my skirt making me wet again, then we moved onto the bed. With my skirt up over my waist and him naked from the waist down we began fucking. All the time I was moaning with pleasure as my legs were clasped around his waist I was aware of people looking in and some even coming to stand inside the doorway watching not just us but the couple on the other bed. By the time we had finished there was a very wet patch on the bed where I had come again.

We spent a lot of time drinking soft drinks and chatting in the kitchen/lounge areas. We had started the evening outside but it had become too chilly and boring just listening to people chatting about mutual friends that I had no idea who they were. Consequently frequent trips to the upstairs toilets were required. On my return from one such trip Dave was sat on the arm of a sofa chatting to the couple sat there. He told me to sit on his knee which I did but after a while found myself standing astride his thigh. His hand which has a mind of its own was soon inside my skirt working on my clit. I could feel myself coming right there dripping onto his thigh and the floor below while other people were standing around us chatting and laughing. This turned me on even more.

Once or twice Dave left me to go see what was going on elsewhere in the house. I didn’t want to stop him having fun with anyone else just as he didn’t want to stop me having fun. I did go searching for him once when I was bored, I found him back in the dungeon with a couple. He was just thanking them and didn’t see me come in the room behind him. She was just dressing, obviously I didn’t mind that he had had some action but when I asked him if had fun he just said not really she wasn’t very good used her hand too much.

Later we returned to the dungeon again, we both seemed to like it down there, another couple were using the spanking bench in the center of the room so we used the other one at the side of the room. We had investigated other furniture in the room but without whips etc not much point. I was getting quite hot and of course wet, this time Dave was alternating between fingering me and fucking my arse (something I have not done for about 2 years) and of course spanking me again. I know that two men came into the room, one joined the other couple playing with her pussy while she sucked the first guy’s cock. The other man sat in the chair beside the spanking bench where I was being fucked. In the mirror on the wall I could see Dave smiling down at me as he pumped into my arse and pulling my shoulders back towards him. Each time he slammed into me I felt my tummy slam against the top part of the bench where I was leaning on my elbows. Whispering in my ear he asked if I would be ok if anyone joined us. I agreed but it didn’t matter as it didn’t happen.

I have no idea what time it was when we investigated the jacuzzi in the garden. A little nervous of stripping off in front of everyone I waited until there was only one person in there before taking off my skirt top and bra and climbing in. I couldn’t believe how warm the water was and the jets were lovely. A few minutes later Dave joined us for a while soon followed by a few others. I was sat sandwiched between Dave and the young guy who had installed the hot tub earlier in the week. (no wonder he got in for free). They each had one of my legs resting across their lap. It wasn’t long before Dave’s fingers found my cunt again. The lad was stroking my leg under the water but that was all he did. He was happy with that so was I.

It was probably about 20 minutes before Dave left the jacuzzi leaving the birthday boy next to him to take his place. He began stroking my leg too and before I knew it his fingers had crept up my thigh to my pussy. Once his fingers touched my lips I adjusted my position letting him know it was ok to carry on. We were still laughing and chatting with the other occupants as he fingered me and my left hand found his erection. The look on his face and the feel of his fingers working in my cunt showed me that he was enjoying my cack handed wank. (I’m not left handed which doesn’t help). We kept this up for ages. I know I was on the verge of orgasm several times having to close my eyes and feel the blood drain from my head for a second or two. Eventually I had to leave briefly to find the toilet, dashing through the house wrapped in a short towel.

When I returned Dave was dressed and chatting in the garden, I told him to let me know when he wanted to leave, I was going back into the hot bubbles. Again it was just me and the young lad. We chatted and laughed for ages just enjoying the water. His mate who was the host (not sure if he owns the place) kept coming out to tease us and telling him to give it to me. He grabbed my breast to show young lad that he had done more to me than the lad. All that did was make us laugh. We were enjoying ourselves without having sex. But the next time I made my towel clad dash upstairs to the toilet I found Dave half asleep laid on a sofa. Time to go home it was after all almost 3am.

6 Responses to “Dungeon and jacuzzi”

  1. Rosie said

    Believe me your club was a lot more interesting then the one I attended here. All the people were quite overweight and not attractive, the place was sooooo smokey. But I enjoyed the rope tieing lesson.

  2. That place sounds pretty decent compared to some of the horror stories I’ve heard! Hope when I actually venture out to one, it will be worth the wait and the cost!!

  3. yummy said

    there are some right stinkers of clubs ou there and some great ones but the thing Ive found its what you make of it. I always arrange to meet people Ive been speaking to there of Fab so atleast your are gaurenteed good chat and its a bonus if you do anything more.

    the worst club i went to was one in edinburgh but I had the best night ever. I had arranged to meet 18 other people, mainly couples… I must do a post! its ended up as a 12 hour group sex session …mmm

  4. sallysays said

    any good clubs in socal?

  5. Exhibit C said

    Interesting that you went to a swingers party but you don’t describe too much in the way of fucking or watching others.

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