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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 5, 2010

After writing 20 posts in May I have really struggled this last week or so. I now have no less than 4 posts that I have half written but just don’t seem to be able to finish. Even my last post about pussy pumps was not really finished, there was more I wanted to write but got distracted. But I decided that I had enough to make it a half way decent post. I had been going to talk about what I found when I investigated these pumps and how this made me feel etc.

There is a half written post about the foursome Karl and I had with another couple who had never done this before, and what Karl did. We have had a number of conversations about it since so I know how he feels and why.

There is another post about what both Karl and Dave say about sharing me and my thoughts on that. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet and if their thoughts on sharing me change.

There is also a post about married men and why I keep finding myself with married men when what I really need and want is a single man.

Now before this becomes another post that languishes in my drafts I am going to publish this now, as it is I think I started it the night before last.

2 Responses to “drafts”

  1. Kevin said

    I, too, struggle with posts from time to time. My cheat’s way round it is to write a few posts in advance, then I always have something to publish on those days when I can’t think of anything to say. But, damn, blogging is about a (kind of) secret diary, so it is up to you what you write, and if you don’t like it when it’s up there, you can always re-write it a few days later. We’re all reading eachother’s innermost thoughts, so we can’t expect them to be fully formed and coherent all the time – they are about what we feel at that moment. No-one has the right to criticise your writing, even if we sometimes privately wonder about some bloggers’ motivations (that’s a general comment, and not about you, by the way). I would love to read about your foursome, even if you haven’t completely clarified your thoughts!

    • secretlynaughty said

      Hi Kevin

      I have a variety of things I can do if I don’t have anything to write about but these drafts are things I did want to write about but for one reason or another got distracted or interrupted. Then couldn’t get back the thread of what I wanted to say. We each have our own way of writing and for me I like to write whatever it is in one go which is why I can write short stories but would never be able to write a book.

      I will write about the foursome at one point but don’t know when it will be so you will just have to watch this space as they say. 😉

      sn x

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