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Your fantasy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 6, 2010

I have had an email from a man who has flattered me greatly regarding my writing and sexual expertise. (ok maybe he was flattering me in the hope of a bj while he visits NYC). He will be a lot further away from me there than he is now lol. Anyway his invite to visit him in his swanky hotel got me thinking about a story. I would like to try something a little different.

Here is the start of a story can you write the next part then maybe I will continue it from your idea………….

It has been a long tiring day travelling to get here. You leave me to rest while you attend to your business. There will be meetings and conferences, times when you will be occupied. I have my books and pens to keep me happy. Through half closed eyes I see you silently slip from the room dressed in your dark suit, your tall frame fills the doorway.

A few moments later it seems I open my eyes the room warm, a whiff of your aftershave reaches me in my half sleep. I turn towards the window where I see you. I must have been asleep for hours. You are no longer sheathed in your charcoal suit and lemon shirt. I watch you as you shift through papers sprawled across your lap as you make notes on the desk. You are sat sideways to the desk with your feet propped up on the edge. From my vantage point I see the way your robe has parted showing more leg than it should. Silently I rise from the bed crossing the room. You are oblivious of my presence; you are so engrossed in your work. A frown creases your brow.

Silently I wrap my arms about your neck as I lean over you kissing your neck down to your parted lips. As you look up at me your papers fall in a heap. Stepping over them I climb into your lap still kissing and hugging. Your hands slide inside my black satin wrap as I wriggle into a comfortable position. We cling to each other as our hands and mouths explore the body pressed against our own ……………………..

So what do you think happens next?

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