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a man in leathers mmmmm

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2010

Wow ….what can I say …….wow I needed that, needed him yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

I had been due to see Nigel but had cancelled as I was unexpectedly not alone at home. But Nigel was very keen to see me anyway. I agreed that I wanted him here but we would have to be quiet.

I jumped into the shower, dried myself and my hair, threw on my red satin chemise and short black satin robe and ran into the front bedroom to watch out for his car.

Yummy he pulled up outside on his motorbike in the leathers he had promised the other week after reading my fantasy about him.

I let him in and we crept up to my bedroom where I had already turned my radio up louder than usual. We kissed , oh how I have missed those kisses, and we kissed some more then I began to unzip his leather jacket, he bent down (hes over a foot taller than me) to take my breast in his hand and suckle on my right nipple.

I took his hand and led him over to my bed. He stopped just long enough to remove his tight black and cream leather trousers and boots. Then he joined me on my bed burying his head in my bust…..making a delicious meal of my nipples while I craddled and stroked his head. Before too long though our lips were getting re aquainted while his fingers were searching through the new soft dark curls that have appeared since our last encounter. mmmm his fingers found the right spot to start my juices flowing. We continued to kiss whilst muttering to each other how long it has been and we mustn’t let that happen again.
He licked his thumb and rubbed it against my clitoris mmm now that feels sooo good. It didnt take long before our muffled chat was smothered in more kisses as Nigel climbed on top of me and unusually entered me in the missionary position. (not a position we indulged in too much, prefering to be more adventurous). With my legs wrapped around his waist we began our journey to heaven. I dont know if it was the change to our customary positions or the fact it had been ages, even the awareness that we were not alone in the house. But although I was very aroused I didnt seem, to me, to be very wet. However I did enjoy the feelings of being fucked hard, fast and very intimately. It wasnt long before my legs were resting on Nigel’s shoulders mmmmm much more intimate but my legs did look funny as I was not on this occasion wearing stockings as I would normally do for him.
Changes in position, Nigel  did love to fuck my ass and since he taught me how to enjoy it I really do. I was very dry on this day, not sure why so we needed more lube than usual but boy did that hard cock feel good inside my tight ass once he got there…….I felt bitter sweet pain as he penetrated my ass that had been left alone for 2 months. Mingled with the deliscious tingle and the waves of pleasure that coursed through me from my toes to the top of my head. Those sweet waves took me to places I don’t otherwise find. I could feel my pussy tingling with pleasure too and the sensations of my pussy and my ass were almost too much to bear. OH Nigel that was soooo good. Slowly he withdrew.
There was much kissing, licking sucking, fucking from behind and in between we managed to fit more hard fucking of my ass. Mmm I needed a cushion for sitting obviously it had been too long since we were last together but it had been such a lovely sweet hard fuck I cannot complain except perhaps that I had to wait so long. But who could complain at the sight of a sexy man in his leathers except that he had to leave too soon.

2 Responses to “a man in leathers mmmmm”

  1. ronjazz said

    You really are a hot fucking little slut. Don’t you DARE leave that behind…It’s one of my favorite things about you!

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