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home alone

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2010

It was just after 2am when I got the text …………are you still up? …………This was followed by a call was the kettle on? During a brief chat late afternoon he had said that if I didn’t go to the gig he would call round later. (I can’t remember if I told him that my offspring were staying with their father so I had the house to myself all night).

He arrived just as the kettle finished boiling, I made us our tea he put his arms around my waist commenting on the thin strapless dress I was wearing that showed I was bra less. I had been waiting nervously for his arrival. This would be the first time I had allowed him into my bedroom. We sat close together on my sofa, no huge gulf between us today. My cat decided she wanted attention. Karl obliged and was soon being attentive to the four legged pussy nestled on his lap.

I know I should have grabbed his arm and led him up the stairs but he was making it clear that he was tired and ached all over from his evenings work at the gig. So I just sat there drinking tea, making small talk whiled he fussed over the other pussy. A couple of times he stroked my nipples through my dress. Maybe I should have stripped off right there. I had bathed and shaved after midnight to ensure my body was freshly clean for him.

For all his saying he had looked out for me all evening, then calling round, I wonder why he bothered. My body was easily accessible, more or less on display and we had extremely rare privacy. I was willing for the first time to take him to my bed, what for? …………….nothing!!

He went home leaving me high and dry again!!

Time to get some toys out and masterbate before I sleep

cold metal sliding between my lips, my juice running between my thighs soaking the towel below my naked bum. moans beginning to escape my other lips. Now who shall I imagine between my soft white legs tonight?

5 Responses to “home alone”

  1. ronjazz said

    Me. Plain and simple. Deep clit sucking, a few choice slaps here and there, and you will love it, honey.

  2. ableur said

    Wish I was there in his place…would have had a different night

  3. Look at it this way SN, with all of his complaining about how weary he was, it wouldn’t have been very good anyway. At least you didn’t go to the additional trouble of making him feel good. You only had to take care of yourself.

  4. Oh yes, and he’s an idiot, I forgot that part.

  5. secretlynaughty said

    Ron we both know I would love it 😉 xx

    ableur do tell me more please 😉

    Kjk when I pointed out to him what he missed out on he did say that sometimes he needs prompts. He also said that he was regrettably to tired to have given a good performance.

    sn xx

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