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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 20, 2010

yesterday I received this unexpected email……….

An award for you my dear

Award from Yummy

And a huge thank you, you were one of the first to read me and brought my blog to the attention of others.

thanks for noticing me xxx

This is the first award I have received on this blog although I have many on my other blogs. I really hadn’t given it any thought here. It has been reward enough to know that others gain pleasure from visiting this place.

If you have not visited Yummy and her blog you should do so, you won’t be disappointed. I would have nominated her to be included in Rori’s 100 best sex blogs for 2010 but unfortunately her blog has not been going long enough to qualify.

6 Responses to “awarded”

  1. yummy said

    Arrrggghh! why wont in work! god damn wordpress! lol emailed you the image and I will post on a forum and get it fixed… unless oneof your charming readers knows what needs to be done?

  2. You need to paste the code as an HTML widget in the right hand side bar. I have just discovered Yummy myself and am working my way through her archive as time permits. She is indeed very very naughty!

  3. secretlynaughty said

    think I finally did it……… is much easier on blogger lol

  4. yummy said

    so pleased we fixed it, you deserve the award so much, not only as your are one sexy blogger, youve been a good blog friend xx

    Cheers and heres to meetin half way one night x

  5. nitebyrd said

    Congratulations, SN! You definitely are “wet panty worthy” 😉

  6. Mike said

    SN, I actually gave you a little “award” of my own on my blog the other day… must be popular lately! 🙂

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