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from fellatio to mistress

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 30, 2010

When he woke me up (I didn’t realise at first that he had) I had no idea where it would lead to.

I had taken my laptop up to bed with me but had dozed off whilst writing my latest post on here (it had already taken 3 days to post, I have been so tired that I keep falling asleep). I woke up thinking it was the middle of the night, it was 11.30pm I discovered that Karl had just tried to chat to me on msn. He was leaving me a message saying he would catch me when I was awake. Once he realised I was now awake we began a short chat but soon said goodnight.

I don’t now remember what I said but it reignited the conversation which turned to fellatio and my dislike of swallowing.


Who said so? He assumed because I had never said …………….I like to swallow……….that I didn’t. Well considering that he has never once cum when we are together (he once said that he hadn’t cum at all even on his own for a year………..I find that odd) it has never been an issue. So why would I tell him that I like to swallow. I can just imagine it, we are  chatting over a cuppa or in a restaurant having a meal……… the way Karl, last time I saw Fred I sucked him off to completion and it was wow………………or by the way I know you never cum but I like to swallow.

perhaps he should read this blog………..or maybe not.

As the conversation continued he admitted that he has cum but not with me, it turns out that he has cum with the woman he insists he has never met! Even though I showed him her profile with a photo of his hands on her breasts. (they were not his hands as he had not met her!). Anyway this led to a discussion about his lies. He admits he has lied and is ashamed, he knows how I feel about lies and wouldn’t blame me if I didn’t want to see him anymore. I told him that he doesn’t need to lie to me as I am not his wife…………..’I sometimes wish you were’.

We also talked about him learning to be more relaxed. I am very tactile and after years of being starved of affection I need cuddles etc but I respect his feelings about not showing affection in front of others ie my children. Now my boys are used to him being around, but when he is here they tend to disappear to their rooms where their computer games are. Karl did like it when I gave him hugs the other week when he was feeling down after his troubles at home. (his wife was suspicious and got someone to check his computer to see what hes been upto). So I asked him if he minds if my boys think hes my boyfriend. He is worried that they might see him in town with his wife but otherwise he doesn’t mind. From now on he promises that he will be more tactile and not worry if my family see us kissing and cuddling. This could lead to a lot more intimacy between us especially as I often wear skirts meaning easy access to my pussy. If hes lucky I might even sit on his lap straddling his cock using my skirt to cover what we are doing if we are caught hugging.

By this time we had been chatting for 2 hours and started saying goodnight again………..

goodnight lover……….or mistress

either or both seeing as what we have is not exactly casual anymore ………….more like an affair

do you mind?



so its official now………….we are having an affair, I am his misress.

7 Responses to “from fellatio to mistress”

  1. Ronjazz said

    As long as you are safe and do NOT allow the man to take advantage more than is necessary…I may be across the water, but I’m looking out for you.

  2. secretlynaughty said

    Fab post! I went through same transition with HIM, the guy I was with when I started blogging, love him to bits still and ache still for him daily.


  3. Mike said

    Wow, so you’ve reached mistress status….the plot thickens!!

  4. I think a lot of guys assume girls won’t swallow – LOL as my friends know, this (Jenny Swallows) is my real name, which led to a LOT of teasing and namecalling at HS and college. But “in private” with the same guys there was always an assumption that it was off limits – moving away at the “last minute”, apologizing profusely if they were too slow, one guy who even pulled a face and said “yuk” when I told him it was okay (afterwards).

    I’ve often wondered about this, is it as “rare” as a lot of guys seem to think becasue of their responses (all the above and more)… in other words, would more guys get swallowed if they didn’t make such a big deal about not wanting to cum in the girl’s mouth, and then making assumptions based on their own thoughts?

  5. secretlynaughty said


    You might be right about guys assuming that most girls (especially ‘nice girls’) don’t or won’t swallow. I have known a few guys who just won’t let themselves come at all when we are together. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong. But then after a while I just accepted that they were purposefully holding off. Maybe that was because they didn’t think I would swallow.

    sn x

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