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all change for Anna

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 3, 2010

Just when I was geting a lot of new friends both on facebook itself and on the game …… games to which I have become addicted (so much so that it has taken over from my previous addiction to Bejewelled. Facebook went and deleted my account. How dare they do that to me.

So having waited a couple of days I have opened a new facebook account in the name of Anna J Skye. I have my reasons for choosing this name. I have restarted my game, I still have a long way to go in order to get back to level 32 which I had reached previously. I am already on level 13 so prgress is being made. I have even managed to make contact with a few of my previous team members (otherwise known as my entourage).

My sex life seems to be going through a quiet spell at the moment. Dave has been out of the picture for weeks, although we have been in contact several times a week we have not managed to get together. I have however seen a fair bit of Karl but it has all been non sexual encounters. He is currently on holiday with his wife so no action there until he gets back. I am though, quite keen to take the opportunity to re-aquaint Cougar with the taste of my lips and maybe encourage him to discover more.

4 Responses to “all change for Anna”

  1. David said

    i would like to know if you know yourself what the reasoning of FB deleting your profile? i am currently on my 4th profile under my own name and i have 3 alternates it was 4until 2 weeks ago. i get to certain high levels of a game and then they screw me somehow someway, the last profile was roadblocked because they said someone hacked into it, the one before that was disabled because they said i was propisitoning some one and they didnt want to fuss with it much to know my side of things, it didnt even happen. this is why i ask. and do you know of any others that this has happened to for unknown reasons?
    email me at my name is david

    • secretlynaughty said


      I don’t know for sure and apprently they are meant to send you a warning but I have had nothing. I suspect the reason was that they found out I was using an assumed name either that or it was to do with the connection with this blog. On my new profile I have kept it seperate from this blog for the moment. Judging by the many others whose fb accounts are linked to sex sites I would guess that it wasn’t that. Maybe someone I didn’t want to be friends with lodged a complaint I really don’t know.


  2. I’m convinced that FB deletions are completely random, judging from the number of my friends who’ve been deleted and claimed they had nothing “infringing” on their profile at all, beyond friendship with people who might… I’ve been deleted twice now, and never received notification for either; I just went to sign on and there I wasn’t.

    In fact the only time I’ve received any warning was when they took down a picture of my hometown main street because it was somehow against their community standards…

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