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Where was Valerie ?

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2010

Valerie’s secret

‘Oh there you are Valerie, I was looking for you earlier. Have you been out?’

‘No Marcus, I have been here all the time either at my desk or about my work.’

‘That’s very odd, I wanted you to book a taxi for me, but I couldn’t find you anywhere. I looked everywhere except the boardroom. Cora said Conrad was in conference in there and mustn’t be disturbed.’

‘I bet you didn’t look in the ladies did you? Anyway you have found me now. When and where do you want this taxi to take you?’

‘Can you please book it for 12.15 to go from here to the Gladstonian. Conrad and I are entertaining clients. Oh and can you please phone them and make sure they have the booking for 10 people at 1pm if possible a table over looking the sea.’

Later Cartwright and Davies stop by reception. Cartwright leans across her desk and invites Valerie to join them and a few others for lunch at The Frog and Bucket, they will fill her in on the office gossip. This will be the easiest way for Valerie to find out who’s who in the office.
As Valerie munches on her Chicken Ceasar baguette and sips her fruit juice, she learns quite a lot about the office and all its employees. Before they return to the office Valerie mentions that most people have been very nice to her so far but Cora looks and speaks to her with an air of suspicion. David Cartwright assures her that she has nothing to worry about, Cora is behaving this way, because she is convinced that Marcus has his eye on Valerie. Richard Davies backs him up saying that Marcus who has only been widowed a few months ago has his eye on Valerie’s gorgeous bazookas. He looks her straight in the eye as he tells her this and Valerie can feel the heat rising in her face as she blushes. Richard goes on saying that Cora is a good sort and has been with the company since Marcus was a junior surveyor. She has mothered him since & Conrad too since he took over his father’s place in the company. She knows everything there is to know about both men. Their work and home lives. They only have to cough and she knows about it. Apparently she was worried Conrad was risking his marriage a few months ago but she has told Marcus that she has sorted it for him now. She is worried now about Marcus and his roving eye and it has only been 8 months since his dear Ruth died and at such a young age. It is far too early for Marcus to be thinking about other women.

Everyone heads back to the office before the bosses return. They arrive at the door at the same time as a tall good looking man with glasses and sandy coloured hair. He smiles at Valerie as he holds the door for her to pass through. She looks questioningly at David who whispers in her ear.
‘Simon Giles, head of Credit control and single. By the way Valerie I was meaning to ask you. When you go home at night are you going home to anyone special?’

‘I live with my two teenage sons and our cat Millie’

Valerie smiles to herself as she lets her mind wonder to her married lover, he is special but doesn’t live with her. This morning they had fulfilled one of his fantasies when he had laid her across the wide expanse of polished rosewood. There were important papers at one end of the table and at the other, Valerie laid out displaying herself for him to feast his eyes on her splendid breasts and fabulous legs. Which he spread apart with his large but gentle hands lifting her skirt, he buried his face between her inner thighs breathing in the scent of her. His fingers, reaching up to tweak her nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse and thin lace bra. He is pleased to see that today she has come to work commando style. He adores the lacy thongs of various colours that she has but today he wants no barrier between her hidden fruit and his desire to be one with her.

He places one knee gingerly on the table beside her thighs testing the strength of this impressive table. Once he is satisfied that the table has enough strength he climbs up over his prize and waves his exposed cock for Valerie to manipulate with her deft fingers and searching tongue, while he inserts first one then two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. He knows they cannot be too long so he moves back down the table and pushes his penis into her with a hand gently placed over her mouth to muffles her cries of delight as he enters her and together they dance to their own special rhythms as he fucks her.

On this occasion it is a gentle sensuous fuck as they must be silent and take care not to break the table. But tonight he will make loud passionate love to her in the way they both love. They both stifle giggles as they shudder together and he carefully climbs off her and the table. She reaches for the box of expensive tissues, they mop up their mixed juices and straighten their attire. He checks that it is all clear and she slips back to her desk. He makes sure everything is left as it should be before he leaves the boardroom and returns to his office and makes a few calls before lunch with Marcus and their clients.

4 Responses to “Where was Valerie ?”

  1. Blogger said

    Fuck yes Val I can smell your juices as you fucked on the table. Beautifully written. X

  2. I didn’t know you wrote fiction, SN. Well done. Everyone loves an office romance.

    • secretlynaughty said


      I am disappointed in you, if you look at the top of the page you will see a tab titled ‘fantasies’.

      I have been writing fiction for about 4 years but not much recently as I find it difficult to gain inspiration for anything new.

      sn x

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