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Max calls

Damn that phone Anna was lost in her favourite movie 9 1/2 weeks when the insistent ring had interupted her. Grumbling to herself she reached across to lift the receiver from its cradle on the small coffee table beside her comfy cream leather sofa.


‘hi Anna its Max how are you?’

instantly a smile spreads across her face as an image of a fit naked Max pops into her mind

‘Hello Max I am fine, missing Jack obviously but its lovely to hear your voice.’

‘Anna I am going to be in the area for a few days and wondered if you would like to meet me for dinner at my hotel tomorrow night.’

‘I would love to Max but Jack is away and I would feel bad seeing you on my own’

‘don’t worry sweetheart, when we were at the conference in Rugby Jack asked me to look you up any time I was in the area, he wants me to have dinner with you, give you some of the company he can’t’

‘In that case it would be disloyal of me to turn you down’

‘good, I have booked a table for 7.30 so that we have plenty of time to catch up’

‘I will be there it will be good to see you again’

‘see you tomorrow then, don’t be late!’

‘see you tomorrow Max, bye for now’

Max has already gone

Anna turns her attention back to the screen but she can’t concentrate on the movie now. Her mind instead is filled with memories of her trip to the New Forest with Jack and Max. So many sensations, sights, scents and feelings to remember.

The warm sun on her naked body, the ache in her arms as she struggles to keep her hands as high as she can to lessen the strain from the silk scarf the men had used to tie her to the branch above her head. It was a good thing they had allowed her to keep her red stilletto heels on as they had given her an extra couple of inches in height. In the silence as the two men had slowly circled her (always whilst one was before her the other was behind her) she could hear the slight breeze in the trees, the distant barking of dogs, calls from their owners, sometimes getting too close for comfort.

To add to her embarrassment Anna could feel the cool trickle on her inner thighs that gave away the heat of her excitement. This became unbearable each time one or other of the two men had reached across the gap between them to touch her. She had seen the silent nod from Jack a split second before Max had touched her the first time, a finger running from the top of her spine all the way down to her bum, circling each cheek one after the other. That first touch had made her gasp in suprise. That gasp had earned her the first stripe from Jack. She had watche him as he took his pen knife out of his pocket, selected his chosen young branch, tested its whippyness with a swish of the air. Anna had gritted her teeth as she waited for the first whip against her soft white flesh, it felt like hours as she waited. 

By the time she had been released, both men had whipped her bum several times each. She had been too caught up in everything to think about counting the number of strikes she had received. Before releasing her hands Max had taken a  hand towel from his bag handing it to Jack who had knelt before Anna and gently dried her thighs where her juice had dribbled so deliciously through out her ordeal.

Bringing herself back to the here and now Anna began thinking about what she would wear for tomorrow night’s meal. It would be imortant not to wear anything too sexy as this was Max not Jack but on the other hand Jack would not want her to meet his friend wearing her comfy track suit. She didn’t want to insult either Max or Jack by wearing anything that didn’t do her justice.

Anna was pondering this when she got the text from Jack

‘Red dress and matching heels’

Anna chuckled to herself, so Max had been in contact with Jack who knew her well enough to know she would be worrying about what to wear. It was also his way of telling her that she had his blessing to meet Max tomorrow. She had realised during their wonderful night playing together as a threesome just how close these two friends were.

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