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Hot Bovril

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2010

It had been a few months since Borvil had found me online. We had chatted, as you do, discovered that we live in the same town. Bovril told me from the start that he is married and has never been unfaithful. Ok not a problem as we were only chatting online. I found that Bovril is not happy with his sexless marriage, nothing he does or says persuades his wife to have sex. aving chatted to a lot of married men over the last few years this seems to be a recurring theme. Hey I didn’t want sex with my husband in the last 10-15 years either so I can understand that.

He was interested in my sex life and the things I get upto. I allowed him access to my blog (not this one but one of my previous blogs). He enjoyed reading both my exploits and my stories. I teased him relentlesly (I do adore teasing). We decided to meet up for a coffee on the last working day before christmas. We met in the cafe of a local garden centre. Chatting over a hot drink for an hour was nice then we went our seperate ways.

The next day was christmas eve and I wrote my story about a chance meeting on Christmas eve. Later when I had finished all the shopping I planned to do I took myself off to the view point high above the city. I text Bovril to let him know I was going to get a cuppa at my favourite view. So I was not suprised when he arrived there.

He joined me in my car, we chatted and drank our tea/coffee. He did kiss me but that was all. So if you were expecting that my story had come true you will be disappointed. We both had to get home so didn’t stay too long.

But if you think that was the end of it ……………………no.

A few days later we did a re-run. A different car park but still with a view over the city. We were going to get a drink in the nearby pub but didn’t. Instead we chatted kissed, fondled. Remember he is married with no sex. He was feeling very aroused in my company, I was feeling very empowered. Here was this faithful married man wanting me to do things to him that he had been missing for years. I let him fondle my breasts, I tore open his fly, releasing his already hard member. After a few moments of caresssing him I bent my head down to taste him. By now we both had our seats reclined, the windows were completely steamed up. I took him into my mouth and gave him his first ever blow job. I still find it odd that some men have never experienced a blow job.

His hand was fumbling between my thighs, I slid my jeans down to give him better access where I wanted him. I am sorry to say that he was not very skilled. But I guess that is down to his lack of experience even though he has been married for over 20 yrs. When we parted company to drive home in the growing dusk he left feeling satisfied, I did not.

Over the following months we chatted frequently and it was clear he wanted to see me again, he wanted me to teach him, to make him a better lover, how to give his wife pleasure, to show him what he had been missing all this time. But as time passed it became obvious that there was never going to be a time when we were both free. Gradually we chatted less and less. Now we chat once every few months for a few minutes.

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A question for Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 5, 2010

It has been a while since I last thought about Fred. I have not seen him since January, although we have chatted online maybe half a dozen times since then. As I was making my way home from work trying to concentrate on the rush hour traffic all around me, I looked up at the hill to where Cougar has one of his offices, the place he go to when he wants peace to work. The place with the big red leather couch (he calls it his casting couch). I have been contemplating paying him a visit this week. I won’t be having any unexpected visits after work from Karl so it would be easy to take the high road instead of the motorway and stop off for a cuppa and whatever else is on offer. I know that Cougar is leaving it to me to decide when to visit……he doesn’t think I will. Anyway my mind then wandered off from the idea of visiting Cougar to thinking about Fred. Now that he has sold his house and is living with friends it has made it near enough impossible for us to meet up.

When I first began seeing him (several years ago now) I wasn’t working and he visited me in my home whilst my kids were at school and his work took him out of the office. Then I started working and there was a long spell when we didn’t see each other, that had as much to do with a change in the dynamics of our relationship and I wasn’t able to trust myself to see him, as it was to do with the logistics of it. When I began going to his place in the evenings it worked for us until he sold his house, changed job and moved across the water. Fred will always have a special place in my heart. He is an excellent kisser and just about the only guy in my world these days who is able to give me a good fuck. ( I miss him for his mind and his body). Because it is not easy to see each other currently I tend not to think about him……I have enough going on with Karl, Dave and Cougar (even if that doesn’t involve a lot of satisfying sex). I don’t know why I had begun thinking about him, in my mind I was trying to work out how we could possibly get it together unless he was willing to get a hotel room.

Have you ever had those experiences when you think about someone and the phone rings and its them? Well it was less than 2 hours later I had just logged onto my computer and there was Fred. He wanted to ask my advice and was hoping to catch me online ………….not difficult as I am here most evenings at some point or other. It seems that he has been chatting to a woman who wants to meet him for sex only. Lucky guy you might be thinking, but he is having second thoughts. It isn’t the sex only bit that is worrying him, after all that’s what we were doing (if you don’t include the 4 yrs of friendship that went before during and after it). It isn’t her age (I really don’t remember him telling me that he fantasizes about older women). It isn’t her size (I am hardly a stick and he loves my body).

She has stipulated that there is to be no anal …………although we discussed it we never actual did get around to trying anal sex so that is not a problem. She has also decreed no oral sex. Now I thought he meant none at all. But she is more than happy for him to eat her out but she will not go down on him. He is not sure how he feels about this. Knowing how much he enjoys me sucking his cock especially when done to completion I am not sure he would be happy doing all the giving and not receiving much back. He has such a lovely cock I don’t know how any woman could resist sliding her mouth over it. The hours I have enjoyed teasing him with my tongue, licking and sucking, she must be mad.

So my question to you guys if you were Fred would you be happy to meet this woman knowing in advance that she will not give you a blow job but does expect you to eat her out?

Ladies would you be able to resist this lovely cock, Its a nice length ……..plently of length to lick, a decent girth to wrap your tongue around, not so big that it stretches your mouth but big enough to feel your mouth satisfyingly full. No leisions nothing at all that would put you off. Nice smooth balls just the right size to pop into your mouth for a good suck.

It really is a pity that the one day Fred is available for some daytime fun I shall be on a plane heading away for a few days. Because right now I would love to feel his lips on mine, his fingers tangled in my hair and his legs wrapped around mind as we re-aquaint each other with the body we each know so well. He has also expressed his disappointment that I won’t be around as he would uch rather see me. Maybe one day we will manage it.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on August 17, 2010

Keatsjohnkeats has raised the question of how open I am about my activities.  I feel perhaps I should explain for those who have only been reading this blog for a limited time what exactly my situation is, if I even know that myself. I change my mind all the time as is my prerogative being of the female species.

I am female (I hope that, that much is obvious), I am old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy it. I broke free of the shackles of a disastrous marriage to an objectionable man 20 years after choosing not to be involved in life because I had, had my heart-broken and didn’t wish to repeat the experience. I married a man I didn’t love, I let life pass me by without taking part. My one contribution to the world at large was the creation of several bright well-mannered young people. I became dangerously ill at a time when my children needed me. Against the predictions of my then husband I refused to die………….as you can tell I won that battle. I accepted my illness as a wake up signal to start living again.

I   cut loose……I began dating, I am single again and this time I have a better idea of what I do and don’t want. I have begun to celebrate my sexuality instead of being ashamed of it. I go through phases, sometimes all I want is a stable relationship, one where  I am completely committed to that one man. At other times and this is one of those, I rejoice in being single, I see several men simultaneously. During these phases I explore my sexuality and push my boundaries. I try to discover how far I am willing to go. I do things I wouldn’t do if I were in a committed relationship.

Whilst I am exploring my sexual boundaries I join adult sites like Adult friend finder and more recently Fab swingers. Since joining FAB I have enjoyed the social side of swinging as much as the sexual side. I joined forces with Karl to become a ‘couple’. We began meeting other couples, I was also seeing Dave, he is more adventurous than Karl. Dave has taken me to a local swinger club a couple of times. At the club I experienced a jacuzzi for the first time as well as seeing my first dungeon. I do enjoy the spanking benches. It was at the club that I discovered that being watched is not as embarassing as I had always imagined.

Since I joined forces with Karl we have met several other couples, mostly in social situations. One of the couples we came across are Bruce and Alice. We have met them twice now, both times with others and both times there has been lots of action. After the first time Bruce started texting me and we had a long telephone conversation. During this conversation we talked about spanking. I am not sure how the conversation got onto that topic. Since then he has been asking me to let him tie me to his four poster bed and be spanked.  Karl knows that I enjoy a little spanking as does Dave. Karl doesn’t like the idea of spanking at all, he doesn’t like the idea of pain even the slightest bit. Dave on the other hand is more willing to indulge me in whatever I desire.

Of all the people I know within our circle I have not discussed spanking with anyone else. However 3 years ago I talked about it with a fellow blogger. After several months of discussions he booked an hotel room where he spanked and caned me. There was nothing between us other than our friendship, this was purely an experiment so that I could experience what it would feel like. Later after he had gone Fred arrived to give me some TLC. He was the only other person I had told about what I was doing. Later still after Fred had gone Nigel arrived to spend a few hours with me.  It didn’t take him long to see the marks on my sore bum. Apart from those who read my blogs nobody else other than these few people know that I am interested in spanking.

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Stand up again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 20, 2010

It was the same pub, the same semi secluded alcove, the same drinks, the same man the only difference being a different day and different outfits. This time I sat myself on his right from the very beginning. He has been in a confusing space in the last few days. His life changing, the end of an era, hes wary of his new life.

He is glad to be out of the place he has known as home for too many years, it doesn’t feel like home right now. We kiss, kiss, kiss,fondle and kiss some more. Deeply passionate kisses interspersed with playful pecks. We chat then kiss some more. We always enjoy lots of kissing, he is not afraid of public displays. Together we relish putting our mutual lust on display for everyone to witness if they care to look. I spot a young man who I think is Karl’s son. This brings the devil out in Dave, lets give him something to report back. Karl lives in a road that is just off the road opposite this pub, in my mind I have an image of him walking across the road towards us. It has only just occurred to me that we have been sat by a window looking out onto a busy road, traffic lights just feet away. We have been mindful of people in the bar but what of drivers who have unwittingly witnessed our lack of decorum.

Stand up, is now becoming a familiar command (or should I say request). His fingers find their way up inside my black tiered lacy skirt, pulling my flimsy black knickers aside forcing passage into my already wet hungry cunt. No foreplay needed, he just pushes into me the way he knows I want him to. The memory is making me wet even now. The knowledge that we could be caught at any moment making me want this even more. He has yanked my knickers mid way down my thighs. I sit back on the padded bench seat with his fingers still inside me. He is working my cunt into a frenzy right there. We both continue our chat, taking sips of our drinks as though nothing else was occurring. Throwing my arms around his neck I suck his tongue into my mouth in a passinate clinch, hanging onto him as I cum.

Making my way seductively across the main bar hanging onto my  knickers through my skirt with one hand my sexy red/black shoes tapping on the wooden floor, I scan the other customers, no sign of K’s son. Once inside my chosen cubicle in the ladies powder room I remove the scrap of black from my legs pushing it into the bottom of my small shoulder bag. Returning to Dave for more kisses and cuddles he asks if I have  taken my knickers off, I decline to give him an answer. It his turn to visit the bathroom, so I text Karl asking if he is at the pub. (perhaps he is in the restaurant for a family meal). He replies that he isn’t but wants to know who I am with as he doubts that I am there alone.

Getting bolder as nobody has disturbed us yet Dave fishes inside my top to play with my nipples squeezing he whispers into my ear is that too hard, foolishly I answer no, he squeezes harder yet saying you shouldn’t have said no. I agree but I knew that it didn’t matter what I said he would have squeezed harder regardless. Getting bolder still he pulles my nipple out from its confines for a quick suckle and bite. settling back into the seat his arm around my shoulder, his hand inside my clothing I take a quick snap and send it to Karl saying ‘no not alone’. 

He immediately replies ‘ah its Dave.’

Dave flips my nipple out again for another play I take another picture saying I should have sent this to Karl instead. (I shall post that one somewhere on my gallery).

Next Dave stands in front of me unzips his trousers presenting me with his semi hard tool. I relish the feel of his warm flesh in my hand as I stroke him while Dave leans down for more kisses. Neither of us have been this daring before but we can’t stop now. Dave kneels on the floor, pushing my leg up onto the bench seat. At first I thought he was going to lick my pussy right there in the bar. Instead though he finger fucked me so delishiously I didn’t want him to stop. Pulling his face into mine I devoured his mouth with a kiss as passionate as any other this evening.

Finishing our drinks we prepared to leave. Walking through the car park Dave slightly behind me with his hand inside my skirt finger fucking me as we walked. Reaching my car he pushes me over the bonnet pulls out his erection and fucks me from behind. Not knowing and half hoping that there are security cameras in this car park that is so well lit it appears to still be daylight.

Throught out the evening Dave had been saying ‘I’m naughty aren’t I?’ of course I wouldn’t have him any other way.

This man doesn’t want to be my Dom, he doesn’t want me to be his toy but boy he knows how to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, not only that he has me wanting more.

So what should we do next?

Is it still called car sex if it was on not in the car?

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Stand up

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 16, 2010

Stand up

I knew I could refuse but I didn’t, I had been sitting to the left of him but now he wanted me to move over to his right side. As I tried to move passed his knees I knew and wasn’t disappointed when his hand found its way up inside my skirt. I found myself perched above his knee as his fingers reached their destination. From my position I couldn’t see anyone else in the bar but I knew they were there.

We sat giggling and kissing throughout our conversation. He has been feeling a bit down as his world is about to change when he becomes a single man again in a few days. He needed this distraction. His hand frequently dipping inside my top to feel my nipple. By the time a group had assembled at the edge of our little alcove he had become more aroused and didn’t care who might see as he flipped my breast out of its black lace cup to take my nipple into his mouth trapping it betwen his teeth. He knows me all to well, declaring that my protests of pain were contradicted by the arousal I was experiencing.

Before we left he commanded me to stand again so that he could finger my pussy again, both of us aware of the group just feet away too intent in their own conversation to take notice of us.

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The Boy toy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 15, 2010

The boy toy dreams of meeting an older woman, a woman who will teach him.

I suggested he talk to her, I asked if she would

They have been chatting, masturbating for each other

He is terrified

I ask him who he wants more

Me or Her?

He cannot decide

He wants us both

He wants us together

I tell him to be carefull what he wishes for

He says yes please

Maybe I should ask her what she thinks

She lives at the other end of the country

He is close to her


Would he know what to do with either of us

Would he cope with 2 of us

His dream

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friends with benefits

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 11, 2010

We had been bickering for a couple of hours. Every time I tried to introduce what I thought would be a safe subject we still ended up bickering over it. Even asking if he was going to help me finish the bottle of red wine we opened on Saturday night led to us bickering.

But this conversation also brought a couple of unexpected comments

First there was the casual remark that I was pointed back to later and made aware of the significance of.  It seems that although he didn’t use those words he was telling me that he loves me.  He wants to give me a better life than the one I have. But circumstances mean that he can’t.  I’m not sure quite how I am supposed to react to this. We are supposed to be friends with benefits, no commitment to each other. How can that remain so if he needs me to know that he loves me. How can we both continue to see others. With this new era in our relationship being about honesty I have been telling him when I have seen Dave.

Last night I told him I had been seeing Fred on and off for 3 years. He wasn’t impressed, I had known all along that he would be jealous if he knew I was seeing anyone else.  But if I am insisting that he is honest with me then I must be honest with him. Perhaps I have subconsciously been pushing him to tell me that he doesn’t like me seeing anyone else.

Then later I brought up the conversation we started the other night about blue pills. We were watching tv when the subject of viagra came up. He mentioned that he has used it and has now got some of the next grade of pills. He had intended to use one that night. I wanted to know if he had used them when he is with me. He says not as he gets hard very easily with me.

We talked about cocks and cock sizes, we talked about cocks being stretched. I told him I could give that a go. Some how the conversation turned to fellatio. can you imagine that ………… a man wanting to talk about fellatio! He told me that I am good at it  ……… tell me something I don’t know hee hee. I didn’t say that to him but he did anyway.

He told me that when I suck his cock he doesn’t feel that he is in pain. This confused me, why would he feel pain during fellatio. He says I am the only woman who has not sucked the life out of him. When I suck him I do so gently. In my mind when I have him (or any other cock in my grasp) I am not thinking I must be gentle. I am thinking mmmmm I am enjoying this and to make it even better I tease. I lick, suck, nibble keep changing what I am doing so that he never knows what I will do next. I have never had any complaints yet. I enjoy fellatio as much as I enjoy being licked myself. Maybe it is my enjoyment of it that makes me good at it. Whatever it is he says that I am the only woman who has ever given him pleasure sucking his cock.

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Now I know

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 16, 2010

I don’t think I have written much about my partner from my days as a couple with Colin.  This is where my appetite for exploring my sexual boundaries began. We had recently decided to be a couple for the purpose of sexual fun but had not yet begun our journey.
Sunday night just before midnight I Colin came online after being away.

hiya hun

hows you

tuckered out not been home long
expect I shall wake up tomorrow feeling horny

for a change


you having a lie in then ?

as not working til later yes

let me know if you wanna meet up

where and what can we do?

what do you wanna do?
do you wanna cum here and help me sort out my pc?

could need some hands on

it may indeed

what time we looking at ?

any time after 10.30

10.31 ?

can we make it a bit later 10.32?

prefer 10.31

ok if you insist

text me when I wake up if you are not alone

monday morning and all the kids have gone to school……getting excited……..cant wait for 9am to text……..send text just on 9.00

its very lonely being home alone :-{ would you like to cum and play with me?

9.20 he still hasnt replied but maybe hes in the shower which is where Im heading to now
only got 1hr 10 minutes to make myself sexy …shall I wear black basque I showed him on cam last friday or the red one? maybe it would be better to wear sexy top and skirt with matching bra and thong……but maybe I’ll miss out the thong
which stockings to wear???? so many problems to solve before he gets here
oh sod it….. just my black satin wrap that might be the answer

But  now I know why I didn’t get a reply to my text he was still asleep. I was alarmed to find him online when I had finished my shower……shouldn’t he be on his way here by now!! we speak he apologises, over slept so tired after his journey home last night. Yes he will be over but its going to be nearer 11.30 I tell him to get himself sorted or it will be 12.30 he tells me I am a bossylady and goes offline. spot on 11.30 I get a text …which number? hes forgotten but he has only been here once before.

I run downstairs to let him in, we kiss several time before we get to my bedroom. it isn’t long before we are both lying across my bed undressing each other. He is still tired and we lay in each other’s arms feeling contented at being together. I kiss him ever so gently on his soft lips, we are so relaxed and pleased to have this time. We are in no rush to get passionate…this is a gentle , sensual lovemaking. But what we both now know for sure is that I am not just wet but I am most definitely a ‘squirter’. We both found it so horny discovering the best positions to make me squirt the most.

I also now know that I enjoy having my ass slapped and having his fingers dig into the soft flesh of my ass. I think it turns him on more to discover that this is making me cum more.  As I am kissing him passionately I ask him to slap me more and dig his fingers in again. I cum again and again I have no idea how many times I have cum, I roll onto my back and he plays with my soaking wet pussy  some more. My body shudders so much as each orgasm convulses through me. We lay together spent for a while before we both realise its almost time for him to leave.

We discuss where I would like him to cum, both agree that it has to be here in this room with me now. As his cock has already given pleasure to two of three options I would like him to cum in my ass, I have recently been introduced to this pleasure. He manages to take some pictures of his cock entering my ass (I now have these too) and comments on the red marks on my cheeks…….mmmm this turns me on more and we both cum together.
Alas it is now time for my lover to go back to his work…….has it really been 2 hours it barely feels like 10 minutes.

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From zero to 500% libido in one go

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 12, 2010

Chatting to a friend today about my libido caused me to think about the sudden change in me a few years ago. During and after my treatment for Cervical cancer in my late 30s I was often asked…………

How is your libido?

I don’t have any

My reply was alway the same. I hadn’t been interested in sex for a long time, probably since the birth of my second son. Oh we still had sex about 3 or 4 times a year but I didn’t enjoy it. Sex had become an unwelcome chore, about as enjoyable as cleaning the toilet but still has to be done. When I found out I was pregnant again it was easy to work out that I was already 4 months as it had been that long since we had had sex. It was a pity really because I had enjoyed sex before I became a mother. At one time he said it was the sex that kept us together. Thats funny as we were only together 6 months before I became pregnant.

Anyway back to my libido or lack of. Each visit to the hospital I was asked the question about my libido. Why were they so interested in my sex life? I was told that my treatment had made the walls of my cervix very tacky (as in sticky) meaning that the walls of my cervix could pull together and close up. The best way to prevent this was regular intercourse. As you can imagine I did not greet this news with any enthusiasm. If anything my reaction was more one of utter horror. They actually expected me to have sex!! not only that but because I believe in fidelity that meant sex with HIM!!

Because I wasn’t having intercourse I was given a set of dilators to use on my vagina to keep me in working order. Yes I did use these but infrequently and only really the two smaller ones.  Besides it didn’t matter if my cervix closed up as that would be a really good excuse never to have sex again. I only needed a cervix if I was going t be having sex and I wasn’t.

But a year later I was given a new hormone treatment. Although it was big news in the media that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer, I was to continue having hormone replacement to reduce the risk of cancer o the womb. After a few days of taking these new tablets which were progesterone in addition to my 6 monthly implants of oestrogen and testosterone, my body reacted so violently that I felt as though I was in labour. Impossible !! so I knew it wasn’t that.

I saw my consultant who told me to continue taking the tablets. I scoured the internet and discovered that progesterone is known as the well woman hormone. Women who take progesterone feel so much better, younger and energetic but so many women don’t persevere long enough for the hormone to settle down, producing the desired effects. I persevered ‘for one more week’ just long enough to feel the benefits.

I don’t remember now but it must have been about 3 weeks from first taking these that I noticed the changes. I felt not 10 years younger but 20, my energy levels were far higher than ever before in my life. I am told that it was like watching someone on uppers, I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time, I didn’t need to eat, I felt on top of the world. But if this wasn’t enough to cope with I suddenly became aroused and stayed aroused for 4 days and nights continuously. My libido had just rocketed from zero to 500% in one go. I could think of little else but my throbbing clit, the desire for stimulation and release. But what could I do, I had a husband who I did not desire, did not wish to have touching me. Masturbation was not an easy option, the privacy to do so was not easy to find, not whilst I was sharing a house with my husband and our sons.

Even while I was going through this frantic energetic time I was aware that I couldn’t stay like that for too long before I would come crashing back to earth with a bang. In less than a week the crash happened, I was at work, excused myself and went home as fast as I could to my bed. I felt very sick and incredibly tired. Next day I had recovered sufficiently to function normally again. My hormones were settling down, I still had more energy and felt as though I was about 20 yrs old. But the frantic racing around had subsided, I could get n with my life again. But there was just one small problem. This new libido that I was living with.

My sex drive had gone from zero to 500% in days and had now settled on a calmer but still much healthier 200%. What could I do? I desperately wanted in fact needed sex, but not with HIM. I didn’t and still don’t believe in cheating on my partner. I don’t condemn others for what they do but it is not something I can do. So I was stuck feeling incredibly horny but not wanting to do anything about it with the man who shared my bed. Weeks turned into months and I was still horny and unable to satisfy my need. My marriage had never been a good one, but now it was disintegrating, I felt that I would be better off without HIM. Both sexually and emotionally. Several times we reached the brink and drew back until that day when enough was enough. I filed for divorce, against his wishes and began sleeping on the sofa.

3 months later I could wait nolonger and began my quest to find the first new ma .n in my life for 20 years. I met Don, after a couple of dates  I was ready to sleep with him. I was very very nervous having only slept with one man for 20 years and only a few others before him. It was great, I couldn’t get enough, I found out that when aroused I squirt. I continued to see Don on and off for 6 months. He referred to me as a nympho, saying that he would wake in the night look at me and think …………oh no! she wants it again!  (and this was a man who thought of very little except sex).

When we broke up that summer I was very angry with him and determined that he was history. But that left me without sex. That was when I made a tentative exploration of the world that is Adult friend finder. On my profile I mentioned a need to find someone willing to show me more about sex. Within hours I was inundated with offers. Sifting through the messages selecting and rejecting I soon had a list of prospective men. Soon I was meeting men many of them became friends and quite a few became lovers although I did narrow them down to four regulars with another 40 to waiting meet me. My libido now was such that if I wasn’t having sex at least 3 or 4 times a week I became extremely frustrated. After an initial reticence I discovered that more and more I was drawn to married men. For a while I didn’t care if the men I was having sex with were married as long as I was having great sex with them. This phase lasted about 6 months before I calmed down and settled for my regular lovers. It was then that I began to experiment.

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Occassional Indulgence

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 25, 2009

We had been chatting for quite some time when I told him that he is my occassional indulgence. I think he quite liked that as next day he text me  that he needs to indulge. We had already worked out that it had been a little over 2 months since our last indulgence. For both of us family life had got in the way, although we had managed to chat online and exchange various text message.

We had discussed the changes in me during the years we have been friends. I am much more confident in myself now. He thinks I am a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it.  That may be a slight exaggeration from my view. If that had been true he wouldn’t now be my occassional indulgence. But these days while I let my body enjoy his I keep my heart closely guarded from him. He recently told me that he thinks about me more than I know. But still I doubt he thinks of me I would wish.

I have made it clear to him that I am nolonger in the market for casual affairs. However no man will stop me from being friends with him. Once I find Mr Right there will be no more indulging but in the meantime he is my only indulgence. I know he will be hard to give up but give him up as a sexual partner I will. Our friendship has been non sexual for longer periods than it has been sexual so I know we can continue to be friends just as we did before.

We agreed a day for our indulgence, during the afternoon he text that we would have to make it slightly later than usual as he had a goodbye drink to go to. Fine that gave me longer to pamper myself. Then came the text …..slight problem will text later when all clear.

Several text later and the clock was still ticking, I had given him half an hour or it would be too late (he doesn’t live in the same neighbourhood). Eventually I told him that it would be a pity to miss what could be our last chance seeing as there is a potential Mr Right on the horizon.

He replied that once again other people not being organised cause him to suffer…… But it did prompt him to make sure he didn’t miss out.  Finally I arrived at his place at 10.30pm. I told him not to bother making tea, we went straight into his lounge to begin our passionate kissing. I love it when he twists my hair in his hand as he kisses me. He doesn’t believe it is right to cause pain and could never knowingly do so, yet when he tugs on my hair he sends spasms through me making me wet with desire. We always kiss for ages without stopping for breath, ocasionally shifting position. We both enjoy these kissing sessions enormously, our legs entwined. This time as it is nolong summer I am wearing stockings under my black skirt. My yellow stilletto heels pushed to one side as I slide my leg between his jean clad legs. 

He breaks off to kiss my neck and I fnd his nipples under his sweater to play with. My hands wander over his chest playing with his chest hair, then down over his belly (he had proudly announced a week or so ago that he has lost some weight). Along his leg and back to his groin I feel the hardness of his tool. His hand finds it way under my skirt, gently caressing the nylon of my stocking. Up past the top of the elasticate lace to bare flesh. I hold my breath as his fingers reach the edge of my high leg panties. I expect his fingers to begin probing, my kisses become more urgent. But his touch remains featherlight barely discernable. This is driving me crazy, I want his fingers inside me spreading my hot juice, but still he teases me. I can feel my wetness increasing as I become more excited.

Pulling away from his kiss I tell him he is a very sexy man and he should take me upstairs now!  He doesn’t agrue but rises from his seat and leads me to his bedroom. I remember how that first night in his room he left the light off but since then the light has been on the whole time. I smile inwardly as he pulls my green top up over my head tossing it onto the floor behind him. Next he fiddles with the clasp of my black and red bra. That too is tossed onto the floor, sliding his sweater up for him to pull off I marvel as his chest hair is revealed at my eye level. He has enough hair to make it a joy to run  my fingers through without being too much.

Boldly unbuttoning his jeans I push them towards the floor, I had known before I left home that he would be commando. He usually is but not always. Next I lose my skirt as t pools around my feet swiftly followed by the black lace of my now wet panties. A few more kisses and he guides me backward to the edge of his bed. Gently pushing me into a sitting position before him I lean dow n to his manhood taking his stiff member in my hand swirling  my tongue as I taste him again for the first time in months. I have missed the  taste and feel of his cock in my mouth, greedily I take his head into my mouth savouring the taste of him. This is what I have been needing all this time.

All the time I am licking and sucking on this lovely cock my hands are wrapped around him stroking and squeezing his firm buttocks. How I adore this man and his body, I could play with his cock and his bum for hours but age is catching up with me and my back is aching. regretfully I pull away from his erect penis. He picks up my legs I think is going to place them on his shoulders and enter my wet aching pussy. Instead he swings my legs around and climbs onto his fur covered bed beside me. His mouth finds mine as his fingers  find my inviting cunt. This time there is no gently teasing but fingers plunging into the depths of me as he begins to finger fuck me, the sound of my wetness fills the room. He rubs my juice into and around my labia until I can take nomore.

He positions himself above me as he goes down on my pussy licking and sucking my clit.  His cock invitingly close to my mouth I don’t need any persuasion, latching on sucking for dear life I just can’t get enough of this.  His sweet cock in my mouth and his skilled tongue in my pussy life doesn’t get much better than this. The more his tongue makes me cum the more I suck on his cock. Too much of this and I am likely to bite it off in my excitement. I have to contain my pleasure and break away from him. We lay side by side as we catch our collective breath, my hands have a mind of their own and soon I notice that instictively my right hand is stroking and pulling on his erection. He warns me that too much of that and he will explode.

I take the hint and climb onto him, its time for my cow girl ride. It is obvious that two months has been too long as I find it a little more difficult than usual but after wincing a few times I get into the swing of it and soon my breasts are bouncing before his mesmerised blue eyes. Alternating between sitting upright as our rhythum increases and laying prone along his body grinding my clit against his pubis we both cum with a shudder. Slowly I climb back off him as we lay together again enjoying our post coital chat. But it is getting late we both have work in the morning. Hastily we dress and he shows me out into the dark night.

I do hope things work out for me with this new potential man in my life but I shall miss my passinate sessions with Fred. I wonder if it would be too much to ask if he is free again early this week?

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