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Silent control

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 30, 2010

Esme had watched Armand’s face closely as he weighed her left breast in his hand giving it an appreciative caress with his thumb before following the same process with her right breast. It had made her uncomfortable the first time Armand had done this only to inform her that her breasts as magnificent as they are don’t match completely. No of course not, no woman is symetrical but Esme had never considered the difference in her breasts to be significant enough to notice. Esme had enjoyed the power that her breasts had afforded her over the men in her life, until she had met Armand.

Almost from the instant Armand had walked up to her in the wine bar Esme had felt there was something different about him. Placing his hand on her wrist as it rested on the bar, his firm but gentle grip that left her feeling compelled to look  into his deep brown eyes. Standing there looking as though he owned the place not saying  a word until Esme tried to slide her hand from beneath his, Esme began to feel a little unsure of herself. The normally confident PR girl was surrendering control to this unknown man before her.

Lifting her wrist from the bar, keeping his grip firm the slight pressure urging her away from the bar his soft voice barely more than a whiser, taking her by suprise. ‘I need you to follow me now please’. Astonished Esme found herself rising from her barstool and with her free hand grabbing her shoulder bag and jacket from their hook on the side of the bar. She allowed herself to be silently led between the tables of afterwork drinkers, through the door and into the early evening street.  It hadn’t occurred to her to say anything, to resist, she just followed this stranger like the obedient girl she was about to become for the first time in her life.

Once outside in the weak late summer sun, Esme hesitated, wanting to stay here and finish her glass of  Cabernet Sauvignon, the South African Merlot had been going down nicely easing the stress of the day from her body. Feeling her hesitation Armand urged her to follow him. ‘My car is just around the corner, come with me now I promise I will look after you.’ With those deep brown eyes boring into her own lighter hazel eyes Esme knew she didn’t have the strength of will to refuse. Trotting along beside this tall stranger his hand around her wrist never quite relinquishing his grip keeping her by his side as he strode on.

Now a month later Esme is still amazed at how easily Armand had taken control of her. Not for one minute had she doubted that he would take care of her. Without question she had climbed inside his Mercedes SLR with its strange upward sliding doors, obediently fastening her seatbelt, ready to be driven wherever this man cared to take her. It had  taken less than 10 minutes before the  sleek black machine slid through the barrier and down into the underground car park.  Still not speaking she had followed like a puppy at her master’s heel into the  lift which swiftly took them to his apartment (she had known instinctly that it was his).

Apart from work the two of them had become inseperable. At the end of that first evening they had driven together to her small flat to collect what clothes she would need for the next few days. They had talked while he made dinner, it was refreshing to talk to a smart intelligent man who didn’t think sex was everything. In fact sex hadn’t been part of their talk at all that night. But he had made it clear, although not in so many words that by leaving with him she had agreed to be his.

That first night they had slept side by side not touching under the fresh cool cotton sheets of his queensize bed. But it had been the second night that Esme had learnt what her future with Armand would trully be like. Each day Armand drove her to work and collected her, he took her shopping for new clothes gradually replacing  her own. Anything she wanted Armand would get for her.

‘Anything my girl desires will be yours in return for your complete devotion’.

For the first time since she had been a child Esme was not in control of her own life, she wasn’t sure this was what she wanted but she felt powerless to resist this man’s charm. Whatever he said she was slave to his greater presence. As the days passed into weeks she was learning more about this man and his desires. Each evening after dinner Armand led Esme into her small bedroom where she would find an outfit laid out for her. It could be a silky evening dress, pvc catsuit, school girl uniform the variations endless. Armand would silently watch her strip off, his cool assesment of her body unnerving had now become normal. Cupping her breasts in turn, running his hands over her body appreciatively showing her who it was that owned her, he would turn on his heel and leave her to dress. Once dressed Esme would join Armand wherever he was either in his sumptuous yet elegant sittingroom or in his expensively stark bedroom.

Night after night they played out whatever scenario he had in his mind. The most startling revelation had been the night there had been no clothes just a rope laid out on the bed. That night he had waited while she bathed before expertly wrapping the rope around her body and limbs in a such a way that it was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing. Oddly Esme had felt only a flicker of fear before succumbing to his expertise. Even in the short time they had been together she had already learnt that it was better for her to trust Armand ad do exactly what he wanted. Her obedience was rewarded with the soothing comfort of sleeping in his arms in his big comfortable bed. Reluctance was rewarded with a lonely night in her own uncomfortable single bed with its sagging mattress in the cramped dark room the door locked and a bucket in the corner if she needed it.

There had been 2 nights spent there so far the first had been the night she had been introduced to his array of leather paddles. At first Esme had stared in horror as Armand had approached her with a small leather oar shaped item in his hand motioning her to bend over the back of the only chair in her room.

‘Young lady you will bend over the chair and surrender your smooth bottom to my paddle. Resistence will lead to you being banished from my bed tonight.’ she had been scared for the first time since they had met. ‘Please Armand I’m scared, please don’t hurt me, I will do anything you want but please not that…..please’. Without waiting he had pushed her over the chair and begun using his paddle on her soft flesh. There was none of the pain she was expecting just tiny taps followed by soft carresses. Mistakenly Esme thought her pleading had brought a change of heart but in reality he was merely introducing her gently to one of his favourite games. When he pulled her back to a standing position, she let out a big sigh of relief.

But instead of pulling her into his embrace for a kiss he left the room locking the door as he went. At first Esme had sat on the edge of the bed patiently waiting for him to return……..he didn’t …….not until the morning. The second time was when she was dressed in a micro skirt skimpy top with spagheti straps and red fishnet stockings and heels. She looked fantastic and knew it. The trouble came when Armand told her they were going out for a drink.

Today Esme was facing the prospect of another night in solitude. Earlier the two of them had been shopping for groceries. Armand had embarrassed her by picking up a variety of melons and comparing each to her breasts. But as embrrassed as she was Esme could cope with that. Her undoing had been after they had returned home. he had passed her the ginger root they had selected together and instructed her to peel it. Esme was curious. ‘why do you want it peeled?’

‘peeled ginger will be more effective, have you ever heard of figging?’

She hadn’t and duly peeled the knobbly root to Armand’s specification then whilst he prepared theirigging meal she googled figging.

A peeled ginger root, shaped like a slender butt plug, inserted into the anus without lubrication of any kind. The ginger juices cause pain and extreme horniness. The person belonging to said anus become twitchy, jumpy and very lively. The effect lasts for about 20 minutes or more depending on the freshness and strength of the root. The root can also be applied directly to the clitoris or inserted into the urethra.

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does it hurt?

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 28, 2010

In my work I have a colleague who works out on the road only coming into the office for meetings etc. He is new to the work he is doing and I am his office contact and supply him with as  much moral support as I do information. Scooby is a little older than me but only by a few years. He is also Gay and has been with his partner for many years. I have a very good rapport with Scooby. He has made it his mission to shock me ………..I keep telling him that he will have a hard job of shocking me…….he has no idea what I get upto.

I tease him relentlessly…….if he says he is parked in a layby I will reply ‘I’ve heard about men like you’. He loves our banter, I have shocked him once or twice like the time he told me that he would be staying in a certain area and I pointed out that there was a Greenhouse Club nearby.

A few days ago (I have no idea how this conversation got to this) he told me that he often gets asked ‘does it hurt?’ (remember this conversation took place during working hours whilst I was in an open plan office). His stock reply being ‘If I’m lucky’. Now I find that interesting. (oh I did manage to slip in a ‘yes it does’ comment).

Knowing that he is gay did help to know what he was saying. Obviously he enjoys the inevitable pain experienced during anal sex.

I don’t think I know any men who don’t like the idea of anal sex (even if they have never tried it) but as the giver rather than the receiver. I’m not sure what the percentage of men who have never had the opportunity to experience anal would be but I suspect it is greater than 75%.

Again this is one of those sex acts that my mind and probably most people’s pictures anal being performed on a woman on her hands and knees (a bit like my vision of a spitroast). In my younger days one or two guys (including my husband) tried to penetrate my bum but the pain was so excrutiating that I couldn’t do this. As soon as he tried to enter me I would be screaming NOOOO from the pain. I couldn’t imagine anything more painful.

But then one day laying on my bed with Nigel he told me to lay face down with my legs together and just relax. Once I was very relaxed he applied baby oil and slowly entered me. To my utter amazement the searing pain wasn’t there. The more he pushed into me and the pain was only minimal the more I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of him filling my arse. Nigel began slowly pumping into me, yes there was some pain but there was also a spreading feeling of pleasure, my arousal was building. I wanted to cum so hard, this mixture of pleasure and pain was incredible. I would highly recomend it to anyone (with the right partner). My clit is aching at the very memory of it now as I write this.

Since that day when Nigel introduced me to the pleasure of anal sex I have had wonderful experiences with 4 men in total (not all at once). The most recent being Dave, but even with these few men there were times when I just wasn’t able to indulge. Even with a man who I have had anal sex with there are still times when it is just too painful to get over that initial searing pain. Nigel like to give it to me up the arse several times in a session. There were times I could hardly sit after I had seen him, but it was so arousing.

I will have to ask Scooby whether he experiences the pain pleasure mix that I do or does he revel in the searing pain that I get when it isn’t right. I had just never given it any thought until now.

Does it hurt for you?

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My limitations O-R

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 7, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and  G – H and  I, J, k, L, M & N just a few more this time  O – R .some of these I have commented on already.

Oral/anal play (rimming)  ……………….I guess I might tolerate receiving but giving are you serious……do you know where that butt has been?
Over the knee spanking ………perhaps I should be a bad girl just so you will put me over your knee …….do you have strong knees?
Orgasm denial  ……..this is an interesting one……….It would take a lot of training as I currently have no control ……if I am going to orgasm the hoover dam wouldn’t be able to hold me back
Orgasm control  …………..see above …………..but I do like to have control over your orgasm hee hee
Outdoor scenes   ………… I have been known to indulge with varying degrees of success
Pain (severe) .……… you have any idea how low my pain threshold is? on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain threshold is -5
Pain (mild)     …………..If its in a good cause ie my pleasure ……….bring it on 😉
Persona training (in scene)  ……………will give it a go (with the right person)
Personal modification (rl)  .………….if it leads to personal improvement I am all for it ……..just don’t hurt me too much …….(did I tell you I’m a whimp)
Phone sex (serving Dom)   ………….If thats what it takes
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)    ……….. If I had a Dom who required it then of course
Phone sex (commercial provider)    .………….It has been suggested by some at work that I would earn a fortune at it
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)    ……………..No, Karl asked me  just days ago if I wanted nipple or clit piercings ……..I don’t need the added stimulation of  metal embedded in my flesh to increase my arousal
Piercing (permanent)  ……………see above………. I am not against them for others but not for me I’m  afraid
Plastic surgery  …………..if it was for health reasons yes but not for pleasure only
Prison scenes  …………not sure why anyone would want to do this but if it floats your boat
Prostitution (public pretense)   …………small possibility
Prostitution (actual)    ………… I don’t think so………I do what I do because I  want to, not because I have been paid to
Pony slave  ………….please explain
Public exposure  …………..have done this to a degree and found it thrilling ……..not sure how far I would dare to go though
Punishment scene     have tried to do this …………..would love to try it again
Pussy/cock whipping  ………..willing to try this ……..just remember the pain thresh hold
Pussy worship   …………you may certainly worship my pussy………..I promise I won’t complain
Riding crops  ………..didn’t know you could ride a crop…….oh thats mot it is it………um be gentle please ……..oh ok just don’t make me count and afterwards can I try it on you?
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) …………..please explain
Rituals    …………. I have my own but I don’t think you mean those
Religious scenes  ………… a man of the cloth does feature in a few of my joint fantasies with Sebastian
Restrictive rules on behavior   ………..hmm would struggle between being  a good girl and a brat
Rubber/latex clothing   …………cool something to get me all hot
Rope body harness  …….if you have enough rope go for it …………..if I don’t like it I won’t do it again

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a man in leathers mmmmm

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2010

Wow ….what can I say …….wow I needed that, needed him yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

I had been due to see Nigel but had cancelled as I was unexpectedly not alone at home. But Nigel was very keen to see me anyway. I agreed that I wanted him here but we would have to be quiet.

I jumped into the shower, dried myself and my hair, threw on my red satin chemise and short black satin robe and ran into the front bedroom to watch out for his car.

Yummy he pulled up outside on his motorbike in the leathers he had promised the other week after reading my fantasy about him.

I let him in and we crept up to my bedroom where I had already turned my radio up louder than usual. We kissed , oh how I have missed those kisses, and we kissed some more then I began to unzip his leather jacket, he bent down (hes over a foot taller than me) to take my breast in his hand and suckle on my right nipple.

I took his hand and led him over to my bed. He stopped just long enough to remove his tight black and cream leather trousers and boots. Then he joined me on my bed burying his head in my bust…..making a delicious meal of my nipples while I craddled and stroked his head. Before too long though our lips were getting re aquainted while his fingers were searching through the new soft dark curls that have appeared since our last encounter. mmmm his fingers found the right spot to start my juices flowing. We continued to kiss whilst muttering to each other how long it has been and we mustn’t let that happen again.
He licked his thumb and rubbed it against my clitoris mmm now that feels sooo good. It didnt take long before our muffled chat was smothered in more kisses as Nigel climbed on top of me and unusually entered me in the missionary position. (not a position we indulged in too much, prefering to be more adventurous). With my legs wrapped around his waist we began our journey to heaven. I dont know if it was the change to our customary positions or the fact it had been ages, even the awareness that we were not alone in the house. But although I was very aroused I didnt seem, to me, to be very wet. However I did enjoy the feelings of being fucked hard, fast and very intimately. It wasnt long before my legs were resting on Nigel’s shoulders mmmmm much more intimate but my legs did look funny as I was not on this occasion wearing stockings as I would normally do for him.
Changes in position, Nigel  did love to fuck my ass and since he taught me how to enjoy it I really do. I was very dry on this day, not sure why so we needed more lube than usual but boy did that hard cock feel good inside my tight ass once he got there…….I felt bitter sweet pain as he penetrated my ass that had been left alone for 2 months. Mingled with the deliscious tingle and the waves of pleasure that coursed through me from my toes to the top of my head. Those sweet waves took me to places I don’t otherwise find. I could feel my pussy tingling with pleasure too and the sensations of my pussy and my ass were almost too much to bear. OH Nigel that was soooo good. Slowly he withdrew.
There was much kissing, licking sucking, fucking from behind and in between we managed to fit more hard fucking of my ass. Mmm I needed a cushion for sitting obviously it had been too long since we were last together but it had been such a lovely sweet hard fuck I cannot complain except perhaps that I had to wait so long. But who could complain at the sight of a sexy man in his leathers except that he had to leave too soon.

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I could always rely on Nigel

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 9, 2010

After being left high and dry last night I knew there was one person who knew how to enjoy a good sexy exchange. I loved teasing him with my sexy text messages while he worked or leaving hot emails for him to find when he got home. Nigel’s emails and text messages were as hot as he is. Unfortunately he moved away a couple of years ago and our comunications are few and far between.

But after being left frustrated by Karl I decided to see if I could start something going. My email was quite short and simple

hi sexy, been thinking about you recently, how are you?

Hi sn, good to hear from you, has been way too long 😦  I’m good thanks. How is the love life? Anybody new in your life, or is it just red hot sex from now on 😉 A damn shame we are so far apart, because if we were closer, you know damn well we would still be doing what we do best….. raw passion and long sessions of deep penetration of every hole of that sexy body 🙂 xx

Its good to know he still remembers our times together the same way I do. I was really pleased to get his reply quite quickly although I have to admilt that falling asleep so soon after sending the original email I had forgotten about it until I found his message in my inbox. I quickly fired off a response giving him a vague outline of my current situation.

Imagine my delight on finding this further email from Nigel……….such a difference to Karl

Bloody hell sn you have been a busy bee lol. Good for you though, at least you are still enjoying yourself and doing what you want to do! It has been an age since we last met, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that. Distance is a terrible thing!

We did have some bloody horny sessions together didnt we? I knew what you liked and could feel the way your body responded, plus you could always take what i had to give you, and loved it at the same time. Its always more enjoyable when you are with somebody who gets off on the same things. I love to please, and i found you to be very responsive to me, the massive wet patch was always a dead giveaway 😉  The very first time we got together at your place, i can still remember the size of the wet patch we left on your sofa and on the floor, bloody horny!

Sounds like you are having fun, just a shame the bloke who likes the bondage isnt so hot on the penetration side. We both know how you like a good hard shaft pounding away inside you, a bloody waste not to hear you moaning whilst being taken hard and deep!

You saucy minx you….dogging! Was it just the thrill of being watched, or did you let others join in? I’ve never been dogging, i always prefered to be greedy and have you all to myself lol. You obviously need to find another love to add to the list sexy lady. One who can keep it up and who wants to be inside you all the time! One who can work some magic deep inside that sexy ass, and deliver the goods when needed! Oh i do remember how lovely and tight that ass of yours was. And i do remember how you used to moan as i slammed into it over and over, balls deep, until i filled it with my hot cum! Fuck we had some amazing sessions!

I hope you get it all sorted out sn, its a shocking waste to think of you going without good sex 😉 xx

I am going to have to find myself another Nigel ………………anyone know of a Nigel going spare?

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playing with ropes

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2010

At last!

I had waited weeks for this chance, I had waited all day for his text.

Finally at 4.30 it came…….I stopped work briefly to respond.

5pm arrived and I was out of the office almost running down the corridor. 5.05pm I had changed from my summer skirt to 3/4 length (on me short) white trousers and slip on canvas shoes. 5.30pm I parked beside the sea wall. 5.40pm we kissed for the first time as we slipped backwards out of the mooring.

We just had to wait a few minutes before entering the lock, short exchange with the lock keeper and we were soon on our way. Passing out of the marina into the main harbour Dave cut the engine and unfurled the sail. Now was my chance to do some real sailing. I was now in charge of the tiller while Dave instructed me on where we were heading. He wasted no time removing my top and bra. I continued to steer us whilst he nibbled my breasts. I liked the feel of the sun and the breeze on my naked skin but was a little concerned when my trousers were pulled down to my ankles.

We carried on making progress through the harbour heading towards the city and its docks full of war ships and channel ferries. We had to change direction, tacking which is when I recieved my first lesson with the ropes. It was on one of these tacks that we found ourselves getting close to another yacht heading the other way.  I quickly scrambled back into my top. Which was just as quickly removed once we were at a safe distance again. The next time another yacht neared us I wasn’t so lucky, as I made a grab for my top he threw it below deck. So I turned my back to the city looking back at my favourite hill in the hope that my nakedness wouldn’t be noticed. I remained in my semi naked state for quite a long time after this. Steering the boat in whichever direction I was told. Pulling on the ropes each time we changed course.

I wonder how many if any of our fellow sailors suspected that Dave had been enjoying his nipple feast, or that his fingers had been delving into my warm moist place . While I tried to concentrate on keeping us within the markers (it wouldn’t do to run aground) and praying not to come very much. I didn’t fancy going home with wet trousers (they were still around my ankles).  Reaching the furthest part of our route Dave had me stand looking back at the land, pushing me so that I was bent double he pushed first his fingers then his unusually erect cock into me from behind. I was aware of small aircraft in the sky but don’t think they were close enough to see me naked being shafted while we drifted towards the rusty wreck.

I couldn’t hold my position for long as my legs jolted into the edge od the seat with each thrust. I managed to last as long as I could before the discomfort mixed with concern for the approaching wreck forced me to bring an end to his thrusting. On our way back I told Dave I was begining to get chilly but instead of allowing me to put my clothes back on, he pulled me onto his lap claiming that he could keep me warm with his body heat.

The rest of our slow sail back towards the marina was pretty uneventful. Not as much rope pulling going this way, I anaged to retreive my top whilst Dave was busy with something on the mainsail. Once we were moored up again we had a brief play with lots of kissing and him entering me from behind again but this time he used my ass which we both enjoyed.

I’m sure you don’t want to know about the rest of our time together as it was pretty much just fucking, sucking,  spanking and you don’t come here to know about that or do you?

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He knows what he wants

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 3, 2010

As soon as we were below deck he took me into his arms kissing me gently for a few seconds before becoming more passionate. Taking off our shoes we lay down on the bed to continue our kisses. His hands found their way into the waistband of my trousers. Without hesitating he not only had his hands inside my knickers but I was rolled onto my stomach and my trousers and knickers were already round my knees. His fingers took no time at all to plunge deep into my cunt. His kisses now very ardent and his fingers pumping into me I couldn’t help cumming for the first time of the afternoon. I wasn’t the least bit suprised to feel the sting of his hand smacking into my right bum cheek. His teeth taking a quick nip on my left cheek before he rained gentle kisses on my arse.

How I had missed this man whilst he had been away. I know it had only been two weeks, but I had missed him. I love that he knows exactly what he wants and goes for it. But better still he knows what I want even when I am saying nooooooo. I am now on my back one hand held behind my head and one leg raised in a strap, my pussy assaulted in the most delicious way by his practiced and missed fingers. His instruction to concentrate on his fingers and nothing else did nothing to deminish the pain shooting from my breast. At first I thought he was biting my nipple. I was wrong, he had his teeth clamped to my breast quite close to my nipple creating a third nipple like bump. I know what he was doing, he was trying to leave his mark on me again. Even now I can feel the tenderness but there is little visual evidence.

Back on my stomach he bids me to get onto my knees, I know what is coming next as I present my arse to be slapped, I knew he wanted to leave a red hand print. Instead he fucks me from behind. So maybe he isn’t as predictable as I had thought. I want to straddle him, lowering myself onto his hard cock but he misunderstands what I want. By the time I have got him sitting up in the corner where I want him he has lost his erection. I lay against him listening to his regular heart beat as we indulge in some general chat.

Minutes later we are dressed again and he is speaking into the radio asking permission to use the lock that would let us leave the marina and enter the harbour. We motored out into the harbour making our way among the boats moored up. We didn’t go very far as the wind was quite cold and it would be very cold on the return trip. We loitered for a while to watch the start of a dinghy race before returning to our mooring. Once his yacht was secured in her place we went back inside. Instantly he was kissing me again and pulling my trousers down bending me over the table. I had to stand on my tiptoes as he shoved himself into my arse.  I was not ready and not relaxed enough being on my tiptoes, I felt a searing pain as he entered me and had to stop him going any further. Had I been relaxed and ready I would have loved the feel of him in my arse but this was far too painful to endure. Dave apologised for hurting me and we spent the rest of the afternoon companionably with him doing some maintenace to his yacht with a small amount of help from me.

Now that he is back we are going to be seeing more of each other, mostly onboard his yacht. His love boat.

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Pussies need to be fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 3, 2010

This seems to be a recurring theme on the searches that find my blog along with damp pussies.

Well that is appropriate because this pussy is not only damp but in much need of a good fuck. I am not saying that my pussy is not seeing any action. My pussy has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. Fingers, tongues and toys have all been used on my pussy.

Karl has not yet managed to fuck my pussy with his cock although I have now suggested that we try cowgirl or me straddling him while he is sat upright. He is keen to give this a go. Dave has fucked me but doesn’t stay hard for long and finds it easier to fuck my arse than my pussy. The recent party I attended saw my pussy being attended to by fingers and tongues.

But my pussy needs a good hard fuck from a lovely erect cock. I need to feel a hard cock inside me filling my cunt, pushing against me. Leaving me with a feeling of being filled and fucked. Maybe I shall get my wish soon.

But my idea of heaven would be to have my pussy fucked hard at the same time as having another delicious cock to suck on.

Any volunteers?

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Mistress part two

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 29, 2010


…………another crack and her whole body jolts with the force. Her hands automatically reach round to protect her smarting cheeks. smack!! her head whips round with the force of this smack. she will be given one further chance to keep still while Mistress delivers her punishment. If she cannot keep her hands down her wrists will be bound together. she swallows a sob as she tries to keep still. Dark Master resumes rubbing his cock on her face as she waits for the next crack to hits her flesh but there is nothing. Hey now what is going on, there are fingers caressing her breasts as they hang beside Mistress’s lap, it can’t be Master as his hands are busy with holding her face against his cock. the realisation sinks in that it is this woman who is fondling her again. she feels the excitement begin to build inside her again as she realises that she has not two but four hands and two mouths wanting to use her body as their plaything. she is feeling the warmth of this thought course through her when it happens again, again she has been taken by suprise. A yelp tries to force its way past her lips but the tape forces her silence.

when she had agreed to become Dark Master’s slave she had agreed to take any punishment he felt was fit but she had not expected the force with which it would be delivered, nor that it would be anyone other than the master himself who would deliver these whacks across her arse. She wanted to cry it hurt so much but to cry would be a sign of weakness. she must be strong and not show how much it hurt. how many strokes has she received she must count she must concentrate. she knew from their conversations that she would have to count she must know how many strikes she has received. it is three no its four so far, this hurts so much how can she take much more. five there was another one must concentrate but omg this cock in her face is so inviting. how can she concentrate with this in her face. she reaches up to hold the cock in her hand. Mistress hisses in her ear…..thats a good girl wank your master, bring him to a head so he can show you his pleasure by covering your face with his own special cream. crack thats six.

so many sensations its hard to concentrate. her ass is on fire as the welts begin to show up red, her nipples tingle with the attention they are receiving and then there is still this cock in her face that she cant taste because of the tape which makes it hard to breathe even, then there is the pain in her head as her hair is pulled keeping her head up. again thats six isn’t it, no already had six it must be seven, please let this end soon. as though her prayers have been answered the lead is yanked and the hands on her breasts are pushing her upwards. The girl finds herself standing again, she feels so much relief that the strikes have ceased tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

she is led around to the side of the bed and pushed face down onto the bed. two pairs of hands take her by the arms pulling her towards the head of the bed. simultaneously her wrists are shackled to the bed. pillows are piled in the middle of the bed and the girl is manouvered so that she is laying across the pillows with her ass poining into the air. Dark Master kneels infront of her face rips the tape from her mouth. he tells the girl she has taken her punishment well and is to be rewarded. he shoves his cock into her mouth pulling the panties out at the same time.

there is movement behind her the bed creaks a little as Mistress climbs up behind her. the girl feels hands on her burning cheeks, something cold is being soothed onto the welts, it stings like mad but is curiously comforting too. mmmm a nice soothing massage on her damaged flesh and a hard cock to suck. but what now her cheeks are being held open something hot and soft is flicking around her ass hole, is that wet? omg its her tongue the girl is being licked by the woman. long slow licks from ass to cunt and back again.

no sooner has she taken in what is happening when the woman climbs off the bed. the girl can hear movements but she concentrates on the cock in her mouth pumping, fucking her mouth like she has never done before. woowwwwouchhhhhhhhh she feels a new stinging sensation as something hits her ass cheeks. she hears a swish just before the next sting. Master tells her not to worry this is just a soft leather flogger the paddle will be next. another swish another sting she wants to grit her teeth but can’t as her mouth is being fucked. she chokes back her tears,it stings so much but she can’t scream. She is very vulnerable with her wrists shackled and her mouth full of cock while her naked ass is pointing up towards this thrashing. she nearly bites her Master’s penis as the 6th and hardest swish stings her left buttock. Master withdraws from her and unfastens her wrists. He commands her to go over to the corner opposite the door and stand with her nose to the wall hands on her head and feet as wide apart as her shoulders.

to be continued……….

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Limited comments A – B

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 20, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I am starting with A – B some of these I have commented on already.

Abrasion ………see previous
Age Play……… is many years since I did this
Anal Sex ………….oh yes please
Anal Plugs (small) …….not tried yet
Anal Plugs (large) …….not tried yet
Anal Plug (public under clothes).…..not tried yet
Animal Roles …………….. see previous
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) ………… see previous
Aromas ……….. not tried yet
Asphyxiation ………….no way will I try this one I won’t even wear clothes with a high neckline
Auctioned for charity …………I can’t see this happening but you never know
Ball Stretching …………see previous
Bathroom use control ………….    I can understand how this can work for some but with my medical history unadvisable for all concerned.
Beastiality ………….what do you think I am? an animal? no thanks
Beating (soft) ………..can I really ?
Beating (hard)……….. not sure I could hurt anyone that much
……… not tried it yet but really do want to
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood). ……….. not for me this one
Being Serviced (sexual) ……….well of course ……….wouldn’t anyone want to be serviced?
Being bitten.……….keep it light please
Breast/chest bondage ……….don’t know maybe one day
Breath control
………… see previous
Branding  ………. no no no …….did you hear me ………noooooooo
Boot Worship
.………….I could handle having my boots worshipped
Bondage (light) ………….. yes please
Bondage (heavy) ………… don’t know maybe one day
Bondage (multi-day)
……………see previous
Bondage (public under clothing) .…………. I can see the possibilities here
Breast whipping …….. again this is a possibility one day but not yet
Brown showers (scat)

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