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Imagine this

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

I have begun to add some of the photos from the last party to my gallery, you can find them on the page … & games.

Following my conversation with Karl which left me feeling that he clearly has no idea what he really wants. He starts off wanting me all to himself but ends up with his cock doing the talking. He doesn’t want to go to parties that Dave goes to as he doesn’t want to see me with Dave, yet he wants to have spitroasts and moresomes with us.

He called round to see me briefly yesterday morning, nothing was said other than he noticed that I have a light bruise on my breast. He put 2 & 2 together and decided that it must have been Dave, demanded to know when I had seen Dave. The truth is that I don’t know how I got that bruise …….I probably knocked into something because I know it has nothing to do with Dave, he was paying attention to my other breast.

I was chatting to Dave online, he asked how Karl is now that he knows we have set up a profile as a couple. I told him some of what Karl had said.

Can you imagine this? He offered to stop seeing me if I thought that was best. Obviously I told him that it is up to me not Karl. He still says that any time I want to stop I only have to say so.

Did I mention in my earlier post that Dave had invited both me and Karl to join him on a sailing trip yesterday, this didn’t happen partly because the weather was bad but also Karl was going to a bbq with his wife (I had known this all week). I spent the day and evening with my family.

Can you imagine how I felt when I received a text from Karl in the middle of the evening.

Hello are you at home I am watching  whitesnake on dvd at my mates x

Evidently he was checking that I was not out with Dave. So I waited half an hour before replying ……….

how was the bbq?

A couple of other texts then went back and forth but I still didn’t confirm whether I was at home or not. I left my laptop on so that when he got home he wouldn’t know if I was at home asleep or out. He knows that I sometimes leave it on when I am out.

Can you imagine that I will put up with this kind of behaviour for long?

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a couple of things

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 21, 2010

A few evenings ago I visited Dave in his home. Partly because we wanted to see each other… had been a couple of weeks since I had seen him. Partly because he had a cd of photos from our evening with Bruce, Alice and friends last month. I had not had a chance to actually see the photos. He showed them to me, not many had me in them Alice was the main attraction.

We also took a few photos of each other to go on the new couple’s profile he has created for us. He has been jealous of the number of contacts I have made with Karl, as a single man he was having no luck. I didn’t tell Karl that I had agreed to be a couple with Dave. I was convinced that Karl would say he didn’t mind (even if he did) but I still didn’t want to shove it in his face.

Yesterday Karl phoned me to say that he had seen the new profile. While I was beginning to write this post which was supposed to be about photos I have been chatting online with Karl. His jealousies are coming out now. (Remember that out of the three of us Karl is the one still married and living with his wife). He loves me to bits, feels more for me than his wife and if circumstances were different we would be together…………..I have told him NOT to even think about leaving his wife for me.

He has now admitted that he doesn’t like sharing me. He knows that I see others (ie Dave) he doesn’t like it but puts up with it. (Remember here who it is who is married). He told me it was a shock to see the profile that Dave has set up … not as much shock as when I saw the photos of him online with other people after he had told me that he had not met anyone for fun since he met me! (including the profile of the older woman he had met proclaiming that she was a couple with him). He admitted seeing her again recently. Even though the photos of his hands on her breast couldn’t possibly be his (he has dstinctive hands).

I was on the point of pointing out that as a single woman not in a committed relationship with anyone I am free to see whomever I choose whenever I choose. Dave always asks if Karl would mind, Karl says he respects that Dave asks that. Excuse me! but neither of them get to decide what I do. I do not belong to either of them, I am my own woman.

Besides I have a feeling that it won’t be too much longer before I get the urge to find myself a committed relationship again in which case I shall stop seeing both of them. If they are going to let their jealousies get out of hand that might be sooner rather than later.

Having said that he doesn’t like sharing me but accepts that he has to put up with it he just doesn’t want to know about it. He went on to say that he is happy for the three of us to go sailing together, we could even have some sexy times together, maybe even spitroast or if any single girls want to join the three of us………………men!!

In the meantime I should start editing the photos from the party and will upload some to my gallery in the next day or so.

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Limits completed

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 10, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and  G – H and  I, J, k, L, M & N then  O – R now I am completing the excercise with S – Z.some of these I have commented on already.

Saran wrap …………. see previous
Scarification  ………this goes against my instincts to shy away from permanent disfigurement of the body
Scratching – getting ………….I am sure I would be excited by this
Scratching – giving  ………..not as easy as it sounds …………I know ………I have tried
Sensory deprivation  …………..I can’t wait to try this ………with someone I trust implicitly
Serving …………..perhaps to a small degree as part of role play
Serving as art  ……… are joking right? me …… ha ha
Serving as ashtray .……..don’t be stupid ……….apart from anything else I am a non smoker
Serving as furniture …………do you like your furniture to wriggle ……….I’m not good at keeping still
Serving as a maid  .……….can I get you anything?
Serving as a toilet (urine)  …………..eeewwwwww
Serving as a toilet (feces)  .……………crap no!
Serving as waitress/waiter  ……….I’m a mother ……..what do you think I have been doing all these years
Serving orally (sexual)  ………….mmmmmmmmmmm
Serving other Doms (supervised)  .………….I can’t answer this
Serving other Doms (unsupervised) .………see above
Sexual deprivation (short term) ………….don’t you think I have suffered enough?
Sexual deprivation (long term)
…………see above
Shaving (body hair)  …………I have been doing this for years
Shaving (head hair)  ……… what lose my lovely hair ………….no thank you
Skinny dipping  ..………..hasn’t everyone at one time or another?
Sleep deprivation   …………………makes me tired and irritable
Sleep sacks ………..see previous
Slutty clothing (private) …….yes it has been known
Slutty clothing (public) …………occasionally but only in selected places with selected company
Spandex clothing  ……….. you can keep it
Spanking  …………yes
Speech restrictions (when/what)………….as if that could be possible for this chatter box
Speculums (anal) ……….what will they think of next?
Speculums (vaginal) ……….. you get used to them very quickly with regular use
Spitting  .……….didn’t your mum tell you that its rude to spit?
Spreader bars  …………..I wonder!
Standing in corner  .……..I can do that ……didn’t you see  the pictures?
………..I bet thats something else I’m too short for
Straight jackets  ………..some people make me feel like I am wearing an imaginary one…………I think a real one would be very difficult for me
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)  .……….the idea of strap ons does nothing for me
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)   .………see above
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)  .……….see above
Strapping (full body beating)  …………ummm probably not but you never know
Suspension (upright)  ……..this body is too weak and out of condition
Suspension (inverted)  .………never likely to have the strength of mind or body for this
Supplying new partners for Dom  ……….you mean I would have to share
Swallowing feces  .………not on your nelly
Swallowing semen  .………of course
Swallowing urine   …………….no not for me thank you
Swapping (with one other couple)  .……… always game for a bit of swapsies
Swinging (multiple couples) ………cum on you know me ……….the more the merrier
Tampon training (in ass) ………..gawd no …………..I would prefer a but plug
………….no this is one of my pet hates
Teasing  ………..didn’t you know that teasing is my middle name
TENS unit (electrical toy)  …………didn’t use one during labour so why would I want to now?
Thumb cuffs (metal) …………..see previous
Tickling     ……………have always love to tickle/be tickled but now learnt to control it
Triple Penetration  .……… next on my list of to do things
Urethral Sounds (metal rods) ………see previous
Uniforms    .………….I’m sure that will do nicely thanks
Including others  .………like I said…….the more the merrier
Vaginal dildo  …………so long as it isn’t too thick.

Verbal humiliation   .
……….maybe in small doses, might not have desired effect, 19 years of this from my ex
Vibrator on genitals   …………oh yes!!
Violet wand (electrical toy)  ……………can I give you my answer after I try one
Voyeurism (watching others)  …………mild interest but really only to get ideas
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)
………..this might not be as easy
Video (watching others)   ………..depends how real it is
Video (recordings of you)  .……………….just be careful who gets a copy
Water torture    …………don’t you think there is enough torture ans some would say enough water in the world
Waxing (hair removal)  .……not something I intend volunteering for
Wearing symbolic jewelry   ……….. expect so
Weight gain (forced)   .……… force required …………..just looking adds weight
Weight loss (forced)    .………if only this would work
Whipping  .……… can I ?
Wooden paddles   ……….how do they compare to leather ones?
Wrestling     …………do I get to practice my special moves?

So now you know

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Because he’s a man

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 8, 2010

Is it because he is a man that he thinks this way?

It is only a matter of weeks since his wife told him she knew what he had been up to. She had got someone to do a search of his computer while he was out. She had suspected that he was messing about with other women. Apparently they found evidence of his meeting other women (I don’t know how far back this went) but they didn’t find anything about the two of us (he says). There were days of tears and heart to heart talks. He admitted that due to the way things were at home he was going elsewhere to find sex. His freedom to come and go has been reduced (understandably). There has been an increase in family events (showing a united front ~ that’s my guess).

At the start of this week he asked me what I was doing on Friday night. She is going out for a girly night and wouldn’t be home until Saturday. During the week I asked him what the plan was, maybe he was expecting to stay here (not very likely with my teenagers in the house). Perhaps he was thinking of booking a hotel room for the night……..lets hope he wasn’t expecting me to spend the night at his home.

We went out for a meal (very nice it was too) then driving back he said he had to go home to take a tablet he had forgotten to take with him. He parks up in his drive, gets out asking if I was coming in. No I’m ok here (he’s only going to be a minute so no point). He was literally only a minute (I counted) and we drove off to my place which is only about a mile away.

Once my youngest had ‘gone to bed’  after chatting to us for a while, we got down to being intimate. Kissing, cuddling, fondling, licking and sucking etc. It was very nice but didn’t go as far as I would have liked.  we were both very tired after a hectic working week. He went home at about midnight, the red wine I had drunk ensured that I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Last night we chatted on msn. He mentioned that he ad invited me into his home but been refused. He thought that it had been obvious that in asking me if I was coming in he was offering his home for us to have some fun in private. I had to explain to him that I couldn’t go into his house. (I have stayed there about half a dozen times in the last 17 months). I would not have been able to relax, I would have been paranoid that every sound was his wife coming home.  He replied that she had been out for the night and only came home mid afternoon.

Now maybe it’s because I am a woman that I felt uncomfortable with the idea of having sex in his wife’s home when she is less than 10 miles away. (on previous occasions she has been out of the country). Maybe it is because she now knows that he has been playing away from home. Maybe it is because I was married to a control freak who monitored my every move.

Especially as it has only been weeks since the fall out of his sexual life, I don’t understand why she is trusting him to behave while she is out. Wouldn’t she have rung the home phone to check he was there and when there was no answer wouldn’t she have rung his mobile. Wouldn’t she have been tempted to go home to make sure he was there (alone). If I was his wife I would be checking up on him more than she seems to be doing. I don’t know if that is because I am a woman or because that is the way my husband behaved (I was not playing a way and never did until I divorced him).

I said that she must trust him to behave………….his reply was that he had behaved himself………we didn’t have full sex. He believes that it is not sex if it is not full penetrative sex. Therefore he is behaving himself. I seriously doubt that his wife would see it that way. If my partner (I should be so lucky) had his cock in another woman’s mouth or his fingers/tongue in another woman’s pussy, I would not say……. that’s ok darling ,you were not having full sex, I accept that you were behaving yourself :). No if I ever found out that my partner was even kissing and cuddling another woman let alone indulging in oral sex (the clue is in the name …….oral SEX) I would definitely make my feelings known.

It would probably be the end of the relationship, either because I would end it there and then or because I would become a paranoid nightmare. Checking on him constantly that he was where he was meant to be and not with some floosie he was having sex with (I don’ t include myself under the title of floosie) and drive him away anyway.

So is it a typical male view that sex is only really sex if it includes full penetration?

I wonder if he would feel the same way if it was his wife who was doing what we do (with another guy) I suspect he would be very angry. I suspect he makes the rules to fit his own agenda. There is a lot of bravado when he is challenged, he will do what he wants and see who he wants and if she doesn’t like it tough!

I have long thought that he is very arrogant in the way he conducts his private life. He was bound to get caught out eventually. He thinks nothing of having a text conversation with me during a family meal. He wasn’t bothered about chatting to me in the pub when his wife was no more than 4′ away.

None of the other married men I have known have been so blazé about their sexual lives outside their marriage.

I don’t understand how a man can contemplate having sex with another woman in the home he shares with his wife especially if he still loves his wife. Certainly not in her bed (in this case she has a double bed while he has a single bed).

Maybe it is just me who thinks this way ……….after all I am having sex with her husband so why worry about using her home or even her bed too.

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The thing about married men

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 12, 2010

I have been thinking about the different lovers or if you prefer friends with benefits that I have and have had over the last few years. Every now and then I go all righteous and declare that it will only be single men for me from then on. But it never takes very long before a married man worms his way into my arms. So what is it about married men?

There are lots of reasons for staying away from them and I don’t just mean that they belong to someone else. Part of me thinks it dreadful that any woman especially this woman would sleep with a married man. After all he is married to someone else, someone who would in all probability be very hurt if they knew what their husband was doing. I wouldn’t want my partner/husband to be having sex with anyone but me so why should I be doing it to them. (that’s the angel on my left shoulder’s view).

On the other hand if a man is married and wants to stay married because they love/adore their wife but they still want to have sex with me that gives me a sense of power. What is more if that man has never strayed before but now that they have met me they want me even though they are risking their marriage………..that is one very powerful aphrodisiac would you not agree.

But there are other reasons for staying away from married men. When you are together you cannot wear perfume or any other scent. …….I do like my perfume especially my bottle of prada…..I love the scent of vanilla too but even that can be too much of a giveaway.

I love to send and receive text messages but with some married men I can only indulge in this when I know it is safe (like Nigel) although with others like Karl I can and do text him at any time. What is nicer when you are apart than an unexpected phone call from your lover. A good morning call or a goodnight wish, maybe if you are both so inclined some phone sex. I have enjoyed a few sessions over time  including just calling up my lover so that he can hear me cum. Karl can phone me which he does often while he is out and about but I can’t ever phone him unless I know in advance that he is out. I have never phoned Dave and only ever text him in reply to his text which is usually only when we are about to meet up.

I think I would be better off finding myself a suitable single man if I am going to find the relationship that works for me………the only trouble is my resistence to married men is low.

With married men we can only spend time together when it fits in with their family life. Time that is stolen, time when they are supposed to be somewhere else. The best we can do is a few hours here and there. We cannot have nights or weekends together. Going away together is not an easy option. (Karl says he wants to take me away but I can’t see it happening.)

Having married lovers means that I can keep a clear conscience whilst seeing more than one, which in turn means that I can find different lovers who have different qualities. It is so difficult to find a lover who can give a woman all that she desires/needs.  In the early days of my sexual adventures (post divorce) I had the gentle Colin and the passionate Nigel. Now I have Karl and Dave who could not be more different. Having multiple married lovers helps me not to fall too deeply for any of them. For our relationship (even if it is no strings) to work we have to like each other and that means having some feelings for each other, caring. But it would be dangerous to care too much. Having more than one means I spread my feelings between them instead of devoting all my emotions to just one.

With single men I am more likely to devote myself to just the one which is when I get hurt like I did with Fred first time around. (who incidentally I have not seen since January and only had one online conversation (end of april) so I think that has run its course.

Is there anyone you would like to read more about?

Adam ~ attached ~ history

Sebastian ~ attached ~ history but still around

Don ~ single ~ history

Colin ~ married ~ history

Nigel ~ married ~ history

Fred ~ single ~ history and semi current

Karl ~ married ~ current

Dave ~ married ~ current

Stuart ~married ~ history

Rupert ~ married ~ history

Chief ~ single ~ history

Cutter ~ married ~ history

Sweetheart ~ single ~ history

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Only me

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 29, 2010

Over the last few years I have had to change the way I see myself. One of the reasons and probably the biggest reason I stayed married for as long as I did. I believed that if I split from my husband that would be it, the end of any life for me. I did not love my husband in fact I found he repulsed me, but at least he wanted me. If I cut free then I would be on my own from then on in as no other man would ever be attracted to me. No man in their right mind was ever going to find me the slightest bit sexy.

Then I decided that life was passing me by and I deserve a little happiness…..I could not stay in my marriage any longer so I filed for divorce in the sept. By december I was feeling lonely….I had always given all my affection to my kids as my husband neither wanted or gave any affection. But now my kids are almost grown and its not cool to have hugs with your mum.

I joined a couple of online dating sites met a couple of guys for drinks over the xmas period. Then after xmas began chatting to a guy(Don) 20 miles away. I told him I wasn’t looking for a relationship just friendship. When we met a few days later I knew this was going to be more than friendship. I will describe that relationship another time as it warrants more than a few lines. But what I quickly learnt was that I could be sexy and have a satisfying sexual relationship with a man other than my husband. This was the first new man for me for almost 20 years and I was by now twice the woman I had been back before I had my adorable children.

In the months after that I met and had sexual encounters with a few other guys. Then  I joined AFF put on my profile not expecting a single response…..but was inundated . I now of course know that the ratio of men to women meant that was inevitable. But it did no end of good for my confidence which in turn made me a happier brighter sexier person. I have built up a network of really good mates and a few lovers along the way. But most of all I now understand that the problems I have reguarding my body shape are not shared by the men I have encountered. It’s only me who has a problem with my figure.

This has been proved to me over and over agian as I have met more men and now women too who find me sexy. I try not to allow my own hang ups over my body get in my way. When chatting to a new man I nolonger apologise for my size, I don’t even mention it. I now expect that by the time we meet they will be hooked by my personality, boobs and legs. If they get as far as kissing me then I stop worrying about being rejected, I know I am a great kisser and once we kiss they are mine.

I recently had a conversation with Cougar about swinger clubs, he has been to one that I looked up on the net a few years ago but dismissed because one of the club rules is that you walk around naked. Cougar could not understand why this bothers me as I am happy to get naked with sexual partners. There are many men (as I can vouch) who prefer women with love handles. But my argument is that in a place like that there will also be others who find the fuller figure to be obscene. When I am with my sexual partners they have chosen to be with me. At places like this club these people are forced to see more naked flesh than they might wish to see. I know that the flip side of this argument is that they should know that this will be the case and by being there have agreed to witness all the lumps, bumps and wobbles that are on show. Personally I choose not to put myself in a position where my naked body will be judged by others who may not judge favourably. The club I have been to (and hope to again) the norm is to wear sexy lingerie which can be disguarded during play. I am much more comfortable with this.

I know none of us are entirely happy with our own body image.

What are your hang ups

Have you been to a swinger club? what was the dress code

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Misguided guilt

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 16, 2010

All that time, all that guilt, all that for what.

Since we first met I had felt guilty that we couldn’t have penetrative sex. I felt guilty because I was still having sex else where. First Sebastian, then Fred proved to me that I could still have intercourse. But I had known that all along anyway, it was Karl who had made me doubt myself. All the lovers I have had since my divorce have been testament to that. My cancer treatment which has left me very tight and shallow was way back in 2001. I didn’t start having sex again until 2006. Karl was the first I failed to have intercourse with. He was the first new lover for over a year so yes I began to feel it was my fault.

He would argue with me when I said that it’s because he is too big………..he is a little bigger than average in girth but not enormous and I have seen a couple that really are huge and no I was not going to let them anywhere near my pussy. But his head is bigger than most. He believes that his member is small……..what!! I might be persuaded if it wasn’t the fact that it isn’t just my pussy but he really stretches my mouth too. Yes I can and do take his head into my mouth but there is no way I could deep throat him, there is no gagging with him I can’t get him that far into my mouth. That tells me that yes he is bigger than average. Anyway I digress. I have had intercourse with 3 men since I first met Karl (I’m not counting the failed attempt with Cutter). I have had a few other dates too, but I kept quiet about what I was doing because I believed that Karl was not having any sex other than with me.

After the week we spent together last year at the end of May beginning of June we didn’t see so much of each other, I was busy with family and I figured he didn’t feel the need to keep me sweet as he wouldn’t be able to take me home again for the forseeable future. We are both getting too old for sex in the car every time. By this time I was seeing Fred approx every 2 months so I was getting semi regular sex. But because I felt guilty I kept it a secret from Karl. I didn’t want to rub it in his face that I was still being fucked even if it wasn’t by him. I knew from the start that he didn’t like the idea of me seeing anyone else. Especially after he began telling me that he had feelings for me. Right from the start I have known that he would do anything for me I just couldn’t rely on him. He calls himself my ‘fairy godfather’.

We didn’t see much of each other during the summer or autumn one or both of us was always busy. But I was still seeing Fred which made me feel slightly guilty, not because I felt I was cheating. I wasn’t we are not committed to each other we can see who we like. But I felt guilty for having sex when he wasn’t. I felt guilty because I could have sex with Fred but it didn’t work with Karl.  I felt guilty because I knew he had feelings for me but I couldn’t give him what he wanted but I could give it to someone who doesn’t have feelings for me.

But now I know the truth or at least some of it. First I found the photos of him and his mate with a local couple (who he still chats to so maybe it was more than just the once.) Then there was the revelation that he had met a sexy older woman and they planned to become a ‘couple’ for the purpose of playing with other couples. Now I have discovered because he was stupid enough to check his profile on my laptop and not close it down when we looked at another site. I was able to look at the private pictures on his profile. There are photos of him having sex with other women some a few days before our week togther last may/june so even then he was having sex but telling me he wasn’t.  Then again when he was too busy to see me in sept between trips abroad there are new pics of him having sex.

He wonders why I think he lies to me. Since I let my feelings about his lies be patently clear, he has been admitting to seeing others but still says he hasn’t had much. I am now telling him about Dave and mentioned Fred he isn’t impressed and wanted to change the subject. He seems able to cope with me seeing Dave although he gets jealous but he can’t handle the idea of anyone else. Having decided to become a ‘couple’ he has become much more attentive and even more touchy feely when he is in my house. He has virtually told me that he loves me although not in so many words but now always signs off from messenger with luv ya………he has never done that before. He phones me most days as well as texting and IM. There was a time last summer when he didn’t even text me for weeks and said his internet was playing up.

I like Karl and we get on great as friends, he thinks I am the best when it comes to sucking his cock. He only has to kiss me and I am wet. He has been very good to me and very good for me but I don’t think I will ever trust him. So now I won’t feel guilty about having sex with others.

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friends with benefits

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 11, 2010

We had been bickering for a couple of hours. Every time I tried to introduce what I thought would be a safe subject we still ended up bickering over it. Even asking if he was going to help me finish the bottle of red wine we opened on Saturday night led to us bickering.

But this conversation also brought a couple of unexpected comments

First there was the casual remark that I was pointed back to later and made aware of the significance of.  It seems that although he didn’t use those words he was telling me that he loves me.  He wants to give me a better life than the one I have. But circumstances mean that he can’t.  I’m not sure quite how I am supposed to react to this. We are supposed to be friends with benefits, no commitment to each other. How can that remain so if he needs me to know that he loves me. How can we both continue to see others. With this new era in our relationship being about honesty I have been telling him when I have seen Dave.

Last night I told him I had been seeing Fred on and off for 3 years. He wasn’t impressed, I had known all along that he would be jealous if he knew I was seeing anyone else.  But if I am insisting that he is honest with me then I must be honest with him. Perhaps I have subconsciously been pushing him to tell me that he doesn’t like me seeing anyone else.

Then later I brought up the conversation we started the other night about blue pills. We were watching tv when the subject of viagra came up. He mentioned that he has used it and has now got some of the next grade of pills. He had intended to use one that night. I wanted to know if he had used them when he is with me. He says not as he gets hard very easily with me.

We talked about cocks and cock sizes, we talked about cocks being stretched. I told him I could give that a go. Some how the conversation turned to fellatio. can you imagine that ………… a man wanting to talk about fellatio! He told me that I am good at it  ……… tell me something I don’t know hee hee. I didn’t say that to him but he did anyway.

He told me that when I suck his cock he doesn’t feel that he is in pain. This confused me, why would he feel pain during fellatio. He says I am the only woman who has not sucked the life out of him. When I suck him I do so gently. In my mind when I have him (or any other cock in my grasp) I am not thinking I must be gentle. I am thinking mmmmm I am enjoying this and to make it even better I tease. I lick, suck, nibble keep changing what I am doing so that he never knows what I will do next. I have never had any complaints yet. I enjoy fellatio as much as I enjoy being licked myself. Maybe it is my enjoyment of it that makes me good at it. Whatever it is he says that I am the only woman who has ever given him pleasure sucking his cock.

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Be honest , can you have sex

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 23, 2010

I was in one of those moods, a mood where I need to get things out in the air. I had casually dropped into the conversation that I wanted him to make me a promise………to start being honest. I could almost hear him fall off his chair in his room a mile away. Once he had picked himself up off the floor he asked what I meant.

its been over a year and you still don’t trust me with the truth.

I then had to explain that I know he lies to me. He lies about where he lives and who with. He has maintained all along that he lives with his mum and only stays at the marital home when he house/cat sits. I kept telling him to stop lying and tell me the truth, I don’t care whether he lives with his mum or his wife, I don’t care if he sleeps with his wife or has a seperate room. What matters is that he tells me lies and continues to do so all the time. He now tells me that he lives at both houses 50/50 ………… he still thinks I’m an idiot that came down in the last shower.

He didn’t want to have this conversation online he would come round to see me so we could sort out our differences face to face. For two days he failed to keep his promise to call around. On the second evening I just happened to log into Fab I checked friends list and noticed that Karl ahd been online even though he had messaged me that he had been asleep. I then discovered an update on his profile stating that he had now teamed up with a very sexy female to play with couples. I knew he didn’t mean me but thought I would leave him a message to wind him up……….

I know we discussed playing as a couple last summer but you could have asked me before you advertised it.

I never did write that message until now. The reason being that while  was thinking about it I discovered that he had uploaded some photos of his new sexy female partner……darn now I couldn’t pretend I thought it was me. The realisation that he had lied to me again, made me see red.

I wasn’t so much bothered that he was seeing anyone else but I was feeling very angry now. Not only had he lied to me about not having any sex with anyone else since we met. I could see for myself that he had. On his profile he states that he has a male buddy he can get to join him for anyone who wants two men to play with. Now he must know that I would be up for this because we talked about meeting other men/women or couples together. but he has never mentioned this man to me.  Now hes teaming up with another woman to meet couples.

I asked him if he thought I was not good enough to play with other people with him. We talked ages ago about 3 and 4 somes yet he never asked if I wanted to join him and his mate.

So we go play with others but be honest can you have sex? with your problem down below.

Yes ……….is that what this is about?

I have not complained but others might.

Nobody ever has………..its only you that it doesn’t work with.

Ok so if you want fun say so and I will arrange it

I asked you to go to party and you said no!

I had my reasons

I enjoyed the jacuzzi

I have never been in a jacuzzi with you.

I know.

later we were discussing his mate and how he knows him etc.

so would you like to meet my mate it can be arranged.

when we talked about it before were you just humouring me thinking I wouldn’t be able to perform so you would find someone else?

no I was not I just feel that if we do meet others and they cant perform with you as I can`t what they goin to say

Unless they are above average size that won’t happen

We talked some more about being a couple to play with others. But I don’t know if it will ever happen, should I tell him before or after that tomorrow I shall be the only single female at a small party with 4 couples.

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I knew this would happen

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 27, 2010

So I had my date with Dave and very good it was too. We made an agreement. On Fab you need to get verified as genuine so when you have met someone in person they write something to show that you are real. We agreed that we would do this espcially as he was the first person I had met. We made a pact that it would be something discreet just saying that we had met not like some who detail what they did.

The day after we had met Dave left my verification for me

Meeting in person:
Lovely, friendly warm person. Definitely someone to keep meeting again as soon as possible

I thought that was quite sweet really and it doesn’t say that we did anything.

Within hours I had Karl messaging me………….who is this man you have met

I merely told him that he was nice and wasn’t going to say anymore

He wasn’t impressed said he needed to know what competition he has. He also popped round to see me for 15 mins. The funniest thing was when he said…………..

I could write lots of verifications if I wanted to.

That kind of goes against his declaration that hes not had any meets with anyone since he first met me (over a year now) which I obviously know is not true. During a conversation recently I mentioned that I know he would be jealous if I was to meet anyone else, which he refuted saying that we are not committed to each other we can both see who we like. I still think he is jealous of anyone else that I see which is why I have never told him.

I think in his mind HE can still see anyone else but I am his.

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