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The Power of a photograph

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 30, 2011

If you have been reading for a while you might have picked up that I have a great fondness for Sebastian. From his very first email 4 1/2 years ago his words have touched me so very deeply. He has been and always will be my greatest ‘mind fuck’. We have only met in person 4 times and the last was 2 years ago. We can go weeks or even months without speaking. But he seems to have a sixth sense as every time I feel at my lowest he will appear on my screen as if by magic. He always without fail lifts my spirits.

We spoke briefly after christmas but not since so I was rather suprised to discover an offline message from him when I woke this morning. I then found this among my emails. I adore this man although I know we will never be more than secret friends. He has such a way with words that I wanted to share them with you.

my dear gorgeous lady

I love that new Hotmail account photo of you. You have such an attractive face, warm friendly open smile and soft fun eyes.
You look so beautiful in that photo I fall in lust and love all over again.
The days before you cut off all your sensual curls. I like women with short cropped hair, but on you, I find the curls work better on you, more feminine, more womanly.
You are most certainly more womanly that the photo portrays, cut off just bellow the necklace. But I have a photo that displays jewels richer than any man could possibly hope for. Jewels that cascade amply from your shoulders offering a cleavage so deep that I’m always filled with the desire to dive into it from a dizzy making height, the landing into which is always so soft, so inviting, so feminine, so womanly, so motherly sexual you would have me drown in their heavenliness as they fall to your ample sensual soft tummy.
I look upon your photo, my version, and am filled with desire to have you here in front of me in person teasing me with your womanly wiles as you slowly pick the buttons apart to reveal the deepest darkness cleft between each heavenly orb. Would that you hold them individually each in turn in your elegant feminine fingers.
Feed me your nipples, not to suckle as a child, (although Freud may comment) but to suck as a man filled with sexual intent to divest through them into your loins a pleasure most profound. Suckle if I must in your arms, because you are all mothering and all womanly and all desirable to me. Would that, child like, I could nestle into you body and soul and loose myself, but then manlike allow my hands the freedom of inquisitiveness and search for secrets and ways they might reciprocate the warmth and strength in your arms. To nurture a primal desire in you to lay yourself bare to the boy who turn himself firmly and rampantly into a man just by the nature of your womanliness.
Let me kiss you with the passion that stirs within me for you. Let me kiss with the deepest passion the lips of your soft welcoming mouth, the stirring succulent dampness of your maidenhood and the vulgar tightness that lays between the darling ample cheeks of your backside.
From your arms you deliver the man who desires you in every way. Let him take you thrice, in ways natural and unnatural. Let him feel the warmth of you as you enjoy the thrill of his manhood deep within you. Let him expel his lust over and over and over within you so he can kiss each and lap up the evidence and with a last and final embrace in your arms our lips collide for an exchange of such heightened passion as we both drink from your soft sweet gentle mouth the sweet nectar only you can unleash from his loins.
OMG! The power of photography. And they say a photograph never lies.
I adore you and lust you always and in every way.

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Beyond vanilla

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 19, 2010

The subject has arisen again.

BDSM, am I into it and if so in which role?

Am I Vanilla or not?

I suspect that anyone who is vanilla would if they knew what I have done in recent years,  say that I am not vanilla (that is if they even knew what being vanilla meant).

I suspect that anyone heavily into BDSM would say that I am little more than vanilla.

I was vanilla until a few years ago when I joined the world of sex bloggers. From the moment I began reading other sex blogs and discussing various aspects of sex with other sex bloggers my interest in sex beyond vanilla began to grow. Some of my favourite blogs from those early days have since ceased to be. Two of my favourite bloggers of that time were the very educational and sexy Cherrie and the delightfully adventurous La Fille. They are both missed (at least by me).

During this time I discovered in myself a need to try out a variety of things I had previously felt were no go areas for me.

There was the time a good friend (he was the one who introduced me to sex blogs in the first place) agreed to give me my first experience of being spanked/caned. I was astounded by my ability to cope with pain as have always believed myself to be a total wimp where pain is concerned. Since then sadly I have not experienced any further caning however I have been spanked (not seriously but in fun). Dave is quite happy to spank me and has also been the only man who has actually tied me up to a degree although others have said they would. Probably the most serious spanking I have had apart from that very first time was at the swingers party Dave took me to where my favourite room was the dungeon.

Who would have ever thought someone as shy and selfconscience as I would ever put on a show for doggers.

I have had many conversations with a variety of men about being in a Dom/sub relationship. This is something I am curious about and reading about it turns me on big time. But although quite a few men have shown an interest in the concept I have not found any who would do this with me properly. Some are merely interested in making a woman do whatever they want without caring about doing ao with care and love. I have discussed it with Dave as he seems to be the only one in my life who is capable of giving me the kind of sex I crave, but he says he could never be dominant.

I have had numerous conversations (mainly in the past) about whether I am submissive. I believe that I do have a tendency to allow my partner to lead me in sex. But there are times when I feel a need to be the one in control. There fore I believe that I am for the most part submissive but could never be totally controlled.

Ages ago I came across a BDSM quiz which I took and posted the results here. I think it would be interestin now to take the test again if it still exists just to see if the results come out the same as before.


my result first time:

You Scored as Switch
(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

my result this time is :

You Scored as Switch

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

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My limitations O-R

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 7, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and  G – H and  I, J, k, L, M & N just a few more this time  O – R .some of these I have commented on already.

Oral/anal play (rimming)  ……………….I guess I might tolerate receiving but giving are you serious……do you know where that butt has been?
Over the knee spanking ………perhaps I should be a bad girl just so you will put me over your knee …….do you have strong knees?
Orgasm denial  ……..this is an interesting one……….It would take a lot of training as I currently have no control ……if I am going to orgasm the hoover dam wouldn’t be able to hold me back
Orgasm control  …………..see above …………..but I do like to have control over your orgasm hee hee
Outdoor scenes   ………… I have been known to indulge with varying degrees of success
Pain (severe) .……… you have any idea how low my pain threshold is? on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain threshold is -5
Pain (mild)     …………..If its in a good cause ie my pleasure ……….bring it on 😉
Persona training (in scene)  ……………will give it a go (with the right person)
Personal modification (rl)  .………….if it leads to personal improvement I am all for it ……..just don’t hurt me too much …….(did I tell you I’m a whimp)
Phone sex (serving Dom)   ………….If thats what it takes
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)    ……….. If I had a Dom who required it then of course
Phone sex (commercial provider)    .………….It has been suggested by some at work that I would earn a fortune at it
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)    ……………..No, Karl asked me  just days ago if I wanted nipple or clit piercings ……..I don’t need the added stimulation of  metal embedded in my flesh to increase my arousal
Piercing (permanent)  ……………see above………. I am not against them for others but not for me I’m  afraid
Plastic surgery  …………..if it was for health reasons yes but not for pleasure only
Prison scenes  …………not sure why anyone would want to do this but if it floats your boat
Prostitution (public pretense)   …………small possibility
Prostitution (actual)    ………… I don’t think so………I do what I do because I  want to, not because I have been paid to
Pony slave  ………….please explain
Public exposure  …………..have done this to a degree and found it thrilling ……..not sure how far I would dare to go though
Punishment scene     have tried to do this …………..would love to try it again
Pussy/cock whipping  ………..willing to try this ……..just remember the pain thresh hold
Pussy worship   …………you may certainly worship my pussy………..I promise I won’t complain
Riding crops  ………..didn’t know you could ride a crop…….oh thats mot it is it………um be gentle please ……..oh ok just don’t make me count and afterwards can I try it on you?
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) …………..please explain
Rituals    …………. I have my own but I don’t think you mean those
Religious scenes  ………… a man of the cloth does feature in a few of my joint fantasies with Sebastian
Restrictive rules on behavior   ………..hmm would struggle between being  a good girl and a brat
Rubber/latex clothing   …………cool something to get me all hot
Rope body harness  …….if you have enough rope go for it …………..if I don’t like it I won’t do it again

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The Boy toy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 15, 2010

The boy toy dreams of meeting an older woman, a woman who will teach him.

I suggested he talk to her, I asked if she would

They have been chatting, masturbating for each other

He is terrified

I ask him who he wants more

Me or Her?

He cannot decide

He wants us both

He wants us together

I tell him to be carefull what he wishes for

He says yes please

Maybe I should ask her what she thinks

She lives at the other end of the country

He is close to her


Would he know what to do with either of us

Would he cope with 2 of us

His dream

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making plans for Sebastian

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 7, 2010

You have no idea how intensly my desire to touch and be touched by you burned deep inside. But couple this with the image of your face so close, with your gentle eyes gazing into mine and I was undone. As I wriggled in my seat determined not to give in to the burning urge to plunge my fingers into the depths of the hot wetness you had left me with. I was unable to resist for long, but weak as I was in this resolve I managed to desist with my rubbing on my swollen hood. I could not bear to allow myself the relief I so wanted/needed without the act being witnessed by the subject of my desire.

I do not know for how long I succeeded in my wish. The intensity of the throbbing ache between my soft thighs simultaneously pleasure and torture. I bided my time by imagining the subjugation of my desired one. Browsing outlets for the tools of my pleasure when you become mine to do with as I wish. Selecting my choices in wrist and ankle restraints, blood red silk ropes to match my harlot’s nails. Butt plugs that vibrate, remote control bullets and G spot vibrators,pretty pink and black flogger not forgetting the leather paddle thougtfully designed to imprint my chosen badge of honour ‘SLUT’.

All the while these selections were being made I kept being drawn back to your eyes, the line of your throat and those lips that I can’t resist wanting to trace with the lightest touch from my fingertip. How my resolve melts at the memory of you, without concious thought to what I am doing my fingers make their way inside my jeans and the flimsy black scrap of fabric feeling the heat of my desire. Inching ever closer to the edge that your words have already brought me so close to.

The knowledge of the power that my actions have over my lust slave is very empowering turning my core into molten lava to be poured over my willing servant. But before he can enjoy the nectar of my lust for him he must subject himself completely to my will. He will familiarise himself with the implements of my pleasure. Feel the soft leather of his restraints test the D rings and chain that can either be attached at full length or threaded through and back to restict freedom as your mistress wishes. Hold and examine the leather handle of your flogger, feel the different textures of leather and fur. Know that your mistress can choose to let this trail softly against your skin or with the flick of a wrist cause a red heat to glow from the sharper contact of leather on your unprotected being.

Being the good slave of my lust that I know you to be, I know that you will stand perfectly still for your Mistress allowing your clothes to be removed in any manner chosen without a care for the disgarded garments scattered around the floor. You will not flinch when you cannot see what your mistress is doing. All you can feel is the soft touch of a fingertip or hot breath on your back. When commanded to do so you will attach your own wrist then ankle restraints handing the chain to your Mistress who will decide which of your four limbs will be chained together.

When your Mistress is satisfied with the limitations imposed, you will disrobe me using whichever means you have available. First you will remove my skirt to reveal the soft flesh above my stockings and the glisten of moisture on my now exposed cunt. On your knees now you will give my cunt a stroke of your tongue but make it good as you will only have one stroke before you get to your feet to help me out of my blouse. Now you will be faced with the white orbs overflowing the soft lace cups of my bra which will need to be removed, without use of hands. If you succeed in removing this within a reasonable time (remember your Mistress can be impatient in her lust) then you will be allotted 2 minutes on each breast to lick suck and stimulate these to a point of no return. During this time you will pay no heed to what your Mistress may decide to do to your erection. Your Mistress may tease and or squeeze but you must resist any urge to cum.

Moving together to the end of the bed you will climb on the bed positioning yourself on your hands and knees so that your sexy bum is offered up for my amusement. This is when you will feel the soft fur of your flogger as it swirls this way and that across your waiting cheeks, never knowing for sure when you will feel the first snap of leather. I will of course be gentle with you as I want you to enjoy your flogger. But be warned that once your Mistress becomes bored of teasing you that is when you will recieve your brand as your paddle slaps smartly against each cheek declaring you to be my very own SLUT. To cool your  now red cheeks a liberal helping of lube will be smeared and rubbed into your cheeks. A further helping of lube will be smeared around and into your inviting bum hole. Now you are ready for your ultimate experience as you willingly accept your butt plug pushed firmly into you. You are going to beg me to turn up the vibrations, I want you to feel the full effect of this toy before I position myself under you.

Still with your bum in the air complete with plug, my mouth taking care of your erection you may now take your pleasure in my glistening cunt.Taste the desire you create in me, eat it all up, rub your face in my pussy covering yourself in my nectar. (I shall enjoy licking you clean later). But first I pull you down to me as I twist around bringing your erection into contact for the first time with my waiting cunt. Now you must fill me with your hardness pumping into me until you reach the point where you want to cum so hard that you feel you will burst. You must withdraw without spilling a drop. You know that your seeds of lust must be saved for my hungry mouth. If you can do this for me you will be rewarded with a taste of your lust as we share passionate kisses. Spent we will collapse together and sleep arms and legs entwined.

That my darling distraction is the fate for one such as yourself who is such a delightful distraction on a dismal and grey day.

My lust for you grows ever more

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Spit roast and more

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 2, 2010

To my disappointment Sebastian didn’t come back online that evening. I waited but he wasn’t there. Eventually I went to bed, taking my laptop with me.

I was uploading the last of the photos to my play time page, but I was falling asleep. It was very late (or early)heading towards 3am. I had been feeling horny all evening and had now given in to the idea of using my vibrator.  Snuggled in my bed listening to music through headphones while my pussy ran with juice from continuous vibe induced orgasms. I was more than a little suprised to see Karl online. Suddenly I was wide awake again. We had a most enjoyable time until about 5.30 when we agreed that we both needed to sleep. (I had abandoned the vibrator about mid way through).

It was already mid morning when I rose from my slumbers, I was there waiting in hiding when Sebastian came online. I didn’t immediately make contact, I was busy creating my labour of lust in the form of my plans for his subjugation by email. Just time for a quick tease before heading off for a hot bubble bath, with Sebastian wishing he was there to soap my body for me. With those thoughts in my mind I just had to take a few soapy photos to sgare with him later.

But when I had finished my bath Karl was online, at my mention of my bath he wanted photos, evidence that I was now wrapped in nothing more than a towel. Having sent him the required evidence I felt it was only fair that he return the favour which he duly did. But now it was time to turn my attentions back to Sebastian.

He was pleasantly suprised when he received a soapy picture to add to his collection of images. We chatted for a while until I had completed his virtual seduction.

Once again my dear sweet lady you drove me to utter and blissful distraction with your intelligent gentle words and photographs. Having you seduce me with your images was extremely arousing, I hope it was as equal a pleasure for you.

Darling , I am so utterly errect and pulsating for you after reading you desire for me, I can’t think what to do

Our conversation then moved onto such topics as strap ons, spanking, sex toys drag queens, TV/TS before turning to threesomes and same gender sex. We discussed my limited experiences with other women and his desire

to explore touching another man ………………….but I’d have to have a woman present

We had talked about this before when he had been chatting to a prospective male playmate. If ever the chance arises for us to play together with another man I shall insist on being spit roasted. I loved it last time around and long to repeat the experience. Only if I get the chance to do this with Sebastian they will have to take turns at both ends. I would adore being fucked whilst sucking him off but would also love to be fucked by him whilst having my mouth fucked.

We know that whatever happens we must see each other again occasionally and hopefully that spit roast will be sooner rather than  later.

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panties damp

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 27, 2010

‘panties damp’ was one of the searches that brought someone to this blog today.

Right now, right this minute I could say that my panties are damp, but that would be an understatement. I have been chatting online with Sebastian. He has had to go offline (he did warn me) leaving me with a deep desire in my belly and an aching throb in my pussie. The urge to plunge my finger between my swollen lips into the hot wetness within is painfully high. But I am forcing myself to leave my clit alone, not a single flick or stroke will touch my flesh.

This self-imposed torture is all I deserve after teasing him mercilessly this afternoon. How can I blame him for wanting to push his hard cock deep into my soft flesh after what I did to him today. I knew what I was doing when I signed into msn after an absence  of over an hour knowing that he was waiting impatiently for my return. Making him wait for me to speak only to be sent with no warning a photo of my black stockinged thighs followed by my kisses that send him wild then signing back out again for several hours.

Ooops I gave in and let my finger rub my clit, sliding into the wet heat beyond but I don’t wish for release just yet so I have withdrawn my finger, placing it into my mouth to suck and lick away the evidence of my arousal. The well remembered scent of my sex filling my nose, reminding me how much I lust this man who with a few words can leave me hot and bothered.

I shall try to be patient until Sebastian returns, I want him to witness the effect he has upon my body.  To know beyond doubt that it is he who brings me to the peak of my arousal. For him I shall cum with my hot juice squirting for him to lapp up with his willing tongue. Until he releases me from my torment I shall sit and sqirm with my thights clamped together as my clit is squeezed wanting but not wanting to cum.

During the years of our relationship (such that it is) I have been the submissive one, but now the tables are turning as he wishes to be subjugated. There is talk of spanking as well as fucking but the underlying theme will always be our mutual lust.

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Getting wet with Sebastian

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 14, 2010

don’t deserv you do I?

who does?

Ha you have a very high opininion of yourself


Playing up!

its just that I used to have a low self esteem
I’m learning to stop thinking I am not worthy

How can a woman of your tallent mind inteligence have a low self esteem?

by being married for 19 years to someone who is emotionally abusive

You’re beautiful inteligent attractive capable funny caring ……………………..

would you like to write my profiles for me

and if anyone gets to know you better they’ll discover your secret talents of unadulterated joy


these days I dont give those talents away and it isn’t easy getting someone well enough to get to that stage

playing up again

you must have got me all flustered as I see my typing has become dreadful

my fingers don’t seem to be typing what my mind is saying

“to know” is what you left out
but het
I love getting you flustwred :-0

like wise

or even ‘Hey”
hummmm  I love it wjen you make me feel horny

you mean I can still do that

you make me feel rude

and it feels nice

you are rude   but delicious with it

and kind of comforting to know we know one another

yes it is and even when it has been ages we can still pick up where we left off


just seeing your name brings a smile to my face as I remember your gentle eyes and and hands that so contradict your mind

do they really?

looking at your handsome features and feeling the gentle touch of your hands does nothing to give away the thoughts that lurk inside your mind

Ah, the dark mind

but then you have to take some responsibility for that surely

but obviously I can see beyond that gentle exterior and know all too well what a delightful imagination awaits anyone who dares to look

I dare you to look

Oh I am only too happy to admit partial responsibility

I have looked many times and come away feeling hot and sexy and adored

hummmmmmmmmmyou are
I want to nestle with you now

right now I am picturing  a perfect body half reclining on a chair showing off a magnificent erection clothed only in an open white shirt

Ah you naughty girl you and what would you do with that erection

now I am picturing a man with soft curls framing his face as he looks into my eyes ……….I can feel his hardness entering my tight cunt both of us breathing heavily

Sweet jesus SN I adore you

the polished wooden floor beneath us unforgiving on knees and elbows
bright yellow daffodils waving in the breeze outside the window

I see your wonderous curvs
and feel them in my skin

you pendulous breast  cascading in seductive motion
I want them on my mouth
your nipples filling me as I suck and teas them

I am remembering how it felt to be dressed only in a flowing gown completely open for the world to see what lay beneath as I took your manhood in my hand watching a cyclist progressing uphill towards us

nibbing at your tight scrunched up flesh

Oh yes, what a delicious memory. Ho so beautiful you were laying back exposing you body to my feasting eyes

before lowering my head into your inviting lap working you into a frenzy sucking your love juice into my mouth

sheer joy you were to my eyes

I often feel you engulf my cock SN
the memory never leaves me
it was beautiful to feel you mouth upon me

the feelings of utter elation as you shot hot spunk into my waiting mouth then sharing it with my willing partner

I adored you for that my sweet dear lady

that afternoon wil never leave my memory nor will our other memories but that one is extra special

I’m so utterly thrilled it is so special to you, because it’s the most beautifully sexual experience of my life and I adore you for giving me such a beautiful memory of you

my darling I lust you so heartily I would gladly give you any memory your desire wishes

I adore you both body and mind

Thank you my dear sweet lady, I adore you for that and i adore you for the seeds of vulgarity you plant in my mind

they grow into exquisite flowers

hee hee I was just thinking something similar

I am now thinking of reaching for my smooth cold metal vibrator to plunge into the hot wet swollen flesh of my budding lips………..which in turn reminds me of the time Itried to carry out your wish that I should keep this same vibrator buzzing inside me during an evening out
Ha Ha! You were so slipper you couldn’t mamage it


I would love to spend an evening with you, out and about in polite company knowing you were buzzing blissfully between your heavenly ample thighs

of course I am now wet with lust for you …….there is a throbbing between my thighs even before any kind of toy is applied

I want you cunt on my mouth SN

for that I must inflict these on your delicious frame

sit on me push you sex and wet lips to my face and let me feel your hotness

Oh God my dear sween lustly angel
I adore you kisses

careful what you wish for my darling as you will have me gushing so much wih pleasure that you will be in danger of drowning

plunge the steel into your perfect cunt and feel it as though it were me

slide your tongue between my lips

Ahhhhh I can taste you sweet salty sex
and it’s like nectar

let me feel you lapping at my juice that is such sweet evidence of my lust

so tasty my dear so rudely tasty vulgar and divin
I adore your lust for it

already you have me feeling light headed in my delirium as your fingers and mouth work on my aching body

push into your cunt and out again feel the vibrations

insert you toys into your sex and let me lick your tight bum
69 with me my darling
and put my cock in your mouth
and let me watch you as you toy with your vibrator

Have you another one?

mmmm  don’t think I need to be asked more thasn once to savour your lovely cock

would you fuck me with you vibrator while you suck my cock?

anything darling

I would adore the vulgarity of it

slowly at first before turning up the speed

no darling this isn’t vulgar this is esquisite

Ooooo  know absolutley- I can just feel the sensation of you filling me with your toy

I can feel the lovely vibrations reaching through to your cock as I continue to lick and suck

I want to slide another up you bum and press my lips to you cunt and lick you
suck you deep into my mouth with the vibrations buzzing inside us both Hummmmmmmmmm\

wow I was about to demand that you do just that   x
I can think of nothing better

we know one another  oh so very well my darling

thats one of the reasons I lust and adore you so very much

Fuck me darling
suck me too
take me

oh baby Im cumming
I need you so much

Oh how sweet you are cum all over me my dearest cucm cum gush and cum cover me
in your sweet climactic juice

yedrfchfghjh  ohhhhhhhhhhhh        mmmymybanyjtgggg
fuck fuck fuck fuck

drwon me me in you lust and happiness

oh yess  my darling oh yess
cum cum cum cum
I want to cum too
into your mouth

ooooooooooh yesssssssss

suck me fuck me
fuck me suck me more I’m cuming

god yesss honey
into your moth my dear sewwn lady

I’m sucking

take it all
don’t swollow
you know what I want of you

yes I do mmmmmm

let me see my spunk dibble from you sweet lips

Im sucking you draining every drop into my hungry mouth

Hummmmmmmm I keep ejaculating more and more

exquisite joy \
nooowwww kisss me


sharing with you is so wonderful

sweet nectar of lust

make or faces wet with my spunk
sensually sliding our lips over one another
with a the strong scent of sex

tongues doing the tango

tongue fuck my mouth in all that spunk

I can still taste my juice in your mouth too

your lips are divine
and your juices too

lets swallow and kiss and cuddle and kiss some more and fondle and cherish
one another


as we cuddle closer and closer
I adore your SN

spent from our mutual pleasure

you’re beautiful

you are one in a million Sebastian

how dear a sweet girl you are

maybe thats why I am alone on valentines day………..all those other men have a hard act to match

Oh surley not my dear
someone out there must be just as naughty

there is only onw way I would have preferred to spend valentines afternnon  than like this

oh yes there are but it is more than just being naughty

And what way would that be?

for it to  have been real but you already knew that was what I would say

I know, I was fishing for the compliment

I want to kiss your sweet cunt right now

and you knew you woul get one

I’m incorigible

want to be tender with you
caress you

pet and pamper you
hold you close and feel you reciprocate

you have done just by being here now

I do so adore your sensuality and sexuality

you’re gorgeous SN simply gorgeous

and I adore your gentleness and impeccable timing

of course your filthy mind comes in handy too

and it’s all down to your perfect femininity

mmmmm I could kiss you

and you filthy mind as well
and me you

our minds seem to have a way of triggerig something in each other

I want to kiss your bottom playfully

hee hee

we must be sexually kindred spirits

Now I want to do that all over again
I’m just not getting my work done!!


nothing new there then

I so want to fuck you for real SN
I want to see your lovely face light up with pleasure

my consultant says I need to be fucked hard and often

Ah, of course the tightened cunt
well, perhaps the prescribed treatment should be adhered to

How’s work, any time off?

work is good and I found out on friday that I shall be entitled to 2 extra days this yr

Ooo and what will you do with those then?

depends on what offers I get

I’d like to say I could book a room at the dorchester and order Champaign

and tickle it into you cunt and drink from it
and spend the whole day under silk sheets

its always good to have dreams

Ah, but the Champaign doesn’t have to be a dream does it?

certainly not

I can feel those bubbles fizzing away already

You hussy you
shall we play then?

giggles impishly

Oh dear, the Champaign has gone to her head!
Now I can do anything with her!!!

you could anyway and you know it

what it is to have you SN, you’ll just never appreciate how wonderful it is for me

if its anywhere as wonderful as you make me feel then you are a very lucky man

indeed I am xxxx

and now I’m begining to feel horny all over again
Just put me down!!

down boy

and you tiger
SN, will you forgive me if I go and do some work?

of course …………….but first


thanks for a lovely afternoon

Darling it was such a pleasure. I adored it
and I still want you more and more

Dearest Darling Sebastian I lust you as much now as I did however many years ago now go do you work …………..if you can

Where do I find the will power?

in the knowledge that your castle needs you to find it

But you are my castle
my rock

castle in the air

my strength

Ah of course
bless you my darling
until the next time


God, I so want you

mwah mwah

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Sebatian’s slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 9, 2010

Today I received an email from Sebastian. Whenever I see his name in my inbox I know I am in for a real treat. Sebastian adores me, he adores not only my body but my mind and imagination too. Between us we have dreampt up a number of scenarios (mostly alfresco) . His emails are long and detailed.

Today’s email was him trying to recreate an email he thought he had sent a few week ago. I was at work when I opened the email ………………

What I did to you in my lost missive was debauched and indulgent and disgusting and unforgivable, unless you can find a reason to forgive me?

I instructed you to ware your wrap over red dress, fishnet stockings, suspendes and black heels and beneath your dress you should have no bra letting you ample orbs cascade pendulously onto your rounded tummy.

We were to rendesvous at a given spot in the woods. perfect for what I had in mind.

I cuffed your wrists and ankle with four separate pairs of cuffs so I could tie each with rope to an adjacent tree spreading your arms and legs wide but with comfort having soft padding to the cuffs.

This was enough for me to know that I couldn’t read more until  was safe at home in the privacy of my room. I could see that this was going to be a long session of reading, playing and reading again. It wouldn’t be safe to read this in the office. It was later in the evening whilst I was chatting online with one of my blogger friends that I remembered the email.

Breaking off from our chat for a few minutes I quickly undressed, climbed into bed with my vibrator and durex lubricant (my favourite tingle lube) I was ready to continue reading.

Standing on a fallen log in front of you, I strip myself naked as you feast your eyes on what arouses you, manly large and with no one to share it with but you……….. Taking myself in hand I press the soft head of it to your lips and you instantly know what to do with it taking me inside to savour the taste and contours of my manhood lusting for you……………………………………. Oh that glorious sensation of your soft mouth on my firm cock. ………….. I adore your perfect sexuality my slave, my queen, my Beauty ……………………

In my mind’s eye I picture his lovely manhood, the feel and taste of it…………my lust for him sharpens with his words. I hunger for him as I always do when he tells me his desires. He goes on to describe how he will fuck my arse with his tongue before replacing his tongue with his hard  cock. I can’t help but slide my vibrator between the swollen lips of my cunt. My laptop reminds me that my blogging friend is still there we continue to chat while I read and play. I have not told him exactly what I am doing, I know he will be hard and want a virtual fuck. He asks if I am wet…………yes

I read on as Sebastian fills my loin with lust and desire he wastes no time in moving down to savour my hot excited cunt.

Holding your ample cheeks in each hand pulling your craving sex onto my face as I sucked deeply on your little button while fucking your slippery wet cunt with my tongue, igniting the fire within you until your knees gave way and the weight of you only held up by your arms as you gushed over my face crying, moaning with delight in putting it out……………

Knowing that these words are written for me from this man I lust for so heartily and at the same time I am about to share them with my blogger friend who is still unaware that he will be mentioned here brings me to a powerful orgasm. Breathing deeply I calm myself as I return to Sebastians lust.

Kneeling to the side of you I begin to play with you soft wet sex, fingering and playing you like a musical instrument and the joy it gives you is intoxicating and your tight almost virgin like cunt yields to my manipulation first one finger………….. then two………………………. three and softly gently four with my thumb as well…………. You feel stretched to splitting but gently ever so softly I prise your sex open and my hand slips inside your welcoming cunt as I gently fist your vagina to capacity……………………………..

My eyes water at the thought of  this but I know that if this was reality I would allow my darling sweet gorgeous Sebastian to do with me exactly as he will.  He knows that I would be a slave to his wishes, he could do anything and I would be moaning not in distress but in deep pleasure. Pleasure at the feel of his soft gentle hands and lips on my body but just as much pleasure in this confirmation that he desires me body and mind even after several years. 

I am soothed by his closing words as he gives me the choice between two desires.

I dress and whisper in you ear and say. “Ican leave you there if you like, and send someone else to take their pleasure in you or I can take you home bath you and tuck you up in bed and kiss you to sleep.

Now it is my turn to write describing my plans to pleasure myself on him.

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Midnight tryst

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2009

We have been chatting most of the evening. He has admitted that he finds me interesting.

‘like an itch that he isn’t sure if he wants to scratch’

He is making a late night delivery to a client in the village not far from my home. He tells me that he will be travelling along my favourite  hill. We have talked about driving around late at night. He said he will look out for me on his return journey at about midnight.

He has logged off his computer now but has text me to ask what car I drive. Seems to me that he is confident I will be there.

I have not yet decided.

Whilst I was making up my mind one of my blogger friends came online, he told me to go for it so I did. 

When I arrived there was no sign of Cougar but as I parked I saw that I had a text

‘How disappointing lol’

‘that you are not here?’

checking the time of his text I had missed him by one or two minutes.

surprise surprise within 2 minutes his car pulled up alongside mine in the deserted car park over looking the city with all its lights twinkling.

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