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are you having fun

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 18, 2010

As I slipped back into bed beside the sleeping form of Dave I took my phone out of my bag to check the time 03.05. It was then that I saw the text from Karl.

So are you having fun?

He had sent it a couple of hours earlier after a night out drinking with his mate, together they had driven down to Cornwall to play a gig on Sunday afternoon. He knew I was spending the evening with Dave. He says he doesn’t mind but he insists that I tell Dave ‘no biting’. Yes I did tell Dave what Karl had said but we both know we will just go with the flow and if that involves biting so be it. Although I had told Karl that I was just going to Dave’s to chill out he knew that meant we would have some naughty fun.

We all know that Dave just can’t help being naughty. When I had arrived Dave poured our cups of tea which we took  out into the garden. Placing our cups on the sill beside our chairs he turned to take me in his arms for a long lingering kiss. At the same time removing my strappy top and bra. We both sat topless chatting about life and decisions, the heat of the day fading as we watched the clouds building  up from the south coming inland from the unseen sea.

I loved the feel of his ars around me as he nuzzled my neck standing in his livingroom when we had finished our tea. This was only going one way so it was no suprise to find myself sat on the end of his bed. But when he half lifted and threw me onto the bed that was a suprise that had me in fits of giggles. Melting into his arms kissing passionately I was soon kicking off my flimsy summer skirt and strappy top (my bra was still somewhere downstairs) as we became a jumble of arms and legs. It wasn’t long before I could feel my excitement trickle between my thighs making the duvet under me wet.

Teeth clamped to my nipples and fingers delving into my wetness did nothing to stem the flow of my arousal. Clinging to each other writhing among the bedding, my whole body concentrating on the fingers in my cunt. Nothing else mattered during this time, just our lust for each other. The sting in my bum cheeks as his hand connected suddenly, the cool of the lube as he smears a few drops into my burning flesh. The feel of his erection in my hand as we tumble around, my legs around his back one minute and propped on his shoulders the next. Finally falling back into the pillows together spooning as we gaze at the lights in the distance, the city viewed from here looks so pretty. Its getting late but not late enough for sleep yet.

Semi dressed we lounge on his sofa eating ice cream facing each other my feet resting on his abdomen as he strokes my feet. he has one foot resting between my thighs his toes caressing my labia inside my thin skirt. His other foot resting beside me, automatically I stroke his foot without really thinking about it, just enjoying the companionship we have.

I could go home to bed but I opt to stay,  we cuddle in bed, this is nice, its been a while since I stayed over with anyone. Listening to his breathing my mind wanders to Karl and our conversation just 24 hours earlier when he told me that he loves me deeply, yet here I am in another man’s bed. I didn’t hear the text from Karl arrive , I had fallen into a contented sleep.

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Pecking Order

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 16, 2010

I hadn’t noticed it but it seems that my lovers have formed an unspoken pecking order …………..they have never met or had any kind of direct contact, yet they have both in their own way acknowledged their place in the pecking order.

Obviously they both know of each other, I don’t tell either of them what I do with the other. But if they ask what I am or have been doing on a certain evening I will say that I was seeing the other.

Last weekend Karl was away in the west country for the weekend he knew I was going to see Dave on saturday evening. He told me that he didn’t mind …………..just tell him not to bite!

Now I have been invited out socially with Karl this weekend. I happened to be chatting to Dave at the time, he said that if Karl can’t make it he would take me but I must ask Karl first. I told Karl about the invite, he can’t make it but said I should ask Dave to take me instead.

I was chatting to Blogger about this, he asked me if I have a pecking order for them in my mind and if so is it the same as theirs.

I have been seeing Karl for a year longer than Dave, I see and chat to Karl nearly every day one way or another, he is very much a good friend who does odd jobs for me and takes me out someties we also swing together.  Dave is a friend   too, we have great passionate and naughty sex, we have great conversation about a wider variety of topics. We go to swinging club together.

So I guess it is unanimous that Karl is my primary lover and Dave is a good secondary lover. They are both lovely guys and I care greatly about them both, they satisfy different needs in me, I am lucky to have them both.

I don’t know how long this will last. Dave who has recently become seperated (he was worried about being on his own at first) is beginning to get himself sorted out without me. He had a fun threesome earlier in the week whilst I was at work. However the other couple are looking forward to more fun including me. He is starting to stand on his own feet and won’t need me as much.

Karl told me last week that he loves me very deeply, he will always love me, he won’t let me get hurt. He has made arrangements that if anything happens to him I will be told by ‘certain people who know’. I care about him, I like him a lot, but love? no thats not on my agenda here. We really should make time to sit down and discuss what we both want/expect from this affair. He might like to say that we are not comitted but he should accept that we are having an affair. I know that what we have is not going to be enough for me in the long term, but neither do I want him to leave his wife for me.

Maybe this is why 2 other men have been in contact today, both re-igniting something  that has been dormant for months. Both letting me know that I am not forgotten, that I am desired.

Now that I have managed to write this post I can let go of some of the thoughts that have been circling in my mind all week preventing me from posting about what happened when I saw Dave last weekend.

But maybe the moment has gone and you don’t want to know what I got upto with Dave, after all our dates are so boring!

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 6, 2010

We had been out for a drive and a drink in a quiet country pub. Later we were chatting online when messing about I asked him ………..

‘so what have you been doing tonight?’………… (as if I didn’t know lol)

‘I have been out with a fantastic woman for a drive and a drink’

chat continued until later he commented that I hadn’t replied to his comment, I wasn’t sure what it was that I hadn’t commented on but he drew my attention to his description of his evening.

I am sorry but I am not good at accepting complients like that

call me lovely

call me charming

call  me sexy

call me naughty

call me anything you like

but don’t call me fantastic

He tells me that he likes me a lot and he means a lot

he tells me that I make him happy

I can deal with that

but don’t call me fantastic

I accept that people enjoy my company

I accept that I cheer people up

I accept that men admire me

but don’t call me fantastic

To me fantastic means more than very special

fantastic is wonderful

fantastic is exceptional

I may be many things

I may be special

I may be kissable

I may be funny

I may be caring and cuddly

but fantastic ………….get real

I am me, nothing more and nothing less

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home alone

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2010

It was just after 2am when I got the text …………are you still up? …………This was followed by a call was the kettle on? During a brief chat late afternoon he had said that if I didn’t go to the gig he would call round later. (I can’t remember if I told him that my offspring were staying with their father so I had the house to myself all night).

He arrived just as the kettle finished boiling, I made us our tea he put his arms around my waist commenting on the thin strapless dress I was wearing that showed I was bra less. I had been waiting nervously for his arrival. This would be the first time I had allowed him into my bedroom. We sat close together on my sofa, no huge gulf between us today. My cat decided she wanted attention. Karl obliged and was soon being attentive to the four legged pussy nestled on his lap.

I know I should have grabbed his arm and led him up the stairs but he was making it clear that he was tired and ached all over from his evenings work at the gig. So I just sat there drinking tea, making small talk whiled he fussed over the other pussy. A couple of times he stroked my nipples through my dress. Maybe I should have stripped off right there. I had bathed and shaved after midnight to ensure my body was freshly clean for him.

For all his saying he had looked out for me all evening, then calling round, I wonder why he bothered. My body was easily accessible, more or less on display and we had extremely rare privacy. I was willing for the first time to take him to my bed, what for? …………….nothing!!

He went home leaving me high and dry again!!

Time to get some toys out and masterbate before I sleep

cold metal sliding between my lips, my juice running between my thighs soaking the towel below my naked bum. moans beginning to escape my other lips. Now who shall I imagine between my soft white legs tonight?

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a kind of love

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 24, 2010

He has kind of told me that he loves me.

He has told me that I satisfy all his needs

He still wants to be able to see others

He says he is seperated but still lives in the same house as his ‘ex’ some of the time.

I believe he is still ‘married’

I believe he adores me

I believe he wants to keep his wife, his bit on the side (moi) and have whatever other sex is on offer

I like him

He is good for me

I am single

I need more than the occassional fumble

I need to be able to have fun at weekends not just weekday evenings when I have work next day

I need someone who doesn’t get calls at 2am asking him when he will be home

I will stay with him for as long as it suits us both

I will continue to see others because I can

I will see others because he does not satisfy all my needs

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If plan A doesn’t work try plan B

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 16, 2010

It was getting closer to the time we were supposed to be meeting but still I had not heard from Dave.  I text him only to find out that he was hungover but still wanted to go out sailing later.  Not much later Karl arrived all set to go out sailing. We waited and waited, to pass the time we checked online to see if we had any new messages. Eventually I text Dave again this time he said that he was sorry but really didn’t feel well enough.

By this time Karl and I were perusing photos on the website. Karl had his camera with him so as we had the house to ourselves (very rare occassion) we decided it was time to take some photos of us together for our profile.  One of my poses got Karl aroused so I scuttled upstairs to change from trousers to mini skirt. He was enjoying taking pictures of the views he was now getting. Somehow as if by magic I ended up wearing nothing but my bra

We were kissing passionately by now which made me laugh at the contrast between my naked body whilst he was still fully dressed. His fingers found their way between my thighs to discover how damp I had become. His touch had me running away ………… find a towel to protect my sofa. Our desire building he striped off his clothes (so they wuldn’t get wet) and set to giving my cunt a very delicious licking. I knew he was good with his tongue but had forgotten just how good. Within seconds of the first touch of his tongue on my pussy lips I was wet. The more he licked and sucked on my labia and clit the wetter I was becoming……….thank heavens I had thought to get a towel. I came hard on his tongue pouring out my appreciation for his talent. He emerged gasping for air stuttering …………..dddrrooownned mmmmm.

To give him some time to recover from his drenching we cuddled up on the sofa but I was unable to keep my fingers from playing with his cock. But soon this was not enough and crawling onto my knees beside him I rested my head in his lap to give his cock the licking it deserved. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying my human lollipop I was still aware that his camera was out again. The flash didn’t put me off one iota as I do so enjoy felatio when there is a delicious cock in my grip. He was enjoying the sight as well as the feel of my mouth on his manhood. Knowing that I was giving him a lot of pleasure made me wet again.

I was so wet now that I was ready to try an experiment with Karl. Climbing onto his lap kissing him passionately I impaled myself on his inviting cock. After the problems we have had in the past it was a relief to feel him inside me. After the first few minutes it felt easier to move on him. I could feel the edge of an orgasm building inside me. I could also feel him twitching inside me, it felt good. It has taken us all of 14 months to get to this stage. I wonder if he still thinks that I can’t have sex.

The rest of the afternoon was passed with lots of kisses and cuddles before we got dressed and he went home. Our day had not gone as planned but we had a good time anyway.

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Pussies need to be fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 3, 2010

This seems to be a recurring theme on the searches that find my blog along with damp pussies.

Well that is appropriate because this pussy is not only damp but in much need of a good fuck. I am not saying that my pussy is not seeing any action. My pussy has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. Fingers, tongues and toys have all been used on my pussy.

Karl has not yet managed to fuck my pussy with his cock although I have now suggested that we try cowgirl or me straddling him while he is sat upright. He is keen to give this a go. Dave has fucked me but doesn’t stay hard for long and finds it easier to fuck my arse than my pussy. The recent party I attended saw my pussy being attended to by fingers and tongues.

But my pussy needs a good hard fuck from a lovely erect cock. I need to feel a hard cock inside me filling my cunt, pushing against me. Leaving me with a feeling of being filled and fucked. Maybe I shall get my wish soon.

But my idea of heaven would be to have my pussy fucked hard at the same time as having another delicious cock to suck on.

Any volunteers?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 24, 2010

Tonight I shall be wearing red satin and black lace high heels with sheer black stockings, a layered red mini skirt (more of a ruffled belt) with a clingy lycra black chemise top with low cut lace neck line and spaghetti straps. Under this will be my black balcony bra with small pink flowers and matching thong (string for non brits). In my small shoulder bag I will carry my purse, mobile phone, comb and a pack of assorted fruit flavoured condoms.

Tonight I am going to have fun………..tonight I will be the only single lady with 4 couples and possibly one single male.

Tonight I will be fabulous.

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Spit roast and more

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 2, 2010

To my disappointment Sebastian didn’t come back online that evening. I waited but he wasn’t there. Eventually I went to bed, taking my laptop with me.

I was uploading the last of the photos to my play time page, but I was falling asleep. It was very late (or early)heading towards 3am. I had been feeling horny all evening and had now given in to the idea of using my vibrator.  Snuggled in my bed listening to music through headphones while my pussy ran with juice from continuous vibe induced orgasms. I was more than a little suprised to see Karl online. Suddenly I was wide awake again. We had a most enjoyable time until about 5.30 when we agreed that we both needed to sleep. (I had abandoned the vibrator about mid way through).

It was already mid morning when I rose from my slumbers, I was there waiting in hiding when Sebastian came online. I didn’t immediately make contact, I was busy creating my labour of lust in the form of my plans for his subjugation by email. Just time for a quick tease before heading off for a hot bubble bath, with Sebastian wishing he was there to soap my body for me. With those thoughts in my mind I just had to take a few soapy photos to sgare with him later.

But when I had finished my bath Karl was online, at my mention of my bath he wanted photos, evidence that I was now wrapped in nothing more than a towel. Having sent him the required evidence I felt it was only fair that he return the favour which he duly did. But now it was time to turn my attentions back to Sebastian.

He was pleasantly suprised when he received a soapy picture to add to his collection of images. We chatted for a while until I had completed his virtual seduction.

Once again my dear sweet lady you drove me to utter and blissful distraction with your intelligent gentle words and photographs. Having you seduce me with your images was extremely arousing, I hope it was as equal a pleasure for you.

Darling , I am so utterly errect and pulsating for you after reading you desire for me, I can’t think what to do

Our conversation then moved onto such topics as strap ons, spanking, sex toys drag queens, TV/TS before turning to threesomes and same gender sex. We discussed my limited experiences with other women and his desire

to explore touching another man ………………….but I’d have to have a woman present

We had talked about this before when he had been chatting to a prospective male playmate. If ever the chance arises for us to play together with another man I shall insist on being spit roasted. I loved it last time around and long to repeat the experience. Only if I get the chance to do this with Sebastian they will have to take turns at both ends. I would adore being fucked whilst sucking him off but would also love to be fucked by him whilst having my mouth fucked.

We know that whatever happens we must see each other again occasionally and hopefully that spit roast will be sooner rather than  later.

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worth the risk or not

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 27, 2010

I have been pondering for a while now. I am not sure whether to do this, whether it would work or how I could do this. I had a chat with my friend blogger about this last week, he feels that if I do this it could compromise my anonymity. I am not sure how great a risk this would be. Whilst I post photos of parts of myself on here I don’t show my face, there may be some who could identify me if they found this place but it is unlikely. Those who have been in a position to see my body in the flesh are not inclined to read blogs. The majority of the men I have been involved with would much rather look at porn than read a blog.

But if I were to do this there are many who might be able to identify me, many who I have never met. So what am I talking about? My voice. I have been aware for sometime that I have a nice voice (although I hate the sound of it myself). In recent years I have been told that I have a sexy voice. More recently I have been told by some men that listening to me on the phone feels like being caressed.

So what has my voice got to do with my blog? I am sure you have all read my fantasies, if not why not? I have others posted elsewhere. I also have a collection of books  of short stories from xcite books. What I have been thinking about and I am sure that you are clever enough to have guessed already. I want to make recordings of myself reading some of these stories for you to listen to. Last week I was having dinner with a male friend at his house. I took along some of my books (which I have left for him to read). He requested that I read one of them out to him. He thoroughly enjoyed my reading saying that I was good at reading it.

I am also in a situation where anything I could do to increase my earnings in a small way would be welcome. So what I need to know is if I were to make recordings would you want to hear them and if you do would you be prepared to pay a small amount for the priviledge. Do you have any suggestions for a nominal fee to be charged and most importantly how could I set this up in such a way that it would work for you and help me whilst not compromising my anonimity.

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