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Imagine this

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

I have begun to add some of the photos from the last party to my gallery, you can find them on the page … & games.

Following my conversation with Karl which left me feeling that he clearly has no idea what he really wants. He starts off wanting me all to himself but ends up with his cock doing the talking. He doesn’t want to go to parties that Dave goes to as he doesn’t want to see me with Dave, yet he wants to have spitroasts and moresomes with us.

He called round to see me briefly yesterday morning, nothing was said other than he noticed that I have a light bruise on my breast. He put 2 & 2 together and decided that it must have been Dave, demanded to know when I had seen Dave. The truth is that I don’t know how I got that bruise …….I probably knocked into something because I know it has nothing to do with Dave, he was paying attention to my other breast.

I was chatting to Dave online, he asked how Karl is now that he knows we have set up a profile as a couple. I told him some of what Karl had said.

Can you imagine this? He offered to stop seeing me if I thought that was best. Obviously I told him that it is up to me not Karl. He still says that any time I want to stop I only have to say so.

Did I mention in my earlier post that Dave had invited both me and Karl to join him on a sailing trip yesterday, this didn’t happen partly because the weather was bad but also Karl was going to a bbq with his wife (I had known this all week). I spent the day and evening with my family.

Can you imagine how I felt when I received a text from Karl in the middle of the evening.

Hello are you at home I am watching  whitesnake on dvd at my mates x

Evidently he was checking that I was not out with Dave. So I waited half an hour before replying ……….

how was the bbq?

A couple of other texts then went back and forth but I still didn’t confirm whether I was at home or not. I left my laptop on so that when he got home he wouldn’t know if I was at home asleep or out. He knows that I sometimes leave it on when I am out.

Can you imagine that I will put up with this kind of behaviour for long?

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a couple of things

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 21, 2010

A few evenings ago I visited Dave in his home. Partly because we wanted to see each other… had been a couple of weeks since I had seen him. Partly because he had a cd of photos from our evening with Bruce, Alice and friends last month. I had not had a chance to actually see the photos. He showed them to me, not many had me in them Alice was the main attraction.

We also took a few photos of each other to go on the new couple’s profile he has created for us. He has been jealous of the number of contacts I have made with Karl, as a single man he was having no luck. I didn’t tell Karl that I had agreed to be a couple with Dave. I was convinced that Karl would say he didn’t mind (even if he did) but I still didn’t want to shove it in his face.

Yesterday Karl phoned me to say that he had seen the new profile. While I was beginning to write this post which was supposed to be about photos I have been chatting online with Karl. His jealousies are coming out now. (Remember that out of the three of us Karl is the one still married and living with his wife). He loves me to bits, feels more for me than his wife and if circumstances were different we would be together…………..I have told him NOT to even think about leaving his wife for me.

He has now admitted that he doesn’t like sharing me. He knows that I see others (ie Dave) he doesn’t like it but puts up with it. (Remember here who it is who is married). He told me it was a shock to see the profile that Dave has set up … not as much shock as when I saw the photos of him online with other people after he had told me that he had not met anyone for fun since he met me! (including the profile of the older woman he had met proclaiming that she was a couple with him). He admitted seeing her again recently. Even though the photos of his hands on her breast couldn’t possibly be his (he has dstinctive hands).

I was on the point of pointing out that as a single woman not in a committed relationship with anyone I am free to see whomever I choose whenever I choose. Dave always asks if Karl would mind, Karl says he respects that Dave asks that. Excuse me! but neither of them get to decide what I do. I do not belong to either of them, I am my own woman.

Besides I have a feeling that it won’t be too much longer before I get the urge to find myself a committed relationship again in which case I shall stop seeing both of them. If they are going to let their jealousies get out of hand that might be sooner rather than later.

Having said that he doesn’t like sharing me but accepts that he has to put up with it he just doesn’t want to know about it. He went on to say that he is happy for the three of us to go sailing together, we could even have some sexy times together, maybe even spitroast or if any single girls want to join the three of us………………men!!

In the meantime I should start editing the photos from the party and will upload some to my gallery in the next day or so.

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Stand up again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 20, 2010

It was the same pub, the same semi secluded alcove, the same drinks, the same man the only difference being a different day and different outfits. This time I sat myself on his right from the very beginning. He has been in a confusing space in the last few days. His life changing, the end of an era, hes wary of his new life.

He is glad to be out of the place he has known as home for too many years, it doesn’t feel like home right now. We kiss, kiss, kiss,fondle and kiss some more. Deeply passionate kisses interspersed with playful pecks. We chat then kiss some more. We always enjoy lots of kissing, he is not afraid of public displays. Together we relish putting our mutual lust on display for everyone to witness if they care to look. I spot a young man who I think is Karl’s son. This brings the devil out in Dave, lets give him something to report back. Karl lives in a road that is just off the road opposite this pub, in my mind I have an image of him walking across the road towards us. It has only just occurred to me that we have been sat by a window looking out onto a busy road, traffic lights just feet away. We have been mindful of people in the bar but what of drivers who have unwittingly witnessed our lack of decorum.

Stand up, is now becoming a familiar command (or should I say request). His fingers find their way up inside my black tiered lacy skirt, pulling my flimsy black knickers aside forcing passage into my already wet hungry cunt. No foreplay needed, he just pushes into me the way he knows I want him to. The memory is making me wet even now. The knowledge that we could be caught at any moment making me want this even more. He has yanked my knickers mid way down my thighs. I sit back on the padded bench seat with his fingers still inside me. He is working my cunt into a frenzy right there. We both continue our chat, taking sips of our drinks as though nothing else was occurring. Throwing my arms around his neck I suck his tongue into my mouth in a passinate clinch, hanging onto him as I cum.

Making my way seductively across the main bar hanging onto my  knickers through my skirt with one hand my sexy red/black shoes tapping on the wooden floor, I scan the other customers, no sign of K’s son. Once inside my chosen cubicle in the ladies powder room I remove the scrap of black from my legs pushing it into the bottom of my small shoulder bag. Returning to Dave for more kisses and cuddles he asks if I have  taken my knickers off, I decline to give him an answer. It his turn to visit the bathroom, so I text Karl asking if he is at the pub. (perhaps he is in the restaurant for a family meal). He replies that he isn’t but wants to know who I am with as he doubts that I am there alone.

Getting bolder as nobody has disturbed us yet Dave fishes inside my top to play with my nipples squeezing he whispers into my ear is that too hard, foolishly I answer no, he squeezes harder yet saying you shouldn’t have said no. I agree but I knew that it didn’t matter what I said he would have squeezed harder regardless. Getting bolder still he pulles my nipple out from its confines for a quick suckle and bite. settling back into the seat his arm around my shoulder, his hand inside my clothing I take a quick snap and send it to Karl saying ‘no not alone’. 

He immediately replies ‘ah its Dave.’

Dave flips my nipple out again for another play I take another picture saying I should have sent this to Karl instead. (I shall post that one somewhere on my gallery).

Next Dave stands in front of me unzips his trousers presenting me with his semi hard tool. I relish the feel of his warm flesh in my hand as I stroke him while Dave leans down for more kisses. Neither of us have been this daring before but we can’t stop now. Dave kneels on the floor, pushing my leg up onto the bench seat. At first I thought he was going to lick my pussy right there in the bar. Instead though he finger fucked me so delishiously I didn’t want him to stop. Pulling his face into mine I devoured his mouth with a kiss as passionate as any other this evening.

Finishing our drinks we prepared to leave. Walking through the car park Dave slightly behind me with his hand inside my skirt finger fucking me as we walked. Reaching my car he pushes me over the bonnet pulls out his erection and fucks me from behind. Not knowing and half hoping that there are security cameras in this car park that is so well lit it appears to still be daylight.

Throught out the evening Dave had been saying ‘I’m naughty aren’t I?’ of course I wouldn’t have him any other way.

This man doesn’t want to be my Dom, he doesn’t want me to be his toy but boy he knows how to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, not only that he has me wanting more.

So what should we do next?

Is it still called car sex if it was on not in the car?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 21, 2010

I have been trying to write about the night when Karl and I played as a couple with another couple. The words just won’t flow so I am giving up on that post until I can write it.

So instead I shall tell you about the couple we are meeting for drinks tonight. Soldier has told Karl that he finds me sexy. Karl is very keen to get hold of Snowy’s bazookas. Her boobs are even bigger than mine (which he calls his girls). We met Soldier and Snowy with their friend Dora on our night out 2 weeks ago. Karl has been chatting to Soldier quite a bit since then. He has told him that I have been to the swingers club (some of our new friends are going to a party there toorrow).  He has mentioned that I liked the dungeon. Apparently Snowy has a dungeon at her studio and can arrange for me to have a photo session there.

We are meeting them tonight for a few drinks so that we can chat to them properly as we were in such a big group last time. If all goes well Karl and I will meet up with soldier next week for an MMF. Snowy will be away. Karl wants to satisfy my fantasy of a spit roast. I am sure I have told him that I have had one before so this wouldn’t be so much fulfilling  a fantasy as repeating something I want to do. I shall make up my mind after tonight as to whether I want to have a spit roast with Karl and Soldier. It might be that I would rather prefer to wait until Snowy is back so that the four of us can play. But then again I might be feeling greedy and just want the opportunity to have the two men to myself.  I won’t decide until I have spent more time with them to see if Soldier catches my attention, I didn’t speak to him much last time.

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Be honest , can you have sex

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 23, 2010

I was in one of those moods, a mood where I need to get things out in the air. I had casually dropped into the conversation that I wanted him to make me a promise………to start being honest. I could almost hear him fall off his chair in his room a mile away. Once he had picked himself up off the floor he asked what I meant.

its been over a year and you still don’t trust me with the truth.

I then had to explain that I know he lies to me. He lies about where he lives and who with. He has maintained all along that he lives with his mum and only stays at the marital home when he house/cat sits. I kept telling him to stop lying and tell me the truth, I don’t care whether he lives with his mum or his wife, I don’t care if he sleeps with his wife or has a seperate room. What matters is that he tells me lies and continues to do so all the time. He now tells me that he lives at both houses 50/50 ………… he still thinks I’m an idiot that came down in the last shower.

He didn’t want to have this conversation online he would come round to see me so we could sort out our differences face to face. For two days he failed to keep his promise to call around. On the second evening I just happened to log into Fab I checked friends list and noticed that Karl ahd been online even though he had messaged me that he had been asleep. I then discovered an update on his profile stating that he had now teamed up with a very sexy female to play with couples. I knew he didn’t mean me but thought I would leave him a message to wind him up……….

I know we discussed playing as a couple last summer but you could have asked me before you advertised it.

I never did write that message until now. The reason being that while  was thinking about it I discovered that he had uploaded some photos of his new sexy female partner……darn now I couldn’t pretend I thought it was me. The realisation that he had lied to me again, made me see red.

I wasn’t so much bothered that he was seeing anyone else but I was feeling very angry now. Not only had he lied to me about not having any sex with anyone else since we met. I could see for myself that he had. On his profile he states that he has a male buddy he can get to join him for anyone who wants two men to play with. Now he must know that I would be up for this because we talked about meeting other men/women or couples together. but he has never mentioned this man to me.  Now hes teaming up with another woman to meet couples.

I asked him if he thought I was not good enough to play with other people with him. We talked ages ago about 3 and 4 somes yet he never asked if I wanted to join him and his mate.

So we go play with others but be honest can you have sex? with your problem down below.

Yes ……….is that what this is about?

I have not complained but others might.

Nobody ever has………..its only you that it doesn’t work with.

Ok so if you want fun say so and I will arrange it

I asked you to go to party and you said no!

I had my reasons

I enjoyed the jacuzzi

I have never been in a jacuzzi with you.

I know.

later we were discussing his mate and how he knows him etc.

so would you like to meet my mate it can be arranged.

when we talked about it before were you just humouring me thinking I wouldn’t be able to perform so you would find someone else?

no I was not I just feel that if we do meet others and they cant perform with you as I can`t what they goin to say

Unless they are above average size that won’t happen

We talked some more about being a couple to play with others. But I don’t know if it will ever happen, should I tell him before or after that tomorrow I shall be the only single female at a small party with 4 couples.

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Mixed feelings

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 9, 2010

I have been feeling a bit down today and I am sad to say that the reason for this is Karl. I know that feeling this way is stupid and irrational. He hasn’t really done anything wrong he has just been stupid. Last week he was at my home we were looking on the internet. He showed me a couple of websites. One of these is a site where people post photos and videos of themselves, many are naked and many depict sexual acts. He showed me the photos he has posted on there, some that I am familiar with but also others showing him indulging in sex with another woman.

I was neither excited or disgusted or even jealous. He told me these pictures were taken a few years ago (which to me was irrelevant). He then showed me a swinger’s site that he belongs to again showing me his profile photos that I know so well. He was also encouraging me to join both these sites (suprised I hadn’t already). After he had finished showing them to me I gave very little further thought to them.

Then last night I found an offline message saying he was going to be away from his pc for half an hour but will be back. An hour later nothing…………after two hours of waiting I decided to log into these sites and have another look at his other photos. Several searches through the adult photograph site came up with nothing. So I moved onto the swinger site, created a profile (slightly different age and location and new username). I found his profile fairly easily, but without being one of his ‘friends’ could only see the photos that I already possess. However I followed a link to a couple he had made friends with.  The first thing I saw on their profile was some recent photos of Karl enjoying the wife of the couple.I felt like I had been hit in the stomach, but why. We are friends with benefits not in a commited relationship. I care about him as a friend, he knows how to turn me to putty when he wants to but we have not been intimate since last summer and have never had full intercourse in the last year although we have plans to rectify this in the next week. We have never promised to be exclusive, after all I have seen others myself during the past year not least of all Fred.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I don’t think it bothers me so much that he has had some fun in the last few months. I don’t think I am jealous (well maybe a bit) that he has had some fun with a couple. What bothers me most is that some weeks ago I was teasing him about other women. He told me there had been none, but not through lack of wishing. So now I know he has been less than truthful. He lied about his age in the beginning. He has always told me that he is seperated but I have never quite believed him. Although I could check this out I decided ages ago not to, as I figure that it is none of my business whether he is married or single. He knows that I have been involved with married men in the past so there is no reason to lie to me about that.

Today he text me that he had fallen asleep last night. The swinger’s site tells me that he had been online upgrading his membership during the time he was ‘asleep’. What is bothering me is that he is telling me lies. That and that he had encouraged me to go onto the site that proved he had been lying. If he hadn’t encouraged me to join the site I wouldn’t have learnt that he has been having sex when he says he hasn’t or that he was online when he told me he was asleep.

Anyway whatever the reason for feeling down about these revelations, I was driving home thinking that I need a good cyber session with Sebastian to cheer me up. I knew though that Sebastian was unlikely to be online by the time I was so I began planning an email telling him how  much I wanted him to own me. Holding onto my hair forcing me to bend to his will. I wanted to please him submit to his wishes.  But when I did get home and logged onto my computer a chat window sprang open.

I was very suprised as this was the first time this particular window has opened (other than virus links) for a long time.  At first I half thought it was another virus and not him but soon we were chatting. We had not spoken since about June or July last summer. We talked about several things but finished off with him saying that perhaps we could hook up sometime soon.  I have said maybe.

But if you remember how much I wanted to have him last year it is unllikely I will turn down a chance to meet up with him again. But even if we never meet again he has cheered me up just by chatting again.

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Spit roast and more

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 2, 2010

To my disappointment Sebastian didn’t come back online that evening. I waited but he wasn’t there. Eventually I went to bed, taking my laptop with me.

I was uploading the last of the photos to my play time page, but I was falling asleep. It was very late (or early)heading towards 3am. I had been feeling horny all evening and had now given in to the idea of using my vibrator.  Snuggled in my bed listening to music through headphones while my pussy ran with juice from continuous vibe induced orgasms. I was more than a little suprised to see Karl online. Suddenly I was wide awake again. We had a most enjoyable time until about 5.30 when we agreed that we both needed to sleep. (I had abandoned the vibrator about mid way through).

It was already mid morning when I rose from my slumbers, I was there waiting in hiding when Sebastian came online. I didn’t immediately make contact, I was busy creating my labour of lust in the form of my plans for his subjugation by email. Just time for a quick tease before heading off for a hot bubble bath, with Sebastian wishing he was there to soap my body for me. With those thoughts in my mind I just had to take a few soapy photos to sgare with him later.

But when I had finished my bath Karl was online, at my mention of my bath he wanted photos, evidence that I was now wrapped in nothing more than a towel. Having sent him the required evidence I felt it was only fair that he return the favour which he duly did. But now it was time to turn my attentions back to Sebastian.

He was pleasantly suprised when he received a soapy picture to add to his collection of images. We chatted for a while until I had completed his virtual seduction.

Once again my dear sweet lady you drove me to utter and blissful distraction with your intelligent gentle words and photographs. Having you seduce me with your images was extremely arousing, I hope it was as equal a pleasure for you.

Darling , I am so utterly errect and pulsating for you after reading you desire for me, I can’t think what to do

Our conversation then moved onto such topics as strap ons, spanking, sex toys drag queens, TV/TS before turning to threesomes and same gender sex. We discussed my limited experiences with other women and his desire

to explore touching another man ………………….but I’d have to have a woman present

We had talked about this before when he had been chatting to a prospective male playmate. If ever the chance arises for us to play together with another man I shall insist on being spit roasted. I loved it last time around and long to repeat the experience. Only if I get the chance to do this with Sebastian they will have to take turns at both ends. I would adore being fucked whilst sucking him off but would also love to be fucked by him whilst having my mouth fucked.

We know that whatever happens we must see each other again occasionally and hopefully that spit roast will be sooner rather than  later.

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panties damp

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 27, 2010

‘panties damp’ was one of the searches that brought someone to this blog today.

Right now, right this minute I could say that my panties are damp, but that would be an understatement. I have been chatting online with Sebastian. He has had to go offline (he did warn me) leaving me with a deep desire in my belly and an aching throb in my pussie. The urge to plunge my finger between my swollen lips into the hot wetness within is painfully high. But I am forcing myself to leave my clit alone, not a single flick or stroke will touch my flesh.

This self-imposed torture is all I deserve after teasing him mercilessly this afternoon. How can I blame him for wanting to push his hard cock deep into my soft flesh after what I did to him today. I knew what I was doing when I signed into msn after an absence  of over an hour knowing that he was waiting impatiently for my return. Making him wait for me to speak only to be sent with no warning a photo of my black stockinged thighs followed by my kisses that send him wild then signing back out again for several hours.

Ooops I gave in and let my finger rub my clit, sliding into the wet heat beyond but I don’t wish for release just yet so I have withdrawn my finger, placing it into my mouth to suck and lick away the evidence of my arousal. The well remembered scent of my sex filling my nose, reminding me how much I lust this man who with a few words can leave me hot and bothered.

I shall try to be patient until Sebastian returns, I want him to witness the effect he has upon my body.  To know beyond doubt that it is he who brings me to the peak of my arousal. For him I shall cum with my hot juice squirting for him to lapp up with his willing tongue. Until he releases me from my torment I shall sit and sqirm with my thights clamped together as my clit is squeezed wanting but not wanting to cum.

During the years of our relationship (such that it is) I have been the submissive one, but now the tables are turning as he wishes to be subjugated. There is talk of spanking as well as fucking but the underlying theme will always be our mutual lust.

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have camera will play

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 21, 2010

Tonight I was feeling a tad horny but it was when I started preparing for bed I was slipping into my shocking pink satin chemise that I had an idea.

First I took a selection of my necklaces and took a few shots of myself wearing them with the low cut satin barely covering my nipples. Then I took a few more showing my nipple (it isn’t easy to get both in the same shot). But as horny as I was feeling playing with my necklaces wasn’t enough. Out came my lady lust finger followed by my lurid orange dildo. Thats when the fun really began. I shall start posting the results of this play time on the gallery over the next few days. Right now I am too wet and need to play some more before I can begin to upload and edit them.

ok so it seems some of you have been impatient……….I am beginning to add the photos now

if you get bored while waiting you could do one or more of these things

  • check out my other photos
  • read some of my fantasies (make your own images in your mind)
  • visit any of my friends listed  on my side bar
  • visit Eden fantasy (listed at the top of my blogroll)
  • visit Lelo (just click the image on the right)

Didn’t realise there were so many but all there now

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Sexy Heels

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 2, 2010

I was thinking about how sexy I feel in my heels. I always wear heels when I visit Fred even if I don’t dress up in any other way. Some of my heels are not suitable for wearing out, they are reserved for the bedroom only. These don’t get an airing very often at the moment.

It occurred to me that maybe you might like to see some of my sexy heels.Red glitter peep toes with steel heelsHere is one of my under used sexy shoes.

Would you like to see more?

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