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The thing about married men

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 12, 2010

I have been thinking about the different lovers or if you prefer friends with benefits that I have and have had over the last few years. Every now and then I go all righteous and declare that it will only be single men for me from then on. But it never takes very long before a married man worms his way into my arms. So what is it about married men?

There are lots of reasons for staying away from them and I don’t just mean that they belong to someone else. Part of me thinks it dreadful that any woman especially this woman would sleep with a married man. After all he is married to someone else, someone who would in all probability be very hurt if they knew what their husband was doing. I wouldn’t want my partner/husband to be having sex with anyone but me so why should I be doing it to them. (that’s the angel on my left shoulder’s view).

On the other hand if a man is married and wants to stay married because they love/adore their wife but they still want to have sex with me that gives me a sense of power. What is more if that man has never strayed before but now that they have met me they want me even though they are risking their marriage………..that is one very powerful aphrodisiac would you not agree.

But there are other reasons for staying away from married men. When you are together you cannot wear perfume or any other scent. …….I do like my perfume especially my bottle of prada…..I love the scent of vanilla too but even that can be too much of a giveaway.

I love to send and receive text messages but with some married men I can only indulge in this when I know it is safe (like Nigel) although with others like Karl I can and do text him at any time. What is nicer when you are apart than an unexpected phone call from your lover. A good morning call or a goodnight wish, maybe if you are both so inclined some phone sex. I have enjoyed a few sessions over time  including just calling up my lover so that he can hear me cum. Karl can phone me which he does often while he is out and about but I can’t ever phone him unless I know in advance that he is out. I have never phoned Dave and only ever text him in reply to his text which is usually only when we are about to meet up.

I think I would be better off finding myself a suitable single man if I am going to find the relationship that works for me………the only trouble is my resistence to married men is low.

With married men we can only spend time together when it fits in with their family life. Time that is stolen, time when they are supposed to be somewhere else. The best we can do is a few hours here and there. We cannot have nights or weekends together. Going away together is not an easy option. (Karl says he wants to take me away but I can’t see it happening.)

Having married lovers means that I can keep a clear conscience whilst seeing more than one, which in turn means that I can find different lovers who have different qualities. It is so difficult to find a lover who can give a woman all that she desires/needs.  In the early days of my sexual adventures (post divorce) I had the gentle Colin and the passionate Nigel. Now I have Karl and Dave who could not be more different. Having multiple married lovers helps me not to fall too deeply for any of them. For our relationship (even if it is no strings) to work we have to like each other and that means having some feelings for each other, caring. But it would be dangerous to care too much. Having more than one means I spread my feelings between them instead of devoting all my emotions to just one.

With single men I am more likely to devote myself to just the one which is when I get hurt like I did with Fred first time around. (who incidentally I have not seen since January and only had one online conversation (end of april) so I think that has run its course.

Is there anyone you would like to read more about?

Adam ~ attached ~ history

Sebastian ~ attached ~ history but still around

Don ~ single ~ history

Colin ~ married ~ history

Nigel ~ married ~ history

Fred ~ single ~ history and semi current

Karl ~ married ~ current

Dave ~ married ~ current

Stuart ~married ~ history

Rupert ~ married ~ history

Chief ~ single ~ history

Cutter ~ married ~ history

Sweetheart ~ single ~ history

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text sex across the pond

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2009

Right I am relying on you lot to give me the answer.

I assume that you have realised that I am in UK. Among my blogger friends are many people in USA (yes I know I have some in Australia too). Now you may or may not know that there are times when I enjoy text sex. Not as often now as in the past unfortuntely.  But recently I have  been invited to share text sex with another blogger who happens to be in USA. We have exchanged numbers but unlike here it isn’t as easy as that.

I know  that I can text abroad because I used to exchange text messages with my sweetheart when he was in other parts of the world including  Malaysia and Scandinvia as well as Europe (both Eastern and Western). I have also exchanged messages with a former lover who moved to Germany. My former lover has a German sim which he gave me the number of before he went out there so there was no problem with texting although there was sometimes a bit of a time delay but that can happen here too. My sweetheart uses a UK number so I know that works.

Now this is where you come in, do any of you know how I can text a US number and how can he text a UK number? Do we need to add a prefix to the number like phoning a landline needs an international code is it the same for mobile/cell phones. If so what codes are needed?

You never know if you help us out here you might even get to read about some of the resulting text sex that occurrs between us. It might also open the door to more texting with more of you.

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Down in Sussex

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 19, 2009

Only in that place could this be.

are you in to spanking because you are going the right way about it

it has been known

do you work?


take a sickie and come see me in the morning

I can’t

can you talk on the phone?



I think I need to get some sleep very soon

I think you need to say good night to me


you should really do as you are told

yes I should

you will have to more and more in next few weeks

does that mean you would like me to submit to you?

it is what I expect of you

where is there?

are you a quick driver?

as much as possible

head towards **** when you reach speed humps I will be waiting

is that your home?

it is but my wife works

isn’t that dangerous?

are you dangerous?

when you are married any woman is dangerous

are you dangerous?

I could be

but are you? answer the question


my number is ************ call me to say good night



where are you?

sitting on my bed

put your hand inside your panties, rub your finger across your clit


now put your finger inside, now another


take your hand out and put your fingers in your mouth


what does it taste like?

sweet and ……….. salty

good you are doing well

in the morning you will drive here, but you will wear a dress with a bra under and heels but no panties do you understand

yes sir

when you arrive you will find I have just got out of the bath

with or without towel?

with to begin with, we will go into the livingroom, we will stand next to each other then you will kneel before me

you will take my towel off me and use your mouth to pleasure me

when I am ready you will get onto my black leather sofa on your hands and knees.

You will look back at me and beg me to fuck you


would you like me to fuck you?

do you like to be fucked from behind with your arms behind your back?

don’t keep me waiting too long!

then in the morning

You should be here

how was your bath?

I am sat here in a towel

on your leather sofa?

any hint of sarcasm means more for you to do to make amends

no sarcasm merely an enquiry

You need to be thinking about when you will be coming over to play


all this from joining a site I didn’t know existed until last week when it was mentioned on a couple of the new blogs I have found. This is just one of the men I have begun chatting to. Although I seem to have this need to be submissive I still won’t give my submission easily it needs to be taken from me,  I might be comppliant but I will challenge him until he has earnt my submission.

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He wants to fuck me

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 12, 2009

Out of the blue he text me, it had been over a year since I had head from him, about 15 months since our afternoon rendevouz in the car park. The time I had given this shy married man his first exerience of having his cock sucked. I think it was my sense of guilt that had allowed our communication to lapse. But now here he was back in contact. A few chats on IM a few exchanged text messages nothing much then the unexected text one early afternoon telling me that he was there in our car park taking in the view. He wondered if I wanted to join him to catch up. I was working s couldn’t even if I had wanted to.

A few days later another text mid afternoon as I am driving.

Just going out, fancy catching up

Ok half hour

I am in car park

As I park my car next to the vehicle I think is his he comes around to my passenger door and slides into the seat beside me. We sit chatting making small talk for about 45 minutes before we go our seperate ways. He kisses my cheek before  he gets out of my car. Back home later he is online thanking me. Later still he is there again, thanking me again. Suddenly after a very long pause (I thought he had fallen asleep)

would you like another catch up soon?

I take it you want to

I asked you

I gathered……the clue was the question mark


I don’t think you would have asked if you didn’t want to


no maybe about it


are you going to admit it

it would be good to catch up

so you enjoyed the view today

yes lovely

Somehow I don’t think he wants to just chat next time, I know he won’t admit it yet but he is keen to pick up where we left of last year. I do feel guilty about playing with a married man who had never strayed before he met me but the thrill is too great to resist. I know I can teach him so much, he knows it too. He wants what he isn’t getting at home. He wants me to show him that there are women who enjoy sex, he wants me to show him all te things he has never tried. For me it is the thrill of knowing that I can make this man, who has always been faithful, want me. I want him to want me for my personality but also for my body. what makes it even better is that I don’t even have to try to seduce him he does it all himself.

But there is a man I want to seduce. We have been out for a drink and frequently chat on IM. I don’t find him the slightest bit attractive, if anything he is verging on ugly. He is not the slightest bit romantic and willingly admits it. He likes to be contrary, he brings out the worst in me. Yet I love chatting to him, but more than that I find myself getting aroused when we chat even when the topic being discussed is not sexual. I find myself wanting to stick my fingers inside my cunt while we talk. I am disappointed when he isn’t online, but happy when he is. There are times that I think he will tell me to get in my car and drive to him. I want him to tell me he wants to fuck me.

This man knows what he wants and when he wants it. He is used to getting what he wants, he is used to things being done his way. He is not a Dom, he is not into submission. He doesn’t want a woman who is a pushover. He tells me that I am very priviledged as he doesn’t normally chat so long …………he gets bored. He tells me a perfect date would consist of

a few drinks….back to somewhere private and then get down to some serious action

I want some of that and soon but he says I have to wait. It will happen because he wants to fuck me too. I don’t know what it is about this man who makes me go weak at the knees just thinking about being taken by him.

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new adventures

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 13, 2009

It has been almost a week now since I created my new profile on AFF. So I thought I would give you a brief progress report.

The site has had a number of changes since I was on there before. Apart from anything else there don’t appear to be so many people on the site. Oh there are more than enough men to keep me occupied for a while. I have even come across a few profiles of men I have met in the past.  

In the first 24 hours back on the site  I did a few searches, mostly just seeing who was online within my area and age group. I winked at a few men, I checked out the profiles of all the men who had checked out mine. I have accepted a few ‘friends’ into my ‘network’. Messages have gone back and forth. I even had to bite the bullet and pay for a month’s subscription. I only paid for one month for two reasons.

 a) I didn’t want to pay anything, but had to if I wanted to send more than 5 messages and see profiles.

 b) there is no point in paying for 6 months or longer. By the time you have done a few searches you get to see most of the profiles, you sort out the wheat from the chaff. You don’t get enough new profiles over the next few months to warrant paying the extra.

On AFF you have to exchange several messages before you can swap contact details. But I have been chatting to several men in the last few days………why is it that they all want to chat at the same time?

I have met one and have three dates lined up. (one is a second date) another has promised to let me drive his car ( the type I aspire to own one day).

There does seem to be a slightly better class of man on the site now.

You won’t have long to wait before you get to read about my new adventures

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finding an adult friend

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 6, 2009

Since I began this blog there has been a man in my life (firstly ‘my sweetheart’ and now JC) but there has still been a lack of actual sex in my life. This can be a problem for someone who enjoys sex as much as I do.

In the most part I have kept my frustrations under control by reading and writing about sex. Having virtual sex, or just not thinking about it.

But recently I have begun to consider the option of taking things back into my control and finding myself a new fuck buddy. I have thought about the men who I have fucked in the recent few years who would be knocking my door down if I invited them over for more sex.  For various reasons I have rejected each of them (not necessarily because I wouldn’t want them back in my bed) but circumstances have changed and so have I.

So now I am battling with my conscience, I know technically I am single and can do what ever I like. But I don’t want to spoil the potential relationship I am building with JC on the other hand he isn’t doing much to alleviate my frustrations so perhaps it will do me good to go back onto adult friend finder and find me another adult friend. Perhaps even one who can help to increase my portfolio of photographs.

I need some real sex very soon

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It started with a joke……….

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 2, 2009

It started innocently enough.

A text from JC, we text each other on and off every day,  sometimes jokes sometimes more personal. This was just a joke.

Father and son in supermarket.  “Dad. what are these?” “Thats a 3 pack of condoms son for secondary school lads. 1 for Friday, 1 for Saturday and 1 for Sunday night”. “What about the 6 pack dad?” “Those are for University lads. 2 for friday, 2 for saturday and 2 for sunday night.”  “Well dad, what about the 12 pack then?” “Married men son,1 for january, 1 for february, 1 for march………” xx

What about divorced men what size pack do they need? xx

After I had sent my reply I was thinking about this wondering how often he uses condoms. Will there be a time in the neear future when we get to use any condoms together. Thats when it happened, bang,……… like the flick of a switch.

I was turned on big style, I needed to do something about it and quick.

Cripes didn’t expect your joke to have that effect on me!! Ta very much grrrr now I need to do something about it!! xx

It was no good I had to reach inside my pyjamas, something I hadn’t done in a while except perhaps with the encouragement of a certain blogger. As my finger gently probed my already wet lips finding the passage to my joy. Rubbing and pressing inflaming the passion I was feeling, in my mind I was calling out to JC. Needing him wanting him to be here between my thighs, using his fingers and tongue on my swollen clit. How I desired him here in my bed with me.

My fingers moving faster as my juice flowed from me as I became more and more aroused. My free hand grasping a handful of sheet as my orgasm grew within me building until it exploded in a gush. I wanted to call out to him tell him to fuck me now, tell him how much I desire him, how much I need him touching me, kissing me, holding me, devouring me as I want to devour him.

“I bet you are doing your ironing and don’t care that you made me fel horny when I am alone! That is so not fair……… punishment I have 2 send you my first fantasy to see how you cope with being turned on!!”

I have emailed him the first fantasy I ever wrote with instructions that he is to report back to me how reading it made him feel.

“I plead innocent…!! I have done nothing to incriminate myself ……but it sounds all very mischievious SN…!” xx

Today he read the fantasy……….

“…I know what I was feeling but it is difficult to concentrate on 2 things at once..!
Very exciting, very provocative, very explicit, very arousing…! Where’s those tissues..?
OK, OK I’m sorry for sending you a condom joke…! Xx”

what could I do?  so I sent him a text…………

2 old ladies outside nursing home, it starts raining. One lady takes out a condom, cuts off the end and pulls it over her cigarette continues smoking.

Lady 1: whats that?

Lady 2:  a condom, it keeps my cigarette dry

Lady 1: where did you get it?

Lady 2: The drugstore

Next day at the drugstore Lady 1 asks for a box of condoms. The man asks, what brand?

Lady 1 says it doesn’t matter as long as it fits a camel


Instantly he replied………..

“Not only did it excite you, you got the ‘hump’ as well……! xx

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More of whats in a Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 5, 2009

Following my one sided Text sex we had lots more chats online. We talked often about my desire to be tied up, spanked and fucked.  We met for a walk in the woods one sunny spring morning. He was very sweet and shy, we chatted easily but it was only as we parted that he plucked up courage to kiss me.

More months passed, more chatting and more flirting until one day we agreed that I should take a day off work and he would come to my house. I needed some work done and he was in the right profession so came around to measure up for the work. The measuring only took a few minutes. Then we chatted for a couple of hours. Before he confessed that there was something he wanted me to see. He began taking off his jeans…………. To my suprise once he had removed his jeans it became obvious what it was he wanted to show me. He was very shy and rather embarrassed as he had never shown this to a woman before. To be honest this was the first time I had seen it although I am not so naive that I had never heard of it. Besides he had told me about it months ago.

My friend had revealed that he liked to wear stockings. So there he stood in my bedroom wearing skin tone stockings. We talked about it and also the virginal white stockings I had bought from ebay months earlier but never had an opportunity to wear. He persuaded me to put on my white stockings which were oh so soft, much softer than the ones I wear every day. (unless I am wearing trousers or jeans).

Soon he had me lying on my bed as he fingered me and I wanked him. It was very nice but neither of us were in a mood to take it furtther, if anything I was amazed he did what he did. (I did tell you in my earlier post that he is really more of a sub). That was in early December 2007 (not 2008 but 2007). I had expected to hear from him either later in the day or perhaps over the next few days but nothing. No email, IM, text, telephone (he loved to hear me cum). December was gone a new year had begun but still I didn’t hear from him. As the months faded away I just figured that his g/f must have found out and he had deleted me from his contacts.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this now. 14 months after the event.

Tonight when I came in from work I found a request from him to be added as a contact. Obviously I was curious, so I accepted and there he was online same picture same as before, as though he had never been AWOL.

I very rarely make the first contact on IM as I prefer to wait and see if the other person wants to chat, besides I am usually doing something else ie emails or blogging. But I made an exception……………hello stranger

We chatted as though he had always been there. It was embarrassment that had kept him away.   I asked him about his mistress (he had met her once and was planning a second visit the last I had heard). He proudly tells me he now has 3 Mistresses.

Do you get spanked ?

Not often enough

He likes to be tied up, spanked and fucked

He knows that I want to be tied up, spanked and fucked at least once. He tells me he can help me with that. He tells me that he has become a slut especially recently.

Maybe one night when he least exects it I shall send him a few text messages. Something along the lines of ……………


Spank me

You know you want to

You know I want you to

Tie me up and do what ever you will with me

make me your toy

Show me what it is like to be a slut

Life could be about to become a little more interesting

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When its all in the Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 22, 2009

he is into sub/dom…..we have chatted about it a few times in recent weeks. tonight I have a real need to do this. I feel so very horny as I think about it. I have been getting quite wet and fidgety. I have refused to bring myself off I want to meet him and for him to know how turned on I am by the thought of him dominating me. He wants to be dominated but is happy to dominate me first to teach me the ways of sub/dom. He will restrain me and slap me he will fuck me when I have no control then I will restrain him and he will have no control while I do what ever I like to him.

I know you are not expecting this. but if you are not busy tonight would you like to meet for a drink then you can tell me in more detail……..

will you teach me?

feeling very horny and needing instructions

thats a no then is it?

we both know u want to……… you know I need to be punished………You want to show me how to behave you want to restrain me

you want to fuck me you want me to fuck you when you cant do anything

OMG I am so horny and I want you to know how wet I am getting are you hard? are you hiding at work playing with yourself when you could be playing with me.

forget the drink I need a FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I need tonight and it has to be you. Are you going to pass up this chance to do what ever you want with me? I am so wet waiting to hear what you want. Do I have to beg you to take your pleasure from me.

phone …….no answer

have been texting him for a few hours………not a single answer.   Maybe it has something to do with me using a phone he does not have the number for. I am lying face down across my bed now pressing my pussy into the bed, my legs moving slowly making the crotch of my jeans rub against my soaking swollen clit. Still I get no answer. Its no good I cant wait any longer. I roll onto my back and shove my hand inside my jeans pushing aside the fabric of my thong and start to rub furiously it is very quick I was already so close to the edge, now I cum in a great gush and my legs tremble as the spasm runs through me.

It turns out that he was on holiday with his g/f when my texts began to come through. As much as he wanted this there was nothing he could do.

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Naughty man returns

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 9, 2009

The naughty man aka virtual fling rang the office but it wasn’t me who answered his call.

Later as I was driving my phone told me I had a text message

Hiya sexy  x

An hour later I replied

Mwah  did you miss me? x

No don’t be silly did you miss me x

As if!! For some reason Mary thinks you have a nice voice x

I think both of you sound sexy I had a x rated dream about you x

both of us? x

No it was me and You but I’d do you both x

I shot over your panties last night x

As long as they don’t need washing

God I was horny today thats why I phoned x

Were you disappointed or did Mary satisfy you?

I was disappointed x

This was followed by a conversation full of inuendo on IM, which in turn was followed by

I’m in bed now, I’m imagining your pussy taste and I’m inside you.

Late this afternoon we had 3 telephone conversations the third was purely non work from him.

Are you alone ?


So you can’t say much?

not much

good I can say whatever I like then and you can’t do much about it.


were you wet last night on the computer?


was it chatting to me?


there was several moments of smutt before he had to cut the call short to see to a customer. I wander if I shall hear from him tomorrow

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