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Beyond vanilla

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 19, 2010

The subject has arisen again.

BDSM, am I into it and if so in which role?

Am I Vanilla or not?

I suspect that anyone who is vanilla would if they knew what I have done in recent years,  say that I am not vanilla (that is if they even knew what being vanilla meant).

I suspect that anyone heavily into BDSM would say that I am little more than vanilla.

I was vanilla until a few years ago when I joined the world of sex bloggers. From the moment I began reading other sex blogs and discussing various aspects of sex with other sex bloggers my interest in sex beyond vanilla began to grow. Some of my favourite blogs from those early days have since ceased to be. Two of my favourite bloggers of that time were the very educational and sexy Cherrie and the delightfully adventurous La Fille. They are both missed (at least by me).

During this time I discovered in myself a need to try out a variety of things I had previously felt were no go areas for me.

There was the time a good friend (he was the one who introduced me to sex blogs in the first place) agreed to give me my first experience of being spanked/caned. I was astounded by my ability to cope with pain as have always believed myself to be a total wimp where pain is concerned. Since then sadly I have not experienced any further caning however I have been spanked (not seriously but in fun). Dave is quite happy to spank me and has also been the only man who has actually tied me up to a degree although others have said they would. Probably the most serious spanking I have had apart from that very first time was at the swingers party Dave took me to where my favourite room was the dungeon.

Who would have ever thought someone as shy and selfconscience as I would ever put on a show for doggers.

I have had many conversations with a variety of men about being in a Dom/sub relationship. This is something I am curious about and reading about it turns me on big time. But although quite a few men have shown an interest in the concept I have not found any who would do this with me properly. Some are merely interested in making a woman do whatever they want without caring about doing ao with care and love. I have discussed it with Dave as he seems to be the only one in my life who is capable of giving me the kind of sex I crave, but he says he could never be dominant.

I have had numerous conversations (mainly in the past) about whether I am submissive. I believe that I do have a tendency to allow my partner to lead me in sex. But there are times when I feel a need to be the one in control. There fore I believe that I am for the most part submissive but could never be totally controlled.

Ages ago I came across a BDSM quiz which I took and posted the results here. I think it would be interestin now to take the test again if it still exists just to see if the results come out the same as before.


my result first time:

You Scored as Switch
(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

my result this time is :

You Scored as Switch

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 11, 2010

Louisa was just parking as I pulled into the car park, good timing by both of us. Crossing the road we walked into the pub together. Standing at the bar to order our drinks I glanced into the corner where the band and all their entourage would be, taking note of who was there.

We were both tired after a hectic week at work and didn’t fancy spending all evening on our feet, we found an unoccupied table on the far side of the entrance. It meant we wouldn’t be able to see the band paying but we would have no trouble hearing them. You would think that working together 9 hours a day 5 days a week we would run out of things to talk about but not so. I was sat with my back to the window, facing into the room.

I was amused to see that the drummer’s girlfriend RC walk over to our end of the room looking around before turning on her heel and retracing her steps. I wonder who she was looking for? A few minutes later the sound man’s wife walked past going to the ladies. Now I really did think that, that was funny. Our table was on a raised area set back from the main part of the room which was taken up by a couple of pool tables. When I had glanced at the band on our arrival I had noticed that TW was heading into the ladies room right next to where they were all sitting. So not only did I think she didn’t really need to go again so soon (10 or 15 mins at the most) but why go to the ladies room at the far end of the pub when there is one just a dozen steps from where you are sitting.

Throughout the evening both RC and TW were taking it in turns to walk through to the ladies. With each walk TW was taking more time to look in our direction. Obviously there was nothing wrong with the ladies on their side of the pub as none of the other ladies in their group were walking past us.

I am guessing that the two of them were too concerned with where I was to be able to enjoy the evening. Whereas Louisa and I had a lovely evening (my friend Janice was meant to meet us but didn’t make it). The one blight on my evening being a phone call from my ex but that aside I had a nice time minding my own business with a lovely friend listening to live rock music and chatting.

However by the time we left I did feel as though I was an exhibit in a zoo.

I did not see or speak to sound man (Karl) at all during the evening and have heard nothing from him since.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 3, 2010

As usual when Jill was feeling upset she took herself off to the parish church to find solace. Jill has never been religious but she found the peace in an empty church comforting. She would just sit and think. That morning Jill’s dad had given her the sad news that her beloved dog who she had rescued from the local kennels (she had been a kennel maid there), had died. Bonnie had been poorly for a while and had been taken to the vets by dad. Jill couldn’t face it as she knew Bonnie would not be coming home. Jill made her way slowly along the high street until she reached the drive leading up to the church door. When she got there the door was locked. How could that be it is never locked. Then she noticed the sign telling parishioners that following recent thefts the church would now be kept locked unless there was a member of the church council in attendance.

In her disappointment Jill turned and retraced her steps even slower now until she reached the bridge across the river. Here she turned right and followed the path beside the river as it threaded its way through the park. Passing the ducks in the trees shading themselves from the fierce Sunday afternoon sun. Through the ornamental gardens, leaving behind the miniature railway, the tennis courts and the kids play area. Under the low pedestrian bridge that led Jill from the manicured gardens of the formal park into the wild untamed part of the park. The river was narrower here, the boats fewer the walkers fewer but the wildlife was more evident. In the open areas between the great oaks there were small herds of deer foraging. It was as Jill neared the old disused quarry that she heard the footsteps. Slowly at first then getting quicker as they neared her. Jill looked around her there was a couple with a young child coming towards her, getting closer, soon they would have gone past her, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around. Should she just keep on walking or turn around and follow the family back towards the town. Was she being silly, the footsteps probably belonged to someone quite harmless. A person minding their own business heading towards the quarry or maybe even beyond for their own reason. Why should she worry, lots of people use these paths.

The family had gone now their steps receding into the distance. Jill suddenly spotted a couple of the young deer cantering across the path, she was distracted watching them. Jill had forgotten the footsteps for a few seconds. But she soon remembered when she felt the arm drape around her shoulders.

‘There you are…….. I thought I would never catch up to you’ his voice whispered into her ear.

Jill was confused she didn’t know this young man yet he knew her. What should she do? Jill continued to walk, the young man with the dark hair that swayed and bobbed as he walked continued to walk with her, continued to keep his arm around her shoulder. She shrugged her shoulders to rid herself of the weight but he kept his arm there. If anything he became more possessive, moving his arm to bring his body closer to hers, his arm hanging now down the front of her. She tried to ignore the shapely fingers on his hand as it rested just above her right breast. Jill tried to be nonchalant and keep going but she knew her breathing was getting heavier and the heavier it got the more her breast heaved under her low cut green top. As he pulled her towards him Jill found herself staring into startling blue eyes but before she could blink her lips were being crushed by his. Still she had not managed to put forward any protest to this rather dashing young stranger who had accosted her on her wanderings in search of solace. The young man had shifted his hand now to the nape of her neck while his left hand was in the small of her back just at the point where her loose top didn’t quite meet the waist band of her short black skirt. She felt the slight pressure as his hands held her to him. His kiss which had begun suddenly but oh so softly was becoming more urgent now. Jill was a mix of uncertainty and awe as she lived through these strange sensations. His tongue was trying to push through her lips invading her mouth. This was new to Jill none of her teenaged boyfriends had ever tried to do this, she thought to herself………so this is what a French kiss feels like. Not sure how to react her body made the decision for her as her lips parted involuntarily allowing access to this stranger’s tongue which was now probing, searching her soft warm mouth. As strange as this felt Jill found that she quite liked the sensation. Before she knew what she was doing her hands were on his back pulling him to her as he was pressing her to his firm young but slightly older man. Yes he was a man, he must have been in his early 20s, very mature to her at the age of 16. Somewhere in her memory she heard the jibe from one of her class mates one evening last year as he shouted across the road to her ‘ I bet you are a virgin.’ He was right of course she had been and still was now. Why had that thought popped into her head now at this moment.

Part of her wanted to break free and run, run back to the relative safety of other people. But a stronger feeling was spreading through her body. It started from her lips that were now returning his kisses with as much passion as those she received from him. It was a warm feeling and it was coursing downward down through her neck to a tingle in her nipples where a few short moments ago his hand had rested for perhaps a second or two though it felt like a life time. The more that Jill returned these delicious kisses the deeper these alien feelings were spreading further down, down now lower than her navel, down towards that secret place where sometimes as she lay alone in her bed at night she felt strange sensations. Her mind now willing her to run to safety. Her body not moving, soaking up the feelings as odd as they were, wanting them to go on and on. But then as suddenly as the kisses began it stopped. Jill was floundering now as a loss what to do. She wanted those feelings back, to continue for ever but she didn’t dare to pull this person back into her arms. Still no words passed between the two young people since those first rushed words when he had caught up to her. He stood back a little looked at her quizzically, murmured softly
‘you seem different’.

Before Jill could think of a response he had replaced his arm across her shoulder and was leading her forward along the path towards the quarry. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around but Jill didn’t care, not if she could stay with this incredible creature. She studied his profile as they walked, still in silence, just the sounds of the birds in the trees and a dog barking somewhere in the distance. Her heart was thumping beneath her flimsy top, her mouth dry with anticipation, where was he taking her, would he stop and kiss her again. ……..Omg please let him kiss me again please! I would give anything to be kissed by this man with almost black hair, blue eyes and tanned complexion at least one more time.

Jill didn’t have to wait long before they reached the quarry. A few years ago the quarry had been flooded and was now used by families for water sports. Gently he guided her to the left, a little further along the path were the boat sheds.
That voice again murmuring in her ear
‘my uncle owns one of the sheds, I have the key, we wont be disturbed in there.’
Warning bells began to ring telling Jill to run, but Jill ignored them, she began to hum softly to herself to drown out the bells. She caught him glancing at her with that quizzical look of his again. They reached the third shed, he pulled a key from his pocket and motioned her inside. It was larger than she had imagined, racks of canoes on one side with shelves of water ski equipment on the other along with a wooden bench and a couple of old battered sofas. There were windows on either side of the door with lace curtains letting in a little sunlight. There was a burst of light as all the overhead light came to life, a flick of a few switches and only the one over the sofas remained on. Taking Jill’s hand he led her to the nearest sofa and sat down pulling Jill down beside him. Taking her other hand in his he muttered
‘there is something different about you’.
Before Jill could reply his lips were on hers again and Jill lost herself in the moment. His hands were moving, one moment caressing her back, ten stroking her cheek. But all the while lips locked together on hers, his tongue probing. She drank in every breath the smell of him slightly tinged with sweat. His hands moved down her back and under her top, his right hand now sliding up unfastening her bra, so easily not like the fumblings of her latest boyfriend. Excitement was mounting inside Jill as she waited for his hands to move around and cup her breasts as she knew they would. All the stories in her magazines told her this. She wasn’t kept waiting long then to her dismay he stopped kissing her, but as he pulled away, all the time watching her face he lifted her top over her head and let it drop behind her. But crumbs she hadn’t expected this , he didn’t just have her breasts in his hands but had taken them one at a time in his mouth. She could feel his tongue swirling, licking and sucking on her now hard nipples. She wasn’t prepared for this and was taken by surprise when she felt the invisible link between her nipples and her labia.,as though he was tugging on a length of cotton tied between the two. The more he sucked on her nipple the greater the sensation between her legs and to her shock she felt like she was about to wet herself.
……….Oh no please don’t let me wet myself in front of this gorgeous man.
Her mind was swirling now in the mists of sensations. As she concentrated on his lips tugging her breasts her hands were holding his head, clasping him to her bossom afraid to let go in case he stopped!! She didn’t want him to stop……….Oh no her worst fear was about to happen. He would surely notice that she was wetting herself from the pleasure, his hand was now under her skirt stroking her inner thigh creeping, creeping closer to her damp thong. Too late!! He had felt her wetness but instead of treating her with distain he seemed to be pleased. His finger found its way past the fabric until it was inside her probing her wetness just as his tongue had probed her mouth. ………Oh but now this was something else, she was dying, she must be, she felt like she was floating up to heaven. His other hand had now taken hers and was guiding it to the bulge in his jeans. She knew at that moment that she must have died, how else could she have ended up in this place surrounded by angels singing and butterflies stroking her everywhere that gave her such pleasure.

But what was that? She could hear a voice, a voice very much like her own. But it wasn’t her, she knew it wasn’t her voice. In the distance a girl was calling a name over and over.

‘Jasper, Jasper, where are you Jasper.’

The man sat bolt upright looked as though he had had an electric shock, looked at Jill and ran to the window, peering through the curtain. Shot another look at Jill, wrenched the door open and called out
‘Sarah, Sarah over here.’
Turning back to Jill he said
‘If you are not Sarah who are you?’

Just then Sarah stepped through the door looked at Jill,
‘Oh Jill there you are, mum and dad have been looking for you’
‘Jasper! What are you doing with my sister?’

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Silent control

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 30, 2010

Esme had watched Armand’s face closely as he weighed her left breast in his hand giving it an appreciative caress with his thumb before following the same process with her right breast. It had made her uncomfortable the first time Armand had done this only to inform her that her breasts as magnificent as they are don’t match completely. No of course not, no woman is symetrical but Esme had never considered the difference in her breasts to be significant enough to notice. Esme had enjoyed the power that her breasts had afforded her over the men in her life, until she had met Armand.

Almost from the instant Armand had walked up to her in the wine bar Esme had felt there was something different about him. Placing his hand on her wrist as it rested on the bar, his firm but gentle grip that left her feeling compelled to look  into his deep brown eyes. Standing there looking as though he owned the place not saying  a word until Esme tried to slide her hand from beneath his, Esme began to feel a little unsure of herself. The normally confident PR girl was surrendering control to this unknown man before her.

Lifting her wrist from the bar, keeping his grip firm the slight pressure urging her away from the bar his soft voice barely more than a whiser, taking her by suprise. ‘I need you to follow me now please’. Astonished Esme found herself rising from her barstool and with her free hand grabbing her shoulder bag and jacket from their hook on the side of the bar. She allowed herself to be silently led between the tables of afterwork drinkers, through the door and into the early evening street.  It hadn’t occurred to her to say anything, to resist, she just followed this stranger like the obedient girl she was about to become for the first time in her life.

Once outside in the weak late summer sun, Esme hesitated, wanting to stay here and finish her glass of  Cabernet Sauvignon, the South African Merlot had been going down nicely easing the stress of the day from her body. Feeling her hesitation Armand urged her to follow him. ‘My car is just around the corner, come with me now I promise I will look after you.’ With those deep brown eyes boring into her own lighter hazel eyes Esme knew she didn’t have the strength of will to refuse. Trotting along beside this tall stranger his hand around her wrist never quite relinquishing his grip keeping her by his side as he strode on.

Now a month later Esme is still amazed at how easily Armand had taken control of her. Not for one minute had she doubted that he would take care of her. Without question she had climbed inside his Mercedes SLR with its strange upward sliding doors, obediently fastening her seatbelt, ready to be driven wherever this man cared to take her. It had  taken less than 10 minutes before the  sleek black machine slid through the barrier and down into the underground car park.  Still not speaking she had followed like a puppy at her master’s heel into the  lift which swiftly took them to his apartment (she had known instinctly that it was his).

Apart from work the two of them had become inseperable. At the end of that first evening they had driven together to her small flat to collect what clothes she would need for the next few days. They had talked while he made dinner, it was refreshing to talk to a smart intelligent man who didn’t think sex was everything. In fact sex hadn’t been part of their talk at all that night. But he had made it clear, although not in so many words that by leaving with him she had agreed to be his.

That first night they had slept side by side not touching under the fresh cool cotton sheets of his queensize bed. But it had been the second night that Esme had learnt what her future with Armand would trully be like. Each day Armand drove her to work and collected her, he took her shopping for new clothes gradually replacing  her own. Anything she wanted Armand would get for her.

‘Anything my girl desires will be yours in return for your complete devotion’.

For the first time since she had been a child Esme was not in control of her own life, she wasn’t sure this was what she wanted but she felt powerless to resist this man’s charm. Whatever he said she was slave to his greater presence. As the days passed into weeks she was learning more about this man and his desires. Each evening after dinner Armand led Esme into her small bedroom where she would find an outfit laid out for her. It could be a silky evening dress, pvc catsuit, school girl uniform the variations endless. Armand would silently watch her strip off, his cool assesment of her body unnerving had now become normal. Cupping her breasts in turn, running his hands over her body appreciatively showing her who it was that owned her, he would turn on his heel and leave her to dress. Once dressed Esme would join Armand wherever he was either in his sumptuous yet elegant sittingroom or in his expensively stark bedroom.

Night after night they played out whatever scenario he had in his mind. The most startling revelation had been the night there had been no clothes just a rope laid out on the bed. That night he had waited while she bathed before expertly wrapping the rope around her body and limbs in a such a way that it was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing. Oddly Esme had felt only a flicker of fear before succumbing to his expertise. Even in the short time they had been together she had already learnt that it was better for her to trust Armand ad do exactly what he wanted. Her obedience was rewarded with the soothing comfort of sleeping in his arms in his big comfortable bed. Reluctance was rewarded with a lonely night in her own uncomfortable single bed with its sagging mattress in the cramped dark room the door locked and a bucket in the corner if she needed it.

There had been 2 nights spent there so far the first had been the night she had been introduced to his array of leather paddles. At first Esme had stared in horror as Armand had approached her with a small leather oar shaped item in his hand motioning her to bend over the back of the only chair in her room.

‘Young lady you will bend over the chair and surrender your smooth bottom to my paddle. Resistence will lead to you being banished from my bed tonight.’ she had been scared for the first time since they had met. ‘Please Armand I’m scared, please don’t hurt me, I will do anything you want but please not that…..please’. Without waiting he had pushed her over the chair and begun using his paddle on her soft flesh. There was none of the pain she was expecting just tiny taps followed by soft carresses. Mistakenly Esme thought her pleading had brought a change of heart but in reality he was merely introducing her gently to one of his favourite games. When he pulled her back to a standing position, she let out a big sigh of relief.

But instead of pulling her into his embrace for a kiss he left the room locking the door as he went. At first Esme had sat on the edge of the bed patiently waiting for him to return……..he didn’t …….not until the morning. The second time was when she was dressed in a micro skirt skimpy top with spagheti straps and red fishnet stockings and heels. She looked fantastic and knew it. The trouble came when Armand told her they were going out for a drink.

Today Esme was facing the prospect of another night in solitude. Earlier the two of them had been shopping for groceries. Armand had embarrassed her by picking up a variety of melons and comparing each to her breasts. But as embrrassed as she was Esme could cope with that. Her undoing had been after they had returned home. he had passed her the ginger root they had selected together and instructed her to peel it. Esme was curious. ‘why do you want it peeled?’

‘peeled ginger will be more effective, have you ever heard of figging?’

She hadn’t and duly peeled the knobbly root to Armand’s specification then whilst he prepared theirigging meal she googled figging.

A peeled ginger root, shaped like a slender butt plug, inserted into the anus without lubrication of any kind. The ginger juices cause pain and extreme horniness. The person belonging to said anus become twitchy, jumpy and very lively. The effect lasts for about 20 minutes or more depending on the freshness and strength of the root. The root can also be applied directly to the clitoris or inserted into the urethra.

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here endeth the drought

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 14, 2010

I was the first to arrive. I had changed out of my trousers into my black mini skirt and was stood gazing at the city in the distance all lit up against the dark sky. His hands were caressing my neck and shoulders as he stood behind me. I was enjoying this quiet moment just the two of us. Again the weeks had flown by since we were last together. The moment was broken with the ringing of the door bell. Wilma and Curtis bustled in from the windy night. Greetings were exchanged, it had been months since Dave had last seen them and even longer since I had first met them.

Wilma was looking radiant and Curtis looked more handsome than I remembered. Dave did the dutiful host bit handing out glasses of rose champagne whilst Curtis had a beer. Wilma and I took up positions at either end of the 3 seater sofa, Curtis in one of the arm chairs and Dave perched on the arm of the sofa. I did feel a slight jealousy when Dave was caressing Wilma the way he had been doing with me before their arrival, only this time he was letting his hand roam over her chest too.

We all chatted aimiably catching up on the months that had passed. At Dave’s invitation Curtis wedged himself between us girls. I watched Dave kissing the back of Wilma’s neck…….why couldn’t he do that to me!! Curtis took hold of my left breast squeezing and stroking through the lycra of my skimpy red top and peach lace bra. That felt good. Wilma told him to ………..’take it out, you know you want to’.

Curtis didn’t need telling twice, scooping my left breast out of its confines he didn’t waste much time bending his head as he lifted my breast up towards his mouth. The feel of my nipple being sucked enthusiastically brought a mixture of pleasure and sadness that it had been so long since I had last had this kind of attention.By the time Wilma and I had all our breasts uncovered for the pleasure of the men, Curtis was slipping onto his knees between my thighs, pushing aside my matching peach knickers to lick along the edge of my pussy.

Dave suggested that to save their knees we should all go upstairs to his bedroom. Clothes quickly removed Dave and Wilma took up position on the bed not leaving much room for Curtis and myself but we managed. The shock of his tongue against my clit for the first time sent shudders through my body. I was very soon writhing with unrelenting pleasure.  Soon I was moaning in ecstacy, this is what I miss. How could I have doubted that I wanted to do this. I giggle to myself as Wilma’s moans sound so similar to my own. Both men are working us with their fingers.

Moving to stand beside me Curtis presents me with his gorgeous cock. It has been a while since I was given a cock to suck and this one is not only a nice length and thickness (thick enough without being too big for my small mouth) bit feels and tastes great too. To make it easier for Curtis who was jammed up against the bedside cabinet, I swing my legs over the side of the bed as I sit up. Thats better now I can get a better grip on this amazing shaft as my tongue trails up and down, around and around exploring every bit of it.

Whilst I am busying myself in giving and taking as much pleasure as I can with his tool I am aware of his fingers playing with my breasts. But it takes a moment to realise that one of his hands is on my pussy, the other hand on my breast belongs to his wife. Her breath warm on my naked back as Dave finger fucks her from behind. Her fingers become more urgent on my nipple as her orgasm builds. Before releasing her grip as she collaspes spent on the bed behind me.

Pushing me back onto the bed, a condom hastily adorned, Curtis kneels between my thighs lifting my feet up to his shoulders to enter my tight pussy. I suggest some lube might be needed, obligingly I hear a drawer open and Dave tosses a bottle of lube to Curtis. Now we can try again, I try to relax but its not easy knowing this will hurt to begin with. It does hurt and we don’t get far. Swapping over he lays flat and I climb on lowering myself slowly onto his rigid tool. Unlike Fred who lets me take time to ease myself on, Curtis thrust up into me, woah that hurts but I persevere, it is although painful, good to feel him deep inside me. I find it easy to ride him although the pain is still there. This is what my Dr wanted for me last year, a lover who wasn’t afraid to push me without being worried about my pain.

It is only this that will help to stretch my short tight cunt to get back to more normality. We are getting into an easier rhythum now. I am starting to get through the pain but Curtis is ready for another change. I’m on my knees now with my head bouncing off the wooden headboard ……funny I had never noticed before that it is wooden. I grit my teeth as Curtis enters me from behind, if only my head wasn’t so close to the headboard I could enjoy this more. Ohh whats happening now? I am being pulled by my legs towards the foot of the bed as Curtis again fucks me from behind. Yesssss I feel like a real woman again now I have been fucked by a good sized cock, good and hard for the first time in months. Maybe I have found a replacement for Fred and before him Nigel. But this time there is the added bonus that his wife want to play with me too. She wispered to me that she wants to try licking my pussy.

Unfortunately a family emergency meant that they had to leave early. Having dressed to bid our guests goodbye we were content to just sit facing each other on his sofa, my feet in Dave’s lap as he gently stroked them whil we chatted. It had been a long week so I decided to make my weary way home early. I am so glad I hadn’t been too tired to join in the fun this time. I can’t wait for the next time the four of us get together again.

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Where was Valerie ?

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2010

Valerie’s secret

‘Oh there you are Valerie, I was looking for you earlier. Have you been out?’

‘No Marcus, I have been here all the time either at my desk or about my work.’

‘That’s very odd, I wanted you to book a taxi for me, but I couldn’t find you anywhere. I looked everywhere except the boardroom. Cora said Conrad was in conference in there and mustn’t be disturbed.’

‘I bet you didn’t look in the ladies did you? Anyway you have found me now. When and where do you want this taxi to take you?’

‘Can you please book it for 12.15 to go from here to the Gladstonian. Conrad and I are entertaining clients. Oh and can you please phone them and make sure they have the booking for 10 people at 1pm if possible a table over looking the sea.’

Later Cartwright and Davies stop by reception. Cartwright leans across her desk and invites Valerie to join them and a few others for lunch at The Frog and Bucket, they will fill her in on the office gossip. This will be the easiest way for Valerie to find out who’s who in the office.
As Valerie munches on her Chicken Ceasar baguette and sips her fruit juice, she learns quite a lot about the office and all its employees. Before they return to the office Valerie mentions that most people have been very nice to her so far but Cora looks and speaks to her with an air of suspicion. David Cartwright assures her that she has nothing to worry about, Cora is behaving this way, because she is convinced that Marcus has his eye on Valerie. Richard Davies backs him up saying that Marcus who has only been widowed a few months ago has his eye on Valerie’s gorgeous bazookas. He looks her straight in the eye as he tells her this and Valerie can feel the heat rising in her face as she blushes. Richard goes on saying that Cora is a good sort and has been with the company since Marcus was a junior surveyor. She has mothered him since & Conrad too since he took over his father’s place in the company. She knows everything there is to know about both men. Their work and home lives. They only have to cough and she knows about it. Apparently she was worried Conrad was risking his marriage a few months ago but she has told Marcus that she has sorted it for him now. She is worried now about Marcus and his roving eye and it has only been 8 months since his dear Ruth died and at such a young age. It is far too early for Marcus to be thinking about other women.

Everyone heads back to the office before the bosses return. They arrive at the door at the same time as a tall good looking man with glasses and sandy coloured hair. He smiles at Valerie as he holds the door for her to pass through. She looks questioningly at David who whispers in her ear.
‘Simon Giles, head of Credit control and single. By the way Valerie I was meaning to ask you. When you go home at night are you going home to anyone special?’

‘I live with my two teenage sons and our cat Millie’

Valerie smiles to herself as she lets her mind wonder to her married lover, he is special but doesn’t live with her. This morning they had fulfilled one of his fantasies when he had laid her across the wide expanse of polished rosewood. There were important papers at one end of the table and at the other, Valerie laid out displaying herself for him to feast his eyes on her splendid breasts and fabulous legs. Which he spread apart with his large but gentle hands lifting her skirt, he buried his face between her inner thighs breathing in the scent of her. His fingers, reaching up to tweak her nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse and thin lace bra. He is pleased to see that today she has come to work commando style. He adores the lacy thongs of various colours that she has but today he wants no barrier between her hidden fruit and his desire to be one with her.

He places one knee gingerly on the table beside her thighs testing the strength of this impressive table. Once he is satisfied that the table has enough strength he climbs up over his prize and waves his exposed cock for Valerie to manipulate with her deft fingers and searching tongue, while he inserts first one then two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. He knows they cannot be too long so he moves back down the table and pushes his penis into her with a hand gently placed over her mouth to muffles her cries of delight as he enters her and together they dance to their own special rhythms as he fucks her.

On this occasion it is a gentle sensuous fuck as they must be silent and take care not to break the table. But tonight he will make loud passionate love to her in the way they both love. They both stifle giggles as they shudder together and he carefully climbs off her and the table. She reaches for the box of expensive tissues, they mop up their mixed juices and straighten their attire. He checks that it is all clear and she slips back to her desk. He makes sure everything is left as it should be before he leaves the boardroom and returns to his office and makes a few calls before lunch with Marcus and their clients.

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give away competition

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 12, 2010

I have been approached by a Company called Luxotiq who create high end adult toys. You can see for yourselves here. They use only quality materials like surgical grade stainless steel, glass and semi precious stone. I personally favour the rose quartz.

Luxotiq is giving away 10 Isis dildos. 5 winners will be selected at random to receive an Isis. An Isis will also be sent to your friend.

Details can be found  here.

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what was that about?

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 9, 2010

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned him on here.

When I first started seeing Fred the first time around I had also just begun seeing Russell. who is also single, lives the same distance away but in the opposite direction. I usually saw Russell at weekends staying overnight. He was very sweet, would serenade me. Once I was feeling poorly with sinusitis he made me a special hot toddy and treated me with various aromatic rubs.

I remember one late night phone call during which he told me that I am perfect (apart from the little poblem that I have children). But he liked our arrangement where he would let me know when he was feeling horny and in need of female company then I would drive to him (unless I was too tired). Funny how he was never available when I was feeling horny. He wasn’t interested in having a relationship.

After about six months I finished seeing him. I wanted to concentrate on finding a man who did want a relationship. He wan’t happy, told me he would wait for my broken heart.

Last summer (almost 2 yrs later) he sent me a message through a dating site. A series of emails them IM followed. After a lot of discussion (eventual on the phone) we agreed to try having a relationship as that was what I wanted. He doesn’t think he is any good at relationships but I am worth trying with. I bet you know what happened next…………

Yes I got in my car and drove to his place. We had a nice night together followed by our familiar morning in bed eating toast drinking tea and chatting. I didn’t hear from him then until Tuesday lunch time when I received a text telling me that he would not be contacting me again.

I was shocked…………..even if he didn’t want to do the relationship bit I thought he would still want to see me. But no I didn’t hear from him again.

Until last night………….

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along came Jim

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 7, 2010

I see his photo most days on face book, I get the occasional email usually something he is sending to all his ‘friends’ a good cause email either to do with cancer or kids or ‘our heroes’. I don’t like the picture he is using now, I much prefer the one he has used the most. Maybe because that was the second picture I saw of him, (the first of his face). It was the picture I printed off and carried around for a while. Yeah I know cheesy right. (I don’t do that now).

After my marriage collapsed I had an on off affair with Don, after 6 months we booked a holiday together, the next day he dumped me for his other on off girlfriend aka TB (the bitch). I took my kids on holiday without him, that was a very subdued holiday. But before the holiday I had joined AFF, on the day I returned from the holiday I had a message from a new man not too far away slightly younger than me but not much, asking for a chance. There was just one problem………..his profile photo was of his erection. I had been drinking wine earlier and feeling bolshy told him that if he wanted a chance he had better change his photo.  I would not be able to recognise him if we ever met unless he was going to drop his pants in public. He soon sent me the photo that even now is indelibly imprinted in my mind.

We chatted on and off for a couple f days arranging to meet at the end of the week (the day after his birthday). All week  I felt such an incredible connection that I worried meeting him would be a disappointment. It wasn’t, we clicked right away, I didn’t even mind that he smoked. We seemed to get on well, I called him my toyboy even though there’s less than 2 years between us. He told me I had lied on my profile calling myself ‘ample’ when in his opinion I clearly wasn’t, (apart from the obvious).

We went for a drive, found a secluded car park. I climbed onto his lap on the back seat, it became a standing joke that I had soaked his trousers. Over the next few weeks we became close, when we were not together, there were text and IM everyday. Then came the day that he insisted we were going to meet at our usual meeting place. We had not made any earlier arrangement so this was a suprise to me. But a bigger suprise was still to come. Sipping our hot drinks as we chatted and kissed he told me that he had to tell me something I wouldn’t like. I wasn’t prepared for what he told me next.

Six months earlier he had applied for a job that would not only be a promotion but also take him closer to his children. I was pleased for him of course but this move was going to take him to Europe and happen in just 4 days time. He would be back from time to time and we would keep in contact. True to his word a month later we spent a night together in a hotel that we had stayed in before. This was the night he introduced me to my first sex toys. My first experience of having a vibrator used on me.

I had never known that a vibrator induced orgasm could be so incredible. That night was one of the best sexual experiences I had had to that date. The sight of Jim standing naked at the window smoking, watching a deer in the car park in the middle of the night will remain with me for a very long time. In the morning Jim gave me the vibrator he had used on me the night before. It was my first lady lust finger (maybe that is why I am so fond of them). He also gave me my orange dildo.

That morning as we kissed goodbye in the car park I had no idea that I would never see him again. A brief exchange of text messages that evening gave no clue that he was about to vanish from my life. He did not reply to any of my text messages or emails, nothing. I was very worried, although a civillian I knew that his work someties took him to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I was convinced that something awful had happened. The silence was painful. A year passed and still nothing. I am sure you can imagine the shock I felt when out of the blue I received an email from Jim. It was nothing personal, just a chain email. I replied.

‘So you are still alive then’

A series of emails ensued from which I learnt that he had purposefully given me that last night together knowing that he planned to disappear from my life. He thought that I would get over him quicker that way. I don’t know when but he had decided to make his life in Europe with no plans to return to UK.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

The plan was that I would rush home from work grab some sexy clothes and drive to  Dave’s house. Where I would have a quick shower and change. We would be meeting Yvette and Alfie for a drink and chat which may or may not lead to fun.

What actually happened was that I got home, Dave text me to say that our guests had not arrived, we agreed that I would stay where I was until we knew whether Y & A would be arriving.  Whilst I was waiting I discovered that Karl had called around to fix a dripping tap in my kitchen.  Although he knows that Dave has set up a joint profile for us he gets jealous not of me seeing Dave but of any fun we might have when he isn’t. It was for this reason that I didn’t want to have to tell him that I was going out especially as it was with Dave to meet another couple.

Dave text me that Y & A were on their way, Karl wanted a cup of tea before he went. Finally Karl left I managed to grab a pair of stockings and my sexy red/black shoes under the watchful eye of a teenager muttering that I was going out for a while. (still dressed in my work clothes). Driving as swiftly as traffic and traffic lights would allow, I arrive at the end of Dave’s road, swap my flat driving shoes for my heels. Why do I always forget how steep his road is? (he lives at the bottom of the slope). I needn’t have worried about being late as they hadn’t arrived yet. Nipping into the bathroom to pull on my stockings I discover the biggest hole ever so abandon them.

When they did arrive my first thought was ooooooooohhhhh mmmyyyy ggggaawwwwd look at the size of him !!! But that was nothing compared to my suprise when after chatting for a while Yvette out of the blue announced that she wanted to take all her clothes off.  We all trooped upstairs to the bedroom with a view.

Within a blink of an eye Yvette was left wearing only her fishnet stockings and fishnet body which left her heavy breasts exposed. I stripped down to my black lace bra and knickers, conscious that I had not had a chance to shower. All concerns over that were soon wiped from my mind when the enormouse frame of Alfie was hovering over me helping me out of my remaining garments. Supringly for such a big guy his kisses were not too bad, but it was when my hand reached between his legs that I was in for the biggest shock.

I have never come across a guy with such huge and I mean huge balls. They were massive, I have never seen anything like it. But his cock ! that was another matter altogether. I couldn’t find it. All I could find were these huge balls. OK now this was a lay back and think of England type moment. No wonder Yvette was making the most of enjoying everything Dave was doing to her. I lay back on the bed knees bent feet on the edge allowing Alfie to firstly lick me out, not bad, for a while. Before vigorously finger fucking me. I let him continue long after it had begun to feel sore, probably out of pity. Yvette alongside me with Dave was being very vocal in here enjoyment.

After Alfie had finished playing with my now raw cunt I sat up to once again massage between his legs. Ooohhh mmyyy gggaawwdd I found it! There it was nestled right at the top of his balls. His cock was hardly more than an inch long, (smaller than Dave’s big toe). When I had first seen him when he arrived I had been shocked at how big he was both in height and weight. I was concerned about the thought of his huge frame on top of me as he rammed into me. (I didn’t think I was going to manage this or even want to) . But now I was even more shocked at how small his cock is, I have never seen one so small, (so small that I couldn’t even wank it……the slightest hand movement and it had slipped through my fingers). I always say that the size of a man’s cock is irrelevant (unless in my case it is too big to fit me) but in this instance it did matter.

Minutes later they were both dressing and taking their leave of us. I remained  naked on the bed while Dave saw them out. On his return we shared a few kisses and cuddles before dressing our selves.

I now have to rethink my idea that the size of a man’s cock doesn’t matter…………99 times out of 100 it doesn’t. But guys unless you are as small as this guy you have noting to worry about. The young guy always used to fret about being too small. I have never met him so cannot judge but have always said that if you can hold it in your hand to wank it then it isn’t too small.

Have you ever come across a cock as small as this or perhaps one that is extra big. What is the bigest or amallest you have seen? When is small too small or big too big?

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