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Getting really really annoyed now that my gallery pages are not behaving. None of the pictures on my various gallery pages stay where I put them. It seems to have a mind of its own that is different from when I first began posting pictures on here grrrrrrr

I suppose I should be grateful that you can still see the pictures even if they have become muddled up.

It has been ages since I added any new pictures for you. so here is a new one ………..if you hadn’t noticed I like taking pictures of my boobs and my legs.

I am now a marked woman courtesy of Dave  

If I can figure out how to do this I shall start to add a few pictures to this page. I might need some help though. But just to give you a taster for now …….. party-legs1

and now for something else


If I have managed to do this right I should have now got a page for lingerie and now that I seem to have got that link working I have added another page  The naked truth and now there is Black lace.

Some of you may be aware that I am interested in spanking/caning so a while ago I tried an experiment with a male friend. Now I am ready to begin sharing this  with you.

To celebrate the New Year I have added a new page

an invitation maybe ?

Or perhaps I shall just continue to add to this page.

would you like me to add random photos like these?

looking for fun

I am considering doing a photo shoot this evening maybe it will involve ice cream what do you recon is that what you would like?



The question is do you deserve a photo that is just a little more me?


now for some ice cream


and what happens when the ice cream lands on hot flesh?



On with the new ………………………..


a little closer perhaps?


How could I have forgotten this night?


First he opened my white blouse exposing my white lace bra which he tugged at until my nipples were visible

a night in white

Then he removed the remainder of my clothes giving him free access

a night of nipple play

33 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. You Know Who said

    I’m sure help and encouragement will come from all quarters!!

  2. secretlynaughty said

    crumbs you didn’t waste time finding this did you?

  3. You Know Who said

    why waste time?

    I imagine myself checking this tab quite regularly…ever the optimist 🙂

  4. secretlynaughty said

    and what does the optimist think he might find when he checks this tab?


  5. You Know Who said

    I’m not thinking, just living in the moment, enjoying the surprises. Go on…surprise me!! (again, and again, and again, don’t stop…oops, carried away there in anticipation 🙂 )

  6. secretlynaughty said

    ha ha

  7. Mmmmmm. Nice!

  8. secretlynaughty said

    I thought you might approve


  9. You Know Who said

    I noticed the first picture is called “party-legs1”, only at first I thought it said “parting-legs1” 😉

  10. secretlynaughty said


    I do believe that is wishful thinking on your part 😉


  11. You Know Who said

    well? is it?

  12. You Know Who said

    ps two birds with one stone there 🙂

  13. secretlynaughty said


    only one bird and a mature one at that 😉


  14. You Know Who said

    do you remember “The Golden Shot”?

    Last Photo “looking for fun”:

    Right a bit – stop.

    Up a bit – stop

    No – DOWN a bit – stop


  15. secretlynaughty said


    would you be insinuating that you would be a budding Bernie The Bolt?



  16. You Know Who said

    well he did get the best view of the target from where he was standing …

  17. You Know Who said


    ice cream lappy porn 🙂

  18. You Know Who said

    Aha, Baileys is your tipple, I see*.

    *filed for future reference

  19. secretlynaughty said

    ………and delicious it was too

    I suppose I should reward you for your observation skills by adding the next photo in the series.


  20. You Know Who said

    🙂 🙂

  21. You Know Who said

    you see, I anticipated the photo content exactly!!

  22. You Know Who said

    I’d have said “goose bumps” until I saw the picture.

    Maybe “it gets licked off” would be more appropriate.

  23. christopheratracy said


    Just wanted to let you know that the “Lingerie” link isn’t working (the link should read ‘’ but your has ‘lingerielingerie’ at the end). I’d hate to think you were posting stuff in there that we weren’t able to see!


  24. secretlynaughty said


    thanks for the hint I have now put that right and the link does appear to be working so I shall start to put more pictures on there.

    sn xx

  25. Steve said

    I found it!

    I love the Ice cream Naughty!

  26. secretlynaughty said


    I see you managed to find your way here in the end lmao


  27. You Know Who said

    I would guess a lesser constricting species

    the boa’s very pretty too 🙂

  28. secretlynaughty said

    It was very soft too

  29. You Know Who said

    do you know, I thought you meant the boa, until I read your last post…

  30. Curt said

    First time seeing your pics but I sure enjoyed the view ..Whether it was your legs or anyother part of your anatomy

  31. Abel said

    First time here… would have loved to suck ur nips clean

  32. badbob douglass said

    ummm so sexy… seeing my fb friend

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