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Lingerie plus

You might want to check out pink stars Back to Gallery

But while you are here, a touch of cleavage  for you


A little pink and a lot of white


caught in red

captured in red

anyone would think I like nets

black netswaiting

looking a little worn out

Just so that you don’t start thinking all my stockings are fishnets.


A cross here

closer look

closer crosses

a touch of colour

adding colour

added colour

getting nearer

a touch of pinktouching pink

Early morni

ng view

breast view


more or less

less means more

5 Responses to “Lingerie plus”

  1. secretlynaughty said

    hey looks like it works now so I can begin to add more images.

  2. distracted said

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. secretlynaughty said


    I am pleased that you approve and I shall try to add more soon


  4. You Know Who said

    pretty in pink!

  5. ronjazz said

    STILL gorgeous…

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