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The naked truth

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You might have read on the page Never Never say Never that I said I would never use nipple clamps. You may have also read on there that I might be coming around to the idea. So I found myself a couple of wooden clothes pegs to try out.  I have tried this once before tonight and decided that if I place the peg directly onto the nipple there is no way I can bear that but just a tad further on is much more bearable and I even managed to keep this peg in place for about 5 minutes whilst I tried to take this series of pictures.


In the pink



thats starting to hurt

I really wish I could make the potos on my gallery pages go where I want them !!


6 Responses to “The naked truth”

  1. You Know Who said

    isn’t that the point… by which I don’t mean your nipple 🙂

    thanks for sharing. now what will the new year bring?

  2. You Know Who said

    “my_nipple” well whose else would it be?

  3. secretlynaughty said

    actually someone else used to claim it as his.


  4. You Know Who said

    I suspect this has nothing to do with breastfeeding…

  5. secretlynaughty said


    definitely nothing to do with breastfeeding!

  6. Riff Dog said

    Clothespins and nipples are amongst my all time favorites. Love these pictures. Wish I could have “helped.”

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