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Never Never say never

This page is about the things I would say I would never say I would do if I ever said never.

There are a number of things that in the past I said I would never do, but have since changed my mind.

On this page I shall tell you the things that I currently say I would never do, who knows I might change my mind one day. I might even move one or more of these things to the secret likes page, wouldn’t that be a turn around.

So here are a few things to start the page off, I shall add more as I think of them.

  • watersports …….. I just don’t see the attraction
  • asphyxiation ……… now this is 99.99% definitely a no no……(I can’t stand anything around my neck ….perhaps thats why I like low cut tops)
  • piercings……….. pierced ears don’t count although I never thought I would get that done until I was given gold earrings for my 21st birthday
  • tattoos …………too permanent for my liking
  • nipple clamps ……….. may be coming around to this idea ~ have begun to experiment with wooden clothes pegs
  • rimming………….. not sure I could bring myself to do this and although I am sure being on the receiving end is delightful I couldn’t trust my body not to let me down at the crucial moment
  • fisting ………..due to a medical condition its a job to get a cock in there let alone a fist!
  • figging ~ saw someone with a ginger root in their hand the other day in Asda, that got me thinking ……perhaps one day
  • bukkake…………this is one of those things that on the right day in the right mood with the right people it just could happen but isn’t high on my wish list
  • blood sports …………NO
  • breast torture……………I guess there are different levels of torture
  • eat mushrooms……..just don’t like them
  • non prescription drugs……………….  sharing a splif once or twice in 25 yrs doesn’t count does it?
  • running
  • cheat on the man I love …………..just because I have had flings with married men doesn’t mean I don’t believe in fidelity
  • get married again ………ok right man right time right place maybe
  • streak………… that really would be indecent (besides don’t streakers run? )
  • bungee jump ……………..I like to know where my stomach is thank you!
  • touch a snake ………..Unlikely but not ruled out completely
  • touch a rodent ………..unless you count domestic rabbits ………….no way (would rather eat a mushroom)
  • sun bathe naked …………not in public anyway
  • watch horror movies………….they are not my cup of tea but can be persuaded occasionally

14 Responses to “Never Never say never”

  1. You Know Who said

    * watersorts – or maybe watersPorts 🙂 I can see a bit of watching being enjoyable and could lead to a bit more…
    * asphyxiation – not an immediately attractive idea
    * piercings – do ears count? had one done when I was younger, not sure if it is still open.
    * tattoos – would definitely do this if I was younger/single. I do find some very attractive.
    * nipple clamps – must depend how you react to pain, I guess.

  2. secretlynaughty said

    watching watersports just doesn’t appeal
    I have a phobia about anything around my neck and thats my excuse for wearing low cut tops
    I too had my ears pierced but its other piercings I was thinking about
    some tattoos are pretty/cute but I wouldn’t get one (I have 3 very very tiny ones on my arse)
    my nipples are very very sensitive

  3. You Know Who said

    rimming as a giver or a receiver?

    can’t say the last one has much appeal.

    if you have enough time on your hands ( 🙂 ) fisting can be rewarding, so I believe.

    figging has to be an acquired taste

  4. secretlynaughty said

    rimming as a reciever would be ok but can’t see myself giving ewwww

    I was invited to a bukkake party once but I declined, I had chatted to the guy a few times but he seemed a bit sleazy.

    fisting is something I doubt I could do even if I wanted to

    I can’t decide whether I would be able to manage figging, I do like ginger but the thought of that burning pain, im a wimp at heart

  5. You Know Who said

    nipple clamps – do you have those old fashioned bulldog clips at your office, or even those newfangled ones with the fold over wire handles? Just a thought.

  6. secretlynaughty said


    hmmmm me thinks you have given this more than a passing thought lmao


  7. Debra said

    Personally, I love rimming. Either way. It is such a secret, intimate thing. Such a delicate, sensitive place. And it requires surrender…. to oneself, to the exquisite pleasure. My cunt throbs and drips when I rim my man.

  8. secretlynaughty said


    As I said at the top of the page I never say never but it isn’t on my list of things to do. Perhaps this is one boundary I will push one day.


  9. You Know Who said

    when you’re ready, take a look at this:

    (he says, bending over 🙂 )

  10. You Know Who said


    I thought of you tonight as I was preparing the stir fry ingredients…

    not exactly that recipe but close

  11. secretlynaughty said


    An interesting and well written article almost had me wanting to rush out and practice on……………kidding

    For me it is the hygiene issues that put me off, it was good to read the warnings and the ways of overcoming the safety aspect. I am not so sure I would want to go to those lengths whilst in the middle of a steamy session with my lover although the idea of rimming in the bath/shower does appeal more.

    Hmmm now let me guess was it a particular ingredient that had you thinking about me?

    sn ;-x

  12. ausallblack said


  13. You Know Who said

    I had some left…

  14. secretlynaughty said

    I almost bought some!

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