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my naughty secrets adult content

secret likes

  • kissing
  • felatio
  • anal
  • spanking
  • vibrators
  • erotica
  • Teasing
  • cunnilingus
  • spit roast
  • snow ball
  • swallowing
  • stockings
  • heels
  • finger fucking
  • flirting
  • masturbating
  • submission
  • drinking wine
  • food play
  • butterflies
  • fairies
  • caressing
  • love songs
  • champagne
  • strawberries and cream
  • ice cream
  • ice cubes
  • clean sheets
  • ocean
  • squirting just for you know who
  • feeling horny
  • Men (how did I manage to miss this one off for so long)
  • sex (obviously)
  • satin sheets
  • lace
  • Cock
  • penis
  • pleasure
  • text sex
  • my bed
  • tingle lube
  • being secretly naughty
  • soft lighting
  • Hotels like Marriott
  • Expensive cars (especially red)
  • taking photos of my body parts (this isn’t really a secret though)
  • Baileys
  • Archers Peach Snapps (prost)
  • winding up certain males …… them an erection when they can’t do anything about it
  • sleeping cuddled up to a nice warm male body
  • the adrenalin rush of being with a married man
  • sucking nipples (male or female)

30 Responses to “secret likes”

  1. You Know Who said

    no cunnilingus on the list so… either you don’t like it…or its no secret that you like it πŸ™‚

  2. secretlynaughty said

    lol it is no secret that I adore cunnilingus, however I shall be adding to the list which as you have already noticed is not yet complete.

    Don’t forget that this blog is still in it’s early infancy and still has considerably more development to go through. You are priviledged to be in the position to watch this blog change from chrysalis to butterfly πŸ™‚

  3. You Know Who said

    wow that list has grown!

    having lead a sheltered life, google was required to translate a couple of those. so you are partial to pork and Warninks Advocaat?

    butterflies are beautiful but have a habit of flying away

  4. secretlynaughty said

    YKW you are quite right butterflies do fly away.

    We all lead a sheltered life upto the point we decide to do something about it.


  5. secretlynaughty said

    warninks advocaat was one of the first drinks I tried as a young teenager.

    I am assuming that google has given you the alternative definitions for pork and advocaat?

    If not just ask and I shall explain πŸ˜‰

    pssst I’ve given you a few more things to google too

  6. You Know Who said

    oh yes, no further explanation required. demonstrations, however…. πŸ™‚

  7. secretlynaughty said

    demonstrations! do you think this is a cookery program?

    or perhaps you think I could cook something up just for you πŸ˜‰

  8. You Know Who said

    oh yes, we could be Fanny and Johnny, how appropriate πŸ˜‰

  9. secretlynaughty said

    YKW you crack me up………so will you be supplying the red wine?


  10. You Know Who said

    ooh yes, bring a bottle (or two), it would be rude not too…

  11. secretlynaughty said

    YKW mmmmm and just to top it off how about some cream?


  12. You Know Who said

    ah, food play has made the list.

    will you bring strawberries to go with the cream…or just your cherry?


  13. secretlynaughty said

    I am sure a few strawberries will go well with cream, champagne would of course bring a little fizz to the occasion

  14. You Know Who said

    would that be “ocean spray”? mmmm tasty lol

  15. secretlynaughty said


  16. You Know Who said

    would “squirt” go on this list?

  17. secretlynaughty said

    YKW Do you think squirt should go on this list. Although I do squirt it isn’t something I consider as something I like. It is something that my body does in reaction to things that are done to my body. I do like that men like it when I squirt to i that respect it is something I like. What do you think? does it qualify as something I like?

  18. You Know Who said

    it would def be on my list and if you like that we (men) like it, why not on yours too?

  19. You Know Who said

    following your last post I’d say Girls and Group Sex wouldn’t be out of place here πŸ™‚

  20. secretlynaughty said

    YKW hmmm I think you enjoy telling me what should be on my list of likes. ;-p

  21. You Know Who said

    hahaha – you know why πŸ™‚

  22. secretlynaughty said


    and what makes you think I know πŸ˜‰


  23. You Know Who said

    hint hint

    you missed emails of the list

    covert emails, that is πŸ˜‰

  24. secretlynaughty said


    ha ha you mean like the ones sent and received in the early hours when I am/should be asleep

    sn ;-x

  25. ausallblack said

    wow there isn’t much missing

  26. You Know Who said

    need to add “photography”?

  27. secretlynaughty said

    is it not there? how remiss of me

  28. secretlynaughty said


    happy now?


  29. You Know Who said

    yes, but how did you know about the erections?

  30. secretlynaughty said

    Oh is that you as well then lmao ……note I said males not male


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