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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 21, 2010

I have been trying to write about the night when Karl and I played as a couple with another couple. The words just won’t flow so I am giving up on that post until I can write it.

So instead I shall tell you about the couple we are meeting for drinks tonight. Soldier has told Karl that he finds me sexy. Karl is very keen to get hold of Snowy’s bazookas. Her boobs are even bigger than mine (which he calls his girls). We met Soldier and Snowy with their friend Dora on our night out 2 weeks ago. Karl has been chatting to Soldier quite a bit since then. He has told him that I have been to the swingers club (some of our new friends are going to a party there toorrow).  He has mentioned that I liked the dungeon. Apparently Snowy has a dungeon at her studio and can arrange for me to have a photo session there.

We are meeting them tonight for a few drinks so that we can chat to them properly as we were in such a big group last time. If all goes well Karl and I will meet up with soldier next week for an MMF. Snowy will be away. Karl wants to satisfy my fantasy of a spit roast. I am sure I have told him that I have had one before so this wouldn’t be so much fulfilling  a fantasy as repeating something I want to do. I shall make up my mind after tonight as to whether I want to have a spit roast with Karl and Soldier. It might be that I would rather prefer to wait until Snowy is back so that the four of us can play. But then again I might be feeling greedy and just want the opportunity to have the two men to myself.  I won’t decide until I have spent more time with them to see if Soldier catches my attention, I didn’t speak to him much last time.

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3 or 4?

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 26, 2009

I am getting a little bored, so I have gone back onto my AFF profile to see whats going on as I have been neglecting it for weeks. While I was there I decided to poke around on Karl’s profile as I noticed that he has upgraded to gold recently. On his profile (which I had forgotten) I found that he has several ‘couples’ among his network of friends. He also has a few testimonials mostly from couples. So I delved  deeper to see what was going on with these couples and even decided to ‘wink’ at two of them. I am not entirely sure what my intention is here. I am in two minds. Should I contact these couples with a view to being the single woman for them to play with or should I get Karl involved and play as a couple.

One of the couples I had been in contact with earlier has emailed me today suggesting we get together soon. I have replied that I can’t make up my mind whether to join them on my own or bring Karl with me. As I have not talked to him about this yet I don’t know how he would feel. Obviously he is into 3 somes but he might not want to share his own woman. He isn’t over keen on the idea  that I have others not just him even though the whole purpose is to have no strings attached fun. He doesn’t know who else I see just that he is not the only one.


I could go and get myself some fun just me and another womn and her man, both wanting to play with me as well as each other. Having two bodies to explore and be explored by, now I have been in this situation before but on the last occasion the other woman had even less experience than me of being with another woman. These women in these coulples have more experience than I do which I am sure would mean more experience = more passion more play.

On the other hand I could persuade Karl to come with me or maybe he could host the party at his place. Then it would be three bodies to play with, and two of them have cocks and you must know by now that I do like a cock or two. There is a lot of fun to be had when there are two cocks, four heaving bosoms and two hot wet pussies all ready and willing to play not to mention four mouths and 8 hands. Hmm I think I will have to go for the second option and broach the subject with Karl. Of course if he doesn’t feel he can share me in this way there is always Fred. Now we did discuss playing together as a couple two years ago. In fact when we first made contact we were both part of a couple but first his partner gave up then mine found a younger model t play with.

So hopefully I will soon have some new tales to tell of more spit roasts or girl on girl action.


So what I need to know from you is do I go solo or as a couple and if you think I should go as a couple should I invite Karl or Fred?

Or perhaps the answer is to have my own party with both Karl and Fred and maybe find another woman to join us. I think I know a woman who might be interested.

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Three in a bed

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 15, 2008

I was just reading Tiffany’s blog and her disappointment that the threesome she was looking forward to didn’t work out as they had hoped.

I gather that both men were a bit of a stallion and found it difficult to perform with another man in the room.

This took me back to the time I had a spit roast, now I adore to have a nice hard cock in my mouth, I am not sure which I prefer a mouth full of cock or a pussy full of cock so what better than to have both at once.

Now strictly speaking this was not a three some. I was taking part in a foursome where both men were bi as was the other woman, which left me the only straight one there although I describe myself as curious. I could tell you about the whole evening but I shall leave that for another time.

For now I want to remember what it was like for me that evening when I had the attention of two very horny and willing men.  Bruce began by playing with my feet, massaging, licking and sucking my stockinged toes before making his way up my legs. He was very attentive, all this time I had hold of his erection in my hand. I was sat on the edge of the bed while Bruce stood between my thighs his cock now in my hungry mouth. licking and flicking his penis with my tongue I could hear the moans confirming that Bruce was enjoying the way I played my tongue over and around his purple head, as I licked away all trace of his precum.

Next it was my turn as he gave my wet pussy lots of attention with his fingers and tongue, before he told me to get on all fours on the bed as he wanted to fuck my pussy from behind. He was pumping into me from behind when Colin my partner knelt on the bed in front of me offering me his hard cock to suck. Having both my mouth and my pussy filled with hard cocks was a thrill indeed. Both of them pumping into me mmmmm I am getting wet now just thinking about how good that felt. It wasn’t long before I was gushing all over Bruce’s cock just as Colin came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his hot cum just allowing a little to dribble from the corner of my mouth for Debs to lick from my face. 

Now as I said this was just part of the evening but boy I did enjoy that and given the opportunity to repeat it I would. (not with colin as he is nolonger in my life). I have not been in contact with Bruce and his wife for a while but we did for a while and they both wanted to see me again either on my own or with a partner. Maybe I should give them a call.

Have you ever had MMF, FFM or more?

 did you enjoy it and would you do it again?

what was the best part?

what was the worst?

do you think it helps if the people involved are bisexual?

have you ever engaged in sex with a member of the same sex?

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