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Its Fab

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2010

Did I tell you that I joined a new website…….yes of course I did that was how I found out that Karl has been telling me porkies. So now I am on adult friend finder (aff) and on Fabswingers (fab). I hadn’t been on aff for about 9 months but I checked out my profile a few weeks ago and found that Karl was nolonger one of my friends ‘well I don’t need to talk to you on there now do I?’ was his response a few weeks ago. This week he told me

you have deleted your profile on aff

no I haven’t

but I can’t see you on my friends

because You deleted Me!

He now knows that I am also on fab because he has seen my profile and says he recognised my profile photo (he should it was taken with him on his bed). I was deliberately checking out his profile regularly and using that photo to make him realise that I was on fab and that if I have checked out his profile I would possibly have seen what his friends had said about him. I was giving him a chance to tell me that he had met them and played.  I am not his wife or even his girl friend so it isn’t going to be a problem that he is seeing other people. He just shouldn’t tell me he isn’t when I can see for myself that he is.

Anyway since I have been on the site I have been chatting to other guys. I might even be meeting one after work tomorrow. Which reminds me I have to text him to see if our meet is still on. I have chatted to Spencer a few times over the past two weeks. We seem to get on really well but he is about an hour away from me although willing to drive here. We have arranged to meet for a drink at the pub near to my work where I met Cutter a few times last summer. If our meet does go ahead and we get on really well there is a hotel next to the pub. I am planning to wear a black skirt suit see through top and stockings for this date if it happens.

Last sunday evening I had a very hot chat with Andrew.  He lives not too far from me and is single with his own place so there are possibilities for fun and games there. During our conversation he told me what would happen when he opened the door of his place if I went there. I used his words as the base for my last story ‘Master‘ which I shall continue soon. Having talked to him for hours I am looking forward to more especially as there is potential for him to become my Master for real. I am not going to rush into anything with him but he did excite me and I think if I were to go down the Master/slut road I could do worse than do it with him. We have both agreed that we are not looking for 24/7 . The more I read about D/s relationships the more I think I would like to give it a try. I can’t wait to talk to him again.

Today I have been chatting to two other men one of them from a few roads away from me (my profile says I live in a nearby city). As yet my conversations with Woody have not been of a sexual nature but he has made it clear that he wants to be up front and make sure I know that he is married. Hence he has had to vanish from my screen  twice today. OMG I have just realised who he is………..when he chats to me on Yahoo I can see his surname …..his boys were at junior school with mine…….his wife is really really pretty. Hmmm might not be such a good idea, but on the other hand could add to the thrill.

This evening I have been talking to Owl who is single and lives in a nearby city. He seems quite nice and says I sound like fun, but had to cut short our chat as he was late meeting a friend for a drink. I have not yet chatted to him but have exchanged emails with Dave who wants to take me sailing on his yacht with or without fun mmmmhe looks and sound rather nice too.

Whilst I was chatting to Woody in the early afternoon I had a visit from Karl. He had bought me a web cam. He thinks  need one! I have not used a web cam for a couple of years, which is deliberate. I got fed up with not being able to chat to any man without him asking me to lift my top or to take it off……then it would be ‘stick youe hand inside your pants’.  On occasions I quite enjoy playing on webcam for one of my lovers. But it got so that I could never have a normal conversation without these demands……I didn’t always feel like it or didn’t didn’t have the privacy as my computer was in the livingroom. I found it easier to just say I didn’t have one. I have now installed this new one but as yet not tried it.

It could come in useful but as I am using yahoo not msn for chatting with my new friends from Fab I can’t use it anyway if they are on msn. But It does mean there is potential for some cyber fun…….watch this space.

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When a stranger enters

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 29, 2010

Hi ….I am really sorry but I won’t be able to meet you for lunch tomorrow. I had forgotten that I had agreed ages ago that I would help out with a school trip in the morning. I don’t think we will be back until after lunch as we have been advised to take a picnic with us.

Ok babe I understand…….when will you be free to see me, I have waited so long to see you.

(tongue in cheek) well I am free right now

Ok I can do that if can we meet in Whatsit as it’s about half way. I would have to be back at my office by 5pm. It’s just after 1pm now I can be there in about 25 minutes.

That will be fine but it does mean that I shall be dressed as I am now in my jeans, no sexy clothes.

I don’t mind that as long as I get to see you…….I can’t wait. Ok I will see you in about 25 minutes.

25 minutes later I was outside the hotel we had chosen waiting for Stuart’s car to arrive. Within minutes I saw his smiling face as he strode towards me. He stooped to kiss me hello. This was the first time we had met but we had spoken often and seen each other on web cam so we recognised each other immediately. Stuart took my hand leading me through the glass doors towards the hotel bar. As it was early on a sunny Monday afternoon there were only two other people in the bar apart from the bar tender who indicated that if we found somewhere to sit he would soon be over to take our orders. Stuart ordered our drinks, both soft drinks as we were both driving. We sat chatting and touching, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Stuart went to book us a room so we could be more private. But the hotel had no spare rooms. We decided to go to another hotel a few hundred meters along the road, again there was no room at the Inn but they did tell us that there were rooms at their hotel on the other side of the town. We drove in convoy to our third hotel. We stood in reception holding hands and occasionally kissing while we chatted. The receptionist was busy with a couple of business men. Finally the were finished and Stuart booked our room. Room 210 she said pointing us in the direction of the lift. We got to the second floor went through the first door and found room 210. No need to use the key as the door was ajar. It wasn’t long before we were reclining on the bed with half our clothes disgarded on the floor as we explored each other.

I had not long been on the dating site and had not met many men but OH Stuart was lovely, a really sexy man, tall dark, handsome, a real gentlman. Not the least bit pushy, quite happy to take things at my pace. But the more we explored each other the more I wanted him. I wanted him touching me, kissing me holding me to him, It wasn’t long before I was having my first orgasm as his fingers found my already wet pussy. He had me worked up to a frenzy when he slid down my body, kissing my skin as he went until his mouth was over my mons. Gently at first then with more passion his tongue was circling and flicking at my clit. Omg another shuddering orgasm as my body twitched involuntarily as his tongue went inside my lips showing me what a man can do with his tongue, this was fairly new to me at this time. I tightened my grip on his long and thick cock. I am sure it was the biggest I had come across until then. I was so desperate to feel it inside me but Stuart had other ideas as he crossed the room to find the condoms he had with him.

It was only a short space of time before he had rejoined me on the bed with his cock now sheathed in his mint flavoured condom. He found his way inside me, beginning to pump my pussy as it hadn’t been pumped for a while. Before he climaxed he withdrew, taking off his condom for me to take him in my mouth. Mmmm the taste of mint was lovely, and the feel of his cock in my hungry mouth was delightful. As we lay together kissing and caressing as we caught our breath we heard someone at the door trying to get in. We fell silent, whoever it was went away, but a few short moments later the room telephone rang. Stuart answered. It was reception, it seems we were in the wrong room we should have been in room 212, looking more closely at the room key Stuart confirmed that it did indeed say room 212. But we were in room 210, we both clearly remembered the receptionist telling us room 210 and as the door had been open we hadn’t needed to use the key. The receptionist decided to leave us where we were but give the other guest room 212.

I was on all fours as Stuart was trying to enter my ass for the first time when we were disturbed by more noise. The door opened and a tall blonde man in his 30s entered the room. He still had the key to this room although he had now been allocated room 212.
He apologised for disturbing us but he needed to swap keys with us. Stuart motioned to the table where the key was lying close to the phone. The stranger entered further into the room to pick up the key but instead of leaving again he stood mesmerised by the sight before him.
(to be continued)

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Midnight tryst

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2009

We have been chatting most of the evening. He has admitted that he finds me interesting.

‘like an itch that he isn’t sure if he wants to scratch’

He is making a late night delivery to a client in the village not far from my home. He tells me that he will be travelling along my favourite  hill. We have talked about driving around late at night. He said he will look out for me on his return journey at about midnight.

He has logged off his computer now but has text me to ask what car I drive. Seems to me that he is confident I will be there.

I have not yet decided.

Whilst I was making up my mind one of my blogger friends came online, he told me to go for it so I did. 

When I arrived there was no sign of Cougar but as I parked I saw that I had a text

‘How disappointing lol’

‘that you are not here?’

checking the time of his text I had missed him by one or two minutes.

surprise surprise within 2 minutes his car pulled up alongside mine in the deserted car park over looking the city with all its lights twinkling.

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OMG how did that happen

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 8, 2009

As I was having fun with AFF I was considering going for a drive to my favourite view. Thinking about the view I started to let my mind wander to a previous visit to a certain car park on New Years Eve 2007.  He was a shy innocent married man. We had struck up an online friendship (not through a sex or even a dating site). After a while we met for a coffee after work on the last day before xmas. We met again for a chat at my favourite view point on Xmas Eve. Then again on New Year’s Eve only on that occasion the windows got a bit steamed up as I gave him head in the front of my car. We both got rather turned on and I became very wet much to his delight.

He did his best to bring me off with his fingures but the poor man obviously was either very nervous about playing with a woman other than his wife or he really didn’t have much clue how to play a woman. But he was blown away with the blow job I gave him.

It was a nice encounter but I began to feel guilty about leading an innocent man astray. I gradually stoped chatting to him. I don’t think we have been in contact since January 2008.

I guess it was about half an hour after I was thinking about that day on the hill that I got a text from an unknown number.  

Hi SN, I’ve lost all your contact details from my pc. Just found your mobile number. How are you? well I hope. Cliff

Now I could think of two Cliff’s it could be (both bloggers that I have not spoken to for months). I didn’t want to ask which one it was.

Hi how are you?

I’m good thanks

How is life and love?

Lol. Same as ever. What about you?

Life is fine

How is your love life?

Almost non existing

then he asked about chatting on IM so I gave him the new one I had just set up for the guys on AFF I had just been chatting to. As soon as I saw his email address I knew who it was. It wasn’t either of the two bloggers I had thought it was. It had just not occurred to me that it could be the innocent married man.

Poor fellow has not been having any luck with his wife. He hasn’t been brave enough to chat let alone see any other women. He was asking me if I remember the last time we met, he remembers how wet I was. Thinking about it made him feel horney. I have a feeling he will ask to see me again soon…………….Oh and I have a date for tomorrow night from a guy on AFF

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Sunny Afternoon in the English Countryside

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 4, 2008

Finally she pulled up in front of his car ,he flashed her a big grin. They both got out and locked their cars. He pulled her to him in an embrace as they kissed beside her car. Holding hands they set off towards the woods.  He had watched most of the other visitors to this beauty spot disappearing in their cars. The pair of them chatted amiably about anything as they walked along. The sun was still warm on her face as they talked. He led Her along a narrow winding path picking their way over tree roots making their way down the steep slope of the wooded hill.

 After they had walked for about 10 minutes the path levelled out and He took her in his arms kissing her passionately. She responded with just as much passion as they ground their hips together. She reached down between them rubbing his hard erection through the material of his trousers. His hand slid up under her loose skirt finding the small piece of fabric covering her sex so inadequately. His fingers delving rubbing making her cum as they stood together on the side of the hill. Their kisses becoming more urgent as they rubbed each other. She was getting so wet she could feel the moisture run down the inside of her thigh dripping onto her foot.

 Shouts were heard not far away, kids larking around. Both of them searching the area for the source of the voices. She spies a couple of teenagers running down the slope between the trees over to her right. They wait breathing heavily kissing until they were sure they were alone again. Together they sat on an old fallen tree trunk lying beside the path. He slides his trousers down to his knees so that She could kneel beside him holding onto the tree trunk as she put her head down into his lap taking his length into her hand, stroking, licking and sucking. She could hear the soft moans coming from Him as she took her pleasure from his rock hard tool. It wasn’t possible to carry out their fantasy of earlier.

She sat up kissing him on the lips before standing to remove her baby pink thong. He positioned himself as close to the edge of the tree trunk as he could without slipping as She lowered herself into his lap straddling him  as they cling to each other, they fuck gently in this precarious position knowing that behind them was a slope they didn’t want to go tumbling down with their clothes in disarray. Their fuck is short and unsatisfactory due to their position but the thrill of being in the open knowing that anyone could come upon them at any moment added to the pleasure they had.

With giggles and sighs they stand up and straightene their clothes for the walk back along the path in the hope they would find somewhere flat where they could have a better fuck. All too soon they are back at the open space close to the carpark. By now He is worrying that their cars might get locked in the carpark so they make their way to their cars kissing and saying they would speak tomorrow. Now She looks down at her ankle the scratch from the holly reminds her of the sting it had cuased whilst she had stood straddling Him. Perhaps next time will be better.

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To the dogs

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2008

An exchange of emails with one of my readers who questions the depths of my depravity has led to my thoughts mulling over the situation I found myself in with Andy who was my lover for 6 months last year.

Andy lives in a coastal resort to the east of where I am. We had exchanged a number of messages on AFF before chatting on MSN. Photos had been exchanged, only clean ones at this stage, I am not as a rule impressed by men who send me unsolicited photos of their erections before I have had the pleasure of becoming aquainted with that particular member in person. Unlike my primary friend with benefits Andy is single and slightly older than me. we arranged to meet for a drink, with this being our first meeting it would be half way between his town and mine. As I know the area better than Andy I selected the venue and duly gave him directions to this very popular location. I parked at the rear of the pub where the views were of rolling countryside still light at this time on a sunday in early spring.

Leaving my car I text Andy to alert him of my arrival and he met me at the door. Shyly I found a table whilst he stood at the bar to buy our drinks. By the second drink I had moved my chair closer to his whilst he was away from the table, when he returned it was so easy to let my leg touch his, allowing my arm to drape over the side of my chair so that my hand rested on his thigh. I could tell that he liked me but he was being a bit slow, not taking the initiative at all. Upping the tease I let my finger tips trace semi circles on his thigh. Before I had drunk half of my orange juice he was suggesting that we make our way outside to his vehicle.

stiffling a giggle I joined him in the back of his camper van. It had grown dark now and Andy set about closing the curtains to shut out the world around us. That first kiss was nothing special but nice all the same. It didn’t take very long for Andy to start catching up with my wandering hands. But it was difficult to concentrate on each other.

It was nearing closing time and we could hear other vehicles departing, there were lots of voices and footsteps to keep us twitching. Some of the cars moved not off down the lane but closer to the van where we were, headlights on full pointing straight at the van’s side windows. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. Andy sat on the back seat naked from the waist down as I was on my knees giving him a blow job, all the time wondering if anyone was trying to see inside. I was scared that someone would be peering in trying to see us, we tried very hard not to make any noise or move in such a way as to make the van rock. But at the same time a small part of me was hoping they were.

You see I have this perverted idea that I might like it if someone should watch me having sex, without my knowledge. I am not into having people watch me openly but the idea that someone could stumble upon us and view us furtively from a distance does thrill me. But and this is a big but, the place where we were parked is a well known lane for the practice of ‘dogging’. I had known this for some time but had neglected to alert Andy of this. I have never participated in dogging neither do I know of anyone who has. But I am aware that it goes on and this is a prime spot for it, perhaps not exactly where we were but slightly further up the lane away from the glare of the pub lights. So here we were trying to have a bit of privacy as we became intimately aquainted, with cars on either side of us, we could hear the chatter of the people outside.

I don’t think anyone did try to peer inside for which I am grateful, but i they did then I am unaware so I am happy with that. Although it was thrilling to think it was possible we could be found, we were both relieved that it seems those outside believed the van to be unoccupied and eventually departed leaving us to take our leave of each other and drive back to our respective homes. From then on our nights together were at his home in the comfort of his double bed.

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