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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 4, 2009


After being out for the last 3 nights I’ve been having a night at home tonight. One of the things I have been doing is catching up with emails. checking my secretlynaughty email for probably the first time in a week I found that I had 3 invites.

The first was an invite to read a private blog belonging to a lovely lady who I used to read before she went private. When I read this blog I very quickly found that I could easily identify with this lady although our circumstnces are very different.  I feel honoured to have been sought out by Kyra to be invited to read her blog.

The second invite was from a company who produce erotic literature.   They will send me free copies every month for me to review. would you be interested in reading my reviews on my blog.

The third invite was one that really interests me. It is from the social media PR for Durex. They have invited me to test and review their new Play lubes. Would you be even slightly interested in reading about my attemps to test these lubes. I already use their tingle lube but can’t wait to try their new cherry and pina colada varieties. I am already making mental plans to try these out with both Karl and Fred but judging by recent emails I could soon be trying them with any one out of Writer, Cutter or Banker.

Of course these erotic books and the Durex lube would only be used for the purpose of research for your entertainment. It will be a great hardship for me to use these products for my own personal enjoyment.

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Playing Around

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 30, 2009

I have spent the last couple of days playing around.

Now don’t get too excited I don’t mean playing around as in having sex with others. I mean playing around as in playing with my blog. I have changed the page that was dedicated to my Anna and Jack Stories to become a place where you can now find any of the fantasies I have posted on this blog. I may have missed one or two in which case I will add them as I remember just as any new ones will be listed here. The fantasies on here are only a percentage of the ones I have written I will gradually rework some of my other fantasies and post them here in due course.

Wanting to make life easier for you I have added a new page where, once completed you will be able to read up on where each of the people (mostly men) who have featured on this blog fit into my life past and present. I shall gradually add more but to begin with I give you Karl and Fred (my two most recent fucks) and Adam who I wrote about in my first real sex post on this blog. 

I have also been playing around in that I have been getting to know a few more men from illicit encounters. Some of them may become players you will get to read about in the future who knows. But I would like to say welcome to my blog to Vitamin who I chatted to on the phone on Wednesday lunch time. We have now become friends on IM, current circumstances mean that it is unlikely we will get to play together with any frequency but there may be the occasional tussle among the sheets. I took the risk of giving him the link to this blog which he tells me was an eye opener. He has in turn pointed me in the direction of a couple of blogs he reads, checking them out I discovered that both bloggers read one or two of the same blogs as me, I also recognise a few commenters.  So who apart from Vitamin have I been making progress with.

I had a long chat as I sat in the sun during my short lunch break on Friday with Writer. That seems very promising, not only does he indulge in a little subtle domination but he also dabbles in writing erotica. We talked about the possibilities of visits to a fetish club. He lives about half an hour from me so that makes the chances of meeting regularly more reasonable as it is close enough to make frequent trips and yet far enough away to be reasonably safe from prying eyes.

There are also others I have exchanged emails with, two of them (Cutter and  Banker) live not far from the University my son is going to in september so nobody will think it strange if I spend time in the area which is about an hour away from me.  Then there is the very handsome Diplomat who lives by the sea mmm.

If there is anyone in particular that you would like me to add to the who is who sooner rather than later let me know.

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