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Hot Bovril

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2010

It had been a few months since Borvil had found me online. We had chatted, as you do, discovered that we live in the same town. Bovril told me from the start that he is married and has never been unfaithful. Ok not a problem as we were only chatting online. I found that Bovril is not happy with his sexless marriage, nothing he does or says persuades his wife to have sex. aving chatted to a lot of married men over the last few years this seems to be a recurring theme. Hey I didn’t want sex with my husband in the last 10-15 years either so I can understand that.

He was interested in my sex life and the things I get upto. I allowed him access to my blog (not this one but one of my previous blogs). He enjoyed reading both my exploits and my stories. I teased him relentlesly (I do adore teasing). We decided to meet up for a coffee on the last working day before christmas. We met in the cafe of a local garden centre. Chatting over a hot drink for an hour was nice then we went our seperate ways.

The next day was christmas eve and I wrote my story about a chance meeting on Christmas eve. Later when I had finished all the shopping I planned to do I took myself off to the view point high above the city. I text Bovril to let him know I was going to get a cuppa at my favourite view. So I was not suprised when he arrived there.

He joined me in my car, we chatted and drank our tea/coffee. He did kiss me but that was all. So if you were expecting that my story had come true you will be disappointed. We both had to get home so didn’t stay too long.

But if you think that was the end of it ……………………no.

A few days later we did a re-run. A different car park but still with a view over the city. We were going to get a drink in the nearby pub but didn’t. Instead we chatted kissed, fondled. Remember he is married with no sex. He was feeling very aroused in my company, I was feeling very empowered. Here was this faithful married man wanting me to do things to him that he had been missing for years. I let him fondle my breasts, I tore open his fly, releasing his already hard member. After a few moments of caresssing him I bent my head down to taste him. By now we both had our seats reclined, the windows were completely steamed up. I took him into my mouth and gave him his first ever blow job. I still find it odd that some men have never experienced a blow job.

His hand was fumbling between my thighs, I slid my jeans down to give him better access where I wanted him. I am sorry to say that he was not very skilled. But I guess that is down to his lack of experience even though he has been married for over 20 yrs. When we parted company to drive home in the growing dusk he left feeling satisfied, I did not.

Over the following months we chatted frequently and it was clear he wanted to see me again, he wanted me to teach him, to make him a better lover, how to give his wife pleasure, to show him what he had been missing all this time. But as time passed it became obvious that there was never going to be a time when we were both free. Gradually we chatted less and less. Now we chat once every few months for a few minutes.

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pre christmas peace and fun

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 5, 2010

Fiona stood at the bar, her trainers slipped slightly and the hems of her black jeans dragged in the mud.

One tea and a hot dog with onions please

She was taking a break from the manic masses that were everywhere. Her Christmas shopping was done. The presents for her children were wrapped and the food bought. Now all she needed to do was get the house straight. She had let things go for ages now and the kids did nothing to help. School books still lay on the table amongst the clean laundry that she had neatly folded, but was now a muddle of garments tumbling onto the floor. Fiona had come up here to get a breath of fresh air and take in her favourite view.

Make that two hot dogs, one tea and one coffee please mate

Said a voice from behind her right shoulder. As she turned to look at the owner of the voice she found herself looking at a man she had never seen before. He wore an orange rain jacket and jeans with walking boots. His face was kind, his eyes a soft green that twinkled at her as he smiled.

As Fiona opened her mouth to protest this man held his finger to his lips to indicate that she shouldn’t say anything.

‘I came up here to get away from the Christmas Eve crowds, I take it you are doing the same. Please accept these as a Christmas gift from one stranger to another to celebrate the peace we have both found.’

His smile as he spoke captivated Fiona, she was speechless, nothing like this happens to her. It’s the sort of thing you might read about in those soppy novels by the likes of Barbara Cartland. Nora Luft’s her ex husband had always called them.

The steaming mugs sat on the bar now as the man inside the van placed the two hot dogs on to the stainless steel holder where they could sit whilst sauce was added. That was a good idea meant you still had both hands free. Fiona picked up her hot dog complete with brown sauce and her mug of steaming tea she turned to the stranger to thank him and began walking towards her car. The man followed her to her car.

‘I come up here fairly often when I can. I love looking out over the city picking out the land marks then looking out over the harbour counting the ships.’

Smiling Fiona looks up into his face.

‘Yes I do that too……sometimes in the day like this but also at night when the city is all lit up. I like trying to pick out the places I know. It’s getting cold now; I am going to get into my car, thank you for these.’

‘No worries, it was a pleasure to put a smile on a beautiful face, why don’t you come sit in my car we can show each other the places we know’.

Seeing Fiona looking around puzzled.
‘Sorry my name’s Ben, my car is over there the other side of the white van.’

‘Hi Ben, Fiona, do you do this often? Buy drinks for stranger women and invite them into your car?’

‘Actually no, I am quite shy, but it must be something about the day and seeing you there alone, you looked so much at peace with yourself. You are very sexy did you know that?’

‘Thank you Ben.’

‘No thank you for allowing me to chat with you. Look I can see you are getting colder as you are shivering now, please come to my car with me, I promise I won’t abduct you. I will even give you my car keys to hold if that makes you feel safer’

The two people, complete strangers just a few short minutes ago, walked towards his blue Mondeo. Once inside with their mugs resting on the shelf making circular patches of steam develop on the windscreen. Fiona and Ben continue chatting about the view, and their reasons for being there on this damp Christmas Eve.

‘Everything is so hectic at this time of year it’s nice to just spend a little while away from the crowds.’

‘I hate crowds, I love getting out into the countryside on my bike, but on days like this there are so many things that need to be done to make sure that tomorrow is as good as possible, but I still need to get a little bit of peace so that I can face the rest of it. Here let me take that for you, oh don’t you have small delicate hands, may I?’

Ben takes hold of Fiona’s hand and turning it palm up he lightly kisses her fingertips. Fiona giggles, she looks into Ben’s eyes for a fraction longer than she needs to, their eyes lock as he leans across and plants a kiss on her cheek. As he draws back their eyes meet again before he leans in for a kiss on Fiona’s waiting lips.

‘ Mmmm you taste nice can I kiss you again?’

Fiona puts her hands on his shoulders drawing Ben towards her as they lose themselves in their kiss. Hands stroking and rubbing each other as their desire for each other builds rapidly now. Ben slips a hand between Fiona’s legs which she parts slightly without even thinking about what she is doing. All she knows and cares about in this moment is that this lovely man is kissing her and she doesn’t want him to stop. Taking her hands off his shoulders Fiona places her left hand on Ben’s thigh whilst her right hand delves inside his jacket and under his sweater. She only knows that it is almost Christmas. She has been dreading a lonely Christmas with no kisses under the mistletoe for her this year and here she was in the arms of this kind sexy man.

As his hand inches up between her thighs Fiona begins to squirm about in her seat, trying to make it easier for Ben to find the place she wants him to find. She knows that once his fingers reach the top of her thighs he will notice how wet she has become, surely some of her wetness has seeped through the material of her jeans. She feels the little tugs in her clitoris as their kisses become more urgent. Half pulling away Fiona fumbles with the button fly on her jeans, she takes hold of Ben’s hand guiding him into her jeans so that his fingers just nudge her engorged button.

Fiona almost jumps off the seat as her body convulses with the shock as his fingers find just the right place to trigger an immediate orgasm.

‘Fuck! Oh god! Fuck! fuck! Don’t stop, hey please don’t ……..that felt so good, I don’t remember the last time I felt that good.’

Fiona can’t believe how quickly Ben brought her to orgasm then withdrew his fingers, but she relaxed when she saw him place his fingers against his lips drawing one finger between his lips, his left hand drawing her head back close to his, he slips the other wet finger between her lips so that they are both tasting her juice simultaneously.

Fiona kisses Ben whilst his fingers are still in both their mouths, her own fingers busy working on his belt and zip, she wants his cock released from the confines of his jeans. Ben tilts his seat back a little as Fiona lowers her head, she can already see the pre cum glistening an the head of his stiff waiting penis. It seems to be calling to her. Fiona can taste the sweet stickiness before her tongue makes contact with his rock hard shaft. Now they are both moaning as she draws his length slowly into her mouth.
She feels the swelling increase as his sperm begins to spurt into her hot mouth.


‘what are you sorry for?’

‘I came so quickly, it’s been a while since I last had my cock in a woman’ mouth, it was just too much for me to contain myself, sorry.’

‘no need to be sorry’

‘Any way I must apologise as you didn’t come here for this, I should never have kissed you.’

‘yes you should, I know I came here for a bit of peace, well I got a piece of you and that was an unexpected bonus. I expected to spend Christmas without a kiss. Now I have been kissed by you.’

Fiona smiles wickedly at Ben as he blushes

‘There must be a fairy Godmother after all.’

Fiona clambers out of the car adjusting her jeans and strides back to her own car, switches on the engine and drives away to join her family with the Christmas preparations.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

“Have been asked by ‘sherry’ if you/us will meet her fb tonight and allow him  to play with you as a suprise birthday treat. Meet 10pm in car park.”

That was the suprise text I received from Dave whilst at work. I didn’t reply until I could get home and check out who this was. I found a profile of a local single female.

Dave text me again later.

hi what would you like to do tonight? If you want to text Sherry her number is ************* she is a midwife.

After thinking about this I decided against it.

hi this is sn I gather that you want to give your fb a b’day suprise. Unfortunately I am really tired tonight. Really sorry.

now Im gutted u ok hun x

yeah just get more tired as week goes by. I did give this serious thought though. Maybe another time.

cant u just watch him cum x

no sorry

pretty please x

By this time I was feeling suspicious. Dave was now online

what was the plan?

She wants us to meet her fuck buddy, its his birthday today she says. She wants you to suck him or let him cum over you. I told her it’s up to you.

I text her to say I’m too  tired which I am.

ok. by the way she saw us up on the hill that time.

She is trying to put pressure on me. I’m not sure this is a woman……….I think this is a single guy.

I think it might be too but her profile looks ok

how would she/he know they saw us?

she told me my licence plate number


must have a good memory

that’s not good that someone is keeping a record……… do you remember seeing any women?

was too busy………….there were other cars there.

how did the conversation get around to that and how did they make connection between a couple dogging in april an a couple on fab in sept?

She asked if I ever went dogging, I said I sometimes went on the hill, she said she did too. She recognised make of car.

I don’t like the sound of this………….I was worried before I said I was too tired but now it feels freaky.

yeah I thought so too

Wish I hadn’t text from my private phone now.

you should have let me text , never mind

this  ‘sherry’ is now asking if tomorrow is better……………have not replied

hmmm I did say that we were already busy……..I am IM’ing her but she/he’s not talking to me……….don’t reply

I have not heard anything more but I do think this was a single guy trying his luck. It is very un-nerving to think that they have kept a note of Dave’s reg number months later.

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communing with nature

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 23, 2010

We stood there in the isolated car park of a beauty spot we had visited several times before after a night out. A bird wooshed past us at eye level screeching as it went straight into the wooded area behind us. As we listened and peered into the foliage we heard it calling it’s warning. We heard the answering squeaks not far away. Was this a screech owl or perhaps the hawk we had seen as we looked out across the valley in the gathering dusk. Earlier we had watched the house martins swishing around in the blue sky above us while small heads peeped out of the nests under the eaves of the pub where we sipped our cold drinks at the end of a long day.

For ages we just stood there listening and looking, occasionally glimping a wing movement between the leaves, the calls and answering calls constantly moving. We realised that these calls of alarm would continue all the time we were a perceived threat. It was becoming chilly anyway stood in the shadows so we moved back into his van.

He had suprised me earlier by meeting me for a few minutes at lunchtime. We had a quick look through the photos that had been taken on his camera when we were having fun at the weekend. I had to laugh as we were flicking through (I had no idea I featured in so many) he kept saying …….thats definitely you. We had both taken pictures of each other but others had been taken by other people. There are some interesting shots in there including one of Alice just before she managed (to everyone’s amazement) to escape from the wrist restraints that had her shackled to the bed. I can’t wait to see  all those photos properly once he has uploaded them and emailed to me.

Anyway back to this secluded car park in the growing dusk. We chatted, we kissed, he fondled. I don’t know how it happened, really I don’t (after all I am usually such a good girl) but I found my hand cupping the bulge at the front of his jeans. Slipping my hand inside his waitband he told me that I wouldn’t get my hand in there. Ok it was a tught fit but a challenge is a challenge and I made sure I got my hand inside his pants for a feel of his warm bulge.  Cutting him in half by stretching his waistband to accomodate my arm he had no choice but to unbutton his fly. Who can blame me that once his erection was free I couldn’t resist stroking and fondling his hardness.

Reluctantly Karl got onto his knees to present himself to my mouth. We are both getting too old to play games in such a confined space (the reason we have not done this since last summer). Karl decided that he wanted to see if it would work if he stood outside my door and gave me his cock through the window. My guess that he isn’t tall enough for this proved to be correct. I opened the door to get a good grip on him. To prevent me from having to bend down to him he stood on the door sill holding onto the roof so that I could get my lips around his precious tool. I soon lost myself, licking, sucking, kissing and nibbling along his length. Taking him as far down my throat as I could, licking his recently shaved balls. Savouring his rigid cock with its soft warm skin, glancing up occasionally to see him grinning down at me. The cat that got the cream doesn’t begin to convey the expression of sheer pleasure on his face. My hands grasping his taut arse cheeks while my mouth enjoyed my self imposed task of eating him until he could take no more.

Cramp in his thighs and pain in his lower back eventually brought an end to our pleasure. Time to make our way home along moonlit lanes. We talked a bit more about our interactions with our fellow playmates 48 hours earlier. He was just telling me that I give the best bj going.(flattery will get him everywhere). When I screeched (like the bird earlier). I had just caught site of the animal that was trotting along the lane beside us. Karl slammed on the brakes fumbled for his torch and went in search of the badger that he thought we had hit. I didn’t think we had hit it as there had been no thud. we couldn’t find anything so can only conclude that the badger had run off, probably into the field alongside the narrow lane. Continuing our drive back home, we were alost there when he slammed the brakes on once more, throwing his van into reverse we were lucky enough to see a vixen and two cubs at the side of the road before they too melted into the hedge.

Just because we live in a small market town it doesn’t mean we never see wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s just rare to see so much in such a short time when we were not looking for it.

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How far would you go

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 16, 2010

A comment by Keatsjohnkeats on this post got me thinking about how far would you go for sex.

I was reminded about a guy I was chatting to not long after my sexual reawakening back in 2006.  He lived approxiately 200 miles away. We talked about meeting half way in little known place called swindon but after checking to see where we could meet that we could both find seeing that neither of us had ever been there we eventually agreed to meet at a motorway services instead. It took me an hour and a half to drive there after work. The next day when he apologised but  realised that it was just too far to travel  regularly I was quite relived. The sex was not special enough to warrant a 200 mile round trip each time.

Later that year I was chatting online to a man who spent most of the year abroad working either as a diving instructor in the summer or a ski instructor in the winter. We talked about meeting but I never thought it would happen, until one sat morning we were chatting on the phone. Neither of us had any plans for the rest of the day so he drove for 2.5 hours to meet me for dinner. See this post here.

It was in the November of that year I was chatting to Scottie. He decided within days that he needed to see me, it was less than a week after our first messages that he drove for over 3 hours to  his hotel where I was to meet him for dinner. He would have to leave at 5am to drive 3 hours to his breakfast meeting at Ipswich. We had a few drinks in his room while we decided where to go (he had lived in the city for a while 10 years earlier).  We stayed in his room drinking, kissing, licking, sucking and of course fucking until 2am when he wanted to go and see his former home. Returning to the hotel at 3am. If it wasn’t enough that he had a 6 hour round trip driving to see me he had first flown over from Germany (where he had been living and working for six months). Making it a 1400 mile round trip to spend 6.5 hours with me.

Not so long ago I asked Karl ‘what is the furthest you have gone for sex?’  His answer was a nearby city, so at most he has gone 20 miles. Although I did that 200 mile round trip once I had regularly driven to see Don who lives 23 miles away, Alex who lives 30 miles away and  more recently Fred who is nearer 40 miles away. Oh and there were the times I met Gareth at various locations the furthest being this one about 70 miles each way.

so how far would you go and has it been worth it?

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Limitations G – H

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 27, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and now G – H some of these I have commented on already.

Gags (cloth) …………….it had better be clean if its going into my mouth !!
Gags (inflatable) ………….does that mean it can be inflated to the optimum size for the mouth it is going into.
Gags (phallic) …………… oh goody shaped gags ………….do they cause the gagging reflex?
Gags (rubber) ………… I thought we were supposed to use a rubber elsewhere
Gags (tape) ………….can it be in pretty colours ?(I’ve seen it in pink but would like red).
Gas masks ………….We sometimes need one in our bathroom …………hmm  having used one during basic training for my brief stint in the Territorial Army I’ not sure I would want to indulge during sexual play
Gates of Hell (male) …………..please explain ……… he strung up on a wrought iron gate ?
Genital sex ………….am I being dense here?………..doesn’t sex usually involve genitals
Given away to another Dom (temp) …………provided that my Dom (if I had one) was satisfied that I would be safe with  the other Dom
Given away to another Dom (perm)…………..if it was in my best interests
Golden Showers ………… no no to golden showers or any other colour
Gun play ……………I’ve heard it called a few things and I know they like to shoot their load from their pencil but a gun !
Hair brush spankings ………..why would you spank a hair brush? ………..ooops you mean being spanked with one  hmm not tried it yet but you never know ……….I assume it would be bristle side up
Hair pulling …………oh yes I love this ………..not that I have ever said so
Hand Jobs (giving) ……………yes I do and I’m not bad at it but do prefer to use my mouth more than my hand
Hand Jobs (receiving) ……………..he can use his hands on me anytime
Harems (serving w/other subs) …………not sure I could do this as I am not very domestic but maybe
Harnessing (leather) …………I would probably try it in the right circumstances with the right person/persons
Harnessing (rope) ……….as above I might be convinced to try it
Having food chosen for you …………provided that the person doing the choosing knew what I would/wouldn’t eat
Having clothing chosen for you …………..provided that the person doing the choosing had a sense of style
(head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) …………….have you been reading this blogg for long ……….if so you will know the answer
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) ……………not enough men know how to give expert head but when they do …….mmmmmmmm there is nothing in this world that is better.
High Heel Wearing ………….anyone who knows me knows that I adore wearing high heels
High Heel Worship …………. have you seen my wardrobe? ………….oh thats not what it means ………..perhaps
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)………….probably not
Hoods …………if I had cold ears………..not tight fitting
Hot oils (on genitals) ………………if he has upset me I ight be tempted to do this to him
Hot waxing ……………noooooooooooooo
Housework (doing)……………..why start now?
Human puppy dog …………………what?
Humiliation (private)………………does this include the above? ………..unlikely…….. I am nolonger married!!
Humiliation (public) …………as above
Hypnotism…………..if I trusted the hypnotist

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Misguided guilt

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 16, 2010

All that time, all that guilt, all that for what.

Since we first met I had felt guilty that we couldn’t have penetrative sex. I felt guilty because I was still having sex else where. First Sebastian, then Fred proved to me that I could still have intercourse. But I had known that all along anyway, it was Karl who had made me doubt myself. All the lovers I have had since my divorce have been testament to that. My cancer treatment which has left me very tight and shallow was way back in 2001. I didn’t start having sex again until 2006. Karl was the first I failed to have intercourse with. He was the first new lover for over a year so yes I began to feel it was my fault.

He would argue with me when I said that it’s because he is too big………..he is a little bigger than average in girth but not enormous and I have seen a couple that really are huge and no I was not going to let them anywhere near my pussy. But his head is bigger than most. He believes that his member is small……..what!! I might be persuaded if it wasn’t the fact that it isn’t just my pussy but he really stretches my mouth too. Yes I can and do take his head into my mouth but there is no way I could deep throat him, there is no gagging with him I can’t get him that far into my mouth. That tells me that yes he is bigger than average. Anyway I digress. I have had intercourse with 3 men since I first met Karl (I’m not counting the failed attempt with Cutter). I have had a few other dates too, but I kept quiet about what I was doing because I believed that Karl was not having any sex other than with me.

After the week we spent together last year at the end of May beginning of June we didn’t see so much of each other, I was busy with family and I figured he didn’t feel the need to keep me sweet as he wouldn’t be able to take me home again for the forseeable future. We are both getting too old for sex in the car every time. By this time I was seeing Fred approx every 2 months so I was getting semi regular sex. But because I felt guilty I kept it a secret from Karl. I didn’t want to rub it in his face that I was still being fucked even if it wasn’t by him. I knew from the start that he didn’t like the idea of me seeing anyone else. Especially after he began telling me that he had feelings for me. Right from the start I have known that he would do anything for me I just couldn’t rely on him. He calls himself my ‘fairy godfather’.

We didn’t see much of each other during the summer or autumn one or both of us was always busy. But I was still seeing Fred which made me feel slightly guilty, not because I felt I was cheating. I wasn’t we are not committed to each other we can see who we like. But I felt guilty for having sex when he wasn’t. I felt guilty because I could have sex with Fred but it didn’t work with Karl.  I felt guilty because I knew he had feelings for me but I couldn’t give him what he wanted but I could give it to someone who doesn’t have feelings for me.

But now I know the truth or at least some of it. First I found the photos of him and his mate with a local couple (who he still chats to so maybe it was more than just the once.) Then there was the revelation that he had met a sexy older woman and they planned to become a ‘couple’ for the purpose of playing with other couples. Now I have discovered because he was stupid enough to check his profile on my laptop and not close it down when we looked at another site. I was able to look at the private pictures on his profile. There are photos of him having sex with other women some a few days before our week togther last may/june so even then he was having sex but telling me he wasn’t.  Then again when he was too busy to see me in sept between trips abroad there are new pics of him having sex.

He wonders why I think he lies to me. Since I let my feelings about his lies be patently clear, he has been admitting to seeing others but still says he hasn’t had much. I am now telling him about Dave and mentioned Fred he isn’t impressed and wanted to change the subject. He seems able to cope with me seeing Dave although he gets jealous but he can’t handle the idea of anyone else. Having decided to become a ‘couple’ he has become much more attentive and even more touchy feely when he is in my house. He has virtually told me that he loves me although not in so many words but now always signs off from messenger with luv ya………he has never done that before. He phones me most days as well as texting and IM. There was a time last summer when he didn’t even text me for weeks and said his internet was playing up.

I like Karl and we get on great as friends, he thinks I am the best when it comes to sucking his cock. He only has to kiss me and I am wet. He has been very good to me and very good for me but I don’t think I will ever trust him. So now I won’t feel guilty about having sex with others.

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All at sea

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 15, 2010

Yesterday during the brief time I had between getting home from work and going out again with a family member I had a quick chat with Dave.

Hi what are you doing tomorrow lunchtime/afternoon ?

no idea

want to come sailing……..lunch on the island and back again

are you taking crew?

no just me and you if you want to come ……….you will be my crew or would Karl like to come

I will ask but I think hes working

I text Karl who was very keen to go sailing so unless anything gets in the way in 2 hours I shall be alone on a yacht with my two lovers who have never met but have two things in common………a love of sailing and me

This could be very interesting…………how will they get on together with their very different characters and will there be sex? Being the only female with two randy straight men it might take my body a while to recover from this.

If you want to know what happens you will have to check back tomorrow.

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doing it under my terms

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 15, 2010

It was early evening, we had talked about it a couple of times and now was the time to see if I would go through with it.

We were sittingin his car kissing, we do that a lot (he says I am a good kisser). It was totally my decision, we could go into the pub for a drink or we could drive away for some sexy fun. Or we could go to his house and make love on his bed.

I chose to be naughty, I had already asked him to make sure he brought a towel with him. When we had been talking about it in the preceeding days I had found myself getting turned on. I think being watched at the party had changed things for me. I had liked being watched at the party. I was getting turned on now by the idea of being watched provided it was my decision.

We parked up in the same car park as before, but this time as it had only just turned dark there were only two other cars there. We both took off our jackets and put our seats back as far as they would go to give ourselves as much room as possible. Without an audience I felt quite comfortable kissing and playing with Dave. It didn’t take him long to remove my knickers from under my loose black dress.  Soon another car pulled up beside us but I have no idea where the driver went to. He had left his vehicle but didn’t appear to be anywhere near us. Passions heating up inside the car my skirt was pushed up above my waist, my bra undone and pulled away from my breasts allowing Dave easy assess to which ever part of my body he chose to play with.

I was gettingvery aroused now and took hold of his cock, playing with it between my fingers as we continued to kiss. I saw our neighbour return to his car but soon he was standing watching us from behind my shoulder. I think my bum was revealed at this point but can’t remember.

Pushing me back into my seat Dave leaned across playing with my breast and my pussy simultaneously, while his tongue danced with mine. Knowing that we had an audience now was making me wetter, with Dave’s fingers working my pussy I was soon moaning in ecstasy. By this time Dave had lowered my window a few inches to let in some cool air. Knowing this only made me moan louder  so that I would be heard from outside. I was well into my stride now but still rejected Dave’s suggestion of  lowering the window and offer the guy a blow job.  I was enjoying this but at my pace.

I was already thinking about it so when Dave suggested that I should kneel on my seat and suck him off I was there before he could finish saying it. Burying my head in his lap sucking and licking greedily on his cock I was more than happy. Having my bum in the air facing the window with my skirt pushed onto my back so my rear end was totally exposed made me excited. With Dave playing with my pussy and my arse we now had an audience of three but the first man was bending down for a closer look while he wanked (so I am told).

Dave was whispering to me what was going on, but although I was enjoying giving our audience something to a enjoy I was more concerned with what I was doing. I love to suck cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one. I was also acutely aware of what Dave was doing to my arse but more particularly to my pussy. The sensations he was creating, plus the cock in my mouth I knew I was getting close to orgasm.I wanted to tell him to spank my bum but didn’t want to lose his fingers from my pulsing cunt so kept quiet. I knew I was getting wet but when I finally collapsed I discovered that the towel beneath me was not as wet as I expected. Dave says thats because when I came it hit the window.

We kissed some more before I decided that enough was enough. We adjusted our clothes and seats before returning to where my car was parked. Chatting and kissing again I jokingly put my stiletto heeled foot up on the dashboard. This brought the guy from the car next to us rushing around to see what he could see. But this time I was not going to be putting on a show. I enjoyed my bit of exhibitionism but I enjoyed it because it was on my terms, when where and how much.

I have come to the conclusion that yes I enjoyed my bit of dogging (how many middle aged women can say that they chose to go dogging on their birthday). But it is not going to be a regular occurrence. I will do it when I want to, but it will be an irregular treat not something that becomes expected or the norm. If I do it often then it will become sordid and more will be expected of me. There might come a time when I am wiling to be touched by the men watching, there might be a time when I am willing to either wank or give them blow jobs, but I am not there yet. If I ever get to that then it will be a slow build up.

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change of plans

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 9, 2010

Instead of our planned night in bed with my toys we met for a drink at one of my favourite pubs.

When I arrived at the pub he was stood beside his car enjoying the spectacle of a couple kissing in the next car.  We walked hand in hand into the bar where we enjoyed our drinks punctuated with lots of kisses. After our refreshment we returned to his car where we kissed some more then with my nervous agreement he drove to another car park not far away. At the top end of the carpark there were quite a few cars. Silently he slid his car between two others.

We both removed our jackets on this warm evening. Our kissing resumed with considerable passion. I knew that we were visible to others around us. Keeping my eyes closed I was kissing Dave passionately, soon my bra was off and my top pulled up over one shoulder exposing my left breast. I allowed Dave to play with my nipple while we kissed. I knew the guy from the car next to us was walking around but I was ok as I couldn’t see him looking at us. I guessed but didn’t know for sure that there were others watching us. I kind of found the idea a turn on but only if I didnt see anyone looking.

When I felt that I had had enough I adjusted my clothing and we returned to where my car was parked. We chatted for a while as we continued kissing. A car pulled up beside us, it was the same man who had been watching us earlier. But I was not inclined to give him anything else to see. I bade Dave good night and climbed out of his car walking the few steps to my own car.

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