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A question for Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 5, 2010

It has been a while since I last thought about Fred. I have not seen him since January, although we have chatted online maybe half a dozen times since then. As I was making my way home from work trying to concentrate on the rush hour traffic all around me, I looked up at the hill to where Cougar has one of his offices, the place he go to when he wants peace to work. The place with the big red leather couch (he calls it his casting couch). I have been contemplating paying him a visit this week. I won’t be having any unexpected visits after work from Karl so it would be easy to take the high road instead of the motorway and stop off for a cuppa and whatever else is on offer. I know that Cougar is leaving it to me to decide when to visit……he doesn’t think I will. Anyway my mind then wandered off from the idea of visiting Cougar to thinking about Fred. Now that he has sold his house and is living with friends it has made it near enough impossible for us to meet up.

When I first began seeing him (several years ago now) I wasn’t working and he visited me in my home whilst my kids were at school and his work took him out of the office. Then I started working and there was a long spell when we didn’t see each other, that had as much to do with a change in the dynamics of our relationship and I wasn’t able to trust myself to see him, as it was to do with the logistics of it. When I began going to his place in the evenings it worked for us until he sold his house, changed job and moved across the water. Fred will always have a special place in my heart. He is an excellent kisser and just about the only guy in my world these days who is able to give me a good fuck. ( I miss him for his mind and his body). Because it is not easy to see each other currently I tend not to think about him……I have enough going on with Karl, Dave and Cougar (even if that doesn’t involve a lot of satisfying sex). I don’t know why I had begun thinking about him, in my mind I was trying to work out how we could possibly get it together unless he was willing to get a hotel room.

Have you ever had those experiences when you think about someone and the phone rings and its them? Well it was less than 2 hours later I had just logged onto my computer and there was Fred. He wanted to ask my advice and was hoping to catch me online ………….not difficult as I am here most evenings at some point or other. It seems that he has been chatting to a woman who wants to meet him for sex only. Lucky guy you might be thinking, but he is having second thoughts. It isn’t the sex only bit that is worrying him, after all that’s what we were doing (if you don’t include the 4 yrs of friendship that went before during and after it). It isn’t her age (I really don’t remember him telling me that he fantasizes about older women). It isn’t her size (I am hardly a stick and he loves my body).

She has stipulated that there is to be no anal …………although we discussed it we never actual did get around to trying anal sex so that is not a problem. She has also decreed no oral sex. Now I thought he meant none at all. But she is more than happy for him to eat her out but she will not go down on him. He is not sure how he feels about this. Knowing how much he enjoys me sucking his cock especially when done to completion I am not sure he would be happy doing all the giving and not receiving much back. He has such a lovely cock I don’t know how any woman could resist sliding her mouth over it. The hours I have enjoyed teasing him with my tongue, licking and sucking, she must be mad.

So my question to you guys if you were Fred would you be happy to meet this woman knowing in advance that she will not give you a blow job but does expect you to eat her out?

Ladies would you be able to resist this lovely cock, Its a nice length ……..plently of length to lick, a decent girth to wrap your tongue around, not so big that it stretches your mouth but big enough to feel your mouth satisfyingly full. No leisions nothing at all that would put you off. Nice smooth balls just the right size to pop into your mouth for a good suck.

It really is a pity that the one day Fred is available for some daytime fun I shall be on a plane heading away for a few days. Because right now I would love to feel his lips on mine, his fingers tangled in my hair and his legs wrapped around mind as we re-aquaint each other with the body we each know so well. He has also expressed his disappointment that I won’t be around as he would uch rather see me. Maybe one day we will manage it.

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all change for Anna

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 3, 2010

Just when I was geting a lot of new friends both on facebook itself and on the game …… games to which I have become addicted (so much so that it has taken over from my previous addiction to Bejewelled. Facebook went and deleted my account. How dare they do that to me.

So having waited a couple of days I have opened a new facebook account in the name of Anna J Skye. I have my reasons for choosing this name. I have restarted my game, I still have a long way to go in order to get back to level 32 which I had reached previously. I am already on level 13 so prgress is being made. I have even managed to make contact with a few of my previous team members (otherwise known as my entourage).

My sex life seems to be going through a quiet spell at the moment. Dave has been out of the picture for weeks, although we have been in contact several times a week we have not managed to get together. I have however seen a fair bit of Karl but it has all been non sexual encounters. He is currently on holiday with his wife so no action there until he gets back. I am though, quite keen to take the opportunity to re-aquaint Cougar with the taste of my lips and maybe encourage him to discover more.

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horny as fuck

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 18, 2010

It was a total suprise to receive this text……………..

Horny as fuck today lol xx

Aww did that make you think of me then lol x

yes x

Must be bad then x

Why x you are fab willing wanting enjoying it and always loved our time in bed x

lol x me too x

In the past I would not have been suprised to have received such a text from Fred but we have had hardly any comunication at all in the last 6 months. Since I last saw him he has sold his house, changed his job and now lodges with friends on the Island.

Later after I had been out but left my laptop on I found a message………..

Why are you at home in the middle of the day ?

We then had a long IM conversation (interestingly not mentioning sex). Other than when I mentioned that there have been a couple of occassions when I have had the house to myself but at too short notice to find anyone to visit me. I have promised to ask him next time it happens.

It wasn’t long after we finished chatting (he did have to do some work). That another window opened. Again I was asked what I was doing at home in the middle of the day………..don’t these guys think I deserve a day off from work now and again! Cougar was alone in his new purpose built office in an historical building up on a hill overlooking the city where his regular office is situated. While we were chatting recently he had told me to text next time I passed that way on my drive home from work. He would give me a tour round. This time he wanted to know why I hadn’t called in yet. I was keeping him guessing (I had actually decided that this would be the day). While we chatted I ran a bath telling him I had something to do but wouldn’t be long if he wanted to wait for me. He said he would wait unless he got a better offer.

Fresh from my bath I threw on a clean pair of jeans and a strappy top, telling him that he could show off his tea making skills. Just my luck he had to leave the office at 5.30 (hes usually there until approx 7pm) it was now 4.40 and it would take 15 mins  to get there if I was lucky with the traffic. Well 30 mins would be enough for a tour. It was 5pm when I swung through the gate, he was waiting for me. Climbing in beside me he directed me up the winding ramp taking us to the roof car park. I was suprised when I saw his modern office suite I had thought his office would be inside the original building.

Once the initial tour of the office was complete he took me outside to climb up to look over the wall. WOW the view was amazing from right up here. I love the views from the road that runs along the top of the hill but right up here was something special even though it wasn’t a clear day.

Back in his office we chatted about this and that nothing of any consequence. Apparently I gave him a ‘look’ and then laughed, I have no idea what ‘look’ I gave him……….(its not the first time I have been told that I do that). I think at the time I was thinking something along the lines of……… this it then you over there me over here making small talk when you have such a great red leather couch just feet away. (he calls it his casting couch).

He takes me into his small kitchen to show me his fruit tea, that he could have made if we had had longer. We are now stood just inches apart still making small talk. During our IM conversations he had intimated that he wanted more than just chat. So here I was and nothing! I have been aware from early chats last year that he has women throwing themselves at him……….I vowed then that I would not do so. If anything is to happen between us he will have to make the first move. I will put myself in situations that allow him to make his move, but I won’t do it for him. He has to want me.

Walking back towards his office he turned took me in his arms and kissed me. He kissed me! This was not the quick goodbye kiss I usually get from him this was a kiss. No this was turning into a real snog. His arms around my back my arms around his neck our mouths sucking nibbling exploring each other’s lips. Tongues tentatively touching, he moves away from my lips to kiss and nuzzle my neck, biting gently making me tingle all over as in turn I am kissing his neck too. He is talking about the next time I visit and having more time, his hand has found its way inside my top to caress my left nipple. Pinching, pulling on my nipple enjoying my reaction to his touch. But now it is time for me to leave. Now that I know where he is he expects to see me in his office again soon. 30 mins wasn’t very long but it was long enough to ensure that he wants me but not enough time to give in to my own desires. Perfect timing I think. Next time I shall stay a little longer but I shall have to keep a tight reign on myself …………I don’t want to give myself  to him completely, I want him to take a little more from me each time until he can’t hold back any longer.

Last year I wrote that I want him to fuck me at least once, I still want that, but this is a test of my own will power, just thinking about him has got me feeling horny so this will be a real battle on my part.

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Pecking Order

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 16, 2010

I hadn’t noticed it but it seems that my lovers have formed an unspoken pecking order …………..they have never met or had any kind of direct contact, yet they have both in their own way acknowledged their place in the pecking order.

Obviously they both know of each other, I don’t tell either of them what I do with the other. But if they ask what I am or have been doing on a certain evening I will say that I was seeing the other.

Last weekend Karl was away in the west country for the weekend he knew I was going to see Dave on saturday evening. He told me that he didn’t mind …………..just tell him not to bite!

Now I have been invited out socially with Karl this weekend. I happened to be chatting to Dave at the time, he said that if Karl can’t make it he would take me but I must ask Karl first. I told Karl about the invite, he can’t make it but said I should ask Dave to take me instead.

I was chatting to Blogger about this, he asked me if I have a pecking order for them in my mind and if so is it the same as theirs.

I have been seeing Karl for a year longer than Dave, I see and chat to Karl nearly every day one way or another, he is very much a good friend who does odd jobs for me and takes me out someties we also swing together.  Dave is a friend   too, we have great passionate and naughty sex, we have great conversation about a wider variety of topics. We go to swinging club together.

So I guess it is unanimous that Karl is my primary lover and Dave is a good secondary lover. They are both lovely guys and I care greatly about them both, they satisfy different needs in me, I am lucky to have them both.

I don’t know how long this will last. Dave who has recently become seperated (he was worried about being on his own at first) is beginning to get himself sorted out without me. He had a fun threesome earlier in the week whilst I was at work. However the other couple are looking forward to more fun including me. He is starting to stand on his own feet and won’t need me as much.

Karl told me last week that he loves me very deeply, he will always love me, he won’t let me get hurt. He has made arrangements that if anything happens to him I will be told by ‘certain people who know’. I care about him, I like him a lot, but love? no thats not on my agenda here. We really should make time to sit down and discuss what we both want/expect from this affair. He might like to say that we are not comitted but he should accept that we are having an affair. I know that what we have is not going to be enough for me in the long term, but neither do I want him to leave his wife for me.

Maybe this is why 2 other men have been in contact today, both re-igniting something  that has been dormant for months. Both letting me know that I am not forgotten, that I am desired.

Now that I have managed to write this post I can let go of some of the thoughts that have been circling in my mind all week preventing me from posting about what happened when I saw Dave last weekend.

But maybe the moment has gone and you don’t want to know what I got upto with Dave, after all our dates are so boring!

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Tlc ……… that too much?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 11, 2010

I had been feeling unwell, waking up feeling very tense, my neck and shoulder knotted up. I had woken an hour before I needed to get up so I tried to relax applying a cooling gel strip to my poorly forehead. By the time I got up I was still feeling tense and in pain so I took some pain relief. Tried to relax in a hot but not too hot bath of floaty bubbles. I hoped that my work would help me to forget my worries but after an hour the pain in my neck and forehead were increasing and every sound seemed to be amplified, nausea was beginning to creep in. After 2 hours I excused myself and left, the work load was very small compared to what it can be on other days.

It was about 10.30 when I reached my bed to sleep off the nagging pain I was experiencing. I know that the only way I am going to get rid of this pain is to be completely relaxed but that is not going to happen until I can find a solution to my current worries. I am working on it but there is no magic fix. I managed to sleep but realised when I woke that again I hadn’t been very relaxed. The dream I had was all about anxiety, dealines and those sort of things. It was soon after this I got a call from Karl who knows I finish work early on Fridays. The background noise where he was seemed to me to be excrutiatingly loud. He wanted to call round and see me on his way home.

When Karl arrived we sat drinking tea, chatting about a variety of things. I couldn’t help thinking that had he been anyone else I would have had a bit of tlc, at the very least a cuddle and maybe even a neck massage which was what I really needed. Instead we were sat at opposite ends of the sofa, the space between us creating a gulf that couldn’t be crossed. It wasn’t until he was leaving that Karl put his hands on my shoulder and I almost shot through the ceiling when his thumb pressed down on the spot the pain emmanated from. A few cursory rubs to check he had found the right spot and he was off down the garden path suggesting a hot water bottle!

Tomorrow evening I am supposed to go to his rock band’s gig, I have told him that I may or may not go. During the week I asked him if he had any thoughts on taking some time off work together. We had discussed this in May, I thought it would be nice to have a few days out together but he wants to take me away. He had said he would have to work out when he could be free. Several weeks later he has not thought about it and I need to book time off before its too late.

Can you tell I am feeling pissed off with him (he who says he loves me, he who thinks I deserve a better life & would give it to me if he could, but can’t at present).

I wonder if either Dave or Cougar fancy going to see a rock band perform tomorrow night…….ah just remembered Cougar is more likely to be watching England v USA, so will have to ask Dave.

What do you think I should do ?

By the way have you seen this new blog ……….a male blogger whose writing is really and I do mean really really hot.  This is one blog where you really do have to start at the beginning, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

While you are at it why not check out this new blog too ……….another new male blogger. Only a few posts so far but it will be interesting to see how this one goes as he shares his experiences with his readers.

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Only me

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 29, 2010

Over the last few years I have had to change the way I see myself. One of the reasons and probably the biggest reason I stayed married for as long as I did. I believed that if I split from my husband that would be it, the end of any life for me. I did not love my husband in fact I found he repulsed me, but at least he wanted me. If I cut free then I would be on my own from then on in as no other man would ever be attracted to me. No man in their right mind was ever going to find me the slightest bit sexy.

Then I decided that life was passing me by and I deserve a little happiness…..I could not stay in my marriage any longer so I filed for divorce in the sept. By december I was feeling lonely….I had always given all my affection to my kids as my husband neither wanted or gave any affection. But now my kids are almost grown and its not cool to have hugs with your mum.

I joined a couple of online dating sites met a couple of guys for drinks over the xmas period. Then after xmas began chatting to a guy(Don) 20 miles away. I told him I wasn’t looking for a relationship just friendship. When we met a few days later I knew this was going to be more than friendship. I will describe that relationship another time as it warrants more than a few lines. But what I quickly learnt was that I could be sexy and have a satisfying sexual relationship with a man other than my husband. This was the first new man for me for almost 20 years and I was by now twice the woman I had been back before I had my adorable children.

In the months after that I met and had sexual encounters with a few other guys. Then  I joined AFF put on my profile not expecting a single response…..but was inundated . I now of course know that the ratio of men to women meant that was inevitable. But it did no end of good for my confidence which in turn made me a happier brighter sexier person. I have built up a network of really good mates and a few lovers along the way. But most of all I now understand that the problems I have reguarding my body shape are not shared by the men I have encountered. It’s only me who has a problem with my figure.

This has been proved to me over and over agian as I have met more men and now women too who find me sexy. I try not to allow my own hang ups over my body get in my way. When chatting to a new man I nolonger apologise for my size, I don’t even mention it. I now expect that by the time we meet they will be hooked by my personality, boobs and legs. If they get as far as kissing me then I stop worrying about being rejected, I know I am a great kisser and once we kiss they are mine.

I recently had a conversation with Cougar about swinger clubs, he has been to one that I looked up on the net a few years ago but dismissed because one of the club rules is that you walk around naked. Cougar could not understand why this bothers me as I am happy to get naked with sexual partners. There are many men (as I can vouch) who prefer women with love handles. But my argument is that in a place like that there will also be others who find the fuller figure to be obscene. When I am with my sexual partners they have chosen to be with me. At places like this club these people are forced to see more naked flesh than they might wish to see. I know that the flip side of this argument is that they should know that this will be the case and by being there have agreed to witness all the lumps, bumps and wobbles that are on show. Personally I choose not to put myself in a position where my naked body will be judged by others who may not judge favourably. The club I have been to (and hope to again) the norm is to wear sexy lingerie which can be disguarded during play. I am much more comfortable with this.

I know none of us are entirely happy with our own body image.

What are your hang ups

Have you been to a swinger club? what was the dress code

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Mixed feelings

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 9, 2010

I have been feeling a bit down today and I am sad to say that the reason for this is Karl. I know that feeling this way is stupid and irrational. He hasn’t really done anything wrong he has just been stupid. Last week he was at my home we were looking on the internet. He showed me a couple of websites. One of these is a site where people post photos and videos of themselves, many are naked and many depict sexual acts. He showed me the photos he has posted on there, some that I am familiar with but also others showing him indulging in sex with another woman.

I was neither excited or disgusted or even jealous. He told me these pictures were taken a few years ago (which to me was irrelevant). He then showed me a swinger’s site that he belongs to again showing me his profile photos that I know so well. He was also encouraging me to join both these sites (suprised I hadn’t already). After he had finished showing them to me I gave very little further thought to them.

Then last night I found an offline message saying he was going to be away from his pc for half an hour but will be back. An hour later nothing…………after two hours of waiting I decided to log into these sites and have another look at his other photos. Several searches through the adult photograph site came up with nothing. So I moved onto the swinger site, created a profile (slightly different age and location and new username). I found his profile fairly easily, but without being one of his ‘friends’ could only see the photos that I already possess. However I followed a link to a couple he had made friends with.  The first thing I saw on their profile was some recent photos of Karl enjoying the wife of the couple.I felt like I had been hit in the stomach, but why. We are friends with benefits not in a commited relationship. I care about him as a friend, he knows how to turn me to putty when he wants to but we have not been intimate since last summer and have never had full intercourse in the last year although we have plans to rectify this in the next week. We have never promised to be exclusive, after all I have seen others myself during the past year not least of all Fred.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I don’t think it bothers me so much that he has had some fun in the last few months. I don’t think I am jealous (well maybe a bit) that he has had some fun with a couple. What bothers me most is that some weeks ago I was teasing him about other women. He told me there had been none, but not through lack of wishing. So now I know he has been less than truthful. He lied about his age in the beginning. He has always told me that he is seperated but I have never quite believed him. Although I could check this out I decided ages ago not to, as I figure that it is none of my business whether he is married or single. He knows that I have been involved with married men in the past so there is no reason to lie to me about that.

Today he text me that he had fallen asleep last night. The swinger’s site tells me that he had been online upgrading his membership during the time he was ‘asleep’. What is bothering me is that he is telling me lies. That and that he had encouraged me to go onto the site that proved he had been lying. If he hadn’t encouraged me to join the site I wouldn’t have learnt that he has been having sex when he says he hasn’t or that he was online when he told me he was asleep.

Anyway whatever the reason for feeling down about these revelations, I was driving home thinking that I need a good cyber session with Sebastian to cheer me up. I knew though that Sebastian was unlikely to be online by the time I was so I began planning an email telling him how  much I wanted him to own me. Holding onto my hair forcing me to bend to his will. I wanted to please him submit to his wishes.  But when I did get home and logged onto my computer a chat window sprang open.

I was very suprised as this was the first time this particular window has opened (other than virus links) for a long time.  At first I half thought it was another virus and not him but soon we were chatting. We had not spoken since about June or July last summer. We talked about several things but finished off with him saying that perhaps we could hook up sometime soon.  I have said maybe.

But if you remember how much I wanted to have him last year it is unllikely I will turn down a chance to meet up with him again. But even if we never meet again he has cheered me up just by chatting again.

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Beacon of warmth

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 19, 2009

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I last visited here let alone wrote a post.

There have been a few changes in my life during this time. Both Cougar and Cutter are no longer a part of my life or my plans. I have re-assessed what I want and need in my life. Cutter has been most gracious about my decision. Cougar …………..well he is just Cougar.

Karl has been dipping in and out of my life, what he doesn’t yet realise is that this is coming to an end. He has let me down too often to be considered with any serious intentions. Fred on the other hand has been as consistent as ever. I have enjoyed our romps together, he has been my one true lover through all the recent months. Each evening we have spent together has been better than the one before and the one before that.  Fred will be the hardest one to let go but I know we will continue to be friends, just as we have been for nearly 3 years now. Who knows maybe some time in the future I will again need to feel his hands in my hair, his tongue in my throat and his cock in my pussy.

But for now I don’t need any of these men in my life or to be more precise in my panties. There is a new beacon of light in my life, one that glows warmer than all the rest.

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Who will it be?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 17, 2009

I wonder which one it will be.

There are 4 likely candidates

Cougar,Cutter, Fred or Karl

I have recently had sex with both Fred and Karl (but not at the same time). Karl does not know I have had sex with Fred but Fred does know about Karl. Having said that Karl does know that there are other men in my life, he just doesn’t know who I see or when.

Although I have met both Cougar and Cutter I have done nothing more than kiss them. Cougar knows about Karl (he calls him my ‘stalker’) he assumes there are others. Cutter does not know that there are others and none of them know about him.

I have been wondering which one will be the next lucky guy to have sex with me.  I am meeting Cutter again tomorrow for a couple of hours, there may be a possibility. We are meeting at a pub with a hotel nextdoor.  Although we have talked about booking a room in advance we have decided to wait and hope that there is a room available should we decide we need one.

Fred has been in contact, he wanted me to visit him at home last week but had to cancel at the last minute. I have a feeling he will be asking me over to his place again soon.

Cougar on the other hand has not made any plans other than that he would like to see me when I can fit him in. He might not be pushy when it comes to taking things further but I know he wants to.

Karl has had the most chances, but I don’t think there will be much happening for a while. But you never know he might surprise me.

So who do you think will be the next to get me into bed?

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Resistence is low

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2009

Its funny how even though I don’t fancy Cougar at all I so desperately want to fuck him at least once. It has been about 3 months now since we first began chatting online. We met for a drink after a few days but didn’t make any further plans. He likes to be spontaneous, which I like too but I did warn him that being spontaneous means he could lose out if I already have plans elsewhere.

We did make a half arrangement to meet a few weeks ago but it didn’t work out. So when the opportunity for our midnight meet arose even though I procrastinated there really was no chance I would not go.

When he arrived in the deserted car park at 12.15am we both got out of our cars and stood between them talking. We found a big white light with a smaller red light below it in the distance among the many other city lights. We just couldn’t figure out what it was. He thinks it will bug him now until he figures it out.

After a while he had got cold and said we should get into one of our cars (as he moved to get into his). We sat side by side just talking about alsorts of things. Never once going near the subject of what we were doing there together late at night. Never once mentioning that we had met on adult friend finder. The subject of sex was avoided. Other than that I had mentioned to him earlier in the week that I had been asked to do product reviews for Durex.

Eventually around 1am I stated that I had to go home (I would be getting up for work at 6am). This seemed to spur him on as he grabbed my hand for the first time. (it felt good my small hand held in his large soft warm hand). He told me we should go for another drink sometime when I can fit him in. We talked about places we could go, then he leaned in for a kiss. Mmmm it was nice, soon we were snogging like teenagers. Tongues probing hot mouths, my hand around his neck while his free hand found its way inside my jacket. The feel of his big hand rubbing my breast was electrifying. But it was now well past 1am and reluctantly I made the move to leave.

Months ago he told me that he doesn’t often chat to the same woman more than a few times as he gets bored easily. From what he had been saying earlier in the evening about finding me interesting, that I was like an itch he didn’t know whether to scratch, I think he has been trying to resist me.

I just wonder if after this little episode he might find it just that little bit harder to resist. For my part, visually I still don’t fancy him, strangely in my mind when we chat he morphs into my Sweetheart, which is odd as they are nothing alike. But he seems to have something that draws me to him. As I write this I have just seen his name appear on my messenger and immediately I felt myself become excited and my pussy tingled and got wet. I am laying on my bed with just a towel over me, my fingers plunged into my wetness pressing and rubbing as my mind calls out to him. Wanting his tongue in my mouth his hands on my breasts his weight pressing down onto me as he pounds into my aching cunt. 

I wonder how long it will be before our next encounter, will that be the time when I allow him to take me?

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