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Its Fab

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2010

Did I tell you that I joined a new website…….yes of course I did that was how I found out that Karl has been telling me porkies. So now I am on adult friend finder (aff) and on Fabswingers (fab). I hadn’t been on aff for about 9 months but I checked out my profile a few weeks ago and found that Karl was nolonger one of my friends ‘well I don’t need to talk to you on there now do I?’ was his response a few weeks ago. This week he told me

you have deleted your profile on aff

no I haven’t

but I can’t see you on my friends

because You deleted Me!

He now knows that I am also on fab because he has seen my profile and says he recognised my profile photo (he should it was taken with him on his bed). I was deliberately checking out his profile regularly and using that photo to make him realise that I was on fab and that if I have checked out his profile I would possibly have seen what his friends had said about him. I was giving him a chance to tell me that he had met them and played.  I am not his wife or even his girl friend so it isn’t going to be a problem that he is seeing other people. He just shouldn’t tell me he isn’t when I can see for myself that he is.

Anyway since I have been on the site I have been chatting to other guys. I might even be meeting one after work tomorrow. Which reminds me I have to text him to see if our meet is still on. I have chatted to Spencer a few times over the past two weeks. We seem to get on really well but he is about an hour away from me although willing to drive here. We have arranged to meet for a drink at the pub near to my work where I met Cutter a few times last summer. If our meet does go ahead and we get on really well there is a hotel next to the pub. I am planning to wear a black skirt suit see through top and stockings for this date if it happens.

Last sunday evening I had a very hot chat with Andrew.  He lives not too far from me and is single with his own place so there are possibilities for fun and games there. During our conversation he told me what would happen when he opened the door of his place if I went there. I used his words as the base for my last story ‘Master‘ which I shall continue soon. Having talked to him for hours I am looking forward to more especially as there is potential for him to become my Master for real. I am not going to rush into anything with him but he did excite me and I think if I were to go down the Master/slut road I could do worse than do it with him. We have both agreed that we are not looking for 24/7 . The more I read about D/s relationships the more I think I would like to give it a try. I can’t wait to talk to him again.

Today I have been chatting to two other men one of them from a few roads away from me (my profile says I live in a nearby city). As yet my conversations with Woody have not been of a sexual nature but he has made it clear that he wants to be up front and make sure I know that he is married. Hence he has had to vanish from my screen  twice today. OMG I have just realised who he is………..when he chats to me on Yahoo I can see his surname …..his boys were at junior school with mine…….his wife is really really pretty. Hmmm might not be such a good idea, but on the other hand could add to the thrill.

This evening I have been talking to Owl who is single and lives in a nearby city. He seems quite nice and says I sound like fun, but had to cut short our chat as he was late meeting a friend for a drink. I have not yet chatted to him but have exchanged emails with Dave who wants to take me sailing on his yacht with or without fun mmmmhe looks and sound rather nice too.

Whilst I was chatting to Woody in the early afternoon I had a visit from Karl. He had bought me a web cam. He thinks  need one! I have not used a web cam for a couple of years, which is deliberate. I got fed up with not being able to chat to any man without him asking me to lift my top or to take it off……then it would be ‘stick youe hand inside your pants’.  On occasions I quite enjoy playing on webcam for one of my lovers. But it got so that I could never have a normal conversation without these demands……I didn’t always feel like it or didn’t didn’t have the privacy as my computer was in the livingroom. I found it easier to just say I didn’t have one. I have now installed this new one but as yet not tried it.

It could come in useful but as I am using yahoo not msn for chatting with my new friends from Fab I can’t use it anyway if they are on msn. But It does mean there is potential for some cyber fun…….watch this space.

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Beacon of warmth

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 19, 2009

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I last visited here let alone wrote a post.

There have been a few changes in my life during this time. Both Cougar and Cutter are no longer a part of my life or my plans. I have re-assessed what I want and need in my life. Cutter has been most gracious about my decision. Cougar …………..well he is just Cougar.

Karl has been dipping in and out of my life, what he doesn’t yet realise is that this is coming to an end. He has let me down too often to be considered with any serious intentions. Fred on the other hand has been as consistent as ever. I have enjoyed our romps together, he has been my one true lover through all the recent months. Each evening we have spent together has been better than the one before and the one before that.  Fred will be the hardest one to let go but I know we will continue to be friends, just as we have been for nearly 3 years now. Who knows maybe some time in the future I will again need to feel his hands in my hair, his tongue in my throat and his cock in my pussy.

But for now I don’t need any of these men in my life or to be more precise in my panties. There is a new beacon of light in my life, one that glows warmer than all the rest.

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The view from my bed

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 23, 2009

I have not been here in weeks for several reasons, I have  had a number of issues to work through in my personal life, some health wise others not.

I am writing this from my bed because I have been forced to stay home from work having been violently ill during the night, possibly something I ate but also possibly my body forcing me to take a rest as I have been under tremendous strain in recent weeks. I had already decided to have  a long weekend and take a day off from work on Friday, so now its an even longer weekend.

I won’t go into any details about what has been going on, in and around my life, as this is not that kind of blog, I have another one for that.

But I will tell you that during my absence I have spent a lovely evening with Fred, with more evenings being planned. It seems that the sex we have is ‘wow’ which is more than I can say about the intermittent sex I have had with either Karl or Cutter.

I have had  medical examination which confirms that my sexual problems are not imaginary, I am being referred back to my consultant with a view to discussing the options regarding reconstruction surgery. This is all as a result of radiotherapy treatment I received at a time in my life when sex was something to be avoided at all costs even though the medical team looking after me kept telling me that to avoid my vagina closing up I should have regular intercourse. At that time I didn’t care as I had no intention of having sex ever again.

But that was before divorce and hormone therapy, the combination of these two things changed my view on sex so drastically that I can now only rue my previous reluctance, but if you knew anything about my ex husband I am sure you would understand why I felt that way.  But even though I have problems with penetration with both Karl and Cutter it seems that there are no such problems with Fred so for the moment I am more than happy to spend time in Fred’s bed giving each other mutual pleasure.

Ok thats enough now s my head is hurting, I am not sure when I will get back to more regular blogging but perhaps it won’t be much longer.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 4, 2009

After Cutter had left our hotel room I was left almost naked with just my white sleeveless button through top hanging loosely from my shoulders not really making much attempt to cover my modesty. I wandered around the silent room putting on the tv for company as I settled on the crumpled and now damp bed, with a sandwich I had bought earlier and  cup of tea brewing while I pulled my book out of my bag. ‘seduce me’ which is published by Xcite books is a collection of 20 erotic short stories. I had foolishly lent it to one of my colleagues who had nothing to do one day last week. She didn’t give it back for a week as she had enjoyed it so much that she wanted to share it with her husband. Apparently they had the best sex ever after reading it. Her favourite story was ‘Alley Kat’, which I haven’t read yet but my favourite so far is ‘whack’.

I didn’t get very far with my reading as my mind began to wander. This had been the first time I had been naked in front of Cutter.  Its funny how I feel so completely at ease naked in front of some people but not others. I had been a little nervous when we first undressed but I soon forgot my nerves as we began to play with and explore each other’s bodies. Thinking about how I had wondered around the room still naked after he had showered and dressed even standing in view of the open door when he was leaving. It reminded me of a time 3 years ago when I had first started seeing men for sex.

I forget his name now but I will call him Drew, was a recording engineer with his own studio purpose built at the bottom of the garden. He didn’t drive so he asked me to pick him up on the way to the pub we had agreed to go to. After two drinks we went back to his studio where he made us both a cup of tea. But I don’t think the kettle had boiled before he had all my clothes off . We kissed naked for a while until he led me into the sound proof booth where he has a double blow up matress. We lay together kissing and fondling, he climbed on top of me and just lay there for a while before getting up and sitting against the wall. We just chatted for ages sitting naked. He told me tales of a time when he was a male escort for a couple of years. He told me that with my open minded attitude to sex  I could make a lot of money by being an escort. We discussed the fact that I was not the least bit bothered about siting around nked as we chatted. We were not having sex but just being companionable whilst remaining naked. Yet if I had been sitting like that chatting to almost anyone else I would have felt too embarrassed about my body to sit with not a stitch on.

I have been asked if I would like to go to a sex club. The idea does arouse me but I doubt I would go. The reason being that I am usually ok about being naked with a sexual partner (until I catch sight of myself in a mirror) but I wouldn’t be able to do it in front of lots of people. In my view the difference is that the person I am with sees me naked because they find me sexy. In a group setting there would be people there who would not find me sexy and to them my naked body would not be welcome.

do you find big women sexy or a turn off?



my current reading material


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Who will it be?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 17, 2009

I wonder which one it will be.

There are 4 likely candidates

Cougar,Cutter, Fred or Karl

I have recently had sex with both Fred and Karl (but not at the same time). Karl does not know I have had sex with Fred but Fred does know about Karl. Having said that Karl does know that there are other men in my life, he just doesn’t know who I see or when.

Although I have met both Cougar and Cutter I have done nothing more than kiss them. Cougar knows about Karl (he calls him my ‘stalker’) he assumes there are others. Cutter does not know that there are others and none of them know about him.

I have been wondering which one will be the next lucky guy to have sex with me.  I am meeting Cutter again tomorrow for a couple of hours, there may be a possibility. We are meeting at a pub with a hotel nextdoor.  Although we have talked about booking a room in advance we have decided to wait and hope that there is a room available should we decide we need one.

Fred has been in contact, he wanted me to visit him at home last week but had to cancel at the last minute. I have a feeling he will be asking me over to his place again soon.

Cougar on the other hand has not made any plans other than that he would like to see me when I can fit him in. He might not be pushy when it comes to taking things further but I know he wants to.

Karl has had the most chances, but I don’t think there will be much happening for a while. But you never know he might surprise me.

So who do you think will be the next to get me into bed?

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Cutting time

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 14, 2009

It looks as though I could be on the verge of something new and exciting. Since joining Illicit Encounters  I have chatted to several men, mostly through the site a few have progressed to email/IM and or text/telehone Only one (Multi Vitamin) has used all methods of communication. He is the only one who has chatted on IM so far. I am hoping that next time we chat he will tell me more about his recent visit to a naturist spa with one of his harem.

Banker has only been in contact by email but I shall let him off for the moment as within days he was off on holiday to USA for a couple of weeks with promises to be in touch once he returns. He looks very handsome from his photo. I am looking forward to discovering whether he sounds anything like he looks.

Writer has chatted by phone as well as email although he has given me permission to text him at any time he has not replied to the few I ahve sent. His last email said that he was tying to get himself fit so that he can fuck me like a rutting rabbit. Oddly I have not heard from him since. It would be a pity if he just disappeared as we got on so well chatting on the phone. We also have a mutual love of writing. Apart from that he doesn’t live too far away. Far enough  to be away from people who know us but at the same time close enough to make meeting easy.

Cutter has sent me lots of emails we have also chatted on the phone a few times as well as a few text messages but only if he text first. I get the impression that Cutter is new to all this although he has met a few other women but didn’t click with them, conversation being stilted and awkward. He asked if we could meet for a quick drink one day after I finished work.

On the appointed day I left work a little earlier than usual to get to the pub I had suggested. I arrived first but he wasn’t long after me. I was just locking my car when he walked up to me, I was greeted with a peck on the lips. I hadn’t expected that as I was wearing a light film of pale pink lipstick. We chatted easily as we walked into the bar. We managed to find a table in the corner away from a large group who were making enough noise to mask our conversation. We didn’t stop talking the whole time. If I’m honest I did most of the talking but he did his share too. He was really easy to talk to.  He was very gentlemanly, pleasant and interesting. He wasn’t the slightest bit lecherous or leery towards me in anyway.  He couldn’t stay too long though as he had a tennis match lined up and some bad road works to get through to get home.  We walked back to our cars together, he kissed me lightly on the lips again. I really wanted more but as he said my lipstick prevented a proper kiss.

Later he sent me a long email telling me how much he was turned on by me. I don’t really know why or how that was. I wasn’t dressed seductively (I don’t look my best at the end of a day at work), I didn’t do anything more than chat to him.  Today he has emailed me again suggesting another date. He can manage longer this time, he again told me how much he is turned on by me. He wants to spend time kissing and perhaps more. Until we have that first proper kiss I won’t know whether I want more but at the moment I feel it is highly likely.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 4, 2009


After being out for the last 3 nights I’ve been having a night at home tonight. One of the things I have been doing is catching up with emails. checking my secretlynaughty email for probably the first time in a week I found that I had 3 invites.

The first was an invite to read a private blog belonging to a lovely lady who I used to read before she went private. When I read this blog I very quickly found that I could easily identify with this lady although our circumstnces are very different.  I feel honoured to have been sought out by Kyra to be invited to read her blog.

The second invite was from a company who produce erotic literature.   They will send me free copies every month for me to review. would you be interested in reading my reviews on my blog.

The third invite was one that really interests me. It is from the social media PR for Durex. They have invited me to test and review their new Play lubes. Would you be even slightly interested in reading about my attemps to test these lubes. I already use their tingle lube but can’t wait to try their new cherry and pina colada varieties. I am already making mental plans to try these out with both Karl and Fred but judging by recent emails I could soon be trying them with any one out of Writer, Cutter or Banker.

Of course these erotic books and the Durex lube would only be used for the purpose of research for your entertainment. It will be a great hardship for me to use these products for my own personal enjoyment.

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Missing in action

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 1, 2009

I am going to be away getting some action on these bones of mine not sure when I shall get the time/energy to post next. Have fun while I am away because I know I will 😉

You never know I might even have some new photos for you soon. Must dash gotta have a shower before I go and Cutter has promised to phone me before I leave

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Playing Around

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 30, 2009

I have spent the last couple of days playing around.

Now don’t get too excited I don’t mean playing around as in having sex with others. I mean playing around as in playing with my blog. I have changed the page that was dedicated to my Anna and Jack Stories to become a place where you can now find any of the fantasies I have posted on this blog. I may have missed one or two in which case I will add them as I remember just as any new ones will be listed here. The fantasies on here are only a percentage of the ones I have written I will gradually rework some of my other fantasies and post them here in due course.

Wanting to make life easier for you I have added a new page where, once completed you will be able to read up on where each of the people (mostly men) who have featured on this blog fit into my life past and present. I shall gradually add more but to begin with I give you Karl and Fred (my two most recent fucks) and Adam who I wrote about in my first real sex post on this blog. 

I have also been playing around in that I have been getting to know a few more men from illicit encounters. Some of them may become players you will get to read about in the future who knows. But I would like to say welcome to my blog to Vitamin who I chatted to on the phone on Wednesday lunch time. We have now become friends on IM, current circumstances mean that it is unlikely we will get to play together with any frequency but there may be the occasional tussle among the sheets. I took the risk of giving him the link to this blog which he tells me was an eye opener. He has in turn pointed me in the direction of a couple of blogs he reads, checking them out I discovered that both bloggers read one or two of the same blogs as me, I also recognise a few commenters.  So who apart from Vitamin have I been making progress with.

I had a long chat as I sat in the sun during my short lunch break on Friday with Writer. That seems very promising, not only does he indulge in a little subtle domination but he also dabbles in writing erotica. We talked about the possibilities of visits to a fetish club. He lives about half an hour from me so that makes the chances of meeting regularly more reasonable as it is close enough to make frequent trips and yet far enough away to be reasonably safe from prying eyes.

There are also others I have exchanged emails with, two of them (Cutter and  Banker) live not far from the University my son is going to in september so nobody will think it strange if I spend time in the area which is about an hour away from me.  Then there is the very handsome Diplomat who lives by the sea mmm.

If there is anyone in particular that you would like me to add to the who is who sooner rather than later let me know.

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