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Beyond vanilla

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 19, 2010

The subject has arisen again.

BDSM, am I into it and if so in which role?

Am I Vanilla or not?

I suspect that anyone who is vanilla would if they knew what I have done in recent years,  say that I am not vanilla (that is if they even knew what being vanilla meant).

I suspect that anyone heavily into BDSM would say that I am little more than vanilla.

I was vanilla until a few years ago when I joined the world of sex bloggers. From the moment I began reading other sex blogs and discussing various aspects of sex with other sex bloggers my interest in sex beyond vanilla began to grow. Some of my favourite blogs from those early days have since ceased to be. Two of my favourite bloggers of that time were the very educational and sexy Cherrie and the delightfully adventurous La Fille. They are both missed (at least by me).

During this time I discovered in myself a need to try out a variety of things I had previously felt were no go areas for me.

There was the time a good friend (he was the one who introduced me to sex blogs in the first place) agreed to give me my first experience of being spanked/caned. I was astounded by my ability to cope with pain as have always believed myself to be a total wimp where pain is concerned. Since then sadly I have not experienced any further caning however I have been spanked (not seriously but in fun). Dave is quite happy to spank me and has also been the only man who has actually tied me up to a degree although others have said they would. Probably the most serious spanking I have had apart from that very first time was at the swingers party Dave took me to where my favourite room was the dungeon.

Who would have ever thought someone as shy and selfconscience as I would ever put on a show for doggers.

I have had many conversations with a variety of men about being in a Dom/sub relationship. This is something I am curious about and reading about it turns me on big time. But although quite a few men have shown an interest in the concept I have not found any who would do this with me properly. Some are merely interested in making a woman do whatever they want without caring about doing ao with care and love. I have discussed it with Dave as he seems to be the only one in my life who is capable of giving me the kind of sex I crave, but he says he could never be dominant.

I have had numerous conversations (mainly in the past) about whether I am submissive. I believe that I do have a tendency to allow my partner to lead me in sex. But there are times when I feel a need to be the one in control. There fore I believe that I am for the most part submissive but could never be totally controlled.

Ages ago I came across a BDSM quiz which I took and posted the results here. I think it would be interestin now to take the test again if it still exists just to see if the results come out the same as before.


my result first time:

You Scored as Switch
(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

my result this time is :

You Scored as Switch

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

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My limitations O-R

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 7, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and  G – H and  I, J, k, L, M & N just a few more this time  O – R .some of these I have commented on already.

Oral/anal play (rimming)  ……………….I guess I might tolerate receiving but giving are you serious……do you know where that butt has been?
Over the knee spanking ………perhaps I should be a bad girl just so you will put me over your knee …….do you have strong knees?
Orgasm denial  ……..this is an interesting one……….It would take a lot of training as I currently have no control ……if I am going to orgasm the hoover dam wouldn’t be able to hold me back
Orgasm control  …………..see above …………..but I do like to have control over your orgasm hee hee
Outdoor scenes   ………… I have been known to indulge with varying degrees of success
Pain (severe) .……… you have any idea how low my pain threshold is? on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain threshold is -5
Pain (mild)     …………..If its in a good cause ie my pleasure ……….bring it on 😉
Persona training (in scene)  ……………will give it a go (with the right person)
Personal modification (rl)  .………….if it leads to personal improvement I am all for it ……..just don’t hurt me too much …….(did I tell you I’m a whimp)
Phone sex (serving Dom)   ………….If thats what it takes
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)    ……….. If I had a Dom who required it then of course
Phone sex (commercial provider)    .………….It has been suggested by some at work that I would earn a fortune at it
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)    ……………..No, Karl asked me  just days ago if I wanted nipple or clit piercings ……..I don’t need the added stimulation of  metal embedded in my flesh to increase my arousal
Piercing (permanent)  ……………see above………. I am not against them for others but not for me I’m  afraid
Plastic surgery  …………..if it was for health reasons yes but not for pleasure only
Prison scenes  …………not sure why anyone would want to do this but if it floats your boat
Prostitution (public pretense)   …………small possibility
Prostitution (actual)    ………… I don’t think so………I do what I do because I  want to, not because I have been paid to
Pony slave  ………….please explain
Public exposure  …………..have done this to a degree and found it thrilling ……..not sure how far I would dare to go though
Punishment scene     have tried to do this …………..would love to try it again
Pussy/cock whipping  ………..willing to try this ……..just remember the pain thresh hold
Pussy worship   …………you may certainly worship my pussy………..I promise I won’t complain
Riding crops  ………..didn’t know you could ride a crop…….oh thats mot it is it………um be gentle please ……..oh ok just don’t make me count and afterwards can I try it on you?
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) …………..please explain
Rituals    …………. I have my own but I don’t think you mean those
Religious scenes  ………… a man of the cloth does feature in a few of my joint fantasies with Sebastian
Restrictive rules on behavior   ………..hmm would struggle between being  a good girl and a brat
Rubber/latex clothing   …………cool something to get me all hot
Rope body harness  …….if you have enough rope go for it …………..if I don’t like it I won’t do it again

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when there were 7

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 22, 2010

It was while I was in the bath that I got his text. At first I left it then thinking about it I figured that maybe he was changing the time he would pick me up …….good as I had just 10 minutes to finish washing my hair, dry, dress and dry my hair & put my face on. But it was Karl saying it will be us, them and another couple.

So it was that 2 hours later we were intorduced to Bruce & Alice and Tigger and Winnie. It was only when we were sitting chatting that we discovered we were waiting for the seventh person to join our gathering. When Ian arrive he was carrying a very large bag. We all had to wait until we were in one of the two adjoining double rooms we would be using before we found out what was in Ian’s bag of  tricks. These included a paddle, crop restraints, masks, vibrators, but plugs and anal beads to name but a few.

But if you want to know about what happened next you will have to wait.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you would probably realise that I have a curiosity about being submissive. I have talked to various men about it. Some have been keen to play the role of Dom for me but it just wasn’t happening.  Others like Dave have ruled themselves out of the role. Others like Karl I wouldn’t bother to even discuss it with, there just wouldn’t be any point. Although after this most recent adventure he might get a little more adventurous with me.

Quite by accident I clicked on an advert for a BDSM & alternative lifestyle site. I have now created a profile which states

I have an unfulfilled desire to see what its like to be submissive. Not sure if I am more of a switch with more submissive tendencies. I have dabbled in the swinging scene but need to experiment with pushing my boundaries with someone who knows what they are doing. ………………..Teach me

I have been suprised just how many experienced Doms there are even in just my area in the right age group. At the moment out of those who have hotlisted, winked or messaged me I have about 4 possibles to think about. These are 3 of them……

a) I am a genuine Dom and in need of a new Sub to train and use. Exploring your boundaries and teaching you in the ways of an obedient Sub is what I specialise in. I can accommodate and interested in meeting you for a chat to explore your desires, our meeting would be regular and gentle to start with leading to more intensive training. (geographically closest)

b) experienced master in a vanilla marriage.  Just let me know your fantasies and desires and if we are compatible I would be happy to fulfill any fantasy you have. I am clean, genuine, a medical professional (his pictures are good)

c)I have been involved in the scene actively for fifteen years and have trained many submissives. I am now looking for a submissive women or couple whom I can treat, tie and train and if they are very good treat them again. I never forget that it’s all about pleasure really.I am fully experienced in bondage, punishment routines, humiliation and mental control. I will adjust our regime to suit your needs and experience.
You should enjoy being trained and tied and being sexually servile on a regular basis. I am not looking for a one-night stand or just quick fix sex. I want to mould you into my perfect sex slave. Your ultimate pleasure will be determined by how well you please me. The more you please the more I will treat.

I have a private, discreet house in France. It is remote and ideal for extended sessions where scenarios can be played out, uninterrupted for a day or two if you would like the experience of being totally immersed in your submission and service.

I shall sleep on it before replying to any of them. There are others but these seem to be the most likely out of those who contacted me today (my first full day of membership)

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Stand up again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 20, 2010

It was the same pub, the same semi secluded alcove, the same drinks, the same man the only difference being a different day and different outfits. This time I sat myself on his right from the very beginning. He has been in a confusing space in the last few days. His life changing, the end of an era, hes wary of his new life.

He is glad to be out of the place he has known as home for too many years, it doesn’t feel like home right now. We kiss, kiss, kiss,fondle and kiss some more. Deeply passionate kisses interspersed with playful pecks. We chat then kiss some more. We always enjoy lots of kissing, he is not afraid of public displays. Together we relish putting our mutual lust on display for everyone to witness if they care to look. I spot a young man who I think is Karl’s son. This brings the devil out in Dave, lets give him something to report back. Karl lives in a road that is just off the road opposite this pub, in my mind I have an image of him walking across the road towards us. It has only just occurred to me that we have been sat by a window looking out onto a busy road, traffic lights just feet away. We have been mindful of people in the bar but what of drivers who have unwittingly witnessed our lack of decorum.

Stand up, is now becoming a familiar command (or should I say request). His fingers find their way up inside my black tiered lacy skirt, pulling my flimsy black knickers aside forcing passage into my already wet hungry cunt. No foreplay needed, he just pushes into me the way he knows I want him to. The memory is making me wet even now. The knowledge that we could be caught at any moment making me want this even more. He has yanked my knickers mid way down my thighs. I sit back on the padded bench seat with his fingers still inside me. He is working my cunt into a frenzy right there. We both continue our chat, taking sips of our drinks as though nothing else was occurring. Throwing my arms around his neck I suck his tongue into my mouth in a passinate clinch, hanging onto him as I cum.

Making my way seductively across the main bar hanging onto my  knickers through my skirt with one hand my sexy red/black shoes tapping on the wooden floor, I scan the other customers, no sign of K’s son. Once inside my chosen cubicle in the ladies powder room I remove the scrap of black from my legs pushing it into the bottom of my small shoulder bag. Returning to Dave for more kisses and cuddles he asks if I have  taken my knickers off, I decline to give him an answer. It his turn to visit the bathroom, so I text Karl asking if he is at the pub. (perhaps he is in the restaurant for a family meal). He replies that he isn’t but wants to know who I am with as he doubts that I am there alone.

Getting bolder as nobody has disturbed us yet Dave fishes inside my top to play with my nipples squeezing he whispers into my ear is that too hard, foolishly I answer no, he squeezes harder yet saying you shouldn’t have said no. I agree but I knew that it didn’t matter what I said he would have squeezed harder regardless. Getting bolder still he pulles my nipple out from its confines for a quick suckle and bite. settling back into the seat his arm around my shoulder, his hand inside my clothing I take a quick snap and send it to Karl saying ‘no not alone’. 

He immediately replies ‘ah its Dave.’

Dave flips my nipple out again for another play I take another picture saying I should have sent this to Karl instead. (I shall post that one somewhere on my gallery).

Next Dave stands in front of me unzips his trousers presenting me with his semi hard tool. I relish the feel of his warm flesh in my hand as I stroke him while Dave leans down for more kisses. Neither of us have been this daring before but we can’t stop now. Dave kneels on the floor, pushing my leg up onto the bench seat. At first I thought he was going to lick my pussy right there in the bar. Instead though he finger fucked me so delishiously I didn’t want him to stop. Pulling his face into mine I devoured his mouth with a kiss as passionate as any other this evening.

Finishing our drinks we prepared to leave. Walking through the car park Dave slightly behind me with his hand inside my skirt finger fucking me as we walked. Reaching my car he pushes me over the bonnet pulls out his erection and fucks me from behind. Not knowing and half hoping that there are security cameras in this car park that is so well lit it appears to still be daylight.

Throught out the evening Dave had been saying ‘I’m naughty aren’t I?’ of course I wouldn’t have him any other way.

This man doesn’t want to be my Dom, he doesn’t want me to be his toy but boy he knows how to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, not only that he has me wanting more.

So what should we do next?

Is it still called car sex if it was on not in the car?

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when lovers have wives

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 19, 2010

Standing at the bar waiting for Dave to put in an appearance, I had text him to say I had arrived. Karl who had been busy when I walked in came over to me.

‘The ex is here …… other end of bar ……..will be down in a minute’

I gave him what I hoped was a ‘don’t you dare treat me like I’m stupid’ look

‘you mean the wife’

sheepish ‘yes’

He didn’t need to point her out I recognised her from a photo in their dining room.

Dave text me that he was at home having a ‘discussion’. He would text me if/when he gets away. (he becomes single from today).

I stayed propping up the bar (I had a good view of the band from there) Karl’s wife moved from where she had been sitting to the sofa beside where I was stood so that I was in effect stood right behind her no more than 2 feet away. It was quite clear from her interaction with the band and other friends that she is well liked. It was also blatantly obvious that no matter what he tells me (not that I ever believed him anyway) she is very much his wife.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself as I was stood so close to her, that she doesn’t know I have slept in her bed half a dozen times at least. Eaten at her table, sat on her sofa and used her bath. Yet again I wonder what goes through a married man’s mind when he takes another woman into his wife’s home.

It didn’t particularly bother me to be in the same room and so close to her, but I did think he was taking a very big risk for someone who admitted to Soldier that if his wife found out about me it would ‘finish her’. Especially as hos friend who I have known for 17 years was there with his girlfriend (I am friends with his ex wife). The girl friend who clearly recognised me from a previous gig was sitting chatting to the wife. I saw her looking at me several times.

During the break my friend arrived. Karl chatted to the both of us which I gather caused us to get a few looks, I didn’t see as Karl was stood in front of me. We left before the end of the gig, I didn’t say goodbye as I thought it best not to.

Back at home Dave came online. He apologised for not turning up but it was his wife’s last night in the house and they had words. He was feeling very low but at the same time hyper. We chatted for a while then I decided to distract him.

‘have you ever thought about being a Dom?’

‘No I couldn’t boss anyone around’

‘not even in fun’

‘no not even in fun ………..I just can’t order anyone about’

‘I enjoy it when you get me to do things’

‘yes I enjoy that but I ask not order’

‘true……..would you like me to be your toy?’

‘I like playing with you …..lots………..but could never treat anyone as a toy’

So my evening ended with me at home on my own without even a kiss all night, Karl was out with his wife and Dave was home with his. I have a feeling that Karl will find it harder to find time to spend with me from now for a while. I also have a feeling that Dave will be so busy trying to keep himself occupied now that he is going to be free that he won’t have much time for me either, although he will be able to invite me to his home whenever he wants now.

It will be interesting to see what happens now……… the meantime I have been building up a friendship with a new local single guy (Cooper) which may or may not lead to something.

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Limitations G – H

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 27, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and now G – H some of these I have commented on already.

Gags (cloth) …………….it had better be clean if its going into my mouth !!
Gags (inflatable) ………….does that mean it can be inflated to the optimum size for the mouth it is going into.
Gags (phallic) …………… oh goody shaped gags ………….do they cause the gagging reflex?
Gags (rubber) ………… I thought we were supposed to use a rubber elsewhere
Gags (tape) ………….can it be in pretty colours ?(I’ve seen it in pink but would like red).
Gas masks ………….We sometimes need one in our bathroom …………hmm  having used one during basic training for my brief stint in the Territorial Army I’ not sure I would want to indulge during sexual play
Gates of Hell (male) …………..please explain ……… he strung up on a wrought iron gate ?
Genital sex ………….am I being dense here?………..doesn’t sex usually involve genitals
Given away to another Dom (temp) …………provided that my Dom (if I had one) was satisfied that I would be safe with  the other Dom
Given away to another Dom (perm)…………..if it was in my best interests
Golden Showers ………… no no to golden showers or any other colour
Gun play ……………I’ve heard it called a few things and I know they like to shoot their load from their pencil but a gun !
Hair brush spankings ………..why would you spank a hair brush? ………..ooops you mean being spanked with one  hmm not tried it yet but you never know ……….I assume it would be bristle side up
Hair pulling …………oh yes I love this ………..not that I have ever said so
Hand Jobs (giving) ……………yes I do and I’m not bad at it but do prefer to use my mouth more than my hand
Hand Jobs (receiving) ……………..he can use his hands on me anytime
Harems (serving w/other subs) …………not sure I could do this as I am not very domestic but maybe
Harnessing (leather) …………I would probably try it in the right circumstances with the right person/persons
Harnessing (rope) ……….as above I might be convinced to try it
Having food chosen for you …………provided that the person doing the choosing knew what I would/wouldn’t eat
Having clothing chosen for you …………..provided that the person doing the choosing had a sense of style
(head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) …………….have you been reading this blogg for long ……….if so you will know the answer
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) ……………not enough men know how to give expert head but when they do …….mmmmmmmm there is nothing in this world that is better.
High Heel Wearing ………….anyone who knows me knows that I adore wearing high heels
High Heel Worship …………. have you seen my wardrobe? ………….oh thats not what it means ………..perhaps
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)………….probably not
Hoods …………if I had cold ears………..not tight fitting
Hot oils (on genitals) ………………if he has upset me I ight be tempted to do this to him
Hot waxing ……………noooooooooooooo
Housework (doing)……………..why start now?
Human puppy dog …………………what?
Humiliation (private)………………does this include the above? ………..unlikely…….. I am nolonger married!!
Humiliation (public) …………as above
Hypnotism…………..if I trusted the hypnotist

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Limitations E – F

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 13, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and now  continue with E – F some of these I have commented on already.

Electricity …………… see previous
Enemas (for cleansing) ………… I would if I could
Enemas ( retention/punishment) …………. see previous
Enforced chastity …………….see previous
Erotic Dance (for audience) …………not sure I could do this for an audience but maybe after a few drinks for a small audience of one
Examinations (physical) ………… had plenty of these for medical reasons can’t decide how I would feel about this in a sexual setting
Exercise (forced/required) ………..maybe I need this
Exhibitionism (friends) .…………..possibly
Exhibitionism (strangers) ………….. maybe depending on situation
Eye contact restrictions …………….would find this very difficult
Face Slapping …………in the right situation ……….just don’t mark me
Fantasy Abandonment .………again it would depend on the situation
Fantasy rape ………… having been raped for real this could spark of some bad menories …….so perhaps not
Fantasy gang rape ……………. on the one hand its only a fantasy and on the other see above
Fear (being scared) .…………what does this involve?
Fisting (anal)  .………… I really don’t think so
Fisting (vaginal) .…………… there is no way this will happen
Flame play …………if you think I’m going to do this then think again
Following orders ………… you think I can’t do this……….I would do it just to prove a point
Foot worship ………… as long as its my foot that’s being worshipped……….in the past I hated to have my feet touched but now I love it
Forced bedwetting ………..are you going to force me to drink then tie me to the bed?
Forced Bi .………… I kind of find this idea hot……….is that crazy?
forced dressing .………… is my body so bad that you prefer me clothed
Forced eating …………who needs to be forced? or are you talking tripe?
Forced homosexuality ……….. isn’t this the same as forced bi? ……….you could never make someone 100% gay if that doesn’t come naturally
Forced heterosexuality ………… again you cannot turn someone 100%
Forced masturbation   ………….. having recently begun to maturbate for Dave I have to agree to this
Forced nudity (private)  ………… forced!!
Forced nudity (around others)  ……………this would be more difficult
Forced Servitude  ………… probably in the short term ie an hour or two but I suspect this means a much longer time span

Forced Straight …………with the number of curves I possess this is not possible
Forced smoking ………..having given up more than 20 yrs ago it would take a lot to make me go back
Forced TV / Gender Change …………. how is this possible?
Full head hoods ……….. nah nobody is going to use one of these on me………..not if they want to experience my mouth

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Limited Comments C – D

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 6, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B and now continue with C – D some of these I have commented on already.

Cages (locked inside) ……………..Not something I could ever envisage myself experiencing
Caning …………yes this is something I can see myself doing in a small way…………having done this once before and enjoyed the pleasure pain in a peverse kind of way
Castration fantasy ………………See previous
………………See previous

Cattle prod (electrical toy) …………….. no way ina ny way shape or form would I go near one of these
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) ………….Whilst I can’t see this happening, I can’t see it being too much of a problem
Chains ………with the right partner in the right situation I might agree to this
Chamber pot use …………… I can’t see this but if I ever found myself in sub or slave situation I might have no choice

Chastity belts ………this I am curious about

Chauffeuring ………………See previous
Choking …………. this is a definite no no for me
Chores (domestic service) …………. I am not the most domestic woman in the world so this really would be a chore
Clothespins …………….. I have tried these on my nipples but unlike others I don’t think I could bear to have them used on my labia
Cock rings/straps ………… I have never experienced the use either of these but I can see myself experimenting with a cock ring on my partner. straps  though I don’t know
Cock worship ………….. give me a good cock and I will worship it lovingly…….give me two cocks to worship and I will be in heaven
Collars (worn in private) …………. I quite like the idea of this in the right situation but my aversion to anything around my neck doesn’t help in this fantasy
Collars (worn in public) ………… my aversion aside I could only see this within circles where this would be accepted
Competitions (with other subs) ………… having a competative nature I would relish this but I would have thought being competative would not fit in with being submissive
Corsets (wearing casually) ………….oh yes
Corsets (trained waist reduction) …………. if I could still breathe then yes
Cuffs (leather) …………. bring it on
Cuffs (metal) …………… yes I can see myself wearing these but not for lonf periods
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas) ………. no no no no noooooooooooo
Diapers (wearing) …………. no thank you I am not a baby and I fear that wearing them in old age will unfortunately come to me eventually and I would rather save that indignity until it cannot be avoided
Diapers (wetting) …………. see above
Diapers (soiling) ………….. see above
Dilation ……………..See previous
Dildos …………. the more the merrier especial in the hands of one or more lovers

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Mistress part two

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 29, 2010


…………another crack and her whole body jolts with the force. Her hands automatically reach round to protect her smarting cheeks. smack!! her head whips round with the force of this smack. she will be given one further chance to keep still while Mistress delivers her punishment. If she cannot keep her hands down her wrists will be bound together. she swallows a sob as she tries to keep still. Dark Master resumes rubbing his cock on her face as she waits for the next crack to hits her flesh but there is nothing. Hey now what is going on, there are fingers caressing her breasts as they hang beside Mistress’s lap, it can’t be Master as his hands are busy with holding her face against his cock. the realisation sinks in that it is this woman who is fondling her again. she feels the excitement begin to build inside her again as she realises that she has not two but four hands and two mouths wanting to use her body as their plaything. she is feeling the warmth of this thought course through her when it happens again, again she has been taken by suprise. A yelp tries to force its way past her lips but the tape forces her silence.

when she had agreed to become Dark Master’s slave she had agreed to take any punishment he felt was fit but she had not expected the force with which it would be delivered, nor that it would be anyone other than the master himself who would deliver these whacks across her arse. She wanted to cry it hurt so much but to cry would be a sign of weakness. she must be strong and not show how much it hurt. how many strokes has she received she must count she must concentrate. she knew from their conversations that she would have to count she must know how many strikes she has received. it is three no its four so far, this hurts so much how can she take much more. five there was another one must concentrate but omg this cock in her face is so inviting. how can she concentrate with this in her face. she reaches up to hold the cock in her hand. Mistress hisses in her ear…..thats a good girl wank your master, bring him to a head so he can show you his pleasure by covering your face with his own special cream. crack thats six.

so many sensations its hard to concentrate. her ass is on fire as the welts begin to show up red, her nipples tingle with the attention they are receiving and then there is still this cock in her face that she cant taste because of the tape which makes it hard to breathe even, then there is the pain in her head as her hair is pulled keeping her head up. again thats six isn’t it, no already had six it must be seven, please let this end soon. as though her prayers have been answered the lead is yanked and the hands on her breasts are pushing her upwards. The girl finds herself standing again, she feels so much relief that the strikes have ceased tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

she is led around to the side of the bed and pushed face down onto the bed. two pairs of hands take her by the arms pulling her towards the head of the bed. simultaneously her wrists are shackled to the bed. pillows are piled in the middle of the bed and the girl is manouvered so that she is laying across the pillows with her ass poining into the air. Dark Master kneels infront of her face rips the tape from her mouth. he tells the girl she has taken her punishment well and is to be rewarded. he shoves his cock into her mouth pulling the panties out at the same time.

there is movement behind her the bed creaks a little as Mistress climbs up behind her. the girl feels hands on her burning cheeks, something cold is being soothed onto the welts, it stings like mad but is curiously comforting too. mmmm a nice soothing massage on her damaged flesh and a hard cock to suck. but what now her cheeks are being held open something hot and soft is flicking around her ass hole, is that wet? omg its her tongue the girl is being licked by the woman. long slow licks from ass to cunt and back again.

no sooner has she taken in what is happening when the woman climbs off the bed. the girl can hear movements but she concentrates on the cock in her mouth pumping, fucking her mouth like she has never done before. woowwwwouchhhhhhhhh she feels a new stinging sensation as something hits her ass cheeks. she hears a swish just before the next sting. Master tells her not to worry this is just a soft leather flogger the paddle will be next. another swish another sting she wants to grit her teeth but can’t as her mouth is being fucked. she chokes back her tears,it stings so much but she can’t scream. She is very vulnerable with her wrists shackled and her mouth full of cock while her naked ass is pointing up towards this thrashing. she nearly bites her Master’s penis as the 6th and hardest swish stings her left buttock. Master withdraws from her and unfastens her wrists. He commands her to go over to the corner opposite the door and stand with her nose to the wall hands on her head and feet as wide apart as her shoulders.

to be continued……….

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She knocks and the door opens, she sees him standing there as she had expected in his leather trousers and waistcoat. he steps aside to allow her to pass. She can’t help a little gasp as his parting words from last night come flooding back.

‘I have a suprise for you tomorrow night one you won’t be expecting but I hope it will please you.’

It’s a suprise alright, as she passes him she comes face to face with a woman also dressed in leather trousers, leather waistcoat with ample breasts spilling over the top, thigh high leather boots with what must be 4″ heels, she is very tall towering above him in her boots.She sees that the woman has something leather hanging from her right hand, what ever it is there is metal too as the light glints off it. the girl looks nervously at her Dark Master he nods and tells her

‘this is your Mistress for the night, please stand still while she fastens your collar around your neck, I am pleased to see that you have followed orders and worn your black mini skirt and leather boots, but that top is wrong it doesn’t show enough of your boobs, please remove it and place it on the table in the corner.’

Mistress moves close to the girl while she quickly slides her low cut vest top over her head and places it on the table. once this is done she feels a hand on her shoulder as Mistress places the studded collar around her neck handing the lead to Dark Master. The girl tries to look around the room but her lead is jerked pulling her towards Dark Master. Upto this point the girl has not said a word neither has her Mistress who now tells her that she must greet her Master in a fit and proper way. the girl shyly begins to say hello but the lead is jerked and Mistress tells her this is no way to greet him. where are her manners Dark Master has been patient waiting all these weeks and months to taste her mouth….she must kiss him. The girl nods and steps towards her master knowing she has not had a good start to this evening. she reaches up to her master to kiss his lips. Before she can take a breathe his hand grabs a handful of her hair holding her in place as he rams his tongue down her throat, searching and sliding around every crevice of her mouth. She struggles to breathe then relaxes into his kiss which becomes slightly softer allowing her to breathe more easily. Just as suddenly as the kiss began it ends.

Dark Master says its time to end the niceties of introduction, now we will get down to business. Please state in a clear voice why you think you are here.

I am here because my Master wishes to teach me how to behave and if I am a good girl he will fuck me, making me his to do with as he pleases.

very good now tell us why you are to become mine.

I am to become slave to my Dark master because I have done wrong and my Dark Master has kindly agreed to save me from my sins.

the girl manages to glance around the room, she sees a stark metal bedstead with manacles attached, crisp white sheets and pillows very basic comforts. on either side of the bed are dimly lit lamps but at the foot of the bed there is a straight backed chair close to which is the low table where she had placed her top, beside this there is an array of paddles, riding crops, whips, canes and other things the girl cannot easily identify. the full implications of this evening are suddenly starting to hit home. She stifles a sob as she realises this is not a game these two people mean business. As she strains to look further into the room she sees a spot light trained on the chair and in the far corner there is a video camera set up on a tripod also trained on the chair.

Dark Master indicates the chair with a nod of his head and Mistress sits herself upon this. both Mistress and master are now looking purposefully at the girl she feels a quiver run through her body, she wants to pee from nerves but stops herself. those pelvic floor excercises have come in useful. Master shoves the girl in the direction of the chair and instructs her to stand perfectly still in front of Mistress. she is not to move a muscle no matter what unless she is told to. any deviation will lead to greater punishment. Mistress takes hold of the hem of her skirt lifting this until she is peering between the girls shaking thighs. Mistress re-emerges from under the skirt, shakes her head and tells Master that the girl has not been good there is a definite dampness. Master wishes to see what the girl has seen fit to adorn her sinful pussy with. Mistress pulls the skirt down letting it drop to the floor she nudges the girls legs indicating that she must step out of the crumpled heap on the floor. the girl is left standing in her black leather ankle boots,matching black lace bra and panties and of course this collar which holds her head up it is so wide. dark Master passes the lead to Mistress as he moves over to the video camera there is a click and a whir as the camera kicks into action.

The girl tries to stop herself trembling as her Dark master stands behind her with his hands clasped over her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples. with one hand he unfastens the clasp of her bra, Mistress leans into the girl and with her teeth tugs on the fragile lace pulling it away from the girls amazing orbs. she tugs again at the bra as it slides down the girls arms to fall at her feet. Mistress looks lavisciously up at dark Master who feeds the girl’s right nipple into Mistress’s mouth. the girl feels a jolt through her body as Mistress flicks her nipple with a very practiced tongue. The girl had not expected this, she thought the Mistress was here merely to help with her punishment. Master reaches round the girl to caress Mistress’s hand he tells her to find out if the girl has become aroused. Mistress does not need telling twice, her hand moves to the fabric that covers the girl’s mons. Yes this has become wet now.

No No the girl silently shouts within her head I am not i will not allow myself to be aroused by this woman’s touch. But she knows it is too late, her arousal has already begun. Dark Master instructs the girl to remove her panties and hold then in a ball upto her nose, she is to smell her own arousal. She feels Dark master move away slightly and then a strange ripping sound. his hand comes upto her mouth pushing the panties through her open lips a strip of wide tape is placed across her mouth holding the panties there. she struggles to breathe through her nose. she catches a glimpse of her body naked now apart from her boots and collar with a slash of black tape across her face. Mistress moves back now releasing her nipple which throbs from being squeezed by that woman’s teeth. Mistress turns the girl around to face sideways on as Master comes to stand in front of the girl she is forced down onto her knees. She must unfasten Dark Master’s trousers and release his manhood which immediately springs free and stands proud. A yank on the lead brings the girl back to her feet. Mistress pulls her back so that she is stood next to mistress’s lap now. four hands push at the girl until she is bent double and forced across Mistress’s lap facing Dark Master who stands so close to her face he whacks her on each cheek with his hard cock. he rubs her face with his cock smearing pre-cum across her cheek. He is teasing her with his cock demanding that she admits she wants this hard member in her mouth, she nods he asks her again if she wants to taste his cock the girl nods vigorously but is brought up suddenly in shock as she feels a shot of fire across her ass. what was that? then again another crack across her exposed cheek. she tries to twist her neck to see what it was but master pulls on the lead bringing her head back to his cock.

to be continued

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