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here endeth the drought

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 14, 2010

I was the first to arrive. I had changed out of my trousers into my black mini skirt and was stood gazing at the city in the distance all lit up against the dark sky. His hands were caressing my neck and shoulders as he stood behind me. I was enjoying this quiet moment just the two of us. Again the weeks had flown by since we were last together. The moment was broken with the ringing of the door bell. Wilma and Curtis bustled in from the windy night. Greetings were exchanged, it had been months since Dave had last seen them and even longer since I had first met them.

Wilma was looking radiant and Curtis looked more handsome than I remembered. Dave did the dutiful host bit handing out glasses of rose champagne whilst Curtis had a beer. Wilma and I took up positions at either end of the 3 seater sofa, Curtis in one of the arm chairs and Dave perched on the arm of the sofa. I did feel a slight jealousy when Dave was caressing Wilma the way he had been doing with me before their arrival, only this time he was letting his hand roam over her chest too.

We all chatted aimiably catching up on the months that had passed. At Dave’s invitation Curtis wedged himself between us girls. I watched Dave kissing the back of Wilma’s neck…….why couldn’t he do that to me!! Curtis took hold of my left breast squeezing and stroking through the lycra of my skimpy red top and peach lace bra. That felt good. Wilma told him to ………..’take it out, you know you want to’.

Curtis didn’t need telling twice, scooping my left breast out of its confines he didn’t waste much time bending his head as he lifted my breast up towards his mouth. The feel of my nipple being sucked enthusiastically brought a mixture of pleasure and sadness that it had been so long since I had last had this kind of attention.By the time Wilma and I had all our breasts uncovered for the pleasure of the men, Curtis was slipping onto his knees between my thighs, pushing aside my matching peach knickers to lick along the edge of my pussy.

Dave suggested that to save their knees we should all go upstairs to his bedroom. Clothes quickly removed Dave and Wilma took up position on the bed not leaving much room for Curtis and myself but we managed. The shock of his tongue against my clit for the first time sent shudders through my body. I was very soon writhing with unrelenting pleasure.  Soon I was moaning in ecstacy, this is what I miss. How could I have doubted that I wanted to do this. I giggle to myself as Wilma’s moans sound so similar to my own. Both men are working us with their fingers.

Moving to stand beside me Curtis presents me with his gorgeous cock. It has been a while since I was given a cock to suck and this one is not only a nice length and thickness (thick enough without being too big for my small mouth) bit feels and tastes great too. To make it easier for Curtis who was jammed up against the bedside cabinet, I swing my legs over the side of the bed as I sit up. Thats better now I can get a better grip on this amazing shaft as my tongue trails up and down, around and around exploring every bit of it.

Whilst I am busying myself in giving and taking as much pleasure as I can with his tool I am aware of his fingers playing with my breasts. But it takes a moment to realise that one of his hands is on my pussy, the other hand on my breast belongs to his wife. Her breath warm on my naked back as Dave finger fucks her from behind. Her fingers become more urgent on my nipple as her orgasm builds. Before releasing her grip as she collaspes spent on the bed behind me.

Pushing me back onto the bed, a condom hastily adorned, Curtis kneels between my thighs lifting my feet up to his shoulders to enter my tight pussy. I suggest some lube might be needed, obligingly I hear a drawer open and Dave tosses a bottle of lube to Curtis. Now we can try again, I try to relax but its not easy knowing this will hurt to begin with. It does hurt and we don’t get far. Swapping over he lays flat and I climb on lowering myself slowly onto his rigid tool. Unlike Fred who lets me take time to ease myself on, Curtis thrust up into me, woah that hurts but I persevere, it is although painful, good to feel him deep inside me. I find it easy to ride him although the pain is still there. This is what my Dr wanted for me last year, a lover who wasn’t afraid to push me without being worried about my pain.

It is only this that will help to stretch my short tight cunt to get back to more normality. We are getting into an easier rhythum now. I am starting to get through the pain but Curtis is ready for another change. I’m on my knees now with my head bouncing off the wooden headboard ……funny I had never noticed before that it is wooden. I grit my teeth as Curtis enters me from behind, if only my head wasn’t so close to the headboard I could enjoy this more. Ohh whats happening now? I am being pulled by my legs towards the foot of the bed as Curtis again fucks me from behind. Yesssss I feel like a real woman again now I have been fucked by a good sized cock, good and hard for the first time in months. Maybe I have found a replacement for Fred and before him Nigel. But this time there is the added bonus that his wife want to play with me too. She wispered to me that she wants to try licking my pussy.

Unfortunately a family emergency meant that they had to leave early. Having dressed to bid our guests goodbye we were content to just sit facing each other on his sofa, my feet in Dave’s lap as he gently stroked them whil we chatted. It had been a long week so I decided to make my weary way home early. I am so glad I hadn’t been too tired to join in the fun this time. I can’t wait for the next time the four of us get together again.

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livin libido low

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 25, 2010

It has been a lovely sunny peaceful sunday morning. I was relaxing enjoying the delicious hot water and soft white bubbles of my bath when it happened. Time was my own, there was no rush like there is on a weekday morning. Lifting my right leg out of the water to rest my foot on the side of the bath and slid my hand down between my thighs.

Using my finger I pressed, rubbed and flicked but nothing happened, I was willing myself to climax. Nothing I did helped, there was no sign of arousal. I was thinking about this and the way I have been feeling lately. I have been feeling a lack of arousal. My recent lack of sex has not bothered me, if anything it has been more of a relief.

In the next couple of days I will be alone at home for a whole night whilst my remaining children are away from home. This would be an ideal time to invite either Karl or Dave to spend time alone with me in my home. It would be an ideal time to christen my bed. No man has been in my bed since I bought it 2.5 years ago. Yet I have not mentioned to either of them that this opportunity has arisen. Neither have I told Fred who I know would love to see me again. (He has been leaving me offline messages recently making it clear that if I had not been away last week he wanted to see me).

I have concluded that my libido is currently rock bottom. I don’t know how I can change that.

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A question for Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 5, 2010

It has been a while since I last thought about Fred. I have not seen him since January, although we have chatted online maybe half a dozen times since then. As I was making my way home from work trying to concentrate on the rush hour traffic all around me, I looked up at the hill to where Cougar has one of his offices, the place he go to when he wants peace to work. The place with the big red leather couch (he calls it his casting couch). I have been contemplating paying him a visit this week. I won’t be having any unexpected visits after work from Karl so it would be easy to take the high road instead of the motorway and stop off for a cuppa and whatever else is on offer. I know that Cougar is leaving it to me to decide when to visit……he doesn’t think I will. Anyway my mind then wandered off from the idea of visiting Cougar to thinking about Fred. Now that he has sold his house and is living with friends it has made it near enough impossible for us to meet up.

When I first began seeing him (several years ago now) I wasn’t working and he visited me in my home whilst my kids were at school and his work took him out of the office. Then I started working and there was a long spell when we didn’t see each other, that had as much to do with a change in the dynamics of our relationship and I wasn’t able to trust myself to see him, as it was to do with the logistics of it. When I began going to his place in the evenings it worked for us until he sold his house, changed job and moved across the water. Fred will always have a special place in my heart. He is an excellent kisser and just about the only guy in my world these days who is able to give me a good fuck. ( I miss him for his mind and his body). Because it is not easy to see each other currently I tend not to think about him……I have enough going on with Karl, Dave and Cougar (even if that doesn’t involve a lot of satisfying sex). I don’t know why I had begun thinking about him, in my mind I was trying to work out how we could possibly get it together unless he was willing to get a hotel room.

Have you ever had those experiences when you think about someone and the phone rings and its them? Well it was less than 2 hours later I had just logged onto my computer and there was Fred. He wanted to ask my advice and was hoping to catch me online ………….not difficult as I am here most evenings at some point or other. It seems that he has been chatting to a woman who wants to meet him for sex only. Lucky guy you might be thinking, but he is having second thoughts. It isn’t the sex only bit that is worrying him, after all that’s what we were doing (if you don’t include the 4 yrs of friendship that went before during and after it). It isn’t her age (I really don’t remember him telling me that he fantasizes about older women). It isn’t her size (I am hardly a stick and he loves my body).

She has stipulated that there is to be no anal …………although we discussed it we never actual did get around to trying anal sex so that is not a problem. She has also decreed no oral sex. Now I thought he meant none at all. But she is more than happy for him to eat her out but she will not go down on him. He is not sure how he feels about this. Knowing how much he enjoys me sucking his cock especially when done to completion I am not sure he would be happy doing all the giving and not receiving much back. He has such a lovely cock I don’t know how any woman could resist sliding her mouth over it. The hours I have enjoyed teasing him with my tongue, licking and sucking, she must be mad.

So my question to you guys if you were Fred would you be happy to meet this woman knowing in advance that she will not give you a blow job but does expect you to eat her out?

Ladies would you be able to resist this lovely cock, Its a nice length ……..plently of length to lick, a decent girth to wrap your tongue around, not so big that it stretches your mouth but big enough to feel your mouth satisfyingly full. No leisions nothing at all that would put you off. Nice smooth balls just the right size to pop into your mouth for a good suck.

It really is a pity that the one day Fred is available for some daytime fun I shall be on a plane heading away for a few days. Because right now I would love to feel his lips on mine, his fingers tangled in my hair and his legs wrapped around mind as we re-aquaint each other with the body we each know so well. He has also expressed his disappointment that I won’t be around as he would uch rather see me. Maybe one day we will manage it.

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When Wet is too wet

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

If you didn’t know by now I am an avid reader of blogs like Yummy’s. But apart from that I also chat online quite often with various male friends. (I am not including either Dave of Karl in this). I read about women giving themselves orgasms at work and various other places. Some of the men I chat to including Blogger, Fred, Sebastian and Nigel expect me to be doing the same as Yummy does.

Ok so I have been known to have orgasms in a variety of places and sometimes it take nothing more than a kiss or touch from my lover of the moment. I love to have orgasms al fresco.

But to have a surreptitious orgasm when I am out and about in public or at my desk at work is just not possible. Ok so it would be possible, There are times I could easily give myself an orgasm without anybody suspecting ……………until I stand up.

I don’t even need to have an orgasm, it only takes me to be slightly aroused and I feel the heat running between my thighs ….literally. There are times when I am so aroused that I don’t even know I am making myself and anything I am sitting or standing on soaking wet. I can’t even have an impromptu orgasm in my own home without getting a folded town to put under me, that kind of takes the edge of it being impromptu.

This is why I say that giving myself orgasms in public is not possible, it is possible just not possible to do without giving myself away.

Can anyone help me to find a way of having an orgasm without getting so wet? I know that guys love that I get so wet but it does become a nuisance at times. It also prevents me from having illicit fun without worrying that I will leave a wet mess behind.

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horny as fuck

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 18, 2010

It was a total suprise to receive this text……………..

Horny as fuck today lol xx

Aww did that make you think of me then lol x

yes x

Must be bad then x

Why x you are fab willing wanting enjoying it and always loved our time in bed x

lol x me too x

In the past I would not have been suprised to have received such a text from Fred but we have had hardly any comunication at all in the last 6 months. Since I last saw him he has sold his house, changed his job and now lodges with friends on the Island.

Later after I had been out but left my laptop on I found a message………..

Why are you at home in the middle of the day ?

We then had a long IM conversation (interestingly not mentioning sex). Other than when I mentioned that there have been a couple of occassions when I have had the house to myself but at too short notice to find anyone to visit me. I have promised to ask him next time it happens.

It wasn’t long after we finished chatting (he did have to do some work). That another window opened. Again I was asked what I was doing at home in the middle of the day………..don’t these guys think I deserve a day off from work now and again! Cougar was alone in his new purpose built office in an historical building up on a hill overlooking the city where his regular office is situated. While we were chatting recently he had told me to text next time I passed that way on my drive home from work. He would give me a tour round. This time he wanted to know why I hadn’t called in yet. I was keeping him guessing (I had actually decided that this would be the day). While we chatted I ran a bath telling him I had something to do but wouldn’t be long if he wanted to wait for me. He said he would wait unless he got a better offer.

Fresh from my bath I threw on a clean pair of jeans and a strappy top, telling him that he could show off his tea making skills. Just my luck he had to leave the office at 5.30 (hes usually there until approx 7pm) it was now 4.40 and it would take 15 mins  to get there if I was lucky with the traffic. Well 30 mins would be enough for a tour. It was 5pm when I swung through the gate, he was waiting for me. Climbing in beside me he directed me up the winding ramp taking us to the roof car park. I was suprised when I saw his modern office suite I had thought his office would be inside the original building.

Once the initial tour of the office was complete he took me outside to climb up to look over the wall. WOW the view was amazing from right up here. I love the views from the road that runs along the top of the hill but right up here was something special even though it wasn’t a clear day.

Back in his office we chatted about this and that nothing of any consequence. Apparently I gave him a ‘look’ and then laughed, I have no idea what ‘look’ I gave him……….(its not the first time I have been told that I do that). I think at the time I was thinking something along the lines of……… this it then you over there me over here making small talk when you have such a great red leather couch just feet away. (he calls it his casting couch).

He takes me into his small kitchen to show me his fruit tea, that he could have made if we had had longer. We are now stood just inches apart still making small talk. During our IM conversations he had intimated that he wanted more than just chat. So here I was and nothing! I have been aware from early chats last year that he has women throwing themselves at him……….I vowed then that I would not do so. If anything is to happen between us he will have to make the first move. I will put myself in situations that allow him to make his move, but I won’t do it for him. He has to want me.

Walking back towards his office he turned took me in his arms and kissed me. He kissed me! This was not the quick goodbye kiss I usually get from him this was a kiss. No this was turning into a real snog. His arms around my back my arms around his neck our mouths sucking nibbling exploring each other’s lips. Tongues tentatively touching, he moves away from my lips to kiss and nuzzle my neck, biting gently making me tingle all over as in turn I am kissing his neck too. He is talking about the next time I visit and having more time, his hand has found its way inside my top to caress my left nipple. Pinching, pulling on my nipple enjoying my reaction to his touch. But now it is time for me to leave. Now that I know where he is he expects to see me in his office again soon. 30 mins wasn’t very long but it was long enough to ensure that he wants me but not enough time to give in to my own desires. Perfect timing I think. Next time I shall stay a little longer but I shall have to keep a tight reign on myself …………I don’t want to give myself  to him completely, I want him to take a little more from me each time until he can’t hold back any longer.

Last year I wrote that I want him to fuck me at least once, I still want that, but this is a test of my own will power, just thinking about him has got me feeling horny so this will be a real battle on my part.

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Pecking Order

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 16, 2010

I hadn’t noticed it but it seems that my lovers have formed an unspoken pecking order …………..they have never met or had any kind of direct contact, yet they have both in their own way acknowledged their place in the pecking order.

Obviously they both know of each other, I don’t tell either of them what I do with the other. But if they ask what I am or have been doing on a certain evening I will say that I was seeing the other.

Last weekend Karl was away in the west country for the weekend he knew I was going to see Dave on saturday evening. He told me that he didn’t mind …………..just tell him not to bite!

Now I have been invited out socially with Karl this weekend. I happened to be chatting to Dave at the time, he said that if Karl can’t make it he would take me but I must ask Karl first. I told Karl about the invite, he can’t make it but said I should ask Dave to take me instead.

I was chatting to Blogger about this, he asked me if I have a pecking order for them in my mind and if so is it the same as theirs.

I have been seeing Karl for a year longer than Dave, I see and chat to Karl nearly every day one way or another, he is very much a good friend who does odd jobs for me and takes me out someties we also swing together.  Dave is a friend   too, we have great passionate and naughty sex, we have great conversation about a wider variety of topics. We go to swinging club together.

So I guess it is unanimous that Karl is my primary lover and Dave is a good secondary lover. They are both lovely guys and I care greatly about them both, they satisfy different needs in me, I am lucky to have them both.

I don’t know how long this will last. Dave who has recently become seperated (he was worried about being on his own at first) is beginning to get himself sorted out without me. He had a fun threesome earlier in the week whilst I was at work. However the other couple are looking forward to more fun including me. He is starting to stand on his own feet and won’t need me as much.

Karl told me last week that he loves me very deeply, he will always love me, he won’t let me get hurt. He has made arrangements that if anything happens to him I will be told by ‘certain people who know’. I care about him, I like him a lot, but love? no thats not on my agenda here. We really should make time to sit down and discuss what we both want/expect from this affair. He might like to say that we are not comitted but he should accept that we are having an affair. I know that what we have is not going to be enough for me in the long term, but neither do I want him to leave his wife for me.

Maybe this is why 2 other men have been in contact today, both re-igniting something  that has been dormant for months. Both letting me know that I am not forgotten, that I am desired.

Now that I have managed to write this post I can let go of some of the thoughts that have been circling in my mind all week preventing me from posting about what happened when I saw Dave last weekend.

But maybe the moment has gone and you don’t want to know what I got upto with Dave, after all our dates are so boring!

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How far would you go

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 16, 2010

A comment by Keatsjohnkeats on this post got me thinking about how far would you go for sex.

I was reminded about a guy I was chatting to not long after my sexual reawakening back in 2006.  He lived approxiately 200 miles away. We talked about meeting half way in little known place called swindon but after checking to see where we could meet that we could both find seeing that neither of us had ever been there we eventually agreed to meet at a motorway services instead. It took me an hour and a half to drive there after work. The next day when he apologised but  realised that it was just too far to travel  regularly I was quite relived. The sex was not special enough to warrant a 200 mile round trip each time.

Later that year I was chatting online to a man who spent most of the year abroad working either as a diving instructor in the summer or a ski instructor in the winter. We talked about meeting but I never thought it would happen, until one sat morning we were chatting on the phone. Neither of us had any plans for the rest of the day so he drove for 2.5 hours to meet me for dinner. See this post here.

It was in the November of that year I was chatting to Scottie. He decided within days that he needed to see me, it was less than a week after our first messages that he drove for over 3 hours to  his hotel where I was to meet him for dinner. He would have to leave at 5am to drive 3 hours to his breakfast meeting at Ipswich. We had a few drinks in his room while we decided where to go (he had lived in the city for a while 10 years earlier).  We stayed in his room drinking, kissing, licking, sucking and of course fucking until 2am when he wanted to go and see his former home. Returning to the hotel at 3am. If it wasn’t enough that he had a 6 hour round trip driving to see me he had first flown over from Germany (where he had been living and working for six months). Making it a 1400 mile round trip to spend 6.5 hours with me.

Not so long ago I asked Karl ‘what is the furthest you have gone for sex?’  His answer was a nearby city, so at most he has gone 20 miles. Although I did that 200 mile round trip once I had regularly driven to see Don who lives 23 miles away, Alex who lives 30 miles away and  more recently Fred who is nearer 40 miles away. Oh and there were the times I met Gareth at various locations the furthest being this one about 70 miles each way.

so how far would you go and has it been worth it?

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Misguided guilt

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 16, 2010

All that time, all that guilt, all that for what.

Since we first met I had felt guilty that we couldn’t have penetrative sex. I felt guilty because I was still having sex else where. First Sebastian, then Fred proved to me that I could still have intercourse. But I had known that all along anyway, it was Karl who had made me doubt myself. All the lovers I have had since my divorce have been testament to that. My cancer treatment which has left me very tight and shallow was way back in 2001. I didn’t start having sex again until 2006. Karl was the first I failed to have intercourse with. He was the first new lover for over a year so yes I began to feel it was my fault.

He would argue with me when I said that it’s because he is too big………..he is a little bigger than average in girth but not enormous and I have seen a couple that really are huge and no I was not going to let them anywhere near my pussy. But his head is bigger than most. He believes that his member is small……..what!! I might be persuaded if it wasn’t the fact that it isn’t just my pussy but he really stretches my mouth too. Yes I can and do take his head into my mouth but there is no way I could deep throat him, there is no gagging with him I can’t get him that far into my mouth. That tells me that yes he is bigger than average. Anyway I digress. I have had intercourse with 3 men since I first met Karl (I’m not counting the failed attempt with Cutter). I have had a few other dates too, but I kept quiet about what I was doing because I believed that Karl was not having any sex other than with me.

After the week we spent together last year at the end of May beginning of June we didn’t see so much of each other, I was busy with family and I figured he didn’t feel the need to keep me sweet as he wouldn’t be able to take me home again for the forseeable future. We are both getting too old for sex in the car every time. By this time I was seeing Fred approx every 2 months so I was getting semi regular sex. But because I felt guilty I kept it a secret from Karl. I didn’t want to rub it in his face that I was still being fucked even if it wasn’t by him. I knew from the start that he didn’t like the idea of me seeing anyone else. Especially after he began telling me that he had feelings for me. Right from the start I have known that he would do anything for me I just couldn’t rely on him. He calls himself my ‘fairy godfather’.

We didn’t see much of each other during the summer or autumn one or both of us was always busy. But I was still seeing Fred which made me feel slightly guilty, not because I felt I was cheating. I wasn’t we are not committed to each other we can see who we like. But I felt guilty for having sex when he wasn’t. I felt guilty because I could have sex with Fred but it didn’t work with Karl.  I felt guilty because I knew he had feelings for me but I couldn’t give him what he wanted but I could give it to someone who doesn’t have feelings for me.

But now I know the truth or at least some of it. First I found the photos of him and his mate with a local couple (who he still chats to so maybe it was more than just the once.) Then there was the revelation that he had met a sexy older woman and they planned to become a ‘couple’ for the purpose of playing with other couples. Now I have discovered because he was stupid enough to check his profile on my laptop and not close it down when we looked at another site. I was able to look at the private pictures on his profile. There are photos of him having sex with other women some a few days before our week togther last may/june so even then he was having sex but telling me he wasn’t.  Then again when he was too busy to see me in sept between trips abroad there are new pics of him having sex.

He wonders why I think he lies to me. Since I let my feelings about his lies be patently clear, he has been admitting to seeing others but still says he hasn’t had much. I am now telling him about Dave and mentioned Fred he isn’t impressed and wanted to change the subject. He seems able to cope with me seeing Dave although he gets jealous but he can’t handle the idea of anyone else. Having decided to become a ‘couple’ he has become much more attentive and even more touchy feely when he is in my house. He has virtually told me that he loves me although not in so many words but now always signs off from messenger with luv ya………he has never done that before. He phones me most days as well as texting and IM. There was a time last summer when he didn’t even text me for weeks and said his internet was playing up.

I like Karl and we get on great as friends, he thinks I am the best when it comes to sucking his cock. He only has to kiss me and I am wet. He has been very good to me and very good for me but I don’t think I will ever trust him. So now I won’t feel guilty about having sex with others.

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friends with benefits

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 11, 2010

We had been bickering for a couple of hours. Every time I tried to introduce what I thought would be a safe subject we still ended up bickering over it. Even asking if he was going to help me finish the bottle of red wine we opened on Saturday night led to us bickering.

But this conversation also brought a couple of unexpected comments

First there was the casual remark that I was pointed back to later and made aware of the significance of.  It seems that although he didn’t use those words he was telling me that he loves me.  He wants to give me a better life than the one I have. But circumstances mean that he can’t.  I’m not sure quite how I am supposed to react to this. We are supposed to be friends with benefits, no commitment to each other. How can that remain so if he needs me to know that he loves me. How can we both continue to see others. With this new era in our relationship being about honesty I have been telling him when I have seen Dave.

Last night I told him I had been seeing Fred on and off for 3 years. He wasn’t impressed, I had known all along that he would be jealous if he knew I was seeing anyone else.  But if I am insisting that he is honest with me then I must be honest with him. Perhaps I have subconsciously been pushing him to tell me that he doesn’t like me seeing anyone else.

Then later I brought up the conversation we started the other night about blue pills. We were watching tv when the subject of viagra came up. He mentioned that he has used it and has now got some of the next grade of pills. He had intended to use one that night. I wanted to know if he had used them when he is with me. He says not as he gets hard very easily with me.

We talked about cocks and cock sizes, we talked about cocks being stretched. I told him I could give that a go. Some how the conversation turned to fellatio. can you imagine that ………… a man wanting to talk about fellatio! He told me that I am good at it  ……… tell me something I don’t know hee hee. I didn’t say that to him but he did anyway.

He told me that when I suck his cock he doesn’t feel that he is in pain. This confused me, why would he feel pain during fellatio. He says I am the only woman who has not sucked the life out of him. When I suck him I do so gently. In my mind when I have him (or any other cock in my grasp) I am not thinking I must be gentle. I am thinking mmmmm I am enjoying this and to make it even better I tease. I lick, suck, nibble keep changing what I am doing so that he never knows what I will do next. I have never had any complaints yet. I enjoy fellatio as much as I enjoy being licked myself. Maybe it is my enjoyment of it that makes me good at it. Whatever it is he says that I am the only woman who has ever given him pleasure sucking his cock.

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Saving the best for last

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 2, 2010

Back in January I wrote about Fred and his ideas for following Dr’s orders. What I didn’t write about at the time was the very steamy session we had attempting to follow those orders. It started earlier than our other evenings together. It began in the same manner as before. Passionate kissing on the couch until we could contain ourselves no more. He pulls me up the stairs but almost at the top he stops. He thinks he can hear something and leads me back to my place on the couch whilst he makes sure the house is secure. On his return he apologised for being paranoid. I had noticed his paranoia before but he had never been so obvious about it before.

Within minutes we were in his room undressing each other. I hadn’t bothered with stockings and lacy lingerie this time, as I had on past evenings been disappointed that he hadn’t even seemed to notice my undergarents let alone appreciated the care with which I had chosen them. Standing naked in each others arms he led me to the bed laying me down. I don’t remember every detail of that night now but I do remember enjoying a hearty serving of 69, him on top. We played for a while with his fingers inside me before I climbed on top of him.

Lowering myself onto his shaft rocking back and forth, up and down, leaning in for a kiss. Pushing further down onto him we moved like that for ages, me moving on top of him while he thrust upwards with his hips. Pushing himself deeper into me, pushing as far as he can. Both of us pushing against each other, it felt like he was deeper inside  me than before. Could we be making progress here. It certainly felt good, better than ever even. We were having the best sex ever not to say that sex between us had ever been anything other than great. Having orgasmed for the umpteenth time I collapsed and rolled off him.

Kneeling between his legs I got to work on his cock, something  I do enjoy enormously and judging from his expressions and moans so does he. I keep licking and sucking his delicious tool until he can take no more and shoots his spunk into my hot mouth. Not letting up with my sucking I quickly drain him of his lovely seed.

Relaxing together on the bed chatting I knew this has been our best sex yet but I felt sad. Something in my mind was telling me that enough was enough. Laying by his side my eye caught on a large card on the side of a unit. I couldn’t see properly but from my view it looked like it said …………To The One I love

I might have been wrong but didn’t think so. I didn’t ask.

If I was correct then I doubt this was a  brand new relationship but in all honesty I didn’t want to know. It probably doesn’t matter to him. By the time I arrived home I was already telling myself this was probably the end. Not by his choice but mine. I text to let him know I had arrived home he thanked me for texting.

We had been seeing each other approximately every 2 months with many conversations online and by text in between. But this time there has been just one online message from him leaving me a hug in mid Feb. I returned the favour with an online kiss a day or so later. But otherwise there has been no contact between us.

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