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friends with benefits

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 11, 2010

We had been bickering for a couple of hours. Every time I tried to introduce what I thought would be a safe subject we still ended up bickering over it. Even asking if he was going to help me finish the bottle of red wine we opened on Saturday night led to us bickering.

But this conversation also brought a couple of unexpected comments

First there was the casual remark that I was pointed back to later and made aware of the significance of.  It seems that although he didn’t use those words he was telling me that he loves me.  He wants to give me a better life than the one I have. But circumstances mean that he can’t.  I’m not sure quite how I am supposed to react to this. We are supposed to be friends with benefits, no commitment to each other. How can that remain so if he needs me to know that he loves me. How can we both continue to see others. With this new era in our relationship being about honesty I have been telling him when I have seen Dave.

Last night I told him I had been seeing Fred on and off for 3 years. He wasn’t impressed, I had known all along that he would be jealous if he knew I was seeing anyone else.  But if I am insisting that he is honest with me then I must be honest with him. Perhaps I have subconsciously been pushing him to tell me that he doesn’t like me seeing anyone else.

Then later I brought up the conversation we started the other night about blue pills. We were watching tv when the subject of viagra came up. He mentioned that he has used it and has now got some of the next grade of pills. He had intended to use one that night. I wanted to know if he had used them when he is with me. He says not as he gets hard very easily with me.

We talked about cocks and cock sizes, we talked about cocks being stretched. I told him I could give that a go. Some how the conversation turned to fellatio. can you imagine that ………… a man wanting to talk about fellatio! He told me that I am good at it  ……… tell me something I don’t know hee hee. I didn’t say that to him but he did anyway.

He told me that when I suck his cock he doesn’t feel that he is in pain. This confused me, why would he feel pain during fellatio. He says I am the only woman who has not sucked the life out of him. When I suck him I do so gently. In my mind when I have him (or any other cock in my grasp) I am not thinking I must be gentle. I am thinking mmmmm I am enjoying this and to make it even better I tease. I lick, suck, nibble keep changing what I am doing so that he never knows what I will do next. I have never had any complaints yet. I enjoy fellatio as much as I enjoy being licked myself. Maybe it is my enjoyment of it that makes me good at it. Whatever it is he says that I am the only woman who has ever given him pleasure sucking his cock.

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To the dogs

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2008

An exchange of emails with one of my readers who questions the depths of my depravity has led to my thoughts mulling over the situation I found myself in with Andy who was my lover for 6 months last year.

Andy lives in a coastal resort to the east of where I am. We had exchanged a number of messages on AFF before chatting on MSN. Photos had been exchanged, only clean ones at this stage, I am not as a rule impressed by men who send me unsolicited photos of their erections before I have had the pleasure of becoming aquainted with that particular member in person. Unlike my primary friend with benefits Andy is single and slightly older than me. we arranged to meet for a drink, with this being our first meeting it would be half way between his town and mine. As I know the area better than Andy I selected the venue and duly gave him directions to this very popular location. I parked at the rear of the pub where the views were of rolling countryside still light at this time on a sunday in early spring.

Leaving my car I text Andy to alert him of my arrival and he met me at the door. Shyly I found a table whilst he stood at the bar to buy our drinks. By the second drink I had moved my chair closer to his whilst he was away from the table, when he returned it was so easy to let my leg touch his, allowing my arm to drape over the side of my chair so that my hand rested on his thigh. I could tell that he liked me but he was being a bit slow, not taking the initiative at all. Upping the tease I let my finger tips trace semi circles on his thigh. Before I had drunk half of my orange juice he was suggesting that we make our way outside to his vehicle.

stiffling a giggle I joined him in the back of his camper van. It had grown dark now and Andy set about closing the curtains to shut out the world around us. That first kiss was nothing special but nice all the same. It didn’t take very long for Andy to start catching up with my wandering hands. But it was difficult to concentrate on each other.

It was nearing closing time and we could hear other vehicles departing, there were lots of voices and footsteps to keep us twitching. Some of the cars moved not off down the lane but closer to the van where we were, headlights on full pointing straight at the van’s side windows. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. Andy sat on the back seat naked from the waist down as I was on my knees giving him a blow job, all the time wondering if anyone was trying to see inside. I was scared that someone would be peering in trying to see us, we tried very hard not to make any noise or move in such a way as to make the van rock. But at the same time a small part of me was hoping they were.

You see I have this perverted idea that I might like it if someone should watch me having sex, without my knowledge. I am not into having people watch me openly but the idea that someone could stumble upon us and view us furtively from a distance does thrill me. But and this is a big but, the place where we were parked is a well known lane for the practice of ‘dogging’. I had known this for some time but had neglected to alert Andy of this. I have never participated in dogging neither do I know of anyone who has. But I am aware that it goes on and this is a prime spot for it, perhaps not exactly where we were but slightly further up the lane away from the glare of the pub lights. So here we were trying to have a bit of privacy as we became intimately aquainted, with cars on either side of us, we could hear the chatter of the people outside.

I don’t think anyone did try to peer inside for which I am grateful, but i they did then I am unaware so I am happy with that. Although it was thrilling to think it was possible we could be found, we were both relieved that it seems those outside believed the van to be unoccupied and eventually departed leaving us to take our leave of each other and drive back to our respective homes. From then on our nights together were at his home in the comfort of his double bed.

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