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Hot Bovril

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2010

It had been a few months since Borvil had found me online. We had chatted, as you do, discovered that we live in the same town. Bovril told me from the start that he is married and has never been unfaithful. Ok not a problem as we were only chatting online. I found that Bovril is not happy with his sexless marriage, nothing he does or says persuades his wife to have sex. aving chatted to a lot of married men over the last few years this seems to be a recurring theme. Hey I didn’t want sex with my husband in the last 10-15 years either so I can understand that.

He was interested in my sex life and the things I get upto. I allowed him access to my blog (not this one but one of my previous blogs). He enjoyed reading both my exploits and my stories. I teased him relentlesly (I do adore teasing). We decided to meet up for a coffee on the last working day before christmas. We met in the cafe of a local garden centre. Chatting over a hot drink for an hour was nice then we went our seperate ways.

The next day was christmas eve and I wrote my story about a chance meeting on Christmas eve. Later when I had finished all the shopping I planned to do I took myself off to the view point high above the city. I text Bovril to let him know I was going to get a cuppa at my favourite view. So I was not suprised when he arrived there.

He joined me in my car, we chatted and drank our tea/coffee. He did kiss me but that was all. So if you were expecting that my story had come true you will be disappointed. We both had to get home so didn’t stay too long.

But if you think that was the end of it ……………………no.

A few days later we did a re-run. A different car park but still with a view over the city. We were going to get a drink in the nearby pub but didn’t. Instead we chatted kissed, fondled. Remember he is married with no sex. He was feeling very aroused in my company, I was feeling very empowered. Here was this faithful married man wanting me to do things to him that he had been missing for years. I let him fondle my breasts, I tore open his fly, releasing his already hard member. After a few moments of caresssing him I bent my head down to taste him. By now we both had our seats reclined, the windows were completely steamed up. I took him into my mouth and gave him his first ever blow job. I still find it odd that some men have never experienced a blow job.

His hand was fumbling between my thighs, I slid my jeans down to give him better access where I wanted him. I am sorry to say that he was not very skilled. But I guess that is down to his lack of experience even though he has been married for over 20 yrs. When we parted company to drive home in the growing dusk he left feeling satisfied, I did not.

Over the following months we chatted frequently and it was clear he wanted to see me again, he wanted me to teach him, to make him a better lover, how to give his wife pleasure, to show him what he had been missing all this time. But as time passed it became obvious that there was never going to be a time when we were both free. Gradually we chatted less and less. Now we chat once every few months for a few minutes.

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Roger returns

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 15, 2010

Perhaps I was hallucinating, after all I had been driving for 6 hours in rain on unfamiliar roads. I was unwell and had got soaked every time I had moved to or from the car. It was late evening by the time I was home (soaked to the skin again) sipping a cuppa soup prior to running a soothing bubble bath. Switching on my laptop I saw his name at the top of my list of friends online. That couldn’t be right. Roger couldn’t be online, he hadn’t been for years……he had probably deleted the account by now.

Less than a minute later a chat window opened up and Roger was saying hello. We chatted briefly, long enough for him to tell me that he is back in my town for a while. This morning he was online again before he dashed off to work.

After the unexpected chat with Russell last week just 24 hours after I posted about the way Jim had disappeared and reappeared in my life this is just a little bit spooky.

Roger was the first married man I had met for over 20 years. My second ever. We had started off chatting online through Adult friend finder. He is in the Forces and was stationed at the Base on the edge of my town. I believe his profile stated single (or maybe it was ‘prefer not to say’) anyway we chatted for a few days before agreeing to meet for a drink. It was then that he asked me if I had any NO NOs . I started off with No married men. He confessed that he is married but his wife is 200 miles away. I agreed to meet him for a drink anyway. But had no intention of doing anything other than having a friendly drink/chat. He was after all away from home and didn’t know many people in the town.

He picked me up from the next road, he was very handsome and great company.  Sitting in the pub with our glasses of fruit juice hardly touched as we talked and talked it seemed so natural to give in when he leaned in for a kiss. What was I thinking of ? This man who is not only married, not only extremely handsome (in a tall dark prince charming kind of way) and good company too but at least 10 years my junior………I don’t do younger (my head can’t get around it).

I didn’t put up any resistence when he suggested that we go back to his room on the Base. The security guards hardly batted an eyelid as we drove through the gate. This was the first time I had seen inside the accomodation blocks. he was in a senior ratings block. He smuggled me up the stairs to his room (not easy with my heels clattering on the stairs).

Sitting on the edge of his double bed we resumed our kissing. It wasn’t long before we were both stripped of our clothes, I was a little shy as he was only the second man I had met on AFF ……….I was still new to having sex with anyone since my marriage had ended a few months earlier.  Roger is a very fit and energetic lover. He is very attentive…..just as any an should be. I had warned him that I get very wet (he wasn’t prepared for just how wet I get) neither was I prepared for how wet he gets. I had never met a man who sweats as much during sex ( before or since). It wasn’t a bad thing it was quite sexy even so long as it wasn’t dripping into my eye. It was the height of summer (or at least as hot as summer gets here in UK).

We met a few times after this but mostly we just chatted online, it wasn’t always easy to make time in our schedules to be able to meet in person. After that first time Roger left a testimonial on my profile.

What a chatty, smiley girl SN is. ‘Busty’! Certainly! A boob man’s dream! 😉 Outside the bedroom SN is warm, laid back, chatty and smiley. And what a charming smile too! Really good company. Inside the bedroom she has a shy innocents that just makes you want her more. Receptive, warm and very, very wet! Hmmm! 😉 I spent a very enjoyable evening both outside as well as inside the bedroom with SN and hope to repeat the experience again soon! Let me bathe in your rivers again sometime! 😉 xx

Eventually Roger was almost found out by someone he worked with. He made the decision to give up seeing any of the women he had been having fun with. Not long after that (we had stayed in contact) he moved back home. His contact was very sparse for a while then stopped altogether a couple of years ago.

Until now……….

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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

“Have been asked by ‘sherry’ if you/us will meet her fb tonight and allow him  to play with you as a suprise birthday treat. Meet 10pm in car park.”

That was the suprise text I received from Dave whilst at work. I didn’t reply until I could get home and check out who this was. I found a profile of a local single female.

Dave text me again later.

hi what would you like to do tonight? If you want to text Sherry her number is ************* she is a midwife.

After thinking about this I decided against it.

hi this is sn I gather that you want to give your fb a b’day suprise. Unfortunately I am really tired tonight. Really sorry.

now Im gutted u ok hun x

yeah just get more tired as week goes by. I did give this serious thought though. Maybe another time.

cant u just watch him cum x

no sorry

pretty please x

By this time I was feeling suspicious. Dave was now online

what was the plan?

She wants us to meet her fuck buddy, its his birthday today she says. She wants you to suck him or let him cum over you. I told her it’s up to you.

I text her to say I’m too  tired which I am.

ok. by the way she saw us up on the hill that time.

She is trying to put pressure on me. I’m not sure this is a woman……….I think this is a single guy.

I think it might be too but her profile looks ok

how would she/he know they saw us?

she told me my licence plate number


must have a good memory

that’s not good that someone is keeping a record……… do you remember seeing any women?

was too busy………….there were other cars there.

how did the conversation get around to that and how did they make connection between a couple dogging in april an a couple on fab in sept?

She asked if I ever went dogging, I said I sometimes went on the hill, she said she did too. She recognised make of car.

I don’t like the sound of this………….I was worried before I said I was too tired but now it feels freaky.

yeah I thought so too

Wish I hadn’t text from my private phone now.

you should have let me text , never mind

this  ‘sherry’ is now asking if tomorrow is better……………have not replied

hmmm I did say that we were already busy……..I am IM’ing her but she/he’s not talking to me……….don’t reply

I have not heard anything more but I do think this was a single guy trying his luck. It is very un-nerving to think that they have kept a note of Dave’s reg number months later.

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Bruce’s plan

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 13, 2010

A few days ago Bruce started texting me.

He reminded me that I have a desire to be tied to a bed. He reminded that I want to be spanked.

I was looking forward to you being tied to a four poster in just heels and stockings and spanking you xxx

I didn’t reply because I was busy, hours  later I got another text

So you not want to be spanked anymore

I didn’t say that

Ooh good !! So when would you like to be spanked then ???

I will think about it x

Well I do hope you think about being tied to a 4 poster bed in your stockings and high heels with me teasing you with my tongue and spanking you xx

sounds good

Well I have erotic dreams about it ! Would it be you and me or would you like anyone else with us ???

Later I was online chatting to Dave

do you fancy going back to hotel with me sometime …….Bruce wants to tie me to a fourposter and spank me

i would love to.
i dont know why Bruce hasnt replied back to my message asking him sailing.

it wouldnt be a party like before
I dont know

he seemed keen, but hey ho,

he hadn’t text me until wed

if you want moral supprt, then yes I’ll come with you. Bruce might even invite another woman for me, lol

but just remember how he whipped Alice…. with the studs on the whip
i.e. the wrong end

I wouldn’t want to go on my own

could you take that much whipping ?

probably not

i dont mind taking you, thats not a problem. it is whether you can take him

I have only been whipped once and that was much more measured and calm

its upto you

my opinion is he might get a bit too forecful on and in you, and I wont be able to stop him
perhaps much better meeting him in a party again

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you

I had no idea he cared so much

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ample curves

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 12, 2010

It was a lovely suprise, just as it always is when a chat window opens and I see that it is Sebastian. I was munching on my cereal whilst my morning bath was running. There wasn’t much time to chat, I would have to be in the office in little more than an hour.

The chat turned to my love /sex life……………when doesn’t it………which inevitably leads to the subject of Karl. I tell him that Karl took me out for dinner at the same pub/restaurant where Sebastian and I met for the first time 4 years ago. (We have been in lust with each other ever since). I went on to tell him about Karl’s expectations of uninterupted sex at his home after the meal. Whilst he understood my reticence he thought I should have accepted the offer on the basis that if the wife had returned unexpectedly she could have joined in………….men!!

the conversation then progressed

what would you do with two cocks?

grab hold and not let go

ha ha I’d like that

I bet

I’d be utterly jealous to see you suck the other as I know how sensational it is to feel your mouth around my cock

Karl says I’m the best hes ever known ………..maybe thats why he loves me

Well I can’t argue with that……… can’t just love someone because they suck a mean cock……….I love you because you’re you

hee hee he loves my gorgeous legs too……….hee hee likewise………..he loves me for me too

I love your legs and thighs and botty and tummy and breasts and face and beautiful lovely mind

im just not sure what it is about me that makes me special

It’s actually your naughty mind combined with your ample curves

I expect that from you xx

Men love curvy girls although most would’n’t admit to it……….Am I really that transparent?

I have known you long enough now xx

Oh those kisses. I want to feel them showered upon my manhood

one day

I want you to kiss my mouth ………I want to feel you naked upon me, watch you ride me for your pleasure ……….I want to feel the cascade of warm ejaculatory fluid flow over me

mmmmmm ………..I have to go now……………….. lust you forever xxx

bless you my lovely

that was yesterday, today he sent me a couple of emails, it seems that he came across a photo that I sent to him following a steamy conversation. His email was attached to my original message dated 11th aug 2007. How fitting that our chat above was on 11th aug 2010. Here is what he wrote after finding this email and its enclose. I’m not sure that I still have the original photo and can only guess from his description what the photo was.


I just unearthed this glorious shot you took for me.

No doubt I waxed lyrical about it at the time, but I can’t stop myself saying all again lol

It’s such a beautiful erotic shot, slightly softened like a Marlene Dietricht might have been shot through a gauze.

Your gentle elegant fingers with their sensually painted nails, pushing your silver ladies finger between the cheeks of your plum pussy. Sheer heaven for me my lovely and my response to such a divine display just for my pleasure is firmly thrilling as it would have been when you first sent it to me.

I would so love to see it in person and let you see the result of such an exquisite distraction.

I adore you my darling, your sexuality is empowering and makes me feel masculine and desiring toward you. I would like to kiss your thighs and the soft curves as your pussy becomes you beautiful ample bottom.

You make me feel rude toward you as I watch you insert your device. I want to lick your tight little hole and watch as you ejaculate you juices and quickly slip my rampant cock into your gushing cunt and ejaculate my lust for you deep inside you, so our fluids of lust become one and we can enjoy the gentle mopping up together.

Oh darling, how you make me feel is exquisite.

My lust forever

Sebastian xxxxxx

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horny as fuck

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 18, 2010

It was a total suprise to receive this text……………..

Horny as fuck today lol xx

Aww did that make you think of me then lol x

yes x

Must be bad then x

Why x you are fab willing wanting enjoying it and always loved our time in bed x

lol x me too x

In the past I would not have been suprised to have received such a text from Fred but we have had hardly any comunication at all in the last 6 months. Since I last saw him he has sold his house, changed his job and now lodges with friends on the Island.

Later after I had been out but left my laptop on I found a message………..

Why are you at home in the middle of the day ?

We then had a long IM conversation (interestingly not mentioning sex). Other than when I mentioned that there have been a couple of occassions when I have had the house to myself but at too short notice to find anyone to visit me. I have promised to ask him next time it happens.

It wasn’t long after we finished chatting (he did have to do some work). That another window opened. Again I was asked what I was doing at home in the middle of the day………..don’t these guys think I deserve a day off from work now and again! Cougar was alone in his new purpose built office in an historical building up on a hill overlooking the city where his regular office is situated. While we were chatting recently he had told me to text next time I passed that way on my drive home from work. He would give me a tour round. This time he wanted to know why I hadn’t called in yet. I was keeping him guessing (I had actually decided that this would be the day). While we chatted I ran a bath telling him I had something to do but wouldn’t be long if he wanted to wait for me. He said he would wait unless he got a better offer.

Fresh from my bath I threw on a clean pair of jeans and a strappy top, telling him that he could show off his tea making skills. Just my luck he had to leave the office at 5.30 (hes usually there until approx 7pm) it was now 4.40 and it would take 15 mins  to get there if I was lucky with the traffic. Well 30 mins would be enough for a tour. It was 5pm when I swung through the gate, he was waiting for me. Climbing in beside me he directed me up the winding ramp taking us to the roof car park. I was suprised when I saw his modern office suite I had thought his office would be inside the original building.

Once the initial tour of the office was complete he took me outside to climb up to look over the wall. WOW the view was amazing from right up here. I love the views from the road that runs along the top of the hill but right up here was something special even though it wasn’t a clear day.

Back in his office we chatted about this and that nothing of any consequence. Apparently I gave him a ‘look’ and then laughed, I have no idea what ‘look’ I gave him……….(its not the first time I have been told that I do that). I think at the time I was thinking something along the lines of……… this it then you over there me over here making small talk when you have such a great red leather couch just feet away. (he calls it his casting couch).

He takes me into his small kitchen to show me his fruit tea, that he could have made if we had had longer. We are now stood just inches apart still making small talk. During our IM conversations he had intimated that he wanted more than just chat. So here I was and nothing! I have been aware from early chats last year that he has women throwing themselves at him……….I vowed then that I would not do so. If anything is to happen between us he will have to make the first move. I will put myself in situations that allow him to make his move, but I won’t do it for him. He has to want me.

Walking back towards his office he turned took me in his arms and kissed me. He kissed me! This was not the quick goodbye kiss I usually get from him this was a kiss. No this was turning into a real snog. His arms around my back my arms around his neck our mouths sucking nibbling exploring each other’s lips. Tongues tentatively touching, he moves away from my lips to kiss and nuzzle my neck, biting gently making me tingle all over as in turn I am kissing his neck too. He is talking about the next time I visit and having more time, his hand has found its way inside my top to caress my left nipple. Pinching, pulling on my nipple enjoying my reaction to his touch. But now it is time for me to leave. Now that I know where he is he expects to see me in his office again soon. 30 mins wasn’t very long but it was long enough to ensure that he wants me but not enough time to give in to my own desires. Perfect timing I think. Next time I shall stay a little longer but I shall have to keep a tight reign on myself …………I don’t want to give myself  to him completely, I want him to take a little more from me each time until he can’t hold back any longer.

Last year I wrote that I want him to fuck me at least once, I still want that, but this is a test of my own will power, just thinking about him has got me feeling horny so this will be a real battle on my part.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 6, 2010

We had been out for a drive and a drink in a quiet country pub. Later we were chatting online when messing about I asked him ………..

‘so what have you been doing tonight?’………… (as if I didn’t know lol)

‘I have been out with a fantastic woman for a drive and a drink’

chat continued until later he commented that I hadn’t replied to his comment, I wasn’t sure what it was that I hadn’t commented on but he drew my attention to his description of his evening.

I am sorry but I am not good at accepting complients like that

call me lovely

call me charming

call  me sexy

call me naughty

call me anything you like

but don’t call me fantastic

He tells me that he likes me a lot and he means a lot

he tells me that I make him happy

I can deal with that

but don’t call me fantastic

I accept that people enjoy my company

I accept that I cheer people up

I accept that men admire me

but don’t call me fantastic

To me fantastic means more than very special

fantastic is wonderful

fantastic is exceptional

I may be many things

I may be special

I may be kissable

I may be funny

I may be caring and cuddly

but fantastic ………….get real

I am me, nothing more and nothing less

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Getting wet with Sebastian

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 14, 2010

don’t deserv you do I?

who does?

Ha you have a very high opininion of yourself


Playing up!

its just that I used to have a low self esteem
I’m learning to stop thinking I am not worthy

How can a woman of your tallent mind inteligence have a low self esteem?

by being married for 19 years to someone who is emotionally abusive

You’re beautiful inteligent attractive capable funny caring ……………………..

would you like to write my profiles for me

and if anyone gets to know you better they’ll discover your secret talents of unadulterated joy


these days I dont give those talents away and it isn’t easy getting someone well enough to get to that stage

playing up again

you must have got me all flustered as I see my typing has become dreadful

my fingers don’t seem to be typing what my mind is saying

“to know” is what you left out
but het
I love getting you flustwred :-0

like wise

or even ‘Hey”
hummmm  I love it wjen you make me feel horny

you mean I can still do that

you make me feel rude

and it feels nice

you are rude   but delicious with it

and kind of comforting to know we know one another

yes it is and even when it has been ages we can still pick up where we left off


just seeing your name brings a smile to my face as I remember your gentle eyes and and hands that so contradict your mind

do they really?

looking at your handsome features and feeling the gentle touch of your hands does nothing to give away the thoughts that lurk inside your mind

Ah, the dark mind

but then you have to take some responsibility for that surely

but obviously I can see beyond that gentle exterior and know all too well what a delightful imagination awaits anyone who dares to look

I dare you to look

Oh I am only too happy to admit partial responsibility

I have looked many times and come away feeling hot and sexy and adored

hummmmmmmmmmyou are
I want to nestle with you now

right now I am picturing  a perfect body half reclining on a chair showing off a magnificent erection clothed only in an open white shirt

Ah you naughty girl you and what would you do with that erection

now I am picturing a man with soft curls framing his face as he looks into my eyes ……….I can feel his hardness entering my tight cunt both of us breathing heavily

Sweet jesus SN I adore you

the polished wooden floor beneath us unforgiving on knees and elbows
bright yellow daffodils waving in the breeze outside the window

I see your wonderous curvs
and feel them in my skin

you pendulous breast  cascading in seductive motion
I want them on my mouth
your nipples filling me as I suck and teas them

I am remembering how it felt to be dressed only in a flowing gown completely open for the world to see what lay beneath as I took your manhood in my hand watching a cyclist progressing uphill towards us

nibbing at your tight scrunched up flesh

Oh yes, what a delicious memory. Ho so beautiful you were laying back exposing you body to my feasting eyes

before lowering my head into your inviting lap working you into a frenzy sucking your love juice into my mouth

sheer joy you were to my eyes

I often feel you engulf my cock SN
the memory never leaves me
it was beautiful to feel you mouth upon me

the feelings of utter elation as you shot hot spunk into my waiting mouth then sharing it with my willing partner

I adored you for that my sweet dear lady

that afternoon wil never leave my memory nor will our other memories but that one is extra special

I’m so utterly thrilled it is so special to you, because it’s the most beautifully sexual experience of my life and I adore you for giving me such a beautiful memory of you

my darling I lust you so heartily I would gladly give you any memory your desire wishes

I adore you both body and mind

Thank you my dear sweet lady, I adore you for that and i adore you for the seeds of vulgarity you plant in my mind

they grow into exquisite flowers

hee hee I was just thinking something similar

I am now thinking of reaching for my smooth cold metal vibrator to plunge into the hot wet swollen flesh of my budding lips………..which in turn reminds me of the time Itried to carry out your wish that I should keep this same vibrator buzzing inside me during an evening out
Ha Ha! You were so slipper you couldn’t mamage it


I would love to spend an evening with you, out and about in polite company knowing you were buzzing blissfully between your heavenly ample thighs

of course I am now wet with lust for you …….there is a throbbing between my thighs even before any kind of toy is applied

I want you cunt on my mouth SN

for that I must inflict these on your delicious frame

sit on me push you sex and wet lips to my face and let me feel your hotness

Oh God my dear sween lustly angel
I adore you kisses

careful what you wish for my darling as you will have me gushing so much wih pleasure that you will be in danger of drowning

plunge the steel into your perfect cunt and feel it as though it were me

slide your tongue between my lips

Ahhhhh I can taste you sweet salty sex
and it’s like nectar

let me feel you lapping at my juice that is such sweet evidence of my lust

so tasty my dear so rudely tasty vulgar and divin
I adore your lust for it

already you have me feeling light headed in my delirium as your fingers and mouth work on my aching body

push into your cunt and out again feel the vibrations

insert you toys into your sex and let me lick your tight bum
69 with me my darling
and put my cock in your mouth
and let me watch you as you toy with your vibrator

Have you another one?

mmmm  don’t think I need to be asked more thasn once to savour your lovely cock

would you fuck me with you vibrator while you suck my cock?

anything darling

I would adore the vulgarity of it

slowly at first before turning up the speed

no darling this isn’t vulgar this is esquisite

Ooooo  know absolutley- I can just feel the sensation of you filling me with your toy

I can feel the lovely vibrations reaching through to your cock as I continue to lick and suck

I want to slide another up you bum and press my lips to you cunt and lick you
suck you deep into my mouth with the vibrations buzzing inside us both Hummmmmmmmmm\

wow I was about to demand that you do just that   x
I can think of nothing better

we know one another  oh so very well my darling

thats one of the reasons I lust and adore you so very much

Fuck me darling
suck me too
take me

oh baby Im cumming
I need you so much

Oh how sweet you are cum all over me my dearest cucm cum gush and cum cover me
in your sweet climactic juice

yedrfchfghjh  ohhhhhhhhhhhh        mmmymybanyjtgggg
fuck fuck fuck fuck

drwon me me in you lust and happiness

oh yess  my darling oh yess
cum cum cum cum
I want to cum too
into your mouth

ooooooooooh yesssssssss

suck me fuck me
fuck me suck me more I’m cuming

god yesss honey
into your moth my dear sewwn lady

I’m sucking

take it all
don’t swollow
you know what I want of you

yes I do mmmmmm

let me see my spunk dibble from you sweet lips

Im sucking you draining every drop into my hungry mouth

Hummmmmmmm I keep ejaculating more and more

exquisite joy \
nooowwww kisss me


sharing with you is so wonderful

sweet nectar of lust

make or faces wet with my spunk
sensually sliding our lips over one another
with a the strong scent of sex

tongues doing the tango

tongue fuck my mouth in all that spunk

I can still taste my juice in your mouth too

your lips are divine
and your juices too

lets swallow and kiss and cuddle and kiss some more and fondle and cherish
one another


as we cuddle closer and closer
I adore your SN

spent from our mutual pleasure

you’re beautiful

you are one in a million Sebastian

how dear a sweet girl you are

maybe thats why I am alone on valentines day………..all those other men have a hard act to match

Oh surley not my dear
someone out there must be just as naughty

there is only onw way I would have preferred to spend valentines afternnon  than like this

oh yes there are but it is more than just being naughty

And what way would that be?

for it to  have been real but you already knew that was what I would say

I know, I was fishing for the compliment

I want to kiss your sweet cunt right now

and you knew you woul get one

I’m incorigible

want to be tender with you
caress you

pet and pamper you
hold you close and feel you reciprocate

you have done just by being here now

I do so adore your sensuality and sexuality

you’re gorgeous SN simply gorgeous

and I adore your gentleness and impeccable timing

of course your filthy mind comes in handy too

and it’s all down to your perfect femininity

mmmmm I could kiss you

and you filthy mind as well
and me you

our minds seem to have a way of triggerig something in each other

I want to kiss your bottom playfully

hee hee

we must be sexually kindred spirits

Now I want to do that all over again
I’m just not getting my work done!!


nothing new there then

I so want to fuck you for real SN
I want to see your lovely face light up with pleasure

my consultant says I need to be fucked hard and often

Ah, of course the tightened cunt
well, perhaps the prescribed treatment should be adhered to

How’s work, any time off?

work is good and I found out on friday that I shall be entitled to 2 extra days this yr

Ooo and what will you do with those then?

depends on what offers I get

I’d like to say I could book a room at the dorchester and order Champaign

and tickle it into you cunt and drink from it
and spend the whole day under silk sheets

its always good to have dreams

Ah, but the Champaign doesn’t have to be a dream does it?

certainly not

I can feel those bubbles fizzing away already

You hussy you
shall we play then?

giggles impishly

Oh dear, the Champaign has gone to her head!
Now I can do anything with her!!!

you could anyway and you know it

what it is to have you SN, you’ll just never appreciate how wonderful it is for me

if its anywhere as wonderful as you make me feel then you are a very lucky man

indeed I am xxxx

and now I’m begining to feel horny all over again
Just put me down!!

down boy

and you tiger
SN, will you forgive me if I go and do some work?

of course …………….but first


thanks for a lovely afternoon

Darling it was such a pleasure. I adored it
and I still want you more and more

Dearest Darling Sebastian I lust you as much now as I did however many years ago now go do you work …………..if you can

Where do I find the will power?

in the knowledge that your castle needs you to find it

But you are my castle
my rock

castle in the air

my strength

Ah of course
bless you my darling
until the next time


God, I so want you

mwah mwah

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